Will of William BREWSTER
Will of Daniel MOORE

  • AVERILL, Stephen, late of the Town of Salina, more lately resident of the Town of Northampton, Genesee County.
  • Will dated in December 1812. Probated August 12, 1820.
    States that he was, at the time of drawing the will, a member of Capt. Delano's Company, United States Service.
    Mentions his grandfather, Stephen Averill, deceased, late a resident of Windham County, Connecticut; also mother,
    Jerusha Lyon, and John C. Brace and his wife Polly.
    Executor, John C. Brace.
    Witnesses: Winthrop Prescot, Ebenezer Bingham, and John Sears.
  • BABCOCK, Elihu, of the Town of Spafford.  Will dated January 28, 1819.  Probated March 14, 1819. Mentions wife,
  • Hannah; youngest child, Sophia; and children Thomas, Matentha, Cyrus, Ruth, Worden.
    Executor, Benjamin Trumbull.
    Witnesses: John Millebort, William Dednik and Peleg Shearman.
  • BALDWIN, Charles, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated February 9, 1818.  Probated May 27, 1818.
  • Mentions brother Samuel; father Isaac; mother Hannah; and sister Ann Sedgwick.
    Executors, Isaac Baldwin, Elisha Litchfield and Samuel Baldwin.
    Witnesses: Samuel Baker, Alfeus Carlton and Hannah Davis.
  • BALDWIN, Isaac, of the Town of Pompey.  Will dated October 21, 1818.  Probated March 5, 1819.
  • Mentions wife, Hannah; and son Isaac, then insane.
    Executor, wife, Hannah.
    Witnesses: Jeremiah Baker, Daniel Gott and Hannah Davis.
  • BAULCHEY, Abizer, of the Town of Camillus. Will dated March 14, 1817. Probated June 1, 1818.
  • Mentions wife, Susanna; her son, James Jacobs; and brothers and sisters as follows: Silas Baulchey,
    Betsey Kellogg, Sally Kingsley, ABigail Billings and John Baulchey. Also mentions James Baldwin.
    Executor, wife, Susanna.
    Witnesses: Isaac Magoon, Truman Adams and Sylvester Richmond.
  • BEEBE, Elizabeth, widow of Samuel, of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated July 24, 1819. Probated August 30, 1819.
  • Mentions children, Lemuel, Lawrence, Lucy, Susan and Morgan. Names John Van Pelt as guardian for children,
    and for executors, Joseph Swan, Job Tyler and Joseph W. Brewster.
    Witnesses: Thaddeus Patchin and Samuel Forman.
  • BEEBE, Samuel, of the Town of Onondaga.  Will dated March 29, 1819.  Probated July 23, 1819.
  • Mentions, wife Elizabeth, who was executor.
    Witnesses:  Thaddeus Patchin, Caleb Johnson and Samuel Forman.
  • BOOTH, Elenor, of the Town of Manlius.  Will dated February 5, 1817.  Probated March 15, 1817.
  • Mentions brother, Benjamin; nephew Benjamin Booth and niece Elenor Booth, both children of
    brother Benjamin.
    Executor, brother, Benjamin.
    Witnesses: Isaac Osgood, Jesse D. Rose and Benjamin Norton.
  • BREED, Palmer, of the Town of Manlius.  Will dated January 24, 1816. Probated January 5, 1817.
  • Mentions son, Barnet; daughters, Charlotte and Abigail; brother James, and also a Simon Breed.
    Executor, brother Allen.
    Witnesses:  Oliver Teall, Benjamin Hicks and Ralph Eaton.
  • BREWSTER, William, of the Town of Openheim, Montgomery County. Will dated September 4, 1815.
  • Probated August 31, 1820.
    Mentions wife, Abigail; eldest son, Morris; daugther, Julia Worden; sons, Isaac, Jonas, William, Charles,
    Harvey; daughter, Maria.
    Executor, son in law, Samuel Worden.
    Witnesses: Thomas Rose, Moses Rose and Jesse Rose.
  • BUTLER, Content, of the Town of Pompey.  Will dated September 27, 1817.  Probated November 9, 1819.
  • Mentions deceased husband, Zacheus; son William; daughters, Desire Brotherton, Geneuenth Read, and
    Rebecka Allen.
