Marriages 1814-1839

Marriages 1814-1839

Performed by missionaries of the Baptist Church

In West Vermont and Central NY

Copied and Compiled by Minnie Kellogg.

Submitted by Rebecca Stacknow

[Any question marks or blanks in this document are those made by Minnie Kellogg, same as with anything found in parenthesis. If there is something I cannot read from the filming of the carbon copy of this material, I have put it in brackets – with the exception of where the photograph of the church fell on the page. Clearly there are things that look like typos, regardless, I have typed them as originally printed; including the incorrect spelling for some of these surnames.  Where Minnie put “…….” In place of unknown names, I’ve substituted (--?--). Oh- and “colored people” was not my choice of words.
   ,… Rebecca]

Rev. Nathaniel J. Gilbert b. in Weston, Connecticut April 28, 1786 d. in Syracuse July 23, 1832. He married Miss Phebe Grow at the age of 21 and began preaching as a Baptist missionary soon after. In Sullivan and Orange Counties he labored and in 1818 he became pastor of a church at North Norwich, Chenango County with missionary service as appointed from the Hamilton Baptist Missionary Society. In 1823 he was regularly installed as the incumbent of the First Baptist Society of Syracuse where he continued until stricken in the epidemic of cholera which swept over the village in 1832. His tomb in Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse has the following inscription:
Pastor of the First Baptist Church of this city
From May 1823 until called home July 23, 1832
Age 46 years

[There is a picture on    ]        “This edifice ceased to be used
[this page of the        ]        for religious purposes July 1910
[First Baptist Church    ]        and it’s congregation united with
[of Syracuse, NY        ]        the Central Baptist Society.”

Marriages consummated by N.J.Gilbert – Copy of a record kept by the Rev. N.J.Gilbert 1814-1829:

Mr. Lyman Stillson & Miss Bethiah Taggart Oct 6 1814
Mr. Daniel Hoadley & Miss Polly More Oct 6 1814
Orrin Stillson & Eliza Dwight …….1815
William Salmon & Abigail Warner …..1815
James Hall & Polly Walrott ……. 1815
Mr. Vansallas? & Mariah Salmon …..1815
Joseph Lounsbury & Mrs. Whitney ….. 1815
Alpheus Newton & Miss Bifsey? …….1815
James Cooper & Melissa McDonald …..1815
Thomas Bevier & Miss Van Orman …….1815
Jacob P. Yakers & Miss Huldah (--?--) …….1815

William Cary & Sally West ……1816
Ezra Carrier & Amey Bayles …….1816
Mr. Cummins & Miss Benton …….1817
John Jackson & Mary Jones ……. 1817
William West & Polly Smith …….1817
Alpheus Judd & Miss Stanard …….1817
Eli Stannard & Mrs. More ……..1817
Pardon Worden & Lucretia Whitney …… 1817
Mr. Graves & Eliza Miller …….1818
Ira Rider 7 Rachel Fisher ……. 1819

There is a vacancy of lost records for the time between the above and the list which follows.

