Will of Jonathan HIBBARD, pg. 50
Will of Peter MARSH, pg. 35
Will of Maria Abigail MOORE, pg. 47
Will of William WILLSON

  • ADAMS, Roderick, of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated in September, 1827. Probated December 24, 1827.
  • Mentions sons, Luther C., Harry, and Luke; grandson, Hiram, a son of Levi Adams; daughters, Rosey Woodruff,
    wife of Simeon Woodruff, Lucy Burdick, wife of Rufus Burdick.
    Executors, Charles Barber and Levi Adams.
    Witnessess:  Jonas Earll, Jr., Artemus L. Freeman, and Joel Cornish, Jr.
  • ALEXANDER, Caleb, of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated February 12, 1824. Probated May 30, 1826.
  • Mentions son, William Henry; daughter, Fanny Smith, wife of Samuel Smith; daughter Betsey Groesbeck, wife of
    Abraham Groesbeck; daughter Laura Lansing, wife of Dirck C. Lansing; daughter Silvia Sheldon, wife of James Sheldon;
    daughter Sophia Raynor, wife of Willet Raynor.
    Executors: son William Henry, Nicholas Mickles, and Oliver Strong.
    Witnesses: Polaski King, George Taylor, and Effy B. Caswell.
  • BABCOCK, Johnson, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated May 5, 1825. Probated May 20, 1825.
  • Mentions wife Zilpha; eledest daughter Elizabeth Goodell; eldest son Johnson; sons, Hiram, Lucias, Darius, George, and
    youngest son, Ramion.
    Executor, wife Zilpha.
    Witnesses: Amos Skeel, Amos W. Scuvin and Horace Mason.
  • BALDWIN, Jonas C., of the Town of Lysander. No date. Probated June 16, 1827.
  • Mentions wife Betsey; son Stephen W., third son, Horace; children, Harvey, Betsey Brown, Harriet Wallace,
    Austin, and Charlotte M. Baldwin.
    Executors, son in law, John C. Brown, son Harvey, and Dr. Truman Adams.
    Appraisers, B. Davis Noxon and Hezekiah Strong.
    Witnesses: Cyrus Baldwin, Norman Miles and S. Tappan.
  • BARNES, Asa, of the Town of Pomopey. Will dated January 5, 1824.  Probated September 17, 1824.

  • Mentions eldest son, Asa; youngest son Elias; daughters, Emmeline, Adaline, Polly, Betsey, Diodema, Hannah and
    Executors, sons Asa and Elias.
    Witnesses: Phinehas Barnes, Truman Baldwin and Chauncey Crosby.
  • BARNES, Phineas, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated August 16, 1818. Probated October 5, 1828.
  • Mentions wife Mary; daughter, Diadama Kinne, wife of Zechariah Kinne; Mary Warner, wife of Amos Warner,

    Lucinda Sutherland, wife of Simon Sutherland; sons, Phinehas, Ira, Stephen, Elijah, and Alanson.
    Executors, sons, Phinehas and Ira.
    Witnesses: Denison Wattles, James O. Wattles, and Samuel Mott.
  • BARNES, Phinehas, Jr., of the Town of Camillus. Will dated March 4, 1825. Probated August 26, 1825.
  • Mentions wife Louisa; sons in order, Hiram, Phinehas, Cyrus, and Ira L.; daughters, Amanda, Flora, Mable, Unice,
    Alvina and Lydia. Also mentions Levi Paddock and Jonathan Foster.
    Executors, brother Ira, and son Hiram.
    Witnesses: Charles H. Toll, Eleazer Dunham and Jonathan Foster.
  • BELDING, Ebenezer, of the Town of Otisco. Will dated October 3, 1821. Probated May 20, 1822.
  • Mentions daughters, Lucy Burgess, Emely Nobles, Alpha Belding; wife Azubak; sons, Friend and Ransom;
    daughters, Jane, Caroline, Harriet, Amanda, and Eliza.
    Executors, wife Azubak and son Friend.
    Witnesses: John Van Benthonson, Henry Stewart, and Killiam R. Lansing.
  • BENDS, Joseph P., of the Town of La Fayette. Will dated September 12, 1825. Probated December 17, 1825.
  • Mentions nephew David C. Low; sister, Susan Bends.
    Executor, brother in law, Jacob Low.
    Witnesses: Isaac W. Brewster, Matthew Cadwell, and Lemuel Hawley.
  • BENSON, Stephen, of the Town of Marcellus.  Will dated August 18, 1819. Probated November 6, 1820.
  • Mentions wife Mary; sons, Elkanah and Nathan; grandson Alonzo Benson, son of Ichabod; daughter, Esther Staples;
    son Ezekiel; granddaugthers, Phila Tyler and Mary Austin, children of late daughter Phila Taylor; daughters, Polly Robinson
    and Sally Kneeland; sons, Stephen and Abijah; grandchildren; Rosetta and Dice Benson, daughters of late son, Chambu;
    sons, Holbrook and Alanson.
