Will of ADIN T. CORY


Submitted by Marcia Douglas


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        At a Surrogate Court, held in and for the county of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Onondaga, at the Surrogates office, in the village of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Syracuse, on the 21st day of April A.D. 1845.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Present, DAVID D. HILLIS, Surrogate

In the matter of proving
the last will and testament
ADIN T. CORY, deceased                         Onondaga County, js; Be it Remembered,
That heretofore upon the petition of RUPEL FROST, one of the executors named in the last will and testament of ADIN T. CORY, late of the town of Skaneateles in said County, deceased, for that purpose, to the Surrogate of said county, a citation was duly issued in this matter, which citation with the proofs of service thereof were thereafter duly returned to said Surrogate, and which said petition and citation with the proofs of service thereof are now on file in the office of said Surrogate -
                        And therefor the last will and testament of the said ADIN T. CORY deceased, with the proofs thereof here produced and are as follows, viz:
                                        I, ADIN T. CORY, of the town of Skaneatles in the county of Onondaga and State of New York knowing the certainty of death and having long imbibed the sentiment that it is the duty of every good citizen to make as little trouble as possible for surviving friends I do therefore make & ordain this my last will & testament being of sound mind and retentive memory, as follows
1st.  I direct all my just debts & funeral charges to be paid out of any estate by selling if need be as much of any personal property that can best be spared as will answer the purpose either at publick or private sale at the direction of my executors herein-after to the named.
2nd.  I will & bequeath to my wife ELISEBETH CORY in lieu of & in  bar to her right of dower all my household furniture to do with as she pleases and to give to whom she pleases after her decease & the use & income of all my real estate & the residue of any personal after any debts are paid, but she is to let my mother PRUSSIA SLOCUM live with her in the house and furnish her with a comfortable support, and if the income of my estate should prove insufficient to furnish my wife & mother with all the necessary comforts of life in such enough of it is to be sold by my executors as above divided to make up the deficiency; but if the income should prove more than enough to furnish them with the necessary comforts of life the residue is at my wife's disposal either to pay towards legacys hereinafter mentioned or otherwise as she may think best in making the necessary repairs on farm & buildings -
3rd.  If my widow at any time should think best to alter her condition and take a second husband she is to retain the household furniture with one half the income of my real estate during her natural life but in such manner that it shall never enter into the estate or become any part or parcel thereof of a second husband neither in any way be under his control, but shall be a fund under her own direction to lay out as she may think proper for her own satisfaction & comfort and if she should be disappointed in any way in her undertaking or ill treated she is at liberty to return to her old home and to resume her former living as freely & as fully as before her second marriage but not to bring her husband with her.
4th.  Farm & building to be kept in good repair if the income should not be enough to effect this & the above mentioned support then my executors are authorized to sell enough to answer both pruposes, support necessary repairs.
5th.  Be it remembered taht my mother is to have the above mentioned support out of my estate during her natural life - .
6th.  I direct my old white mare 23 years old in 6th mo. coming to be kept on the farm which she lives not to be sold or let nor put to hard work or abused any way, but furnished with a comfortable stable in winter and in stormy disagreeable weather a sufficiency of pasture in the warm season with meal oats & cut hay if her teeth should fial in the cold part of the season.
6th.  I authorize and direct my executors within three years after the death of my wife & mother to sell all the remainder of my estate not otherwise disposed of either at public or private sale as it may appear best in their judgement and apply it to the following purposes, (viz  I will & bequeath to my half brother PELEG R. SLOCUM & sister LEAH IMUS if they should be living, if not, to be divided amongst their children equally one hundred dollars each; To ELISEBETH SHERWOOD & ADIN C. MINON [or MINOR or MIRION] (Daughter & son of DAVID & MELISSE MINON [or MINOR or MIRION]);  To ADIN C. IRISH (son of AMOS & MATILDA IRISH), ELISEBETH C. WATE & ADIN C. WATE (Daughter & son of BENJAMIN & MARY WATE) if they should be living one hundred dollars each, if not, to be equally divided amongst their children, if anyone or ? or the above named should die without issue before my wife & mother, then their legacys to be appropriated with the rest of my estate as hereinafter directed.  To MARY WATE or in case of her decease to her heirs equally one hundred dollars.  To my brother PELEG R. SLOCUM I give my wearing apparel if living, to be delivered as soon as convenient after my decease, if he is not living to some poor friend in our monthly meeting who needs it, it is not to be inventoryed - my watch I give to my wife ELISEBETH,  to JAMES HOWARD'S heirs of Sutton, Worcester County, Massachusetts whose first wife was REBECCA ALDRICH, one hundred dollars.
