Directory of the First Baptist Church *1928* Syracuse, New York (cover)

Directory of the First Baptist Church * 1928*

Syracuse, New York

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First Baptist Church


Court House Circle

Syracuse, N. Y.

Directory 1928

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You will immediately realize how useful this little book can be to you.  But unless you try hard, you will not realize how much hard work has gone into its preparation.  Everybody who was asked, has helped.  But four names must stand out form the paged list, as representing the real sponsors of the 1928 directory:
Edgar F. Barto……Advertising
Mrs. Leyro E. Hepp…….Lists
Miss H. Janet Taylor……Copy
Geroge L. Cramer………Cover

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First Baptist Church
Rev. Bernard Chancellor Clausen, D. D., Pastor

Joseph A. Blant, Assistant Pastor and Bible School Superintendent; Cornelia E. Brockway, Church Missionary; Charlotte M. Huntoon, Girls’ Work Superintendent; Elva L. Plummer, Boys’ Work Superintendent; O. C. West, Treasurer; Frank W. Knight, Assistant Treasurer; Mrs. Florence Harding, Treasury Department Assistant; Irene L. Ford, Church Secretary; Ray R. Hirt, Church Clerk; Dorothea A. Cain, Assistant Church Clerk and Treasury Department Assistant; Mrs. Iva E. Bush, Secretary to Mr. Blant; E. R. Bryant, Manger, The Mizpah; Harry L. Vibbard; Mus. M., Organist-Director.

Charles H. Allen, Locy T. Coddington, Clarence Dillenback, S. B. Everts, H. J. Fellows, F. M. Fletcher, John A. Gee, Harold B. Howes, Frank W. Knight, James E. Newell, Ezra J. Virkler, O. C. West.

Edgar F. Barto, Claude C. Bush, William S. Cobb, Frank B. Darrow, Kenneth R. Dezell, Rev. Otis A. Dike, Harvey T. Faucett, Frederick B. Gray, Earl W. Hamilton, Arthur L. Howes, Edward A. Hunt, William D. Lewis, Dr. Lester R. Mellor, Dr. P. K. Menzies, William G. Monk, N. F. Morel, Robert B. Porter, J. I. Rhodes, Richard R. Robinson, William H. Sears, Fred W. Seaward, Charles E. Spencer, Ernest T. Sumner, Frederick L. Todd.

Mrs. Charles H. Allen, Miss Gertrude L. Andrews, Mrs. Lena Bevan, Mrs. Ida D. Bierhardt, Mrs H. M. Burchard, Miss Floy A. Elliott, Mrs. Ida M. Ford, Miss Carlotta Mathews, Mrs. E. L. Plummer.

Mrs. John A. Powelson, Chief Centurion; Miss Carlotta Mathews, Clerk; Mrs. Katherine L. Cady, No. 1; Mrs. Ida D. Bierhardt, No. 2; Mrs. C. A. Dutton, No. 3; Miss Hazel L. Smith, No. 4; Mrs Idell Lindsay, No. 5; Miss Ruth I. Stephens, No. 6; Mrs J. E. Blanchard, No. 7; Mrs. Homer J. Anderson, No. 8; Miss Mary Whitford, No. 9; Mrs. Alfred Gilbert, No. 10.

Joseph A. Blant, General Superintendent; Locy T. Coddington, Assistant Superintendent; Vernon A. Tapper, General Secretary; A. H. Warmhout, Treasurer; Hiram K. Partridge, Librarian.

Louis A. Keating, Superintendent; Charles J. Green, Secretary.  Teachers – Rev. Bernard C. Clausen, First Baraca; Prof. S. B. Everts, Brockway; Mrs. W. E. Burdick, King’s Messengers; Mrs. C. E. Spencer, Spencer – Stone; Mrs. K. R. Dezell, Yoke Bearers; Mrs. J. B. Farnham, First Philathea; Mrs. Otis A. Dike, No. 5; Mrs Noble Whitford, Mothers’ Class.

Kenneth W. Robinson, Superintendent; Clarence Barnes, Secretary.  Teachers – Rev. Frank E. Carter, Morse Baraca; Leman H. Sanford, Sanford Baraca; Mrs. J. A. Blant, Golden Rule; Mrs. Ella G. Moore, Alpha Pi Nu; Miss Mayme Spring and Miss Florence Wilcox, classes for young women.

William S. Cobb, Superintendent; Morris G. Carley, Secretary.  Teachers – W. D. Story, Alpha Lambda; Don R. Weller, Dennis W. Hunt, William S. Cobb, Farnsworth W. Reckerd, classes for young men; Mrs. D. P. Randall, class for young women.

E. L. Plummer, Superintendent; Mrs. V. R. Schilly, Secretary.  Teachers – Mrs. Charles J. Green, Mrs. John B. Paige, Mrs. E. L. Plummer, Mrs Fred G. Klensch, Mrs. Charles H. Allen, classes for girls; Harold Bliss, Howard L. Teall, David Welch, David Ayers, John Henderson, classes for boys.

Earl I. Conklin, Superintendent; Miss Elizabeth Salem and Mrs. E. I Conklin, Secretaries.  Teachers – Miss Beulah Bates, Miss Lucia Chapman, Miss Louise Spencer, Miss Isabel Sandford, Miss Gertrude Andrews, Mrs. Vernon Tapper, classes for girls; Charles Marshall, Edward C. Obrist, Chandler S. Tooke, Thomas Hobbs, classes for boys.

Miss Mary Jane Leggate, Superintendent; Miss S. Josephine Sager, Sectetary, Teachers – Miss F. May Breslow, Miss Janice Knight, Miss Mary Jane Henderson, Mrs. W. F. Rogers, Miss E. Markland, Miss Isabel Poune, classes for girls; Miss Betsy Spencer, Miss Beatrice Ewart, Mrs. E. H. Wilson, Miss Edith Yorton, Miss Jean Phillips, Mrs. L. H. Sanford, classes for boys. 

Mrs. A. H. Phillips, Superintendent; Mrs. C. L. Schlosser, Assistant Superintendent; Miss Mary Whitford and Mrs. E. V. Heise, Secretaries.  Teachers – Mrs. Dewitt Brougham, class for girls; Mrs. Ella Louise Cady, class for boys.

Mrs. May B. Bailey, Superintendent; Mrs Fred Seward, Secretary.

Mrs. Ella Louise Cady, Superintendent.

