Dewitt, Onondaga County, New York

Dewitt, Onondaga County, NY


Avery Cemetery, see Walnut Grove &Jamesville Cemeteries
Avery Cemetery, near Orville Cemetery
Collamer Cemetery
Cooper Cemetery
Dewitt Cemetery (New Section) a/k/a North Orville Cemetery
Jamesville Cemetery, see Walnut Grove &Jamesville Cemeteries
Messina Springs Cemetery
Old Cemetery on Lot 91
Orville Cemetery a/k/a DeWitt Cemetery (Old Section)
Rumrill Cemetery (private)
Ryder Cemetery
St. Mary's Cemetery
Walnut Grove &Jamesville Cemeteries
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  • White Chapel Memory Gardens
    Collamer (Britton Settlement) Presbyterian Church
    Methodist Episcopal Young's Society

    Principal Farmers, Manufacturers and Merchants of Onondaga County, 1874

    Early Settlers and Development of the Town of DeWitt
    Names Appearing in the 1840 Census
    Early Postmasters in the Town of DeWitt (Town of Manlius until 1835)
    Memories of Jamesville

    History of the Town of Dewitt, from Clark's Onondaga
    History of the Town of Dewitt, from 
    Interesting Historical Facts About Jamesville and De Witt
    Beauchamp's Past and Present of Syracuse and Onondaga County
    Recollections of 67 Years, Narrated by the Oldest Inhabitant of Lyndon - William Babcock

    East Genesee Street Taverns
    Names Appearing on the 1874 Sweet Map

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