7th.  The remainder of my estate whatever the amount I will & bequeath to Scipio Quarterly Meeting of friends to be kept by them as a fund to loan to friends in indigent circumstances that are married men, widows, or widowers that have familys of industrious prudent habits, and orderly in their behaviour that are actual steady labourers with their own hands in agricultural mechanical or manufacturing employments, if in the two last mentioned branches those that are actually useful & necessary, to be let upon good & sufficient security at four per cent, interest annually paid.    ?  sums under fifty nor over two hundred to one person nor under one eyar or over ten.  And if at any time any part of it should not be wanted in Society it may loaned to friendly people out of society of the above description and in the same condition - One third part of the income of said fund to be applied to the instruction of Indian children & I should choose of the Onondaga tribe if it may be, if not, any other Indian children as way may open either by establishing schools amongst them on their reservations or taking some of their children and educating them in our own as friends may think best, provided always that one half the time be spent in handycraft labour either agricultural or mechanical in order that they may require at the same time a knowledge of some usefull calling to enable them to get an honest living & imbibe habits of industry as well as obtain literature & science.  And I would advise that friends hire no school teacher either male or female that does not spend a considerable portion of their time in some usefull hand labour that they may instruct by example as well precept, it is a subject of the highest amount.  its products are healthy bodys and vigorous minds.  there is no one thing that contributes so much to many universal wellfare as habits of prudent honest industry.  it therefore cannot be too earnestly thrust upon our attention.  the other two-thirds of the annual income to be added to the principal untill it shall amount to one hundred thousand dollars.  Then I direct that from ten to twenty thousand dollars of the sum be laid out for a farm of convenient size for establishing a manual labour school and carrying on its operations and in constructing suitable plain convenient buildings for its accomodation.  Said farm to be located wtihin the verge of said quarterly meeting where the members thereof shall judge most suitable, but if from any circumstance the Quarterly meeting ceases to exist, then in such case this donation is transferred to the Quarterly meeting to whom the remaining members of Scipio Quarterly Meeting may become attached as a compound part, and if any Quarterly meeting that has this donation in succession shall at any time thereafter cease to exist then it shall in like manner and for the same purposes be transferred to the next Quarterly meeting of friends and so on while there remains to be a quarterly meeting of friends north of Mason's & Dixon's line or south of the British Provinces.  The remainder of said sum to be kept at interest and the income applied to the payment of teachers wages and other necessary expenses.
8th.  My motive in this is to try to form such an establishment as I have long desired to see appended to our society.   A permanent assylum for the reception and education of our orphan and other poor children to qualify and fit them for business in order that they may make good citizens and valuable members of our own society in particular - 1st poor orphan children.  2ndly children whose parents are unable to educate them and if there is yet a surplus apply it to the children of those who are next to these most indigent.  No more children to be admitted than what the income of the farm after paying for necessary repairs and culture together with the fund will support and educate, unless friends should think proper to add to the funds or admit the chldren of those who are able and iwlling to pay for the schooling of their children over what their labour may amount to-
9th.  I direct that the price of board and tuition be as low as can be afforded, that teachers receive no more than a reasonable compensation for their services and that there be regular accounts kept with each scholar and that each be allowed a fair price for the labour they perform the amount of which to be deducted from the cost of tuition and the balance due if any there be above the amount of labour performed (for instruction) for the poor children to be paid and of the funds of the institution.
10th.  This institution is designed only to instruct in a plain substantial usefull english education.  I will therefore mention some branches that I think from the basis of a usefull education, good spelling and reading, writing, arithmetic, english grammar, ancient and modern history and especially the history and instituting of our own country together with a general knowledge of the laws calculated to regulate the conciens of society at large, natural and moral philosophy which embrace all the usefull arts and sciences together with that true Political Economy where we may view every thing founded by the Allwise Creator as regards his national family upon the blood base of immutable and reciprocal justice - A perfect acquaintance with nature and her laws is matter of the greatest moment the study of which ought on no account to be neglected; for in this in great measure our present and ultimate happiness depend for in no other way can he know his duty to God, himself and his neighbour.  It is not to be learned from theological books or discourses but by an intimate acquaintance with that law God has placed inherent in all nature which is his will concerning the government of all things, and speaks the same language to all, that is clear and intelligent to the whole human race and is as immutable as its Great Author, and he we are taught by his will or Law thus revealed that our duty to him consists in love gratitude and obedience because we owe ourselves and all we enjoy to his goodness, besides this extends the circle of our usefullness and felicity, it also teaches that our duty to him consists in providing by our own honest industry for the necessitys of both body and mind as far as it applies, because without such a course of conduct, it is and ever will be impossible for us to be happy.  it further instructs us that our duty to our neighbour consists in love benevolence and reciprocal justice, because this enhances our own happiness and extends felicity to others, it is the cement and base of that universal bond of brotherhood designed by the creator to abolish all evil and bring man into the possession of everlasting righteousness -
12th.  From the concise view that I have taken above of man and his duty I am led to advise that if such an institution should ever take place in society as this one hereein contemplated, that all works of a miraculous, romantic and fictitious character whether theological or otherwise be excluded, if there is any thing valuable mixed with them, let that be extracted, for it may with truth be said that the very best of such works have served only to disrupt nature, pervert the human understanding and load mankind with an incalculable amount of misery and here I am free to acknowledge to all mankind that I do not believe that God ever wrought whats commonly defined a miracle, for this reason I believe him to be too great wise and good to be reduced to the dutiful necessity of contravening the laws his own infinite wisdom has instituted in order to convince the understanding of man of truths that are the most necessary for him to know, our whole observation and experience revolts at and contradicts such a belief, it is odious to common sense.  would it not be easier to improve our affections and illuminate our understanding.
