Town of Fabius, Including the Hamlets of Apulia, Fabius and Summit Station

Submitted by Kathy Crowell

Source:  Homer D. L. Sweet, Sweet's New Atlas of Onondaga Co., New York.  NY: Walker Bros. & Co., 1874.

Ackley, A., lot 30
Ackley, D. C., lot 19
Adams, Mrs. H., Est., Fabius
Alexander, S., lot 3
Allen, B. A., Est., lot 20
Allen, B., Est., lot 20
Allen, S., Fabius
Allen, W., lot 43
Andrews, E., Fabius
Andrews, E., lot 37
Andrews, J., lot 31
Andrews, Mrs. C., Fabius
Andrews, Mrs. C., lot 49
Armstrong, H., lot 1
Austin, C., lot 27
Ayers, W., lot 3
Aylworth, O., Fabius
Babcock, B. T., lot 48
Babcock, I., lot 22
Babcock, Mrs. E. C., lot 49
Babcock, W. W., lot 31
Bacon, A. G., Fabius
Bailey, J. C., lot 26
Bailey, J. C., lot 37
Bailey, N., lot 20
Bailey, W., lot 10
Barber, A., lot 49
Barnes, S., Summit Station
Beach, C. H., lot 10
Beach, J., lot 10
Bean, Apulia
Belden, E., Fabius
Benson, Mrs. C., lot 4
Blair, C. A., Summit Station
Blaney, J., lot 21
Blaney, J., Summit Station
Blaney, J. J., Summit Station
Bodfish, O., lot 28
Boernard(?), J. G., lot 8
Boss, E. W., Fabius
Bramar, F., Fabius
Branch, J. H., Fabius
Branch, Mrs., Fabius
Briggs, C., Apulia
Bright, J. M., lot 17
Brown, J. D., lot 37
Brown, J. L., lot 45
Brown, M., lot 22
Brunshaan, J., lot 42
Bugbee, R., lot 21
Bumpus, H., Fabius
Bumpus, H. A., Fabius
Burk, T., Fabius
Button, Mrs., Fabius
Cadwell, A., Fabius
Cadwell, A., lot 16
Cadwell, C., lot 15
Cadwell, E., Fabius
Cadwell, J. E., Fabius
Calkins, D., Apulia
Cardner, M., lot 20
Case, I., lot 37
Case, I., lot 38
Case, J., lot 48
Case, Mrs., Fabius
Chaffee, C., lot 26
Chaffee, S., Fabius
Churchward, R. R., Fabius
Clark, A. K., lot 1
Clark, Dr., Apulia
Clark, E., lot 1
Clark, H., Apulia
Clark, H. H., lot 24
Clark, H. H., Summit Station
Clark, I., lot 1
Clark, L., lot 35
Clark, L., Summit Station
Cliff, J. E., Summit Station
Colby, J. T., lot 13
Colby, J. T., lot 23
Colgrove, Mrs. E., lot 28
Collins, A., lot 13
Collins, S. P., lot 21
Comstock, A. B., lot 28
Connell, W., lot 16
Cooper, M., Apulia
Corbin, S. H., Fabius
Corcoran, D., lot 15
Corcoran, Mrs. M., Fabius
Corcoran, Mrs. M., lot 16
Cowin, S., Apulia
Craw, H., lot 39
Craw, W., lot 49
Cullins, O. S., lot 7
Davidson, W. A., lot 28
Davis, E., Apulia
Davis, L., lot 3
Davis, P., lot 17
Dean, Mrs., Fabius
Dennison, H., lot 4
Dodge, I., lot 1
Downing, G.W., lot 2
Doyle, Mrs., Fabius
Dwyer, M., lot 14
Dye, Mrs., Fabius
Dyer, J., lot 34
Dygett, A. B., lot 17
Egbertson, B., lot 13
Ellis, A., Fabius
Ellis, J., Fabius
Ellis, J., lot 5
Ellis, J., lot 6
Ellis, Mrs. H., Fabius
Erwin, E., Fabius
Fellows, E., lot 34
Fellows, Mrs., Fabius
Fellows, W., lot 33
Ferry, Dr., Fabius
Fleming, T., lot 3
Fosmer, H., lot 27
Fosmer, J., lot 14
Fosmer, L., lot 5
Fosmer, Mrs., Fabius
Fowler, R., lot 31
Fox, A. J., lot 5
Fox, A., lot 15
Fox, D., Apulia
Fox, J., lot 17
Fox, Mrs., lot 17
Fox, W., lot 3
French S., lot 1
French, D. W., lot 11
French, H., Summit Station