Numerals indicate the Church District
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5    Abbey, Harold Parish     556 Cedar St.
5    Abbey, Ruth M. Tate (Mrs. H. P.)     556 Cedar St.
6    Abbott, Ara Betty     709 E. Raynor Ave.
      Abbott, Bertha Joyce     60 Emerson Pl., Buffalo, N. Y.
9    Abbott, Martin E.     268 Tremont St.
      Abbott, Rupert L.     1161 Penn Ave., Wyomissing, Pa.
      Abbott, Esther E. Cobb (Mrs. R. L.)     1161 Penn Ave., Wyomissing, Pa.
      Abegg, Fred A.     University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis.
10   Ackerman, Maude Burdick (Mrs. H. R.)     147 E. Matson Ave.
      Ackerman, Ray C.     8 Hall Pl., Albany, N. Y.
3    Adams, Clinton D.     101 Boyden St.
7    Adsit, Sarah B. (Mrs. C. E.) 439 Fellows Ave.
10   Aird, John C.     1410 Valley Dr.
10   Aird,  Clara M.     1410 Valley Dr.
8    Albreght, Winnie Gertrude     109 May Ave.
10   Aldrich, Mrs. Dorothy I. Seibert     118 Ruhamah Ave.
4    Aldrich, Ruth H.     360 Onondaga St.
3    Alexander, Nelson F.     232 Nichols Ave.
7    Allen, Charles H.     2310 E. Genesee St.
7    Allen, Nelle S. (Mrs. C. H.)     2310 E. Genesee St.
7    Allen, Charles Sparks     2310 E. Genesee St.
3    Allen, Frank Barnard     451 Rich St.
8    Allen, Kathyrn A. Wilcox (Mrs. F. B.)     451 Rich St.
10   Allen, Beatrice Grey (Mrs. Laverne Melville)     315 W. Newell St.
      Allen, Lloyd E.     122 Flower Ave., W., Watertown, N. Y.
9    Allmang, Etta Radliff (Mrs. Charles M.)     1527 S. Salina St.
4    Almquist, Ruth Cheesman (Mrs. Arvin H.)     206 South Ave.
6    Alvord, Lora M. Young (Mrs. Hallie G.)     1104 E. Genesee St.
      Ames, Sarah B. Errengy (Mrs. T. A.)     Box 571, Palo Alto, Calif.
8    Amidon, Clara B. Kingsley (Mrs. Dayton G.)     117 Onondaga Ave.
8    Anderson, Homer J.     303 Robineau Rd.
8    Anderson, Ina A. Muncy (Mrs. H. J.)     303 Robineau Rd.
8    Anderson, Aneita Margaret     303 Robineau Rd.
5    Andrews, Dorothy I. Hummel (Mrs. Albert A.)     510 E. Washington St.
4    Andrews, Baxter    260 Fitch St.
      Andrews, Louise Tousey (Mrs. Frederick W.)     1507 Columbus Blvd., Coral Gables, Fla.
9    Andrews, Mary Egleston (Mrs. John F.)     1415 Midland Ave.
9    Andrews, Edna R.     1415 Midland Ave.

(page 7)
5    Andrews, Henry D.     46 Wieting Blk.
9    Andrews, James Henry     106 E. Castle St.
9    Andrews, Gertrude Lois     106 E. Castle St.
5    Andrus, George     315 N. Salina St.
1    Angle, Walter C.     715 Myrtle St.
9    Armstrong, Abi A. Miller (Mrs. Henry G.) 105 Alexander Ave.
      Arnold, Mason B.     Ogdenburg, N. Y.
      Arnold, Paul Richmond     62 Ketcham St., Buffalo, N. Y.
      Aaron, Bessie Ritchie (Mrs. Harold G.)     108 E. 82nd St., New York City
3    Atkins, Annie M.     317 Hixson Ave.
      Atkins, Bertha M. (Mrs. A. C.)     40 Post St., Yonkers, N. Y.
7    Atkins, Ida M.     Onondaga Orphans’ Home
9    Atkins, Leona Smith (Mrs. James S.)     1208 S. Salina St.
      Aubrey, Byron C.     R. D. 1, Fayetteville, N. Y.
      Aubrey, Emily (Mrs. B. C.)     R. D. 1, Fayetteville, N. Y.
9    Auringer, Luella     1337 S. Salina St.
      Avery, Emma LeBeau (Mrs. Gerald Wentworth)     1708 Oneida St., Utica, N. Y.
10   Aylesworth, Henrietta M.    102 N. Highland Ave., East Syracuse, N. Y.
5    Ayling, Mrs. Carrie M.     728 E. Fayette St.
5    Ayling, Kittie (Mrs. Harry)     812 E. Genesee St.
7    Ayling, Dr. William E., Jr.     268 Genesee Park Dr.

      Babbage, J. Lewis     614 Myrtle Ave., Albany, N. Y.
      Babbage, Margaret A. (Mrs. J. L.)     614 Myrtle Ave., Albany N. Y.
      Babcock, Mary F. (Mrs. C. E.)     111 E. Hickory St., Canastota, N. Y.
10   Bachand, Lambert G.     143 Maplewood Ave.
10   Bachand, Roma A. (Mrs. L. G.)     143 Maplewood Ave.
5    Backer, Grace Fitch (Mrs. Arthur J.)     204 E. Jefferson St.
1    Backus, Mrs. Elizabeth Kettlewell     619 Park Ave.
      Backus, Rufus N.     Cartersville, Ga.
3    Bacon, Kenneth H.     122 Crestline Dr.
3    Bacon, Frances Beecher (Mrs. K. H.)     122 Crestline Dr.
4    Bailey, Edith Emma     300 W. Onondaga St.
2    Bailey, Mary Jane Welch (Mrs. Harry A.)     616 Oak St.
6    Bailey, Mrs. May Bell Hoover     920 Lancaster Ave.

(page 8)
5    Bailey, William R.     413 N. Clinton St.
7    Baird, Marion A.     413 Beattie St.
8    Baker, Hattie Glover (Mrs. Celumiel R.)     228 Palmer Ave.
      Baker, Mrs. Elliott     R. D. 4, Syracuse, N. Y.
      Baker, Grace Greenberger (Mrs. George, Jr.)     Box 108, Nutter Fort, W. Va.
10   Baker, Moses L.    319 Emma St.
7    Baker, Royce G.     941 Euclid Ave.
7    Baker, Gertrude Zogg (Mrs. R. G.)     941 Euclid Ave.
6    Baldwin, Elwin H.     827 Euclid Ave.
6    Baldwin, Jennie S. Taylor (Mrs. E. H.)     827 Euclid Ave.
5    Baldwin, Mrs. Harriet     52 The Mowry
      Baldwin, Lawrence Frederick     Fair Haven, N. Y.
      Baldwin, Flossie A. Cooke (Mrs. L. F.)     Fair Haven, N. Y.
1    Ball, Ernest A.     311 Tully St.
10   Ballard, Ethel M. Green (Mrs. Clare Russell)     145 Merritt Ave.
      Baltz, Eleanor M.     2542 Creston Ave., New York City
6    Bame, Lullian Thomson (Mrs. E. K.)     322 Buckingham Ave.
      Bannister, William Henry     Sidney, N. Y.
8    Baker, Stanley R.     153 Coolidge Ave.
      Barlow, Florence Short (Mrs. Earl M.)     Cicero, N. Y.
8    Barnes, Clarence T.     154 Parkway Dr.
8    Barnes, Dorris M. (Mrs. C. T.)     154 Parkway Dr.
8    Barnes, Frank G.     235 Palmer Ave.
8    Barnes, Mary B. Stickel (Mrs. F. G.)     235 Palmer Ave.
4    Barnes, Harvey Orrin     545 Gifford St.
4    Barnes, Margaret R. Fulton (Mrs. H. O.)     545 Gifford St.
4    Barnes, Mrs. Nellie V. Scull     545 Gifford St.
10   Barnet, Leland W.     726 W. Newell St.
10   Barnet, Mrs. Leland W.     726 W. Newell St.
10   Barnet, Florence E.     726 W. Newell St.
      Barnhardt, Alice Louise     State Normal School, Mansfield, Pa.
10   Barr, Eva Mc Dowell (Mrs. Henry)     139 Seeley Ave.
6    Barrie, Herbert M.     707 E. Raynor Ave.
6    Barrie, Jane L. Judd (Mrs. H. M.)     707 E. Raynor Ave.
6    Barrie, Doris A.     707 E. Raynor Ave.
6    Barter, Bessie M. Wheelock (Mrs. Hugh R.)     939 Comstock Ave.
3    Barth, Arlene C. Bosworth (Mrs. Edmond)     202 Paul Ave.
5    Barto, Edgar Fayette     720 E. Jefferson St.
5    Barto, Emma Shrauder (Mrs. E. F.)     720 E. Jefferson St.
10   Bates, Jennie Tanner (Mrs. Seth C.)     101 W. Pleasant Ave.
10   Bates, Beulah Adeline     101 W. Pleasant Ave.
9    Bates, Delphine C.     263 Furman Ave.