13th.  In order that there may be no mistake in regard to my meaning in respect to the objects of this charity and its application I will recapitulate - After the sum has been loaned till it amounts to one hundred thousand dollars and the contemplated institution established, then it would be my desire that one third part of the charity scholars be Indian chldren if they will accept the privilege and conform to the regulations, to be admitted on the same terms as other charity scholars unelss some very cogent reason in the judgment of friends should render it impracticable, in such case one third of the income of eighty thousand to be applied to their instruction on their reservation or otherwise as to friends may then appear best, provided always their schools are strictly manual labour schools and one half their time spent in some usefull handycraft labour, but f any obstacle should necessarily prevent its being applyed as above directed thus let it be applied to the education of poor friends children in an adjoining quarterly meeting if there is not enough poor in the quarter in which the institution is located, let poor orphan children, 2nd, poor children that have parents, 3rd from children where one or both parents are members and their children not, there are to be admitted on the same terms as other poor friends children - Be it always remembered one half the time for both male and female to be employed in those useful avocations so necessary to qualify all to fill the several stations in life that may be assigned them with propriety and satisfaction to themselves and their fellow beings.
14th.  If it be objected that this is a Herculean task to undertake with such scanty means, I answer I know it and the only excuse I have to make is I know the want of a good education and my sole object is to perform the greatest possible good I can to my fellow beings with my little means.  but gigantic as the task may appear and scanty as the means are I know that time with proper managemetn will bring it about and when it takes place though it may not be in this century, if rightly, directed it may produce a great amount of good.
15th.  No sectarian dogmas to be taught but pure unalloyed morality that the mind may be left free, when the judment becomes matured to canvass and decide upon those abstruse metaphysical doctrines that are so earnestly pressed upon our attention under a cloak of divinity (by a set of self insterested men) without fear prejudices or partiality.
16th.  As whatever has been sworn be again and as there has been a division in society under pretence of difference of opinion on points of doctrine by that part of society  self stiled Orthodox and as there has been much animosity and litigation produced in consequence of donations left to society by benevolent individuals for the best purposes, therefore to avoid such occurrences as much as possible in this case I insert the following.  All that are members at the time this donation comes into the possession of Society or any time thereafter, who profess a belief in one only Supreme infinite eternal intelligent just cause, the creator and preserver of all things and his or her accountability to him and his or her fellow beings for all immoral conduct and maintain a good moral character and are of the description of persons before mentioned shall have an equal right to the benefits arising from this donation notwithstanding their brethren and sisters or a part of them may presume to disown them our account of differences in opinion concerning doctrines that cannot be reduced to certainty when most if not all of these are absurd, ridiculous and contradicory and seem no better purpose than to set mankind by the ears and create endless quarrels, persecutions and cruelty.
17.  All differences that may arise concerning the application on any frouit??? to be left to Reffrences chosen by the partyes among friends, out of the Quarterly meeting in which the money is loaned or institution located as the case may be.  Men who are honest faithfull capable and disinterested whose decision shall be final no lawyers to be employed or admitted in any way to take part in the settlement of any difference becoming in the premises.  All persons laying any claim to any benefit that may arise at any time hereafter from this donation who shall neglect or refuse to comply with the above regulating shall forever after forfeit all claims to any benefit arising therefrom -
18th.  It has not been my intention to draft a complete system of rules for the regulation of government of the contemplated institution but just to mention some things that I view indispensable as a sort of outline to be filled up and completed by a committee appointed by the quarterly meeting for that purpose and to manage the establishment of it should even take place -
19th I apoint my esteemed friends, RUPELL FROST, JOHN HAIGHT and AMOS GILES[?] Executors to this my will and testament unto which I have affixed my hand and seal and declared it to be my will this tenth day of third month one thousand eight hundred and forty two -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ADIN T. CORY      L.S.
                        BENJAMIN WAIT
                        CLARISSA VEEDER                         All of Skaneatles
                        LEWIS VEEDER
The above witnesses being named be a distance, I prefer having others and hereby acknowledge the above to be my last will and testament, to which I hereby set my hand and seal this 9th day of 2nd Month 1845.
In the presence of                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ADIN T. CORY     L.S.
                        WILLIAM H. WILLETS  of the town of Skaneateles
                        WILLIAM P. GILES    of SkaneateleS
                        PHOBEs P. LAWTON                        of the town of Skaneateles

The above was taken from the records of SAMPUBCO, will # H-293.

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