French, R., lot 11
Frost, O., lot 37
Gallagher, B., lot 13
Gallanger, Fabius
Gallinger, G. H., lot 15
Gallinger, N., lot 15
Gardner, E. N.& Sons, lot 10
Gay, S., lot 1
Gay, S., lot 11
Gilbert, H., lot 21
Gillett, A.H., Fabius
Gillett, Fabius
Glass & Estes, Fabius
Goodrich, E., Fabius
Goodrich, I., lot 20
Gordon, M., lot 17
Gray, Est., Fabius
Gray, H. H., lot 17
Green, lot 22
Green, W., Summit Station
Gresenleaf, J., lot 12
Griffen, Mrs., lot 11
Griggs, H., Fabius
Hackett, J., Apulia
Hakes, H., lot 10
Hall, A., lot 5
Hall, W. H., lot 5
Hamilton, H. A., lot 18
Hamilton, Mrs., lot 6
Handy, S., Apulia
Harris, E., lot 14
Harris, W., Apulia
Hart, H., lot 11
Hartnett, J. L., lot 35
Hartnett, J., lot 16
Hartnett, T., lot 43
Haskins, S., lot 37
Hassett, Mrs., lot 10
Haswell, B., lot 34
Heffon, L., M.D., Fabius
Heffron, D., Fabius
Heffron, Mrs., lot 17
Heffron, P., lot 30
Heffron, P., lot 35
Heffron, T., lot 30
Hennessy, M., lot 31
Hill, E., Fabius
Hill, Mrs., Fabius
Hills, S. J., lot 5
Hills, W. R., lot 26
Hilts, F. F., lot 6
Hitchcock, A., lot 50
Hitchcock, A., lot 8
Hitchcock, D., lot 19
Hitchcock, S., lot 49
Hobert, S., lot 2
Hoberts, Mrs. C., Fabius
Hodges, A., lot 9
Hodges, C., lot 7
Hodges, T. J., lot 38
Hollenbeck, C. A., lot 1
Hoswell, C., Fabius
Houghtaling, Miss H., lot 15
House, A., lot 6
Howard, M., lot 14
Howd, E. S., lot 40
Howe, A., Apulia
Howe, J. W., lot 9
Howe, J., lot 9
Hull, lot 47
Hundy, L., lot 22
Jackson, Mrs., lot 4
Jacobe, J., lot 38
Jerome, J., lot 5
Johnson, C., Est., Fabius
Johnson, C. P., Est., lot 4
Johnson, D., Fabius
Johnson, W. A., lot 15
Joslyn, Mrs. D., Fabius
June, C., Summit Station
June, J., lot 1
Justice, W., Fabius
Keef, M., lot 29
Keef, W., lot 29
Keeler, D. F. & Bros., lot 10
Keen, J., lot 26
Keeney, J. A., lot 36
Keeney, J. A., lot 37
Keeney, J. A., lot 47
Kelley, Mrs. E., lot 21
Kennedy, G. W., lot 25
King, E., lot 47
Kinney, C., Fabius
Kinney, W. D., Fabius
Knapp, A., lot 28
Knapp, T., lot 32
Lamphear, D., Fabius
Lanagan, M., lot 21
Lansing, D., lot 20
Lansing, E. D., lot 19
Lawrence, G., Fabius
Leahy, J., lot 15
Leonard, J., lot 2
Lewis, H. H., Fabius
Lewis, H. H., lot 16
Lewis, Mrs. R., Fabius
Lewis, W., Est., Fabius
Locke, H.,  lot 8
Locke, R., lot 7
Long, T., lot 41
Mason, H. D., Fabius
Mathews, E., lot 13
McCabe, P., lot 20
McCoy, A., Fabius
McEvers, F., lot 11
McEvers, L., lot 31
McEvers, Mrs. J., lot 11
McEvers, Mrs., Summit Station
McGrath, P., lot 4
Meigs, H. C., lot 27
Merchant, G.W., lot 3
Merrill, W., lot 19
Miles, C., lot 21
Miles, S., lot 21
Miller, A., Summit Station
Monfort, D., Fabius
Morehouse, lot 16
Morehouse, lot 17
Morehouse, S., Est., Fabius
Mosher, T., lot 21
Mosier, F., lot 3
Murray, A., lot 20
Nason, C., lot 34
Neal, W. W., lot 23
Negus, F. D., lot 7
Nichols, S., lot 10
Northrop, A., lot 12
Nye, A., Fabius
Nye, C. A., lot 44
Nye, L., lot 45
Osborn, L., lot 27
Palmer, E., lot 2
Park, C., lot 1
Park, W., lot 1
Paual, Mrs. M, lot 3