    Executors, sons Elkanah and Nathan.
    Witnesses: William Price, Solomon Prentice and Calvin Blaine.
  • BITTEL, Samuel, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated June 12, 1827. Probated December 18, 1827.
  • Mentions wife Mary; daughters, Margaret and Eliza Shearman. Also mentions Samuel Stevens.
    Executor, Lewis Smith.
    Witnesses: F. G. Jewett, S. Horton, and William Darcount.
  • BOGARDUS, Peter, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated April 16, 1821. Probated May 5, 1826.
  • Mentions wife Martha; youngest son, Jeremiah; sons, Cornelius, Gideon, David, Henry; daughters, Deborah Hinsdale,
    Martha Carpenter, and Sarah; May Weeks, wife of Solomon Weeks, and daughter of wife, Martha.
    Executors, sons, Cornelius and Henry.
    Witnesses: Isaac Osgood, Benjamin Robinson and Reuben Sleeper.
  • BORDEN, Elijah, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated April 13, 1818. Probated October 4, 1822.
  • Mentions daughters, Susannah Bomer, of Pittstown, NY, Phebe Wattles, Rachel Gibbs, Sarah Bomer, Patience Jackson,
    Peace Watles, Lydia Sherman, and Mary Hathaway; grandson, Elijah Borden; daughter, Sylvia, sons; Nathan and
    Executors, his two sons.
    Witnesses: Isaac Baldwin, Ann Sedgwick, and Hannah Davis.
  • BOWEN, Almerin?, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated September 13, 1825.  Probated October 9, 1825.
  • Mentions mother Patty Bowen; brothers, Elijah and Valentine; sisters, Lucina Hawley, Lovina Fay; Laura Bowen;
    nieces and nephews, Anna Earll, Sophronia Earll, Joel Earll, Louisa Earll, Elijah Earll, children of sister,
    Hannah Hughes; nephews and nieces, Alfred, Alanson, David D., Almerin B., Lucretia, Laura, and Mary Kingsbury,
    children of a sister, Delina Kingsbury and Dr. David Kingsbury.
    Executors, Elijah Bowen and Isaac Hawley.
    Witnesses: John Bixby, Arthur Washburn and John Kemp.
  • BURTISS, John G., of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated September 25, 1824. Probated October 15, 1824.
  • Mentions son, John; three unnamed daughters; a boy, Cyrus Sniadker, "now living with me."
    No executor.
    Witnesses: William H. Crofoot, John Wilkinson, and David S. Colvin. Widow, Abigail.
  • CHESBROUGH, Ben Arnold, of the Town of Camillus. Will dated August 24, 1813. Probated October 31, 1826.
  • Mentions wife Elizabeth; brothers and sister, not named; brother in law, William Elmondorf.
    Executor, brother Daniel.
    Witnesses: Melvin Batchelder, Ihiel Batchelder and William Morgan.
  • CLARK, Ephraim, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated July 10, 1823. Probated October 5, 1826.
  • Mentions wife Sarah; sons, Ira C., Bradford W., and Lewis; daughters, Abbey, Sally Ann and Loretta.
    Executors, sons, Ira C. and Bradford W.
    Witnesses: Isaac H. Osborn and Penuel Tucker and Charlora Adams.
  • CLARK, Samuel, of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated December 1, 1823. Probated May 26, 1824.
  • Mentions wife Sally; sons, Edward, Benjamin, Lemuel G., Ezra and Charles; daughters, Jane Tucker,
    Emily Worden, Leorinda, Sally.
    Executor, son Edward.
    Witnesses: B. Davis Noxon, Samuel Richardson, and Adin Howe.
  • COBB, William, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated December 8, 1825. Probated April 9, 1826.
  • Mentions wife Mary; daughter, Jemima Downer; sons, Daniel and Hiram; grandson, Charles Crego;
    daughter, Hannah Baker; grand children, Polly Hickok, Daniel Wright, Jr., Samantha Wright, Luther G. Wright,
    William C. Wright, Hiram Wright, and Elizabeth Wright (the Wright children from a deceased daughter Elizabeth),
    Page Cobb and Elizabeth Cobb, children of a deceased son, William, Jr.; and a grandson Stephen Crego.
    Executors, Milo Hickok and Josiah Welch.
    Witnesses: Sandford G. Parker, Edmund Lawrence and Alvah Kennedy.
  • CORNELL, David, of the Town of Camillus. Will dated December 13, 1823. Probated October 7, 1824.
  • Mentions wife Silvia; oldest son Peleg, second son, John; grandsons, Abraham and James, sons of John;
    daughter, Elizabeth, wife of David Dolph; youngest son, Daniel; granddaughter, Harriet Welch, married to
    one Norman; daughter, Mary.
    Executors, sons, Peleg and Daniel.