Alexander DeWitt & Harriet West;  April 1825
Oliver Leonard & Charlotte Hyat; May 24, 1825
Asa lamb & Philena Rood;  June 8, 1825
John Blair & Mary Ann Hyde;  June 14, 1825
John M. Scott & Abigail Hall; Aug 1825
John W. Fuller & Abigal Terry; Aug 20, 1825
Herny Train & Mary Sullivan; Oct 16, 1825
Asahel Dean & Lorinda Dexter; Oct 25, 1825
Peter Whitney & (--?--) Wells; Jan 29, 1826
(--?--) Warner & [M-ilda] Slauson; Feb 2, 1826
William Robinson & Amelia Leach; March 12, 1826
“Ambrose to Rosetta” (colored people); April 12, 1826
Asa Griffin & Desdemona Hudson; Apr 19, 1826
Nelson Wilbur & Eliza Russel; Aug 23, 1826
Stephen Davis & Mary Darling; Oct 1826
James Davidson & Elizabeth More; Dec 191, 1826         <[this is not my typo]
Alpheus Wallace & Marcy Carrier; Dec 25, 1826
Theodore Flemming & Nancy Ainaley; Dec 28, 1827?
Phineas Nearing & Elizabeth Carr; Jan 12 1827
Abner Vickery & Alvina Chapin; Feb 1827
John More & Nancy A. Cook; Feb 26, 1827
Philo House & Eunice Smith; Mar 1827
(--?--) Wychoff & Miss Beebee; April 10, 1827
Anson Stafford & Miss (--?--) May?; May 1827
John Fielding & Martha Webster (no date)
Julius Hitchcox & Susan Drake; May 24, 1827
John Livingston & Mary Jackson (no date)
George W. Smith & Luvcinda Throop; Aug 18, 1827
Alpheus Blackman & Mary Ann Slocum; Oct 1, 1827
Kinneth Davidson & Sarah Ann Burnham; Oct 11, 1827
William VanTostle & Clavinda Allen; Nov 18, 1827
Daniel Wilson & Lucinda Service; Dec 5, 1827
Leonard Titus & Hannah V. Baker; Dec 8, 1827
William Warner & Sarah Mabby; jan 28, 1828
Leneus P. Noble & Harriet Edwards; Feb 5, 1828
Thomas Bennett & Mrs. Elizabeth Burt; Feb 7, 1828
Squire Adams to Ruthala Carpenter; Feb 25, 1828
Horace Wadsworth & Subrana Fields; Mar 18, 1828
Daniel VanValin & Eliza Davidson; June 1, 1828
George VanBuren & Sally M. Holmes; June 3, 1828
John Egelston & Catherine Elwood; June 24, 1825        <[not my typo]
Verulam Torrey & Catherine Van Slike; Aug 12, 1828
David Lockwood & Frances Wheeler; Sept 14, 1828
Prince Jackson & Cordelia Joy (colored people); Dec 4, 1828
Asahel Foot & Polly Brittain; Dec 22, 1828
James Bates & Amanda Yarington; Dec 23, 1828
Samuel Goodfellow & Barbara Row; Jan 14, 1829

Marriages & Baptisms
Record of the Rev. Isaac Bucklin
A Baptist clergyman, during years 1818-1836

1818, July 2d. At Arlington in the County of Bennington & state of Vermont, I was ordained to the work of the Gospel Minestry, as an Evangelist amid many trials. O that Zion was purged from men of Perverse lips, the would trust no more fall in the streets, non Just ce be prevented to enter?

   Ordination Sermon preached by Aron Leland of Chester from Nehemiah 4:16, “And he that
   Soundeth the trumpet was by me.”

   Copied from the original record now in possession of Dr. Benjamin I.C.Buckland of Auburn,
   Cayuga Co., NY by Minnie L. Kellogg, Syracuse NY 1916.

Marriages & Baptisms by Rev. Isaac Bucklin,…


July 26, 1818 at Arlington, VT; Marilla Curtis & Lovina Corkins
May 23, 1819 at Middlebury, VT; Sally French
Sept 12, 1819 at Middlebury, VT; Henry Kirkum & Unity Pulsapher
Oct 24, 1819 at Middlebury, VT; Lydia Lee
June 1822 at Middletown, VT; Achsah Haynes
Feb 13, 1825 at Powltney, VT; Edward Ferrand & Eliza Leet
Feb 1826 at Middletown VT; Lucinda Sargeants & Clarissa Branch

March 16, 1826 at Pawlet, VT:
   Amos Putnam        Minor Branch
   Lucy Willey        Chas. Branch
   Polly Newton        Isaac Branch
   Sally Haden        Ruth Branch

April 13, 1826 at Pawlet, VT:
   Abigail Ayer
   Ruth Putnam
   Arena Hutchings


Nov 20, 1827 at Deerfield, NY
   Riley Biddlecom        James Prater
   Flora Biddlecom        Harvey Cane
   Claressa Biddlecom    Alfred T. Corbin
   Harriet Ballou        Jane Northrup
   Nancy Cass        Polly Sampson

April 1830 at Deerfield, NY
   Isaac [Dunwood] and Mary Cleopatra Smith

April 15, 1830 at Deerfield, NY
   Isaac Wilmuth        Eliza Warren
   Sally Dean        Tryphena Winch
   (--?--) Bullock        Hannah Eddy
   (--?--) Crary        Rosella Baker
   (--?--) Curry        Jane Warren

April 17 1830 at Sennet, Cayuga Co., NY
   Joseph Kellogg        Sophronia Cotton
   Thompson Warn        Amand Sherman
   Mariah Dwinels        (--?--) Crossman
   Thomas Polhemus    Daneal Stantom
   Emilia Dwinels        Benjamin Dwinels