(page 9)
      Baum, Ilah C. Benway (Mrs. Clayton Chauncey)     Samoa, Calif.
      Baumbach, Edward     Ovid, N. Y.
2    Baumbach, Bernice Brooks (Mrs. Edward)     307 Highland Ave.
      Baumbach, Olive Teressa     R. D. 1, East Syracuse, N. Y.
7    Baumbach, William     1645 E. Genesee St.
7    Baumbach, Georgia W. Hungerford (Mrs. William)     1645 E. Genesee St.
7    Baumbach, Janice V.     1645 E. Genesee St.
7    Baumbach, Velma J.     1645 E. Genesee St.
1    Baumeister, Charles     703 Park Ave.
1    Baumeister, Marie Anderson (Mrs. Charles)     703 Park Ave.
      Baxter, Esther Link (Mrs. Harlow E.)    817½ W. Dominick St. Rome, N. Y.
      Bayliss, Mrs. Esther M.     Oran, N. Y.
      Beach, F. C. (Mrs. Wardwell)     R. D. 2, East Syracuse, N. Y.
10   Beadling, Herbert H.     228 Warner Ave.
10   Beadling Marlea Story (Mrs. H. H.)     228 Warner Ave.
8    Bealer, Mrs. Emma Colton     162 Palmer Ave.
7    Bean, Charlotte E.     127 Fellows Ave.
7    Bean, Dorothy W.     127 Fellows Ave.
      Bean, Helen G.     1822 E. 87th St., Cleveland, Ohio
9    Bearup, Beatrice V.     266 W. Kennedy St.
9    Bearup, Edwin     266 W. Kennedy St.
5    Bechtle, Edgar Plummer     724 Hickory St.
5    Bechtle, George Adolph     724 Hickory St.
4    Beckwith, Frank F.     1061 W. Onondaga St.
4    Beckwith, Mrs. Frank F.     1061 W. Onondaga St.
      Beckwith, Clara     Ovid, N. Y.
8    Beebe, Lloyd Arndt     322 Rich St.
8    Beebe, Anna M. Spears (Mrs. L. A.)     322 Rich St.
9    Beeby, Katherine L.     113 Glass Ter.
2    Beers, Bertha Arnold (Mrs. John M.)     606 Second North St.
5    Beers, Carrie A. Smith (Mrs. Lester H.)     24 The Mowry
9    Belding, Charles H.     110 E. Beard Ave.
2    Beley, Florence A. Smith (Mrs. John C.)     620 Second North St..
      Belknap, Lydia (Mrs. Albert)     241 Hall Ave.
6    Bell, Emily S. Barber (Mrs. N. R.)     633 S. Crouse Ave.
1    Benchley, Clarence A.     714 Ulster St.
7    Bennett, George D.     345 Fellows Ave.
7    Bennett, Mabel (Mrs. G. D.)     345 Fellows Ave.

(page 10)
      Bennett, Mabel I. Hoyt (Mrs. John Clark)     R. D. 1, Liverpool, N. Y.
      Benson, Emmett A.     Masonic Home, Utica, N. Y.
6    Benson, J. Arthur     127 Ashworth Pl.
5    Benson, Arline Darrow (Mrs. J. A.)     709½ E. Fayette St.
5    Bentley, Mrs. Josie Mabel Mills     217 James St.
6    Benz, Bertha E. Bell (Mrs. John C.)     416 Euclid Ave.
10   Bernhard, Emma Whitney (Mrs. J. A.) 234 Elk St.
4    Berry, P. Clifford     705 S. West St.
9    Besanson, Mrs. Minnie M. Newton    460 Cortland Ave.
9    Besanson, Mildred     460 Cortland Ave.
7    Betts, Fred C.     238 Elizabeth St.
7    Bevan, Mrs. Lena Nichols    207 Roosevelt Ave.
7    Bevan, Helen F.     207 Roosevelt Ave.
8    Bickelhaupt, Lynn J.     314 Wellesley Rd.
      Bidlack, M. Elizabeth     Onondaga County Home
5    Bidwell, Mayme (Mrs. H. E.)     110 Prospect Ave.
5    Bidwell, Isabel D.    110 Prospect Ave.
2    Bierhardt, Ida D. Shelley (Mrs. J. E.)     801 Danforth St.
5    Bigart, William Dudley     409 E. Fayette St.
10   Bilby, Margaret Bingham (Mrs. Maynard)     215 First St. Liverpool, N. Y.
3    Billings, Robert H.     131 N. Midler Ave.
3    Billings, Ruth H. Williams (Mrs. R. H.)     131 N. Midler Ave.
1    Bingham, James     419 Otisco St.
1    Bingham, Thomas     419 Otisco St.
4    Blitz, Maude E.     217 Elliott St.
      Bjorling, Pauline E. Sherman (Mrs. George)    169 Allen St., Buffalo, N. Y.
8    Blackman, Leslie E.     112 Eastman Ave.
8    Blackman, Mildred (Mrs. L. E.)     112 Eastman Ave.
4    Blanchard, Lucie Davis (Mrs. C. W.)     304 Rowland St.
7    Blanchard, J. Edwin     445 Westcott St.
7    Blanchard, Janet ( Mrs. J. E.)     445 Westcott St.
      Blanchard, J. Monroe     12 Riverside Dr., Cranford, N. J.
7    Blanchard, Orlo D.     329 Westcott St.
6    Blant, Joseph A.     100 Ostrom Ave.
6    Blant, Annie H. (Mrs. J. A.)     100 Ostrom Ave.
8    Bliss, Harold Edison     113 Gordon Ave.
      Blount, Clifford Elial     P. O. Box 34, Port Byron, N. Y.
      Blount, Mrs. Clifford E.     P. O. Box 34, Port Byron, N. Y.
2    Blume, Beatrice E. Morgan (Mrs. August F.)     104 Schiller Ave.
3    Blystone, Ada B. Bull (Mrs. Richard W.)     133 Marlborough Rd.
      Bocach, Mildred Reifenstine (Mrs. Arthur M.)     4160½ N. Wall St., Los Angeles, Calif.
8    Bodell, Mabel W. Brown (Mrs. Frederic G.)     1643 W. Colvin St.
8    Bodell, Benjamin F.     1643 W. Colvin St.