    Executor, Jole King.
    Witnesses, Frederick Freeman, Solomon Alexander and Thomas Dean.
  • CHAPMAN, Elisha, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated March 30, 1818.  Probated June 6, 1820.
  • Mentions wife, Phebe; eldest son, Samuel, second son, Simeon; grandson, Albert Cone; granddaughter,
    Emmaly Cone Robertson.
    Executor, wife, Phebe.
    Witnesses: Dan Bradley, John West and Sally Woolley.  The will gives lands in Connecticut and designates
    Phebe as his second wife.
  • CROWNINSHIELD, Daniel, of the Town of Onondaga.  Will dated December 12, 1816. Probated March 3, 1817.
  • Mentions wife, Rhoad; and brothers Comfort and John.
    Executors, wife, Rhoda and Abel Fowler.
    Witnesses:  Ethan Souier, Lydia Fowler and Silenne Crowninshield.
  • CRUM, Thomas, of the Town of Marcellus.  Will dated February 22, 1817. Probated January 15, 1818.
  • Mentions son, Janole; daughter, Elizabeth Waldrom; grandson, Lewis Waldrom; daughter in law, Esther Crum.
    Executor, daughter, Elizabeth.
    Witnesses:  Daniel Kellogg and Alanson Edwards.
  • DANFORTH, Asa, of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated July 4, 1818. Probated May 18, 1819.
  • Mentions wife, Hannah, and son Adams.
    Executor, Polaski King.
    Witnesses:  Thaddeus Patchin, Calvin Sumner and William Barrett.
  • DUNN, Garey, of the Town of Pompey.  Will dated April 24, 1818. Probated June 13, 1818.
  • Mentions wife, Jane; unnamed children.
    Executor, wife, Jane.
    Witnesses; John Allport, Benjamin Hopkins and Rhoda Hopkins.
  • EARLL, Abijah, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated September 28, 1819.  Probated October 30, 1819.
  • Mentions wife Anna, eldest daughter, Clarissa Cotton, wife of George; daughter, Polly Lewis, wife of Isaac;
    children, Nancy, Daniel, Abijah, Lorenzo, John, Lucyette and Delos.  Also mentions Solomon Earll and Owen
    Executors, wife, Anna and son, Daniel.
    Witnesses: Robert Earll, Hez Earll and Benoni Danks.
  • ELLIOTT, Robert, of the Town of Onondaga.  Will dated November 7, 1811. Probated June 23, 1817.
  • Mentions wife, Prudence; son, James and daughter, Polly.
    Executors, wife, Prudence and son.
    Witnesses: A. Bennet, Charlotte Benet.
  • FITZ GEARLD, Jeremiah, of the Town of Marcellus.  Will dated August 20, 1810.  Probated February 17, 1817.
  • Mentions wife, Anna; sons, William, David, John and Jeremiah; daugthers, Elizabeth, wife of Warren Kneeland,
    and Susanna; grandchildren, Jane and James Kneeland.
    Executors, Medad Heenby, John Kneeland and David Fitz Gearld.
    Witnesses: Edward Fitz Gearld, Joseph Baldwin and John Hunt.
  • GIBBS, Oliver, of the Town of Lysander. Will dated September 21, 1819. Probated August 9, 1820.
  • Mentions mother, Jonus Gibbs; wife, Jenet; eldest son, James; second son, John; third son, Isaac,
    who will be twenty-one, February 19, 1820; fourth son, William Chester; daughters Rosannah,
    Sally, Hannah, A. Emeline.
    Executors, mother and wife.
    Witnesses: J. G. Forbes, Cyrus Baldwin and John Hoason.
  • GIBBS, Thomas, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated October 27, 1818. Probated February 27, 1819.
  • Mentions brother, William; also Joseph and Jane Davis; sister Hannah Clark; Sally Green of Denby,
    Executors, brother William.
    Witnesses: Richard Williams, Lyman Mason and Stephen Norton.
  • GOODWIN, Denis. Will dated September 14, 1818.  Probated June 3, 1819.
  • Mentions wife, Sally; son, Elias Marcus; daughter, Fanny Emeline.
    Executors, brother in law, Marcus and wife Sally.
    Witnesses: William Watson, Eleazer Slocum and J. B. Nichols.