** The following baptisms are recorded without locations **
April 24, 1831
   Daniel Vail        Mary Everts
   Lumis? Vail        Ann Steel
   John Botsford        Miranda Tanner
   William tanner        John Merit
   (--?--) [Mori]
May 1, 1831
   Anna Morley        Susan Dwinels
   Pelina Morley        Cemantha Lee
   Catherina Jennings    Darius Robinson
   Ruth Tucker        Daniel Crandall
   Timothy Tucker        Ezra Mason
   Franklin Phillips        Mary Warn
May 15, 1831
   Lydia Crandall        Ruben W. Botsford
   Sally Chapman        John Washburn
   Antoinet Mason        Butler Morey (Morley?)
   Ambrose Bowen        [Cepson] [Santer]
   Ann Green        Mary Blanchard
   Lucinda Westfall        Freeman Catchen?
   Hiram Westfall
May 22, 1831
   Eliza Gardner        Parley Stockwell
   Daniel Ralma?        Arsan Day
   Betsy Ralma        Almira Washburn
   Elvira Whitford        Sally Washburn
   David Spaulding        Esther Crossman
   Isaac Mills        Eliza Sennett
May 29, 1831
   Charlotte Herrick        Sylvester Howard
   Mary Herrick        Sabrina Harwood
   Cornelia Frink        Dexter H. Granger
   William Gardner        Unated Remington

Donations for [Burrah]:        Rec’d of: --
       Dea. Ebenezer Healy    $10.00
       Isaac Strong            5.
       Parley Stockwell              .75
       Dea Edy Mason            1.
       Dea. Phineas Wilson        1.
       Phineas Grossman        1.
       Stephen Dwinels            1.
       Sarah Dwinels            1.
       Susan Close            1.
       Meriah Dwinels            1.
       Amy Healy            1.50
                   $34.25 Remitted to John Blain for Mr. Goodrich.

June 1, 1831
   Sarah Ann Remington
   James Bowen
   Hannah Merit
   Timothy Botsford
June 12, 1831
   Hiram Lee        Mary Ann Fuller
   Adelia Fuller        Mary Merit
   Linus Whitford        Susan Matison
   Elizabeth Fuller        Catherine Warn

June 19 1831
   Hester Botsford        Sally Coombe
   Ezra F. Botsford        Betsy Jane Mason
   Catherine? Westfall    Alden Worden
   James Bennett        Ebenezer E. Worden
   Desire Calelrume?    Horace Eldridge

July 3, 1831
   Jonathan Higgins        Cyrano Turner
   Rhoda Higgins        Lawrence Phillips
   John Hall        Silas Austin

July 10, 1831
   John Westfall        Henry Warn
   Levi Strong        Laura Remington

July 17, 1831
   Harriet C. Horton        Mary Ann Ortin
   Joseph Matison        Leland Worden
   Eliza Worden        William Dwinela (Daniels?)

July 31, 1831
   Sarah Baker        Nelson Day
   Harriet Olds

Sept 11, 1831
   (--?--) White        (--?--) King

Jan 8, 1832
   Sarah [Burns]        Roxy Lee
   Betsy Day        Submit White
   Sephrenia [Crandall]    Andrew Lee
   James White

March 5, 1832
   Linda Arnold        Sarah Warn
   [Ja_on] Green        Elisha Arnold
   Mary Ann Remington.

July 15, 1832 at Elbridge, Onondaga Co., NY
   Peter Sampson.