(page 11)
7    Bogart, Marcia Eckert (Mrs. Ira H.)    2610 E. Fayette St.
6    Bolyard, Mary Brewster (Mrs. Ira Oran)     1124 E. Colvin St.
      Bond, Elmer J.     Lacona, N. Y.
5    Bonham, Mrs. Clara E.     The Mizpah
9    Boorom, Curtis William     125 W. Kennedy St.
9    Boorom, Frances Aldridge (Mrs. C. W.)     125 W. Kennedy St.
9    Boorom, Albert Aldriidge     125 W. Kennedy St.
4    Borden, William Douglas     307 Holland St.
4    Borden, Ruth Dunlop (Mrs. W. D.)     307 Holland St.
3    Borgeson, Ellen     629 Teall Ave.
10   Bostwick, May     138 Webster Ave.
3    Bosworth, Jesse F.     143 Hastings Pl.
3    Bosworth, Minnie Prine (Mrs. J. F.)     143 Hastings Pl.
      Bowering, Mrs. N. V.     Phoenix, N. Y.
      Bowler, Elnena E.  Claxton (Mrs. John H.)     R. D. 3, Syracuse, N. Y.
3    Bowley, Gertrude M. Gillmore (Mrs. Nathan)     307 Forest Hill Dr.
      Boyd, Alexander Reid     205 Nassau St., c/o Artillery Club, Princeton, N.J.
      Boyd, Carolyn E.     Reynoldsville, N. Y.
8    Boyd, Frederick Chester     529 Stolp Ave.
8    Boyd, Susan P. Jones (Mrs. F. C.)     529 Stolp Ave.
4    Bradford, Leon      202 Merriman Ave.
8    Bradley, George E.     1153 South Ave.
8    Bradley, Katherine Ackerman (Mrs. G. E.)     1153 South Ave.
1    Bradley, Harry L.     217 Draper Ave.
2    Bradley, Willis A.     515 Helen St.
5    Breed, Lenora     511 E. Fayette St.
5    Breed, Leo W.     925 University Blk.
      Brehm, Mrs. A. C.     R. D. 1. East Syracuse, N. Y.
1    Brennan, Mrs. Ida B.     1032 W. Belden Ave.
5    Brenneman, Joseph Raff     1108 S. McBride St.
2    Breese, Lulu L.     604 N. Salina St.
8    Breslow, F. May     131 Parkside Ave.
2    Brewster, Anna L.     1200 Oak St.
8    Brewster, Charles V.     228 Arlington Ave.
5    Brimfield, Harry G.     571 E. Genesee St.
      Brink, Lucy Newton (Mrs. Henry Earl)     Box 357, Sherrill, N. Y.
10   Britcher, Harvey H.     1613 Midland Ave.
5    Brockway, C. Aubrey     456 S. Salina St.
8    Brockway, M. Berniece Yates (Mrs. C. A.)     1614 South Ave.

(page 12)
7    Brockway, Cornelia E.      320 Westcott St.
8    Bronson, Edward G.     419 Stinard Ave.
8    Bronson, Alvira L. Balsley (Mrs. E. G.)     419 Stinard Ave.
2    Bronson, Mrs. Jennie Avery     600 Helen St.
      Brooks, Arthur D.     c/o Duffy Powers Co., Rochester, N. Y.
4    Brown, Nell G. Bews (Mrs. Alexander Mills)     122½ Fitch St.
4    Brown, Arthur H.     141 South Ave.
4    Brown, Ada J. Seaman (Mrs. A. H.)     141 South Ave.
4    Brown, Ethel A.     141 South Ave.
4    Brown, Lurena M.     141 South Ave.
8    Brown, Erwin J.     107 Gordon Ave.
8    Brown, Charlotte E. Babcock (Mrs. E. J.)     107 Gordon Ave.
10   Brown, Everett A.     140 E. Corning Ave.
9    Brown, Grace M. Davis (Mrs. H. L.)     207 E. Kennedy St.
9    Brown, Mrs. Ida E.     207 E. Kennedy St.
3    Brown, Katharine Dawley (Mrs. Henry W.)     332 Farmer St.
10   Brown, Myra J. Parsons (Mrs. Herbert)     104 McAllister Ave.
8    Brown, Herbert A.     218 Bellevue Ave.
8    Brown, Evadne Story (Mrs. H. A.)     218 Bellevue Ave.
3    Brown, Charlotte (Mrs. H. Ray)     402 Ridgewood Dr.
      Brown, Jacob, Jr.     N. Lawrence, N. Y.
      Brown, Jacob, 3d     N. Lawrence, N. Y.
1    Brown, Mrs. Margaret     212 Magnolia St.
      Bruce, Marion Stewart (Mrs. Warren)     Cortland, N. Y.
4    Brundage, Mrs. Emma     230 Merriman Ave.
3    Brunner, Johanna     210 Green St.
      Brunner, Sophia     R. D. 2, East Syracuse, N. Y.
8    Bryant, Edward V.     401 Robineau Rd.
3    Bryant, Esten R.     204 Hastings Pl.
1    Buck, Ada J. Backus (Mrs. William E.)     619 Park Ave.
6    Buckley, Mrs. Esther Hauser     117 Ashworth Pl.
6    Buell, Harold D.     314 Euclid Ave.
6    Buell, Marie Billings (Mrs. H. D.)     314 Euclid Ave.
3    Buhl, Emma L. (Mrs. John)     333 Wilson St.
6    Bullard, Edith Eastman (Mrs. W. G.)     117 Redfield Pl.
6    Bullard, Gardner Eastman     117 Redfield Pl.
2    Bullard, George W.     1114 Spring St.
      Bundy, Burt L.     8704 Hough Ave., Cleveland, Ohio
9    Bundy, William H.     809 Midland Ave.
9    Bundy, Minnie B. Doolittle (Mrs. W. H.)     809 Midland Ave.
6    Burchard, Minnie E. White (Mrs. Herbert M.)     842 Lancaster Ave.
      Burdick, Chester R.     Interlaken, N. Y.
      Burdick, Viola Smith (Mrs. C. R.)      Interlaken, N. Y.

(page 13)
10   Burdick, Grant A.     Cold Springs Rd., Liverpool, N. Y.
10   Burdick, Bessie Watson (Mrs. G. A.)     Cold Springs Rd., Liverpool, N. Y.
6    Burdick, Harold L.     301 Comstock Ave.
6    Burdick, Roland E.     301 Comstock Ave.
10   Burdick, Stella Dimmick (Mrs. Orlo A.)     147 E. Matson Ave.
10   Burdick, Jessie Porter (Mrs. W. E.)     Cold Springs Rd., Liverpool, N. Y.
10   Burdick, Helen Virginia     Cold Springs Rd., Liverpool, N. Y.
4    Burgess, Everett J.     103 Elliott St.
4    Burgess, Mayme A. Regan (Mrs. E. J.)     103 Elliott St.
8    Burghardt, Florence Edith     135 Palmer Ave.
8    Burghardt, Grace Franklin     135 Palmer Ave.
9    Burhans, Orlo D.     206 Furman St.
9    Burnett, Charles William     205 E. Castle St.
9    Burns, William Albert     204 Harrison St.
      Burr, Clarence W.     43 Edgar St., East Orange, N. J.
      Burton, Calvin     911 E. 37th St., New York City
      Burton, Ulysses Sherman     Bushwood Ave., R. D. 1, Liverpool, N. Y.
8    Bush, Claude C.     224 Gordon Ave.
8    Bush, Gladys Eldrett (Mrs. C. C.)     224 Gordon Ave.
5    Bush, Mrs. Iva E. Springer     258 E. Onondaga St.
7    Butler, Harold C.     308 Bruce St.
7    Butler, Helen A. Ford (Mrs. H. C.)     308 Bruce St.
      Buxton, Helen L. Chamberlin (Mrs. Frank Warren)     Brentwood Ct., 520 High St., West Medford, Mass.
3    Brynes, Hattie Speers (Mrs. John P.)     2208 James St.
3    Brynes, Annabelle     2208 James St.

7    Cady, Mrs. Ella Louise Chapman     321 Westcott St.
1    Cady, Howard George     354 Coleridge Ave.
1    Cady, Mrs. Katherine L.     354 Coleridge Ave.
3    Cain, Dorothea A.     408 S. Midler Ave.
2    Caldwell, Ruby Howard (Mrs. George)     234 Harding St.
      Caldwell, Leslie     Wildwood, N. J.
      Calley, Esther (Mrs. Edgar M.)     Hermon, N. Y.
10   Camp, Ralph     609 Chase Ave.
10   Camp, Grace P. (Mrs. Ralph)     609 Chase Ave.
5    Campbell, Dorothy     608 Montgomery St.
      Campbell, Frances Elmore (Mrs. W. J.)     519 E. 146th St., New York City
4    Campbell, Glenn LeRoy     301 Seymour St.