    Witnesses: John E. Cooper, Peter Bowman, and Augustine Harris.
  • COSSIT, Martin, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated in January 1824. Probated April 15, 1825.
  • Mentions wife Olive; son Sterling; daughter Hannah Beach; daughter Candace Beach; Olive Taylor,
    and Maria Cossit; grandson, Martin Cossit; daughter, Fanny Casper, wife of Caleb Casper; son Rufus.
    Executors, sons, Rufus, and son in law Caleb Casper.
    Witnesses: John Bixby, Jacob Chase, and Seba Bonta.
  • CRAMER, Christopher, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated December 25, 1824. Probated January 23, 1826.
  • Mentions wife Catharine; father John George Cramer; mother Margaret Cramer.
    Witnesses: Ezra Hart, Thomas Butler, and Charles Jackson
  • DAVENPORT, John, of the Town of Lysander. Will dated July 9, 1821. Probated December 29, 1821.
  • Mentions daughters, Nancy, married to Baker or Barker, Polly Dunham, Catherine Rowley; sister Prudence D. Vankirk;
    stepson George W. Robinson; son in law Asa Baker (or Barker).
    Executors, Asa Baker and George W. Robinson.
    Witnesses: Silas Wallace, David C. Lytte and Martin Luther.
  • DEAN, Nathan, of the Town of LaFayette. Will dated April 2, 1827. Probated June 2, 1827.
  • Mentions sons, William and Almirin; daughters, Rody, Roxey, Hannah, Electy, July Ann, Caroline and
    Charlotte Drake.
    Executors, Andrew Vandenburgh and Joel Morton.
    Witnesses: Charles H. Drake, Andrew Vandenburgh and David Shondy.
  • DEXTER, Milo, of the Town of Salina. Will dated September 23, 1821. Probated February 27, 1822.
  • Mentions wife Rhuey; brother Harlow.
    Executors, wife Rhuey and David Stewart.
    Witnesses: A. Kellogg, Thomas Wheeler and William Campbell.
  • EARLL, Abijah, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated September 28, 1819.  Probated September 13, 1821.
  • Mentions wife Anna; eldest daughter Clarissa Cotton, wife of George H. Cotton; Polly Lewis, wife of Isaac Lewis;
    Nancy and Lucyette; sons, Daniel, Abijah S., Lorenzo M., John H., and Delos.
    Executors, wife Anna, son Daniel and Jonas Earll, Jr.
    Witnesses: Robert Earll, Hes Earll, and Benoni E. Danks.
  • EDGERTON, Zebulon, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated December 2, 1819. Probated in June 1822.
  • Mentions wife Abigail; eldest daughter Lydia Waterman; youngest daughter Ruth Homes; youngest son Whiting;
    sons, Reuben and Levi; granddaughters, Hulda and Alvira Edgerton.
    Executor, son Reuben.
    Witnesses: Betsey Frizel, Percy Litchfield and ELisha Litchfield.
  • EDSON, Teareancay, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated September 11, 1817. Probated January 23, 1826.
  • Mentions wife Martha; daughter Syntha Woodford; grandchildren, Teareancey Edson Hart and Elisa Woodford.
    Executors, James Hutchinson and wife Martha.
    Witnesses: Daniel Ball, Richard Robinson and Samuel Wood.
    Codicil dated September 5, 1823, makes James Woodford and wife Martha the executors.
    Witnesses: Daniel Hall, Mark Dorchester and Elakim Dorchester.
  • FORMAN, Joseph, of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated December 9, 1820. Probated March 9, 1824.
  • Mentions wife Anna; sons Owen, David W., and Samuel; daughters, Mary Needham, Sarah Sabin, Ann Lyon, and
    Betsey Bissell; sister Susan; grandsons, Joseph Sabin and Joseph Forman; grandchildren, children of a son, Samuel,
    Caroline, Boyd, Mary, Margaret, Helen, and Joseph. Also a servant, Jane Francis.  Gives his mulatto boy, Robert,
    his freedom. Mentions as landowers, Zinna Dennison, Dr. Brewster, and John Van Pelt.
    Executors, Joseph Swan, son in law John D. Bissell, and son Samuel.
    Witnesses: B. Dan Noxon, William Garrison, and Ebenezer Franklin.
  • FOSTER, Thomas, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated January 22, 1823. Probated January 24, 1825.
  • Mentions daughter Sally Alpha Potter, wife of Bradford A. Potter; grandchildren, Wealthy, Martin,
    Matilda, Alma, Maria, and Lewis, all children of Herman Warner and a daughter Phebe; sons, Delanson,
    Martin, Aaron and youngest son, Calvin.
    Executor, son Calvin.
    Witnesses: John Watson, Asa Nims, and Youngs Ledyard.
  • FRENCH, Luther, of the Town of Otisco. Will dated August 3, 1821. Probated September 6, 1821.