Baptisms: --List of names, no places or date (probably at Sennett)
Noble Adams            William Tanner
Silas Arnold            Amy Healy
Joseph Arnold            John St.John
Esra Botsford            Orilla St.John
Sarah Bacon            Levi Hill
Ruth Bacon            Zaccheus Avery
Phineas Crossman        Huldah Alwell
Walter Close            Draton Phipps
Eber Crandall            Isaac Strong
Ebenezer Healy            Adolphus Strong
Michael Eldredge            Marion Strong
Joseph Edmons            Elisha Kimball
Nathan DeMoys            [Mill-] Remington  [looks like Millo]
Stephen Dwinels            Hannah Morley
Edy Mason            John Warn
Iileler? Tanner            Samuel Warn
               Mary Kimball
Polly Hix            Polly Bradley
Simon Spragun*            Lucinda Rood    [*should probably be Sprague]
Rachel St.John            Abigail Worden
               B. Gould
Betsey Sennett            Lurdy? Oulds
Lindy Arnold            Susan Hills
Susannah Arnold            Diana Tanner
Sarah Dwinels            Polly Avery
Susannah Edmons        Betsy W. Avery
Huldah Strong            Nancy Botson?
Polly Catlin            Amy Cowles
Crassa Turner            Susan Gregory
Caty Green            Luidy Phelps
Lucy Adams            Mary Phelps
Lavoney Adams            Levina Wilson
Polly Botsford            Polly Tanner
Nancy Philley            Maria Reminton
Olive Mason            [Abigail Stock-ll]
Betsy W. Avery            Nancy Whitford
Mindwell Smith            Barbary Sprague
Dilly Gaber?            Mabel Fuller
Emeline St.John            Caty Hill
Annie Putnam            Sally Miller
Peace Mandevill            Clarissa Waldron
Jane Mason            Esther Sunderlin
Susan Dwinels            Ruth Crandall
Polly Colvin            Rebecca Crandall
Anna Close            Harriet Aster
Bera Bowen            Jemima Follett
Susanna Matison            S. Palis
Elizabeth Bolson            Electa Lee
Amy Blanchard            Tirza Jane Lee
Sally Lamphere            Reuhama White
Betsy Fuller            Hannah Bowen
Baptized April 24, 1838? At Sennett:
Amanda Sherman            (--?--) Crossman
Daniel Stanton            Benjamin Dwinels
Emila Dwinels

--MARRIAGES:-- [variety of counties in Vermont and New York]

Spencer-Sage        Rufus Spencer of Arlington, Bennington Co., VT & Cynthia Sage of Bennington
           Sept 6th, 1818

Johnson-Andrus        John Johnson of Manchester, VT & Miss Andrus of Arlington, VT; Oct 18, 181[8]
               [looks like 1813]

Lawery-Freman        Abram Lawery of Charlotte, Chittenden Co., VT & Rhoda O. Freman of Middlebury
           VT; April 17, 1819

Hird-Williams        Curtin Hird of Weybridge, Addison Co., VT & Polly R. Williams of Cornwall, VT
           May 20, 1819

Chase-Robinson        John Chase of Middlebury, Adison Co., VT & Adeline Robinson of Middlebury, VT
           Jan 18, 1820

Fitch Andrus        Lot Fitch of Middlebury, Addison Co., VT & Polly Andrus of same place; Feb 17, [1822]
               [looks exactly like 1822, not sure if this was typo or just out of sequence]

Sara?-Collar        Abram Sara? Or (Smith) of Hancock, Addison Co., VT & Sally Collar of Middlebury, VT
           Feb 21, 1820

Lawyer-Bennett        Jonathan Lawyer of Middlebury, Addison Co., VT & Elizabeth Benett of same place
           April 23, 1820

Bacheldor-Perrigo    Benjamin Bacheldor of Pittsford, Rutland Co., VT & Sally Perrigo of Weybridge, VT
           May 21, 1820

Clark-Huntley        Elan Clark of Middlebury, Addison Co., VT & Marilla Huntley of Middlebury VT
           Aug 2, 1820

Wilson-Rogers        Harvey Wilson of Middlebury, Addison Co., VT & Betsey Rogers of same place
           Dec 7, 1822

Cushman-Graham    Enos Cushman of Middlebury, Addison Co., VT & Harriet Graham of Middlebury, VT
           Dec 17, 1820

Crane-Allis        [Anson] Crane of Middlebury, Addison Co., VT & Rachel Allis of same place
           Jan 4, 182[?]   [looks like 1821]

Baur-???        Edwin Baur? Of Middletown, Rutland Co., VT & ??????? [Mar] 11, 1822
               [again, out of sequence, could be typo]

Hurd-Richards        Solman Hird? Of Middletown, Rutland Co., VT & Polly Richards of same place
           Oct 10, 1821 

Perkins-Smith        Rufus Perkins of Pawlet, Rutland Co., VT & Calinda Smith of Middletown VT
           Oct 11, 1821

Owens-Smith        (--?--) Owins of [Ir-], Rutland Co., VT & Polly Smith of Tinsmouth VT; Oct 18, 1821

Cummings-Chase        Asa Cummings of Pawlet, Rutland Co., VT & (--?--) Chase of Rupert, VT
           Oct 18, 1821 at Tinsmouth.

Hunkeylord?-[Mahurin]    Noel Hunkeyford of Middletown, Rutland & Polly [Mahurin] of Middletown VT
           Dec 27, 1821

Wait-Gardner        Myron Wait of Tinsmouth, Rutland Co., VT & Polly Gardner of Middletown, VT
           Jan 17, 1822

Adgirton-Clark        Jedediah Adgirton of Middletown VT & Electa Clark of same place; April 3, 1822
           [there are hand written notations here that Adgirton should be Edgerton and that Electa
           was widow of [Euc*s?] Clark.