  • GREENE, Caleb, of the Town of Pompey.  Will dated April 7, 1814. Probated April 19, 1817.
  • Mentions wife, Elizabeth; eldest daughter, Zylpha Babcock; daughter, Comfort Andrews;
    Elizabeth Morton; Sarah Heytten; sons, James, Russell, Griffin, Terpin and Ransom.
    Executors, wife, Elizabeth and Joseph Smith.
    Witnesses:  Asahel Smith, Polly Smith and Joseph Smith.
  • HUBBARD, David, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated September 3, 1817.  Probated November 12, 1817.
  • Mentions wife, Leah; sons, Samuel, Robert and Isaac; daughters, Ruth, wife of Samuel Clement; Rachel, wife
    of Moses Hinsdel; Sally, wife of Hiram Gilbert; and Pemela.
    Executors, sons, Samuel and Robert.
    Witnesses:  Ezekiel Whalen, George Dunham and William Johnson.
  • HOPKINS, Caleb, of the Town of Pompey.  Will dated February 1, 1820.  Probated June 17, 1820.
  • Mentions wife and children without naming them.
    Executors, Noah Parmer and Daniel Thomas.
    Witnesses:  Browning Nichol and Increase Jackson.
  • JOHNSON, Isaac. Will dated november 25, 1817. Probated March 5, 1818.
  • Designated himself as a soldier of the army of othe United States. Mentions father, William and
    brother William, to whom he leaves all right, title and interest in and to any dues or claims against
    the United States for service, back pay, etc., as well as any interest in lands coming to him under
    the terms of his enlistment.
    Executors, brother, William and Robert Orvis, Esq.
    Witness:  Stephen Tappan.
  • JOHNSON, Jacob.  Will dated February 17, 1817.  Probated May 3, 1817.
  • Mentions wife, Esther; eldest son, Smith; four younger sons, Hiram, Jerrole, Milton and Solon;
    eldest daughter, Lydia; two younger daughters, Polly and Esther.
    Executors, wife Esther and son, Smith.
    Witnesses: William Trowbridge, Jr. and Seymour Trowbridge.
  • KESTER, John, of the Town of Camillus.  Will dated April 14, 1817.  Probated May 29, 1817.
  • Mentions wife, Charity; sons, Lewis and David; daughters, Betsey McDowell, Christiana Campbell,
    and Amy Kesther; grandson, Benjamin Simpson; son, William.
    Executors, Lewis Kester and Truman Adams.
    Witnesses: David Perry, John Perry and David Redman.
  • KETCHUM, Isaac, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated July 24, 1820.  Probated October 18, 1820.
  • Mentions wife, Anna; sons, Isaac and Ezra.
    Executors, Abraham Olore and Sheldon Graves.
    Witnesses: Jonathan Ball, Leonard Dimick and Warren Screnten.
  • LAWRENCE, Bigelow, of the Town of Marcellus.  Will dated March 1, 1811. Probated March 11, 1818.
  • Mentions wife, Aseneth; Ebenezer Prine, husband of daughter, Susannah; Rev. Levi Parsons of Marcellus;
    daughters, Aseneth Parker, Candene Leonard; sons, Bigelow, Isaac, Peter, Rufus, Levi, Calvin, Jeptha and
    Dorerstus; three children of Calvin, to wit: Susannah, Asaneth, Elnathan B., and Calvin Benoni.
    Executors, sons, Bigelow and Dorerstus.
    Witnesses: Dan Bradley, Nancy Bradley and Norman Curtis.
  • LOVELESS, Crandall, of the Town of Camillus.  Will dated September 15, 1819.
  • Mentions wife, Anna, who is executor.
    Witnesses: john Bowman, John Savage and Hirman Nichols.
  • MESSINGER, Peter B., of the Town of Pompey.  Will dated February 19, 1821. Probated May 3, 1821.
  • Mentions wife, Abigail; adopted son, John Fellers; nephew, Lewis Messinger.
    Executor, wife Abigail.
    Witnesses: Isaac Osborn, Samuel Hillard and Isaac W. Hubbard.
  • MOORE, Daniel, of the Town of Marcellus.  Will dated June 17, 1817. Probated August 15, 1817.
  • Mentions wife, Betsey; four daughters, Fanny, Peggy, Sally and Atteminia.
    Executor, wife, Betsey.
    Witnesses: Joseph Moore, Fanny Gilbert and Cynthia Amos.
  • MORLATT, Gideon, of the Town of Marcellus.  Will dated September 9, 1819.  Probated May 3, 1821.
  • Mentions wife, Mary; sons, Abram, John, William, Jeremiah, Cornelius, Peter, Isaac and Thomas;
    daughters, Polly, Susannah and Peggy.
    Executors, Lemuel Barrows and William Landu.
    Witnesses: Alexander Conkey, Luke Willington and William Baker.
  • NEWTON, Abraham, of the Town of Pompey.  Will dated March 11, 1820. Probated April 17, 1821.
  • Mentions wife, Betsey; sons, Abraham, Jr., Sylvester and James; daughters, Elizabeth and Ruth.
    Executors, wife Betsey and son, Sylvester.
    Witnesses: Sylvester Olney, Daniel Baley and Daniel Miller.
  • NORTHRUP, William C., of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated May 2, 1820.  Probated May 30, 1820.
  • Mentions wife, no name.
    Executors, Joseph Swan and John Van Pelt.
    Witnesses:  Job Tyler, David Heaustis and Roderick Goodwin.
  • REALS, Christian, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated February 26, 1816. Codicil dated September 10, 1816.
  • Probated February 12, 1819.
    Mentions wife, Peggy; eldest son, Peter, and eldest daughter, Catherine.
    Executors, Timothy Teal and Andrew Bolsey.
    Witnesses: George Smith and George Fols.
  • RICHARDS, Charles, of the Town of Manlius.  Will dated February 12, 1817.  Probated June 6, 1820.
  • Mentions wife, Anna; sons, Charles and Daniel (his wife, Sally); also son, Perrin; daugthers, Sarah and Betty;
    grandson, Moses.
    Executor, Paul Stowel.
    Witnesses: Nancy Stowel, Harriet Kniffen and David Kniffen.
  • ROSE, Moses D., of the Town of Manlius.  Will dated February 28, 1817. Probated March 10, 1817.
  • Mentions wife, Deborah; Moses DeWitt Rose Merritt, DeWitt Merritt, Robert B. Merritt, and Samuel
    Merritt, Jr., being children of Samuel Merritt of the Town of Manlius; Moses DeWitt Rose Merritt to be
    educated for the ministry.
    Executors, James Norris, Thomas Rose and Luther Badger.
    Witnesses: William Olmstead, William Taylor and Charles Morris.
  • SMITH, Spencer, of the Town of Pompey.  Will dated April 10, 1817. Probated November 15, 1817.
  • Mentions brothers, Asahel, Fremius and Asa Otis; sister, Hannah.
    Executors, Fremius Smith and John P. Cole.
    Witnesses: Ele Cook, Harry Hall, Patrick McCarthy and Erastus Baker.
  • SPARKS, Lemuel, of the Town of Onondaga.  Will dated December 17, 1815. Probated October 2, 1816.
  • Mentions sons, Joseph, Phinnehas, Jeremiah and William.
    Executors, Joseph Swan, Nicholas Mickles and William H. Sabine.
    Witnesses: Willet Reignor, Gordon Needham and Elias Carpenter.
  • TOWN, Isaac, of the Town of Spafford.  Will dated December 12, 1818.  Probated February 4, 1819.
  • Mentions wife, Judeth; sons, Alfred, Orren, Clark and Limon; daugthers, Prudence, Sophia, Matilda and

    Executors, wife Judeth and son, Clark.
    Witnesses: Erastus Berber, David Norton and Richard Englis.
  • WATSON, James, of the Town of Marcellus.  Will dated Septemebr 14, 1820.  Probated May 3, 1821.
  • Mentions wife, Mary; children Anna Earll, Robert, John, Laura Van Alstine, Daniel, James M. Isaac, Molly,
    Richard B., Rufus, Lovina and Norman.

    Executors, wife, Mary.
    Witnesses: Robert Earll, Christin Warner and Lewis Warner.


    D.A.R. Bible Records. Volume 39, pp. 238-249. Copyist: Caroline Edith Hall, Baldwinsville, NY
    Member of the To-Whan-Ta-Que Chapter, D.A.R., Syracuse, NY

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