Payne, J., Fabius
Peck & Winegar, Fabius
Peck & Winegar, lot 25
Peck, E., Apulia
Peck, J. F., lot 23
Pendle, O., lot 7
Pennoyer, A., Apulia
Pennoyer, Mrs., Apulia
Penoyer, A., lot 22
Penoyer, T., lot 3
Phillips, H., lot 37
Phillips, H. C., Fabius
Phillips, H. C., lot 16
Phillips, I., lot 36
Phillips, I., lot 37
Pickett, H., lot 19
Pierce, R., Fabius
Pool, H., lot 50
Pope, O., lot 16
Porter, A., Apulia
Porter, D., Fabius
Porter, Mrs, Est., lot 47
Porter, R., lot 38
Porter, W., lot 13
Potter, lot 6
Potter, Mrs. C. W., Fabius
Preston, G., lot 44
Preston, J. D., lot 38
Preston, W., lot 49
Ransom, L., Summit Station
Ray, C., lot 9
Reed, B., lot 30
Rindge, Mrs. L. D., Fabius
Robbins, A. C., lot 6
Robbins, Mrs., Fabius
Rogers, E., lot 31
Rowley, D., Fabius
Rowley, D., lot 16
Rowley, J., lot 42
Rowley, Mrs. E., lot 34
Rowley, N., lot 26
Rowley, N., lot 44
Rowley, S., lot 34
Ryan, T., lot 43
Salisbury, A. W., Summit Station
Salisbury, J., lot 10
Scammell, H., Summit Station
Severns, Mrs., Est., Fabius
Shane, P., lot 17
Shanklin, S., Apulia
Shaw, J., Apulia
Shea, E., lot 18
Sheahan, P., lot 17
Sherwood, C., lot 22
Sherwood, G., Apulia
Sisson, O., lot 6
Skeel, C., lot 43
Skeel, D., Summit Station
Skeel, Mrs. M., lot 22
Skeel, W., Summit Station
Slade, J., Apulia
Smith, I., Fabius
Smith, M., Fabius
Smith, S., lot 29
Smith, W., lot 29
Sniffin, J. H., Summit Station
Sprague, D. S., lot 5
Sprague, Mrs. E., Fabius
Springer, C., lot 20
Springer, G., lot 10
Squire, E., lot 12
Squire, J., Apulia
Squires, J., lot 22
St. John, P., lot 43
Stanard, A., lot 37
Stanard, J., lot 15
Stanard, Mrs. J., Fabius
Stannard, J., lot 14
Stanton, G., Fabius
Stebbins, E. C., lot 2
Stockham, D. F., Fabius
Stockham, H., lot 36
Stocking, B., Apulia
Stone Bros.grist mill, lot 11
Stone, D., lot 21
Stowell, O. H., lot 9
Sturdevant, lot 22
Sturdevant, Mrs., Summit Station
Sturdevant, S., Apulia
Suydam, A., lot 17
Tainter, S., lot 47
Thayer, Dr. W. D., Fabius
Thompson, T., Fabius
Tibbits, J., lot 12
Tobin, P., lot 7
Van Dusen, D., lot 50
Vergil, S. B., lot 8
Vincent, Mrs. P., lot 18
Vincent, O., lot 16
Virgil, J. M., lot 8
Walker, Mrs., lot 10
Wallace, M., lot 8
Wallace, S. C., lot 19
Wallace, W. M., lot 12
Wallis, G., lot 23
Warren, A., Fabius
Waters, A. H., lot 36
Waters, E., lot 30
Waters, Mrs. J., Fabius
Waters, Mrs. N., Fabius
Waters, N., Fabius
Waters, O., lot 39
Waters, W., Fabius
Way, Mrs., Fabius
Webster, I. N., lot 31
Webster, L., lot 8
Webster, L. H., Fabius
Webster, L. H., lot 15
Webster, N. W., lot 28
Wells, G. F., lot 32
West, H., lot 4
Wheaton, E., Fabius
Wheeler, D., lot 17
Wheelock, J. H., lot 22
White, W., lot 16
Whitmarsh, H. & Andrews, lot 47
Wilcox, Mrs., Fabius
Williams, H., lot 7
Winegar, M., lot 13
Winegar, M. R., lot 23
Woodcock, P., lot 38
Woodruff, J. J., lot 47
Woodruff, O., lot 47
Worth, Est., Fabius
Young, J., lot 14
Younglove, D. E., lot 15
Younglove, S., Fabius

3 September 1998

1 October 1998