Gilmore-Hedgkind    Luther Gilmore of Middletown, VT & Susannah Hodgkins of same place; Apr 11, 1822

Parker-White        David Parker of [Ir-], Rutland Co., VT & Widow [S.] White of Middletown, VT
           April 13, 1822

Gray-Caswell        John Gray of Middletown, VT & Dilla Caswell of same place; Aug 22, 1822

Rand-Youngs        [Hyram] Rand of Clarendon, Rutland Co., VT & Clarissa Youngs of Poultney, Vt
           Dec 4, 1822

Gray-Buckingham    Aaron Gray of Burlington, Chittenden Co., VT & Rebecca Buckingham of Middletown
           VT; Dec 8, 1822

Leach-Mallory        Lyster Leach of Middletown, VT & Mindwell Mallory of same place; Nov 27, 1823

Williams-Hayns        Asa Williams of Middletown, Rutland Co, VT & Ahsah Hayns of same place; Dec 4, 1823

Mason-Lewis        Cyrus Mason of Ft. Ann, Washington Co., NY & Elizabeth Lewis of Poultney, Vt
           Dec 25, 1823

Brewster-Wilbur        Obed Brewster of Middletown, VT & Betsy Wilbur of same place; Feb 11, 1824

Daton-Matison        Azor Daton of Middletown, Rutland Co., VT & Amanda Matison of same place; Feb 26, 1824

Beals-Keyes        David Beals of Wells, Rutland Co., VT & Sally; ;Keyes of Middletown, VT; Apr 26, 1824

Mallory-Howland    Nathan Mallory of Middletown, VT & Judith Howland of same place; Sept 23, 1824

Francis-Stevens        John Francis of Wells, Rutland Co., Vt & Harriet Stevens of Middletown VT; Nov 4, 1824

Woodhouse-Winn    Arber Woodhouse of Middletown, VT & Lucia Winn of same place; Sept 25, 1825

Grover-Cox        Nathaniel Grover of Wells, Rutland Co., VT & Lavinia Cox of Middletown, VT; Apr 26, 1826

Taft[s]-Eldridge        Ebenezer Taft[s] of Townsend, Windham Co.,VT & Mary Eldridge of Rupert,VT; Nov 12, 1826

Blanchard-???        Capt. John Blanchard of Salem, Washington Co., NY & ??? of Rupert, VT; Oct 10, 1826

Cobb-Dean        [Nehemiah] Cobb & Mary Dean, both of Deerfield, Oneida Co., NY; Oct 23, 1827 at Deerfield

Biddlecomb-Cobb    Linus Biddlecomb & Fanny Cobb, both of Deerfield, Oneida Co., NY; Oct 30, 1827 at Deerfield

Chandler-Waters        John Sloan Chandler & Ameda Waters; Sept 27, 1828 at Deerfield, NY

McNeil-Sweet        Miller McNeil & Rowana Sweet, both of Deerfield, NY; Jan 6, 1830; Wit. Stephen Northrup and
           David Bullock.

Knapp-Root        Cady Knapp age 23, of Herkimer Co., & Eliza Root age 20 of Schuyler, Herkimer Co.,
           Jan 25, 1830

Rose-Reed        Stephen Rose, age 27 & Mary Ann Reed both of Schuyler, Herkimer Co.; Mar 3, 1830; Wit.
           Dr. Lyman Wilson & Wm. Bullock.

Cary-Leland        Samuel Cary Jr., age 21 & Eliza Leland, age 21; both of Deerfield; Jan 29, 1830; Wit. Aaron
           Barns & C.Northrup

Biddlecome-Croft    Benjamin Biddlesome, age 34, & Mary Ann Croft, age 18; Sept 11, 1830; Wit., Ann Biddlecome
           & Margaret Croft.

Moffitt-Lewis        William H. Moffitt, age 21 & Phebe C. Lewis, age 21; both of Deerfield; Nov. or Oct 1830;
           Wit., D.Biddlecome & Jonathan Pratt.

Baldwin-Ladd        David Baldwin, age 26 & Daria Ladd, age 18; both of Schuyler, Herkimer Co.; Jan 18, 1831;
           Wit. Elisha & Alfred Ladd.

Bowen-Bennett        Capt. Hezakiah Bowen & Bera Bennett, both of Sennett, Cayuga Co., NY; July 3, 1831; Wit.,
           Mason & John Fuller

Sheldon-Green        Seth Sheldon & Ann Green both of Sennett, Nov., (?), 1831; Wit., C. Green &
           Seth Sunderlin.

Crossman-Atneet?    David Crossman, age 26 of Elbridge, [Onondaga] Co. & Lydia Atweet? of Sennett, age 26;
           Nov 30, 1831; Wit., Amos Crossman & Mariah Crossman. [two diff. spellings for Atweet]

Crossman-Baker        Amos Crossman, age 23 of Elbridge & Mariah Baker, age 18 of Skaneateles;
           Nov 30, 1831; Wit., David Crossman-Bucklam.

Smoke-Lee        Henry Smoke, age 22 of Oswego &Thirza Lee, age 23, of Sennett; Jan. (or June) 2, 1832;
           Wit., Amasa Lee, & Isaac Str*n*g  [probably Strong]

Contine-King        Lansing Cantine, age25 of Kibridge & Rosanna King age22 of Sennett; Jan 10, 1832
           Wit., Abigail King & Jane Green. [there are 2 diff. spellings for Contine]

Warn & Morley        Samuel Warn & Sarah Morley, both of Sennett, Feb. 15, 1832; Wit., Sarah Bucklin & Ambrose

VanWormer-Stanton    Mathew VanWormer, age 24 & Cordelia Stanton, age 19, of Skaneateles; Mar 4, 1832;
           Wit., Jon. B. Kellogg & Cephas Whitmore.

Purple-Kiner        James E. Purple, age 19 of Brutus, Cayuga Co., & Sally Kiner, age 23, of Sloaneateles [sp.]
           March 29, 1832; Wit; Geo. Simon & (--?--) Bassett

Bullock-Beard        Richard R. Bullock, age 28 & Olive R. Beard age 16; both of Sennett; July 15, 1832; Wit.,
           Vearra Bucklin & Mrs. Swift

Granger-Burns        Dexter H. Granger, age 24 & Sarah Burns, age 22; both of Sennett; Oct 3, 1832; Wit.,
           Isaac & Sarah Treat.

Tompkins-Ellis        William S. Tompkins, age 25 of Chile, Wayne Co., & Clarissa Ellis, age 23, of Mentz,
           Cayuga Co.; Feb 27, 1833; Wit; (--?--) Jacobs & Mrs. Storms

Doolittle-Spooner    George Doolittle, age 23, of Butler, Wayne Co. NY & Thankful Spooner, age 16 or Mentz,
Cayuga  Co.; Dec 7, 1833; Wit., William Kent & Abel Spencer.

Johnson-Sumorex?    Roswell Johnson, age 22 of Huron, Wayne Co. NY & Melissa Sumorax? age 20; Mar 18, 1834;
           Wit., Harrison Jones & wife.

Chapins-Davol        Phineas Chapins & Tabatha Davoll, both of Huron, Wayne Co., NY; Sept 1834.

Sabins-Ward        Chauncey Sabins age 25 & Clarissa Ward age 20 of Wolcott, Schoharie Co.; March 3, 1835
           In Huron, Wayne Co.; Wit., Warren Seymour & Emily Ward.

Howard-Williams    Isaac Howard age 25 of Mentz & Hannah Williams age 27 of Huron, Wayne Co.; Oct 9, 1835;
           Wit Elisha & Hannah Williams

VarAntwerp-Smith    Isaac VarAntwerp age 23 of Scatacook, Ransselaer Co., & Phebe Smith age [1-y?] of Huron,
           Wayne Co.; Oct 10, 1835; Wit. Boswell Johnson & wife. [Phebe’s age looks like 15 but it could
           Also be 16 or 18 if I stare long enough] [expect that Scatacook = Schaghticoke?]

Wade-Lilley        Dudley Wade, age 25 of Rose, Wayne Co. & Saira Lilley of Rose, age 22; Jan 31, 1836
           Wit. George & Joseph Lilly.

Merick-Dickinson    Capt. Thomas Merick, age 22 of Rose, Wayne Co. & Miss Dickinson, a school teacher;
           July 31, 1836; Wit., Ira & Hiram Merick

Andrus-Turnanix?    Harlow Andrus, age 28 & Lorena Turnanix?; Sept 18, 1836?; Wit. Samuel Bullis & Joel

Submitted 20 November 2000