  • Mentions wife Lucy; sons, Luther A. P., Simeon S.; eldest daughter Anna K., daughter Polly I. P.
    Executor, wife Lucy.
  • FROST, Henry, of the Town of LaFayette. Will dated May 5, 1826. Probated July 19, 1826.
  • Mentions wife Anna; eldest daughter Julia, second daughter Sarah, third daughter Rachel, and fourth
    daughter Margaret; also a brother Stephen.
    Executors, wife Anna, Truman Northway, and Jacob Butts.
    Witnesses: Theodore Merwin, B. D. Sniffin, and Josiah Northway.
  • GILBERT, Libbius, of the Town of Salina.  Will dated January 29, 1827. Probated May 17, 1827.
  • Mentions wife Eunice.
    Executor, wife Eunice.
    Witnesses: J. G. Forbes, Theodore E. Clark, and Rebecca Sharp.
  • GORSLINE, Richard L., of the Town of Salina. Will dated September 30, 1824. Probated May 24, 1825.
  • Mentions wife Mary; children Aner and William.
    Executors, wife Mary, and Thomas Gibbon of Manlius.
    Witnesses: J. G. Forbes, JEsse Coraline, and Jerusha W. Forbes.
  • GRIDLEY, Clement, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated January 4, 1816.  Probated October 6, 1820.
  • Mentions son, Elijah, Abel, Asahel; daughters, Sarah, Lydia, and Abigail; grandchildren, Eliza, Levi, Sarah, and
    Samuel Upson.
    No executor named.
    Witnesses: Samuel Edwards and Godfrey D. Willis.
  • HALL, Noah, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated October 27, 1827. Probated February 30, 1828.
  • Mentions wife Nancy; brothers, Hiram, Abner, and William.
    Executor, wife Nancy.

    Witnesses: Abraham D. Lamatter, Daniel Denison and Joseph Edwards.
  • HAWLEY, Isaac, of the Town of Camillus.  Will dated February 24, 1827.  Probated March 16, 1827.
  • Mentions wife Lurina; sons, George Sullivan Hawley, Bostwick, and James S., daughter Ann Eliza.
    Executors, RIchard Lusk and Harry Wells.
    Witnesses: Ira T. Freeman, Joel Harvey, and Charles Laud.
  • HENDERSON, John, of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated July 1, 1825.  Probated August 27, 1825.
  • Mentions wife Mary, and children not named.
    Executor, wife Mary.
    Witnesses: David Kingsbury, and Luther Woods.
  • HENDERSON, Phineas, of the Town of Tully.  Will dated May 3, 1824.  Probated January 4, 1825.
  • Mentions sons, Peter, Edward, John, William, Harry and Perry; daughters, Rachel, Sally and Betsey.
    Executors, sons Peter and John.
    Witnesses: Daniel Smith, Eleazer Prindle and Daniel Fellers.
  • HOPKINS, Rachel, of the Town of Manlius.  Will dated September 8, 1827. Probated September 12, 1828.
  • Mentions sons, Edmond, Horace and John; daughter, Martha Marshal.
    Eecutor, Ahira Marshal.
    Witnesses: Electa Potter and Nathan Fuller.
  • HOPKINS, Samuel, of the Town of Cicero. Will dated July 11, 1828.  Probated September 25, 1828.
  • Mentions wife Elizabeth; daughters, Elizabeth Willson and Mary Lynch; granddaughter Elizabeth Stevens;
    son Willett; John Lynn and Sarah Lynn; Susanna Hopkins, born Gribb, who is at present housekeeper.
    Executors, son Willett, Isaac Cody and John L. Stevens.
    Witnesses: Samuel G. Merriam, Jefferson Wilder, and Joshua Kendall.
  • HOUSE, Rynard, of the Town of Lysander. Will dated September 5, 1827.  Probated November 10, 1828.
  • Mentions son Jacob; daughter Maria, wife of Nicholas Clapper.
    Executors, daughter Maria and Augustus Harris.
    Witnesses:  Edward Ruggles, Samuel Standley and Jedediah Seward.
  • HOYT, Noah, of the Town of LaFayette. Will dated July 9, 1827. Probated May 1, 1828.
  • Mentions wife Mary; sons Lewis, Noah, Isaac, Samuel, Caleb, Uriah, Aaron, Benjamin, Seeley, Joseph, Chauncey;
    daughters, Betsey Randall, Jerusha Hadley, Polly King.

    Executors, sons Aaron and Isaac.
    Witnesses: John Hall, Harvey G. Andrews, and L. Morse.
  • HUNT, John, of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated January 14, 1824. Probated September 9, 1828.
  • Mentions eldest son John, Jr., daughter Lyda Chapman; sons, Solomon, William, Daniel, Jerathmeal and Timothy;
    daughters, Susanna Reed and Mary Hunt.
    Executors, sons, John, Jr., Jerathmeal and Timothy.
    Witnesses: William Abbe, David Abbe, and Jehiel Hall.
    Codicil dated July 30, 1828.
    Witnesses: Bradley Curtiss, John Bliss and Jehiel Hall.
  • HUTCHINSON, James, of the Town of Onondaga.  Will dated November 11, 1825.  Probated May 3, 1826.
  • Mentions wife Roxey; eldest son Orrin; youngest son Seth; daughters, Betsey, Nancy, and Lucia Johnson, wife of
    Joun H. Johnson; three sisters not named; also mentions as landowners, Daniel Stanley, David Dodge, Eleazer Lomis,
    Charles Barber, Smith Seeley, John Montgomery, and Samuel G. Woodruff. Calls himself a farmer. Mentions a brother,
    Appraisers, Sylvanus Crosby, Joseph Clift, and Eli Goddard.
    Executors, wife Roxey and son Orrin.
    Witnesses: B. Davis Noxon, Samuel G. Woodruff, and Elijah Barber.
  • HYDE, Hiram, of the Town of Salina.  Will dated February 15, 1826. Probated June 6, 1828.
  • Mentions wife Mary R.; son Samuel Francis; mother Anna Hyde; brother Porter W.; sister Mary ANn Schenck.
    THomas CLark, guardian of son.
    Executors, Stephen SMith, Archy Kasson, and Samuel Forman.

    Witnesses: O. H. Williams, Caroline Williams, and Mary T. Wright.
  • JONES, George, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated February 17, 1827. Probated May 22, 1828.
  • Mentions wife Mercy; only daughter Sabra.

    Executor Zebadiah Huggins of Pompey.
    Witnesses: Turman Baldwin, John Cross, Jr., and Samuel Baldwin.
  • JUDD, Dorcas, of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated June 28, 1827. Probated July 9, 1828.
  • Mentions daughter Emily; sons, Jonathan Shelden and Demnan Clark; daughter Melissa.
    Executor Joseph Swan.
    Witnesses: William H. Sabin, Orren Tyler and Hiram King.
  • JUDSON, Herman, of the Town of Camillus. Will dated July 14, 1826. Probated August 18, 1828.
  • Mentions wife Patty; eldest living daughter Harriet D., second daughter Elisa; eldest son Hiram; second son
    Augustus K.
    Executor son Hiram.
    Witnesses: Gideon Willcoxson, Stephen Porter and Ezekiel Gardner.
  • KENNEDY, George, of the Town of Marcellus.  Will dated June 4, 1826.  Probated September 8, 1828.
  • Mentions wife Mina; daughters, Charlotte Green, Isabella Bailey, Julia Ann Sweet, Sabrina Wells, Electa Curtis,
    Athelinda Kennedy; sons, Lewis, Alvah, and George.
    No Executor.
    Witnesses: John Bixby, Walter Wright, Samuel Hill and Gardner Lawrence.
  • KETCHAM, Eli S., of the Town of Lysander.  Will dated June 16, 1826.  Probated January 3, 1827.
  • Mentions wife Betsey; a landowner, Ebenezer Jenkins.

    Executor, John Buck.
    Witnesses: Jeremiah Dunham, Jr., Elijah W. Stoddard and Perkins Daniels.
  • KIMBERLY, Israel, of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated March 1, 1827. Probated April 30, 1827.
  • Mentions wife Charity, and two daughters are not named.
    Executor Martin Ford.
    Witnesses: Isaac Magom, John Oliver, and Harry Kimberly.
  • KINION, Lodowik, of the Town of Fabius. Will dated March 30, 1824. Probated July 17, 1824.
  • Mentions wife Hannah, and children not named.
    Executor, wife Hannah.
    Witnesses: Shadrack Hitchcock, George Austin, and Sarah Austin.
  • LAMBERSON, Nicholas, of the Town of Camillus. Will dated July 31, 1824. Probated September 17, 1824.
  • Mentions unnamed wife, eldest son Conrad, second son Lawrence, and youngest son John; daughter Cathrine Stevens;
    Charity Low, wife of Peter; Sally Parish, wife of Benjamin; Julia Ann Drake.
    Executor, Charles H. Toll.
    Witnesses: Charles H. Toll, and David F. Hugunin.
  • LEE, Benjamin, of Norwich in the County of New London, Connecticut.  Later of Skaneateles.
  • Will dated April 24, 1826. Probated September 13, 1828.
    Mentions wife unnamed; son Thomas; brother Thomas; son Alfred; daughter Elizabeth.
    Executors, wife, and sons Thomas and Alfred. Also guardians of children.
    Witnesses: Daniel Lathrop, Erastus Crandall, William Williams, Jr., Benjamin Huntington and John D. Huntington.
    Codicil mentions a daughter in law, Mary R. Lee.
    Witnesses: Richard Adams, John T. Adams, R. S. Adams.
  • McCoy, Joseph, of the Town of Marcellus.  Will dated March 23, 1813. Probated June 20, 1823.