(page 14)
4    Campbell, Beatrice E. Main (Mrs. G. L.)  301 Seymour St.
4    Campbell, Pearl Carling (Mrs. Neil A.)     6 Onondaga Pl.
9    Campbell, Margaret A. Young (Mrs. Wendell Soule)     371 Furman St.
6    Candee, Marietta Kinney (Mrs. Edward)     1105 E. Genesee St.
4    Canfield, Charles H.     7 Onondaga Pl.
4    Canfield, Mrs. C. H.     7 Onondaga Pl.
8    Card, Raymond S.     428 Midland Ave.
7    Cardner, Grace M.     1618 E. Fayette St.
10   Carley, Floyd B.     2605 Midland Ave.
10   Carley, Edna R. Horton (Mrs. F. B.)     2605 Midland Ave.
10   Carley, Andrew H.     2605 Midland Ave.
10   Carley, Floydine E.     2605 Midland Ave.
10   Carley, Morris G.     2605 Midland Ave.
6    Carlson, Alexander S.     908 Harrison St.
      Carlson, Maude Case (Mrs. Carl G.)     32 Judson St., Albany, N. Y.
1    Carlton, Mrs. Mary Self     318 Leavenworth Ave.
9    Carp, Clara G. Wood (Mrs. Albert C.)     268 McLennan Ave.
5    Carpenter, Berton Joseph Willard     319 Cedar St.
5    Carpenter, Della G. Jacobs (Mrs. B. J. W.)     319 Cedar St.
6    Carpenter, Rose Helen     1125 E. Genesee St.
      Carr, Lillian Holden (Mrs. John C.)     10114 Nanford Rd., Cleveland, Ohio
4    Carson, Rose Hunter (Mrs. Brainard F.)     223 Yale Ave.
8    Carter, Rev. Francis E.     419 Craddock St.
8    Carter, Margaret Grace (Mrs. F. E.)     419 Craddock St.
      Case, Mrs. Cora     32 Judson St., Albany, N. Y.
      Case, Florence Opal     459 Sherman St., Calexico, Calif.
4    Case, Myrtus Corl (Mrs. Harry R.)     407 Temple St.
10   Case, Wava M. Reed (Mrs. Earl Seymour)     1716 Valley Dr.
9    Casler, Cora Belle     1404 Midland Ave.
10   Casler, George Henry     326 Hatch Ave.
9    Casler, Otis M.     200 W. Beard Ave.
9    Casler, Frances Noble (Mrs. O. M.)     200 W. Beard Ave.
9    Casler, Floyd O.     200 W. Beard Ave.
      Ceratt, Edith M. Eckert (Mrs. Harry)     R. D., Jordan, N. Y.
8    Chamberlin, Ida B. Hopkin (Mrs. Harry S.)     132 Stolp Ave
8    Chamberlin, John H.     132 Stolp Ave.
9    Chamberlin, Laura McIntyre (Mrs. Worden D.)     1626 S. State St.
5    Chandler, Mrs. Isabel G. Marsh     525 Cedar St.
7    Chapin, E. Irving     414 Broad St.

(page 15)
7    Chapin, Ruby Templar (Mrs. E. I.)    414 Broad St.
7    Chapin, Norma G.    414 Broad St.
3    Chapman, Charles R.     312 Sedgwick Dr.
      Chapman, Cora (Mrs. N. H.)     22 Sea Cliff Ave., San Francisco, Calif.
3    Chapman, Florence Reed (Mrs. John E.) 162 Clifton Pl.
7    Chapman, Levi S.     321 Westcott St.
7    Chapman, Lucia L. Pattengill (Mrs. L. S.)  321 Westcott St.
7    Chapman, Lucia M.     321 Westcott St.
7    Chapman, Sara F.     400 Westcott St.
1    Chase, Doris I.     164 Richmond Ave.
1    Chase, Leonard W.     164 Richmond Ave.
      Chase, Mabel Collins (Mrs. John E.)     202 Galster Ave., East Syracuse, N. Y.
9    Chewning, F. L., Sr.     133 W. Kennedy St.
9    Chiera, Lillian Cook (Mrs. James)     1302 S. McBride St.
10   Childs, Ada C. Barnard (Mrs. Martin Perry)     1429 E. Colvin St.
1    Christensen, Louise     215 Emerson Ave.
      Christman, Margaret H. Lewis (Mrs. Ernest)     217 Cleveland Ave., Avalon, Pa.
      Church, Leslie M.     109 Lionel Ave., Solvay
5    Clark, David Judson     104 Harrison Pl.
5    Clark, Kate (Mrs. D. J.)     104 Harrison Pl.
      Clark, Harold Lewis     Eaton Hall, Colgate Univ., Hamilton, N. Y.
1    Clark, John C.     404 Tracy St.
3    Clark, Margaret Ingersoll (Mrs. C. Milton)     214 Hickok Ave.
9    Clark, Roswell A.     123 W. Borden Ave.
9    Clark, William W.     1110 Midland Ave.
7    Clarke, Mary E. Warner (Mrs. G. R.)     331 Westcott St.
6    Clausen, Rev. Bernard C., D. D.     862 Ostrom Ave.
6    Clausen, Elizabeth Darnell, (Mrs. B. C.)     862 Ostrom Ave.
4    Clement, Charles A.     503 W. Onondaga St.
4    Clement, Lottie May Russell (Mrs. C. A.)     503 W. Onondaga St.
1    Coates, Mary Beakbane (Mrs. Elvin Melvin)     612 S. West St.
10   Coates, Katherine     221 Amherst Ave.
7    Cobb, William S.     951 Westcott St.
7    Cobb, Ethel Trimby (Mrs. W. S.)     951 Westcott St.
9    Coddington, Locy Talmadge     116 Dearborn Pl.
9    Coddington, Alice Louise Crawfoot (Mrs. L. T.)     116 Dearborn Pl.

(page 16)
9    Coddington, Mrs. Charlotte Elizabeth     116 Dearborn Pl.
9    Coddington, Walter Raymond     116 Dearborn Pl.
3    Cody, Byron G.     1302 Northcliffe Rd.
9    Colburn, George     109 Alexander Ave.
3    Cole, Charles A.     222 N. Edwards Ave.
4    Cole, Earl E.     440 Seymour St.
4    Cole, Fenner I.     440 Seymour St.
8    Cole, Frederick E.     346 Clairmonte Ave.
8    Cole, Hattie Landphier (Mrs. F. E.)     346 Clairmonte Ave.
6    Colebrook, Sidney F.     119 Euclid Ave.
1     Collins, Mrs. Josephine     812 W. Genesee St.
4    Colon, Glenn W.     812 Tallman St.
10   Companion, Carrie Holden (Mrs. Anniello Charles)     217 Valley Dr.
4    Compton, Lena Mapstone (Mrs. William)     132 Fenton St.
6    Comstock, William A.     324 Buckingham Ave.
6    Comstock, Pearle Hale (Mrs. W. A.)     324 Buckingham Ave.
6    Comstock, C. Annette     324 Buckingham Ave.
3    Conklin, Earl I.     226 S. Edwards Ave.
3    Conklin, Alice Post (Mrs. E. I.)     226 S. Edwards Ave.
5    Conners, J. Hurley     571 E. Genesee St.
      Conners, Blanche Gifford (Mrs. Arthur)     R. D. 1, Jamesville, N. Y.
9    Conrad, Mrs. Ida MacBlain     214½ Van Buren St.
      Consene, Cora (Mrs. Charles)     Denmark, N. Y.
2    Cook, Sarah Walters (Mrs. A. B.)     111 Park St.
10   Cook, Nelon E.     203 McAllister Ave.
10   Cook, Elsie M. Sorg (Mrs. N. E.)     203 McAllister Ave.
10   Cool, Mrs. Myrtie     3029 S. Salina St.
7    Coon, Arthur M.     729 Allen St.
7    Coon, Nellie D. (Mrs. A. M.)     729 Allen St.
      Coonradt, Doris V.     Cold Brook, N. Y.
4    Cooper, Fannie J.     105 Merriman Ave.
7    Cooper, Harry D.     419 S. Beech St.
7    Cooper, Josie Gaylord (Mrs. H. D.)     419 S. Beech St.
7    Cooper, Helen D.     419 S. Beech St.
1    Cornwell, Oliver E.     710 Otisco St.
      Corson, Samuel M.     Phoenix, N. Y.
      Cosgrove, Chauncey O.     4 Greenwood St., Amesbury, Mass.
      Cosgrove, Mrs. Chauncey O.     4 Greenwood St., Amesbury, Mass.
5    Costello, Abbie Knickerbocker (Mrs. Thomas)     412 Cedar St.
      Cottrell, Thelma Chapin (Mrs. Lloyd T.)     80 Thurston Rd., Rochester, N. Y.
      Courtenay, Florence V. Eddy (Mrs. Edward C.)     39 Penrose St., Rochester, N. Y.
1     Coverette, Samuel E.     317 Thompkins St.
1     Coverette, Faye Sawyer (Mrs. S. E.)     317 Thompkins St.

(page 17)
3    Cowley, Margaret Spear (Mrs. James)     150 Hampton Rd.
1    Cramer, Edward J.     619 Park Ave.
5    Cramer, George L.     561 S. Clinton St.
      Cranson, Roland D.     165 Virgil St., Buffalo, N. Y.
      Cranson, Mrs. Roland D.     165 Virgil St., Buffalo, N. Y.
      Creichton, David Eaton     Buckley Rd., R. D. 1, Liverpool, N. Y.
10   Crippen, May King (Mrs. Charles)     309 Hall Ave., Solvay
10   Crippen, Hubert     309 Hall Ave., Solvay
9    Crippen, Susie St. John (Mrs. Frederick O.)     1243 S. State St.
10   Crofoot, Mrs. Frank     122 Richardson St.
      Cross, Howard L.     Green Lake Rd., R. D. 2, Fayetteville, N. Y.
      Cross, Frances H. (Mrs. H. L.)     Green Lake Rd., R. D. 2, Fayetteville, N. Y.
      Cross, Miriam H.     Green Lake Rd., R. D. 2, Fayetteville, N. Y.
      Cross, Robert Henderson     Green Lake Rd., R. D. 2, Fayetteville, N. Y.
6    Crossman, Oliver C.     203 Buckingham Ave.
6    Crossman, Ada Farrington (Mrs. O. C.)     203 Buckingham Ave.
6    Crossman, Marjorie A.     203 Buckingham Ave.
6    Crossman, Raymond F.     203 Buckingham Ave.
7    Crouse, Charles A.     2661 E. Genesee St.
7    Crouse, Lillian Heath (Mrs. C. A.)     2661 E. Genesee St.
9    Crowell, Jean Hodge     207 W. Borden Ave.
1    Crowell, Rebecca M.     1213 W. Genesee St.
5    Crump, Bertrude A.     915 S. Townsend St.
5    Crump, Ellen McIntyre (Mrs. B. A.)     915 S. Townsend St.
      Culver, Clifford B. St. Clair     Robert College, Stamboul, Bebek, Turkey
9    Curley, Carrie F. Green (Mrs. John)     536 Cortland Ave.
9    Curry, Ida M. (Mrs. William P.)     365 Furman St.
9    Curry, Payson M.     365 Furman St.
5    Curtis, Byron E.     Empire Hote
2    Curtis, Marion P. Gibbs (Mrs. Herbert)      230 Beecher St.l
     Cushman, Cora May Walker (Mrs. Cortland J.) Nedrow, N. Y.
     Cuyle, Immanuel Arthur     Fairmount, N. Y.

(page 18)
4    Daggett, Genevieve Baldwin (Mrs. Clifford)     223 Shonnard St.
      Dain, Walter E.     Weedsport, N. Y.
2    Daniels, Lulu Mae     200 Griffiths St.
      Daniels, Susan A.     R. D. 1, Clay, N. Y.
7    Dapson, H. Arthur     2419 E. Fayette St.
5    Darrow, Frank B.     709½ E. Fayette St.
5    Darrow, Mary J. Esty (Mrs. F. B.)     709½ Fayette St.
2    Darrow, Mary A. Shorts (Mrs. Lansing S.) 205 Butternut St.
      Davenport, Harold B.     Fayetteville, N. Y.
      David, Hazel G. Orban (Mrs. Frank)     1824 W. 57th St., Cleveland, Ohio
      Davidson, Virginia Kelsey (Mrs. John J.)     74 Clandelia St., Pleasant Ridge, Detroit, Mich.
      Davis, Hollis Comstock (Mrs. John F.)     Marietta, N. Y.
7    Davis, Germaine Lemonnie (Mrs. John L.)     331 Bruce St.
5    Davis, Lottie Vellinger (Mrs. Lewis S.)     911 S. Salina St.
7    Davis, Marietta Wright (Mrs. N. R.)     104 Bristol Pl.
10   Davis, William     157 Calthrop Ave.
6    Dawley, James H.     839 Ackerman Ave.
      Dawley, Ralph D.     1131 Ocean Ave., San Francisco, Calif.
3    Dawley, Nettie (Mrs. W. W.)     119 Rugby Rd.
      Dawson, Elsie M. Kinney (Mrs. Edward)     1137 Ardsley Rd.,Schenectady, N. Y.
9    DeBoer, John Henry     1540 S. State St.
9    DeBoer, Martha E. VanDer Water (Mrs. J. H.)     1540 State St.
3    Deege, Elizabeth M.     616 Winton St.
4    DeForest, Adelbert     1334 W. Onondaga St.
4    DeForest, Mary Ernestine     1334 W. Onondaga St.
4    DeForest, Myrtle Agnes     1334 W. Onondaga St.
      Delavan, Arthur E.     Marathon, N. Y.
      Delavan, Elsie Murray (Mrs. Arthur)     Marathon, N. Y.
10   Deming, Rebecca (Mrs. H. C.)     182 Fage Ave.
10   Denesha, William A.     117 E. Corning Ave.
10   Denesha, Cora Anna (Mrs. W. A.)     117 E. Corning Ave.
10   Denesha, Albert     117 E. Corning Ave.
8    Denham, Dorothy     216 Rich St.
8    Denham, Mabel L.     216 Rich St.
10   Dennie, Harriet V.     2117 S. State St.
10   Dennis, Jessie Smith (Mrs. Stephen F.)     124 W. Lafayette Ave.
5    Dennison, Susie A.     212 N. Townsend St.
5    DeRue, Mrs. Laura A.      504 E. Jefferson St.
6    Dezell, Kenneth R.     417 Euclid Ave.
6    Dezell, Henrietta T. (Mrs. K. R.)     417 Euclid Ave,

(page 19)
6    Dezell, Elizabeth T.     417 Euclid Ave.
8    Dietz, Irene Wakelee (Mrs. R. H.)     123 Annetta St.
8    Dietz, Robert, Jr.     123 Annetta St.
7    Dike, Rev. Otis A.     400 Westcott St.
7    Dike, Ella Chapman (Mrs. O. A.)     400 Westcott St.
3    Dillenback, Clarence     719 Lodi St.
3    Dillenback, Sarah Johnston (Mrs. Clarence)     719 Lodi St.
9    Dillenback, Martha Colebrook (Mrs. George)     145 Kennedy St.
      Dodd, Mabel L. Race (Mrs. Earl E.)     Newton Falls, N. Y.
5    Dolan, Roy W.     416 Burt St.
7    Doman, Ethel M.     2842 E. Genesee St.
3    Doman, Roy C.     136 Paul Ave.
7    Donovan, Paul A.     635 Allen St.
7    Donovan, May Hudson (Mrs. P. A.)     635 Allen St.
7    Donovan, Allen Francis     635 Allen St.
7    Donovan, Pauline May     635 Allen St.
6    Doolittle, Adelaide B.     524 Ostrom Ave.
      Doolittle, Alfred B.     Ogdensburg, N. Y.
      Doty, Blanche     16 Francis St., Auburn, N. Y.
9    Doty, Mabel A.     1027 Montgomery St.
2    Dougherty, Mrs. Mame Flynn     105 W. Division St.
2    Dougherty, Ruth A.     105 W. Division St.
10   Douglas, Carol Virginia     135 Lynhurst Ave.
7    Dower, Dr. Jay     730 Westcott St.
      Dower, Ralph     200 Fifth Ave., New York City
2    Downer, Bertha Griebus (Mrs. H. L.)     258 Delmar Pl., R. D. 1
8    Downer, Walter F.     631 South Ave.
2    Doyle, Earl J.    229 Malverne Dr.
2    Doyle, Esther Mohr (Mrs. E. J.)     229 Malverne Dr.
1    Drake, George G.     122 Whittier Ave.
      Drew, Stewart Duncan     1327 Steuben St., Utica, N. Y.
9    Driscoll, Hazel Zee (Mrs. Joseph L.)     241 Tallman St.
7    Duff, Kitty Downer (Mrs. John M.)     533 Columbus Ave.
7    Duff, Clayton     533 Columbus Ave.
2    Duff, Thelmetta     1709 Grant Blvd.
1    Dumas, Robert F.     506 Niagara St.
9    Dunham, Mrs. Sybil E.     140 Oakwood Ave.
5    Dunn, Mrs. Helen Keck     211 Jackson St.
4    Dunn, Howard G.     1116 Bellevue Ave.
4    Dunn, Margaret Litchison (Mrs. H. G.)     1116 Bellevue Ave.
4    Dunn, Paul H.     1116 Bellevue Ave.
      Dunne, Carl Ferdinand     1112 Gill St., Watertown, N. Y.

(page 20)
6    Durston, James H.     622 Merriman Ave., Leominster, Mass.
3    Dutton, Charles A.     301 Mildred Ave.
3    Dutton, Ruby Mules (Mrs. C. A.)     301 Mildred Ave.
3    Dutton, Charleton Charles     301 Mildred Ave.
3    Dutton, Gwynneth Ruby     301 Mildred Ave.
2    Dutton, Edith     205 Helen St.
5    Dwight, Leon Clyde     501½ E. Fayette St.
7    Dyer, Harold L.     107 Ferris Ave.
7    Dyer, Sarah K.     107 Ferris Ave.
7    Dyer, Thomas H.     107 Ferris Ave.
      Dygert, Charles R.     152 Cicero Rd. Stop 1
      Dygert, Martha Purcell (Mrs. C. R.)     152 Cicero Rd. Stop 1

3    Egan, Lillian E.     218 S. Collingwood Ave.
10   Earl, Etta B. Ray (Mrs. Ernest J.)     2615 Midland Ave.
10   Earl, Doris     2615 Midland Ave.
      Earl, Grace     Ogdensburg, N. Y.
1    Earnshaw, James W.     104 Magnolia St.
      Easton, Albert     Skaneateles, N. Y.
7    Eaton, Mary E. Smith (Mrs. Henry E.)     145 Avondale Pl.
7    Eckel, Albert F.     121 Victoria Pl.
10   Eckel, Mrs. Minnie J.     736 Valley Dr.
5    Eckert, Mrs. Jane W. DeVeau     740 Montgomery St.
5    Eckert, Frederick J.     740 Montgomery St.
7    Eckoff, Florence V.     250 Fellows Ave.
7    Eddy, Paul B.     847 Westmoreland Ave.
      Eddy, Theodore Monroe     Conifer, N. Y.
      Eddy, Carrie S. Kittle (Mrs. T. M.)     Conifer, N. Y.
9    Edmonson, Gladys H.     1217 Midland Ave.
10   Edwards, Abner T.     3332 S. Salina St
10   Edwards, Irene Phelps (Mrs. A. T.)     3332 S. Salina St.
10   Edwards, Lillian P.     3332 S. Salina St.
4    Egan, Margaret LaRose (Mrs. William F.)     122 Midland Ave.
      Eichenlaub, Mary C. Ours (Mrs. Dell)     2305 Grand Ave. Des Moines, Iowa
9    Eigabroadt, C. Nell     310 Kirk Ave.
9    Eigabroadt, Fannie Amelia     310 Kirk Ave.
1    Elliott, Floy A.     430 S. Avery Ave
      Elliott, Marjorie F. (Mrs. Charles H.)    2006 Palace St., St. Paul, Minn.
4    Ellis, Albert W.     164 South Ave.
5    Ellis, John E.     726 Montgomery St.
5    Ellis, Edith Mae Barney (Mrs. J. E.)     726 Montgomery St.
1    Emmons, Ethel M.     907 Tully St.
10   Engleman, Charles F.     118 E. Brighton Ave.
10   Enos, Leon E.     212 W. Newell St.
10   Enos, Mrs. Leon E.     212 W. Newell St.
2    Essig, Dorothy Friend (Mrs. John R.)     622 Darlington Rd.

(page 21)
      Estabrook, Blanche R. (Mrs. Robert E.)  1 Washington St., Oneonta, N.Y.
3    Estabrook, Kenneth C.     103 E. Milford Dr.
3    Estabrook, Helen Lacey (Mrs. K. C.)     103 E. Milford Dr.
10   Estey, Mrs. Ida Aird     1410 Valley Dr.
10   Estey, J. Arden     1410 Valley Dr.
5    Evans, Frederic M.     529 Cedar St.
9    Evans, Nellie Leonard (Mrs. Frederick)     1208 S. Salina St.
      Evans, Norma C.     Hamburg, N. Y.
6    Everts, Seymour B.     940 Ackerman Ave.
6    Everts, Mary L.      940 Ackerman Ave.
6    Everts, Viola E.     940 Ackerman Ave.
6    Ewart, Beatrice Marie    108 Walnut Pl.
9    Exner, Agnes Marshall (Mrs. James C.)     314 E. Castle St.
6    Extale, Bertam E.     609 E. Raynor Ave.

7    Fagan, Mrs. Lulu L.    610 Fellows Ave.
      Fairbanks, Hazel Rollins (Mrs. William H.)     R. D. 3, Split Rock
2    Fairbanks, Amos     919 McBride St.
6    Fairman, Doris I.     709 E. Raynor St.
      Fallon, Edna Bussing (Mrs. James E.)     437 West Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.
3    Falso, Frank     310 Teall Ave.
3    Falso, Adolph     310 Teall Ave.
3    Falso, Armando P.    310 Teall Ave.
3    Falso, Frederick     310 Teall Ave.
9    Farley, John W.     124 E. Borden Ave.
9    Farnham, Daphnie E. Miner (Mrs. Jasper B.)     251 Furman St.
7    Farnsworth, Louise Brown (Mrs. Clifton F.)     129 Cambridge St.
5    Farr, Frank     851 S. Clinton St.
5    Farr, Minnie Tanling (Mrs. Frank)     851 S. Clinton St.
      Farrier, Florence     c/o The Heckscher Foundation, 1 E. 104th St., New York City
      Fassett, Christine     59 College St., Brockport, N. Y.
8    Faucett, Harvey T.     111 Parkside Ave.
8    Faucett, Charlotte Moss (Mrs. H. T.)     111 Parkside Ave.
6    Faulkner, William H.     912 Westcott Ave.
6    Faulkner, Lillian A. Kirchen (Mrs. W. H.)     912 Westcott Ave.
6    Fay, Julia Fox (Mrs. F. S.)     832 Ostrom Ave.
      Fay, Mildred Watkins (Mrs. Frank W.)    55 Public Sq., Watertown, N. Y.

(page 22)
6    Featherly, F. M.     701 Euclid Ave.
6    Featherly, Salome Wise (Mrs. F. M.)     701 Euclid Ave.
      Fell, Mrs. Jennie     139 Dewitt St., Buffalo, N. Y.
      Fell, Claretta     139 Dewitt St., Buffalo, N. Y.
6    Fellows, H. Julian     527 Clarendon St.
6    Fellows, Nettie E. Ellis (Mrs. H. J.)     527 Clarendon St.
6    Fellows, H. Allen     527 Clarendon St.
6    Fellows, Lucy Eleanor     527 Clarendon St.
6    Fellows, Robert Ellis     527 Clarendon St.
10   Fenner, Mrs. Hazel     2215 S. State St.
5    Fenner, Dr. Raymond E.     1000 E. Genesee St.
7    Ferguson, Arthur H.     115 Clarke St.
7    Ferguson, Marion     115 Clarke St.
3    Ferguson, Charles P.     331 N. Edwards Ave.
3    Ferguson, Josephine Jackson (Mrs. C. P.) 331 N. Edwards Ave.
5    Ferguson, Emma L. Beck (Mrs. Harry G.)     308 James St.
      Ferguson, Mamie Lousie Henry (Mrs Guy C.)     124 Powers Ave., Solvay
1    Ferrall, Charles S.     418 Park Ave.
1    Ferrall, Helen J. Stephenson (Mrs. C. S.)     418 Park St.
3    Ferris, Abram D.     374 Mildred Ave.
3    Ferris, Helen C. Dohne (Mrs. A. D.)     374 Mildred Ave.
7    Ferris, Lela Farnham (Mrs. Arthur M.)     381 Bruce St.
10   Fiero, Mrs. Lydia Atwater     5312 S. Salina St.
9    Filkins, Mrs. Estella Bunn     216 Kirk Ave.
10   Fingland, Fannie M.     212 Freeman Ave., Solvay
10   Finley, John J.     169 Fernwood Ave.
6    Finnegan, Harriet Fisher (Mrs. Frank)     137 Clarendon St.
7    Fish, Frank     116 Avondale Pl.
6    Fisher, Mrs. Helen     1127 E. Genesee St.
8    Fiske, Edwin L.     120 Columbia Ave.
8    Fiske, Susie N. Salem (Mrs. E. L.)     120 Columbia Ave.
      Fiske, Walton C.     150 Glenwood Ave., Jersey City, N. J.
2    Fitch, Esther L.     1505 N. Salina St.
6    Fitch, Lois A.     524 Ostrom Ave.
4    Flagg, Fred B.     802½ S. Geddes St.
4    Flagg, Cora Vauvilliez (Mrs. F. B.)     802½ S. Geddes St.
9    Flagg, Jess Elihu     549 Cortland Ave.
9    Flagg, Hattie M. Mills (Mrs. J. E.)     549 Cortland Ave.
9    Flagg, Earl LeRoy     549 Cortland Ave.
3    Flanagan, Thomas M.     337 Lillian Ave.
3    Flanagan, Mary E. Fuller (Mrs. T. M.)     337 Lillian Ave.
3    Flanagan, Helen M.     337 Lillian Ave.
9    Fletcher, Frederic M.     1711 S. State St.

(page 23)
9    Fletcher, Sarah S. Steinberger (Mrs. F. M.)     1711 S. State St.
2    Flynn, William H.     105 W. Division St.
9    Folts, Harvey C.     1404 S. Salina St.
6    Foote, Benjamin F.     1212 E. Fayette St.
6    Foote, Jennie Merriman (Mrs. B. F.)     1212 E. Fayette St.
8    Forbes, Alexander Smith     1036 W. Colvin St.
8    Forbes, Margaret M. Smith (Mrs. A. S.)     1036 W. Colvin St.
10   Ford, Cornelia Meeker (Mrs. Henry E.)     221 Amherst Ave.
10   Ford, Ida M. Linter (Mrs. Charles A.)     319 Webster Ave.
10   Ford, Esther B.     319 Webster Ave.
10   Ford, Irene L.     319 Webster Ave.
1    Ford, John E.     126 Fabius St.
1    Ford, Elizabeth J. Whan (Mrs. John E.)     126 Fabius St.
8    Forte, J. K.    1208 W. Colvin St.
10   Forward, E. Blanche     134 Lynhurst Ave.
9    Foster, Mrs. Mary Thompson     1350 S. Salina St.
7    Foster, William H.     168 Delray Ave.
6    Fowler, George W.     912 Lancaster Ave.
9    Fowler, Grace E.     401 E. Castle St.
9    Fowler, Robert H.     401 E. Castle St.
9    Francis, George A.     1311 S. Salina St.
9    Francis, Anna (Mrs. George A.)    1311 S. Salina St.
10   Francis, George L.     709 Valley Dr.
10   Francis, Elsie (Mrs. George L.)     709 Valley Dr.
10   Francis, George Robert     709 Valley Dr.
10   Fredenburgh, Mrs. H.     2512 S. State St.
8    Fredenburgh, Hiram E.     221 Parkway Dr.
8    Fredenburgh, Jennie Morehouse (Mrs. H. E.)     221 Parkway Dr.
8    Fredenburgh, Harold D.     221 Parkway Dr.
2    Fredericks, Wilhelmina Clark (Mrs. Francis E.)       238 Orwood Pl.
      Freeland, Lydia     Richford, N. Y.
      Freeman, Mrs. Elise M.     401 Book Bldg., Detroit, Mich.
6    Freeman, Isabella Gertrude     106 Walnut Pl.
3    Freeman, John Homer     260 Ashdale Ave.
1    Freer, Frank H.     211 Gifford St.
8    Freibert, Joseph H.     223 Arlington Ave.
8    Freibert, Grace A. Woodard (Mrs. J. H.)     223 Arlington Ave.
4    French, Dr. A. G.     400 W. Onondaga St.
4    French, Lucie Davis (Mrs. A. G.)     400 W. Onondaga St.
6    French, Helen N.     1011½ Harrison St.

(page 24)
      Frensdorf, Mrs. Gertrude W.     Y. W. C. A. Hotel, 19 Court St., Buffalo, N. Y.
      Frier, Mrs. Eliza     Wampsville, N. Y.
2    Fries, Josephine Jacobs (Mrs. William D.)     801 Danforth St.
2    Fries, Mildred F.       801 Danforth St.
2    Frigon, Mildred Raaflaub (Mrs. Emile J.)     103 S. Alvord St.
1    Fritzen, Maud M. Compton     (Mrs. John H.)     507 Van Rensselaer St.
9    Frost, Frances Updyke (Mrs. G. F.)     318 Garfield Ave.
3    Fulford, Belva L.     121 Woodbine Ave.
3    Fulford, Phillip H.     121 Woodbine Ave.
8    Fulmer, Daniel Cady     1679 W. Colvin St.
8    Fulmer, Laura B. Unger (Mrs. D. C.)    1679 W. Colvin St.
8    Fulmer, