Will of Aaron JEROME
Will of Samuel JEROME
Will of Cyrus KINNE, pg. 89

  • ATWELL, Joseph, of the Town of Aurelius. Will dated March 14th, 1798. Probated April 28th, 1798.
  • Mentions wife Mabel; sons, Elihu, Penney and Joseph. Also daughters not named.
    Executor, wife Mabel.
    Witnesses: Walter D. Nicoll, Samuel Cossett and Levi Atwater.
  • BEEBE, Zena, of the Town of Solon. Will dated July 18, 1801. Probated October 22, 1805.
  • Mentions wife Kezia.
    Executors, wife Kezia and Abram W. Beebe.
    Witnesses: George Trobridge, Alberus Jones and Eleazor Toley.
  • BENTON, David, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated May 23rd, 1806. Probated August 21, 1806.
  • Mentions wife Deborah; daughters, Ruth, Huldah and Betsey; sons, Reuben and Warren.
    Administrator with Will annexed, wife Deborah.
    Witnesses: Charles W. Goodrich, David Sweet and Isaac Lawrence.
  • BRIAN, Peter, of the Town of Tully. Will dated June 16, 1806. Probated February 23, 1807.
  • Mentions wife, Abigail; four sons by a former wife, Thomas, Peter, Jr., Joseph and Lewis.
    Also Joseph Lillie, a son in law.
    Executor, Thomas Cooper.
    Witnesses: John Mattoon, Chloe Mattoon and Juliana Lillie.
  • BOWEN, Elijah, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated May 20th, 1807. Probabted June 20, 1807.
  • Mentions wife, Patty; sons, Elijah and Valentine; daughters, Sophronia, Hannah, Delina,
    Lurine, Louisa, and Laura; also youngest son, Almenon; and grandson, Alfred M. D. Thompson.
    Executors, son Elijah and Valentine.
    Witnesses: Samuel Tyler, E. Stanton and David Demming.
  • BUICE, Jacob, of the Town of Ovid. Will dated April 28, 1797. Probated June 24, 1797.
  • Mentions wife, Effe; daughters, Ellener, Bise and Sarah Ross, who had two daughters,
    Ellener and Alida; grandson, Jacob Buice.
    Executors, Henry Woston and Charles Helkey.
    Witnesses: Isaac Van Nostwick, Joseph Willson and Jane Van Nostwick.
  • BURROUGHS, Jeremiah, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated March 30, 1803.
  • Probated September 30, 1803.
    Mentions wife, Mary; youngest son, Jeremiah, Jr., and son James.
    Executors, son James and son in law, George Ailey.
    Witnesses: Elijah Prie, Luke V. and Matthew Burroughs.
  • BUTLER, Benjamin, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated April 8, 1799. Probated October 13, 1809.
  • Mentions wife, Dorothy; sons in order, eldest Salmon, then Allen, Benemmi, Rufus, Bennajah;
    eldest daughter, Chloe Smith; daughter Martha Hall.
    Executor, son, Salmon.
    Witnesses: Ebenezer Butler, John Kidder and R. Butler.
  • CARPENTER, Isaac, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated September 23, 1807. Probated May 22, 1809.
  • Mentions wife, Jeane; sons, Anderson, Roger, Isaac, Jr., Israel and Abraham. The latter three
    designated as three youngest. Daughters, Nancy, Phebe and Elizabeth.
    Executor, wife Jeane.
    Witnesses: Matthew Stewart, Amos Dickinson and Joseph Carpenter.
  • CURTIS, Thomas, of the Town of Marcellus. Will dated July 13, 1809. Probated November 7, 1809.
  • Calls himself a carpenter and mill wright. Mentions wife, Elizabeth; and children, Renselaer,
    Delight and Hiram. Also mentions an unborn child.
    Executors, wife, Elizabeth and Thaddeus Edwards.
    Witnesses: Jesse Thilley, Alanson Edwards and Daniel Kellogg.
  • DEXTER, John, of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated October 9, 1806. Probated October 21, 1806.
  • Mentions wife, Zillah; daughter, Catey; sons, Jonathan, Leonard and Paul.
    Executors, wife, Zillah and daughter, Catey.
    Witnesses: Samuel Furniss, John Clark and Polley Clark.
  • EMRICK, Adam, of the Town of Lysander. Will dated February 11, 1809. Probabted February 28, 1809.
  • Mentions wife, Catherine; six sons, Matthias, Henry, Abraham, Peter, George, Jeremiah; daughter,
    Betsey; grandson, Israel Mowle, granddaughter, Catherine Thorpe.
    Executors, Abraham and Peter.
    Witnesses: Elijah Snow, Charloner Adams and Nicholas Auderkirk.
  • FRISBIE, John H., of the Town of Camillus. Will dated March 10, 1809. Probated July 19, 1809.
  • Mentions wife, Nancy; sons, Hamilton and John; daugthers, Mariah and Lydia.
    Executors, wife, Nancy, James Geddes and Daniel W. Kellogg.
    Witnesses: Robert Stevens and Hannah Stevens.
  • GILBERT, Joseph, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated August 14, 1806. Probated September 14, 1806.
  • Mentions son, Augustus, Elias, Libbeus, Daniel; daughter, Olive Gleeson; and son of late wife,
    William Gillet.
    Executors, Deacon Levi Jerome and Ezra Hart.
    Witnesses: Hugh Wallis, Daniel C. Juda and David Berkley.
  • GODENER, Martin, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated November 25, 1807. Probated March 2, 1808.
  • Mentions wife, Abigail; sons, Martin, Philo, Eli, Peter, Samuel, Theron, Austin and Thissy.
    Executors, wife, Abigail, and sons, Eli and Philo.
    Witnesses: Dan Brewley, I Ellis and Seth Dutcher.
  • HOWELL, Phineas, of the Town of Tully. Will dated June 6, 1809. Probated July 6, 1809.
  • Mentions wife, Phebe; sons, Floyd and Nicol; daughters, Polly Clemens, Harriett Buckingham;
    granddaughter Nancy Howell, daughter of son Lewis; a daughter of son Lewis, deceased.
    No executor named.
    Witnesses: Moses Nash, Robert D. Taggart and Minor Trowbridge.
  • JEROME, Aaron, Will dated April 14, 1802. Probated June 22, 1802.
  • Executors, wife, Elizabeth and brother, Levi. Mentions children but gives no names.
    Witnesses: David Campbell, David Hebland and Walter Colton.
  • JEROME, Samuel, Will dated November 23, 1795. Probabted April 9, 1796.
  • Mentions wife, Lucy; eldest son, Samuel, sons Timothy, John, Levy, Chauncey, Aaron, and
    youngest son, Amasa; daughters, Lucy, wife of Joseph Edwards, Louis, wife of Ezekiel Colander,
    deceased, now wife of Elias Stilwell, Ruth, wife of Edward Boystone, and Tryphena, wife of
    Gideon Brockaway.
    Executors, wife Lucy and son Chauncey.
    Witnesses: Hezekiah Olcott, Ebenezer Butler, Jr., and Atimer Bishop.
  • KASSELMAN, Johannis, of the Town of Palentine, Montgomery County, New York.
  • Will dated January 20, 1807. Probated October 31, 1808.
    Mentions wife, Anner Eve; sons, John, Barthlomew, Wilhelm, Leverinus, Adam, Jost and Christian;
    daughters, Gertrant, wife of John Fetterly, and Anna, wife of George Christman; granddaughter,
    Mary Fetterly.
    Executors, wife, Anna Eve, and sons, Christian and Jost.
    Witnesses: Peter Van Loan, Peter R. Young and Richard Young.
  • KING, Paul, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated December 31, 1808. Probated January 23, 1809.
  • Mentions wife, Mary; eldest son, Paul, second son, Apollus, third son, Orange; daughters,
    Lucy Rice, Tirzah Greimes, and Maria.
    Executor, a nephew, John Pets King.
    Witnesses: Eleazer Morton, Asahel Smith and Paul King, Jr.
  • KINNE, Cyrus, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated July 30, 1808. Probated September 24, 1808.
  • Mentions wife, Comfort; ten sons in order, Ezra, Zachariah, Prentis, Ethel, Zebulon, Moses,
    Joshua, Cyrus, Japheth and Palmer; daughter, Comfort, wife of Jeremiah Springster; grandchildren,
    Kinne, Cyrus, Hirman and Ezra Williams, sons of daughter Ann and William Williams.
    Executors, wife Comfort, and three sons, Ezra, Zachariah and Prentis.
    Also mentions Ann Williams and Comfort Williams.
    Witnesses: Jacob Brenburg, Abijah Yelverton, Jr., and Silas Burch.
  • LAWRENCE, Ariel. No residence. Will dated March 1, 1805. Probated August 5, 1807.
  • Mentions wife, Lucretia; two sons, and two daughters, but gives no names.
    Executors, wife, Lucretia and Medad Curtis.
  • LEWIS, Elihu, of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated June 8, 1800. Probated December 20, 1808.
  • Mentions wife, Clarinda; son, Elihu; daughters, Clarinda and Anna (youngest); sisters,
    Sarah Mills, Anna Peet, Mindwell Lomis, Elizabeth Norton, Ester Sweet and Lucy Baldwin;
    brother, Ebenezer.
    Executors, Aaron Smith, William Stevens and Medad Curtis.
    Witnesses: John H. Frisbee, Nancy Bronson and Ezekiel North.
    Codicil dated August 25, 1802.
    Witnesses: William Stanley, Jr., John C. Buck and Lucy Newell.
  • PATTEN, Silas, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated February 14, 1800. Probated April 3, 1800.
  • Mentions wife, Jusutis; son, Joseph, daughter, Jusutis; son, Thaddeus.
    Executor, son Thaddeus.
    Witnesses: Luther Bingham, Aaron Eaton and John Linn.
  • PERKINS, Daniel B., of the Town of Manlius. Will dated September 9, 1806.
  • Probated September 30, 1806. Mentions, wife, Sally; sons, Erastus B., Joseph J., Thomas D., and
    Daniel B.; also the wife of William Robertson.
    Executor, wife, Sally.
    Witnesses: Samuel Foster, Samuel P. Pine.
  • PIKEL, Anna Maria, widow of Johannes Pikel. Will dated October 15, 1805.
  • Probated January 25, 1808. Mentions son John, who is cut off with nothing, but his daughter
    married to one Michael Walter, of the Town of Manlius, was given the estate.
    Executor, Michael Walter.
    Witnesses: John Keller, Adam Walter and Peter Marah.
  • REEVES, Joshua, of the Town of Romulus. Will dated August 27, 1796. Probated September 26, 1797.
  • Mentions wife, Abigail; sons, Joshua, Howel and James; daughter Lydia.
    Executor, wife Abigail.
    Witnesses: Samuel Albright and Peter Bainbridge.
  • ROSE, Jacob DeWitt, of the Town of Manlius. Will dated June 22, 1807. Probated July 10, 1807.
  • Mentions wife, Elizabeth; eldest daughter, Jane DeWitt Rose; second daughter Harriett,
    daughter, Margaret; mother Mary; father in law and mother in law, James and Jane Butler;
    sister, Mary Booth, wife of Benjamin Booth.
    Executor, wife, Elizabeth, Benjamin Booth and William Brewster.
  • STARKWEATHER, Asa, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated December 8, 1809. Probated April 16, 1810.
  • Mentions wife, Adah; children, Clary, Ezra, Niles, Adah and Sophy. Clary is named as eldest
    Executor, Elder Nathan Baker of Pompey.
    Witnesses: Christopher Foster, Levi Goodrich and Ambrose C. Ford.
  • SUTHERLAND, Samuel, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated November 30, 1807.
  • Probated January 11, 1808. Mentions wife, Lois; eldest son, Simon, son Solomon; daughters,
    Sally, Love and Polly.
    Executor, Elder Nathan Baker.
    Witnesses: Asa Starkweather, Walter Colton and Nathan Hawley.
  • SWENEY, Polly, of the Town of Cumberland, County of Adams, State of Pennsylvania, more lately
  • of the Town of Onondaga, County of Onondaga, and State of New York. Will dated June 19, 1802.
    Probated August 17, 1802. Mentions niece, Nelly Miller; niece, Nelly Carr, wife of George Carr;
    brother Thomas; Polly Miller, daughter of Silas Miller; niece, Nelly Sweney, daughter of THomas;
    brother in law, Silas Miller.
    Executor, Silas Miller.
    Witnesses: Joshua Forman, Luther Prentis and Thomas Miller.
    Cocicil of the same date, mentions nephews, Thomas Miller and Miles Sweeney Mille, to whom she
    gives all her right, title and interest to all lands granted by the State of Pennsylvania to
    officers and soldiers who served in the American Revolution, to which her brother,
    Isaac Sweeney, a Captain in said war was entitled, and which he devised to this testator and a
    sister, Anna Sweeney, now Anna Miller, and who is the mother of Thomas and Miles.
    Witnesses: Joshua Forman and Silas Miller.
  • TEN BROECK, Peter, of the Town of Onondaga. Will dated September 1, 1807.
  • Probabted October 1, 1808. Mentions brother Abraham, brother, John, nephew, John Van Pelt,
    sister Catherine, Hannah, Elizabeth and Helena. Catherine listed as deceased, leaving four
    children; Elizabeth as twice married with children by first marriage, to wit: Cornelius,
    Aaron and Helena Longstreet; also friend Jasper Hopper. Boarded with William Butler to whom
    he owed a small bill for board and washing.
    Executors, brother Abraham, Jasper Hopper and George Hall.
    Witnesses: Josiah Bronson, Rufus Pettibone and Edward Bronson.
  • WILLIAMS, Lemuel, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated February 12, 1805. Probated March 19, 1805.
  • Mentions wife, Abbey; sons Joseph, John and James; daughters, Lydia, Louisa and Nancy;
    grandchildren, William and Betsey Smith; brother James.
    Executors, brother in law John Lamb and Avery Sole.
    Witnesses: Simeon Hart, Comfort Hart and Joseph Hart.
  • WRIGHT, Enos, of the Town of Pompey. Will dated November 4, 1805. Probated November 6, 1806.
  • Mentions wife, Sarah; sons, Rufus, Ezekiel, William, Ephraim and Dan; daughter, Sibble.
    Executor, son, Ephraim.
    Witnesses: Timothy Colman, Elnathan Marsh and David C. Smith.


    D.A.R. Bible Records. Volume 39, pp. 220-229. Copyist: Caroline Edith Hall, Baldwinsville, NY
    Member of the To-Whan-Ta-Que Chapter, D.A.R., Syracuse, NY

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