  • Mentions wife Jerusha; daughters, Elizabeth Duell, Jerusha Lincoln, Sarah Kelly, Susannah Chatfield;
    grandson Chester Clark.
    Executor, Chester Clark.
    Witnesses: Medad McKay, John Van Pelt, and Daniel Kellogg.
  • McLURE, Samuel, of the Town of Marcellus. Will undated. Probated September 5, 1821.
  • When will drawn resided in Township of Liverpool, State of Ohio.
    Mentions wife Rosea; children, Jane W., and Samuel C.
    Executors, Amasa Kneeland and Amasa Session both of Marcellus.
    Witnesses: Moses Deming, Seth Worden and Appeus Warner.
  • MARSH, Peter, of the Town of Manlius.  Will dated February 10, 1821. Probated May 29, 1822.
  • Mentions wife and daughters but gives no names.
    Executors, Joseph Sanger and Robert Burnett, of the Town of Sullivan.
    Witnesses: George Ransier, William Walters, and Adam Walters.
  • MOORE, Maria, of the Town of Fabius.  Will dated November 4, 1822. Probated February 25, 1825.
  • Mentions mother, ABigail Middlebrook; half sister, Elisa Middlebrook; brothers, Charles, Josiah, Henry, John
    and Augustus.

    Executors, Charles Moore, Josiah Moore and Dave Benedict.
    Witnesses:  Abram Crawford, Selena Crawford, and Riley Merrill.
  • MORTON, Salmon, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated November 15, 1821.  Probated March 24, 1822.
  • Mentions wife Polly; daughter Mary M., and son Michael; sons and daughters are not named.
    Executors, wife Polly and Deacon John Hunt.
    Witnesses: J. B. Worden, William Buffinton, and William Travis.
  • OWEN, Daniel, of the Town of Spafford.  Will dated March 7, 1826. Probated August 25, 1826.
  • Mentions wife Lydia; younger daughter Saly Snyder; granddaughter Eunice Snyder; younger son,

    Jonathan K.
    Executor wife Lydia.
    Witnesses: Thomas Applebee, Edmon Barns, and Melissa Applebee.
  • PAINTER, Oliver, of the Town of Clay. Will dated July 21, 1828.  Probated September 22, 1828.
  • Mentions wife Salinda.
    Executors, Horatio Warner and Moses Kinney.
    Witnesses: George Blossom, Martin Luther and James Little.
  • PALMER, Sanford, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated August 10, 1825. Probated January 15, 1928.
  • Mentions wife Wealthy; daughter Phebe; sons, Randall, Calvin G., Sanford B., Noice, and Denison;
    daughters, Catura Chapman, Sophia Hutchins.
    Executors, sons, Sanford B., Noice and Denison.
    Mentions landowners Charles Palmer and Nicholas Denny.
    Witnesses: Samuel L. Edwards, Joseph Smith, and Robert Fleming.
  • PATCHEN, Jared, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated March 12, 1817. Probated July 1, 1826.
  • Mentions wife Mary; sons, John S. and Edward; daughters, Laura Dibble, Mary Ann, and Juliet L.
    Executors, wife Mary and Winton Day.
    Witnesses: Thomas Greves, Peter Secoy, and A. Northam.
  • PUTNAM, Perley, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated September 29, 1827. Probated October 9, 1827.
  • Mentions wife Polly; son Harry L.; daughters, Mary Edwards, and Electa Northam; grandchildren, Sarah Ann Frisbie.
    Executor, wife Polly.
    Witnesses: Thaddeus Edwars, Samuel Porter and Phare Gould.
  • RATHBONE, Saxton, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated June 10, 1822.  Probated January 9, 1829.
  • Mentions sons, Bela F., Harry, Hiram, and Saxton; daughters, Sally, Roxy, and Polly.
    Executors, sons Harry and Bela F.
    Witnesses: F. G. Jewett, S. B. Jewett, and Alex K. Beebee.
  • REALS, Frederick, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated October 17, 1816. Probated March 13, 1827.
  • Mentions sons, George, Frederick, William, James, Henry; daughters, Elizabeth, Caty, Mariah; brother Godfrey.
    Executors, William C. Hilton, George Reals, and Frederick Reals.
    Witnesses: William C. Hilton, Mical Halmer, and George Reals.
  • REDMAN, John, of the Town of Camillus. Will dated May 11, 1827. Probated June 4, 1827.
  • Mentions wife Sarah; son John; daughters, Catharine Wallrod, Sarah Wallrod, and ELizabeth Simpson.
    No executor named.
    Witnesses: John King, Thomas P. Farrell, Stephen Halsted, and H. Roberts.
  • REED, Jonathan, of the Town of Marcellus.  Will dated October 13, 1828. Probated November 17, 1828.
  • Mentions wife Rhoda; daughters, Mary Harvey, Sarah Chapman, Thedy Harvey, Minerva Clark, and Elpha Reed;
    sons, Augustus and Hiram.
    Executors, wife Rhoda, William Strong, and John Bixbey.
    Witnesses: David Kingsbury, John Kemp, and William Lowery, Jr.
  • RICE, Elisha, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated April 11, 1826. Probated June 2, 1826.
  • Mentions present wife, Rachel; sons, Archibold and Andrew; daughter, Rachel Miranda; and other
    unnamed children.
    Executor, Comfort Hart.
    Witnesses: George Jones, Daniel Denison and Truman Baldwin.
  • ROWE, Ebenezer, of the Town of Manlius.  Will dated January 21, 1828. Probated April 15, 1828.
  • Mentions wife Mary; and also unnamed children.
    No executor.
    Witnesses: John Gilmore, Ruth I. Rowe, and Warren Scranton.
  • SCOVIL, David, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated September 4, 1825. Probated October 16, 1826.
  • Mentions wife Esther; sons, William and David; daughters, Hannah Wiles, Lucinda Hull, and Polly Bartholomew;
    ALmond Scovil Savin; Amanda Hopkins; Caroline Sabin; Augustus H. Scovil; David D. Sabin; Samuel T. Scovil.
    Executors, wife Esther and Luther Scovil.
    Witnesses: Samuel L. Edwards, Thomas C. Mirich, and John Hopkins.
    Also mentions as landowners, Elijah Stanley and Alvah Hotchkiss.
  • SECOY, Peter, of the Town of Marcellus.  Will dated September 24, 1823.  Probated October 18, 1823.
  • Mentions, Jared Patchin and Mary, his wife; brothers, Lorenzo and David; sisters, Susan and Catharine.
    Executor, Dr. Samuel Porter of Skaneateles.
    Witnesses:  Elizah Clark, F. G. Jewett, and John Briggs.
  • SMITH, Asa, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated May 21, 1825. Probated January 21, 1828.
  • Mentions wife Mercy; eldest daughter Delilah, daughter Jane Elisa; son Samuel Daniel; also apprentice boy
    Marvin Howard.
    Executors, wife Mercy, Amasa Kneeland and Samuel Dexter, Jr. of Herkimer.
    Witnesses: J. B. Worden, Daniel S. Smith, and David Fitzgerald.
  • SMITH, Job, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated October 2, 1823. Probated April 3, 1827.
  • Mentions wife, Elizabeth; daughters, Phebe Sessions and Elizabeth; sons, Stephen, Lewis, Seth, and Cyrus;
    grandson, Cyrus Shephard; grandchildren; Orsemus H., Harvey, Cyrus, Hiram, Betsey, Sally, and Seth,
    children of son William, deceased; Sophia, Ursula, Augustus, Charles, Leverett, Flavina, and Charles Calvin,
    a son of a deceased son Charles.
    Executors, sons Stephen and Lewis.
    Witnesses: F. G. Jewett, William Dascomb and A. Bascomb.
  • STANTON, Benjamin, of the Town of Pomepy. Will dated June 15, 1826. Probated September 9, 1826.
  • Mentions children, Truman B., Betsey and Lucretia; sister Lucinda Wales of Salina.
    Executors, brother Isaac of Salina nd son Truman of Pompey.
    Witnesses: John Wilkinson, Daniel Dana, and George N. Church.
  • STEVENS, Hezekiah W., of the Town of Pompey. Will dated December 26, 1827.  Probated February 6, 1828.
  • Mentions wife Lois and three surviving children who are not named.
    Executor, wife Lois.
    Witnesses: Victory Birdseye, Harriet Wellman, and Content Hughes.
  • STOCKHAM, John, of the Town of Fabius.  Will dated May 19, 1825. Probated July 25, 1825.
  • Mentions wife Tryphena; sister, Louisa Barber, and her children, Nathaniel Jr., Alonso, and Lewis;
    brother in law, Nathaniel Barber, nephew, Stockham Barber; Charles Lewis, son of Eber, late of Fabius.
    Commissioner to divide estate, James R. Lawrence, Warren Scranton, and Daniel Gott.
    Executors, wife Tryphena and William Stockham and Daniel Gott.
  • STOLP, Peter, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated February 9, 1824. Probated October 17, 1826.
  • Mentions sons, George, William and Frederick, Peter, Joseph and John; daughter, Elizabeth.
    Executors, sons, George and William.
    Witnesses: John Bixby, Ezekiel Baker and Joseph Baker.
  • VANDENBURGH, Cornelius H., of the Town of Pompey. Will dated November 11, 1822.  Probated October 11, 1823.
  • Mentions wife Anna; eldest son Cornelius C.; second son Eldert; eldest daughter Elizabeth; daughter Moyca.
    Executor, wife Anna.
    Witnesses: Ezekiel Hoyt, Christopher Cramer and Charles Jackson.
  • VAN PATTEN, John, of the Town of Tully. WIll dated October 16, 1824. Probated September 1, 1825.
  • Mentions wife Margaret; sons, Phillip, Ryer, Richard and Aaron (Aaron being appointed guardian of Richard who
    was mentally week); daughters, Aseneth, Mariah, and Lucy Nestrant.
    Executors, sons, Ryer and Aaron.
    Witnesses: Uriah SMith, Ephraim Smit, Ephraim Morse and Samuel Morse.
  • VAN TASSEL, Jacob, of the Town of Salina.  Will dated March 25, 1815. Probated August 27, 1821.
  • Mentions wife Elizabeth who is named executor.
    Witnesses: Daniel Gilbert, John Q. Mang, and Christian Alsenbintze.
  • VINAL, Cologus, of the Town of Pompey.  Will dtaed August 4, 1823.  Probated October 22, 1823.
  • Mentions wife Martha; sons, Loren, Horace, Willard S., Rufus C., and Clark; daughters, Clarissa, Sally,

    Rosanny, Sophia, and Mellissa.
    Executors, wife Martha and sons, Loren and Horace.
    Witnesses: Clement Lewis, Nathan Dean, and Horace Vinal.
  • WATERMAN, Tryphena, of the Town of Camillus.  Will dated March 15, 1828.  Probated November 1, 1828.
  • Mentions eldest son Elihu Elsworth, daughter Tryphena Barnes, wife of Ira Barnes, for whom he leaves a sum in
    trust with Levi Elsworth; sons, Jonathan, Daniel, Levi, and Jeremiah.
    Executor, Levi Elsworth.
    Witnesses: Benjamin Wever, Phebe Wever and Charles H. Toll.
  • WEBSTER, Ephraim, of the Town of Onondaga.  Will dated July 25, 1821. Probated December 10, 1824.
  • Mentions wife Hannah, and five children, daughter Amanda Addams, son Alonzo, Lucius H., daughter Janetta, Caroline E.
    Also landowner, Melankton W. Danks and his daughter Lucy.
    Executors, wife Hannah and son Alonso.
    Witnesses: Jonas Earll, Jr. and Nehemiah Earll.
  • WELCH, Samuel, of the Town of Marcellus.  Will dated September 25, 1825. Probated January 17, 1828.
  • Mentions wife Mary; eldest son James and sons, Samuel, Jr., Hiram, Wesley, and Daniel; eldest daughter
    Rachel Hodger, and daughters, Patty Van Etten and Dorcas.
    Executor son James.
    Witneses: S. H. Greeman, Amos Jones and Allen Smith.
  • WESTON, Nathan, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated September 14, 1828.  Probated December 15, 1828.
  • Mentions wife Hannah.
    Executor son Daniel.
    Witnesses: Warner Scranton, Selden Jones and H. B. Moore.
  • WILLCOCK, Samuel, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated August 27, 1826. Probated September 28, 1827.
  • States "having lost my first companion in marriage, and being now alone, design to take to myself another wife."
    Mentions son Ase; daughters, Huldah Peirce, wife of Deacon Abner Peirce, and Anna C. Parkhurst, wife of
    Captain Eliphalet Parkhurst.
    No executor named.
    Witnesses: M. S. Willcox, Russel Barnes, and L. S. Burr.
  • WILSON, William, of the Town of Lysander.  Will dated March 9, 1827. Probated March 26, 1827.
  • Mentions eldest son William, son Alfred; daughter, Zady, wife of Henry Youngs; daughter in law, Betsey and
    grandson James Wilson; daughters, Polly and Electy. Mentions landowners, Amasa B. Scofield, James L. Voorhees,
    and Nehemiah Mason, all of Lysander.
    Executors, sons, William Jr. and Alfred, and John Buck.
    Witnesses: Jeremiah Dunham, Jr., Sally Snow and Abigail Snow.
  • WINCHESTER, Samuel, of the Town of Marcellus.  Will dated January 20, 1820.  Probated February 1, 1823.
  • Mentions children by deceased wife Rebekah, Alpheus, Elhanan, Benhadan, Marcus, and Jonadah; daughters,
    Sarah and Diana; present wife Hannah, and her children, naming one son, Arnoti.
    Executors, wife Hannah and Amasa Kneeland.
    Witnesses: Stephen Smith, William Strong and J. B. Worden.
  • WOOD, Enos, of the Town of Onondaga.  Will dated June 7, 1828. Probated December 26, 1828.
  • Mentions wife Elizabeth.Does not give names of children.
    Executor wife Elizabeth.
    Witnesses: Abel Fowler, Shubael Hall, John Davis, Jr. and K. Lansingh.


    D.A.R. Bible Records. Volume 39, pp. 250-273. Copyist: Caroline Edith Hall, Baldwinsville, NY
    Member of the To-Whan-Ta-Que Chapter, D.A.R., Syracuse, NY

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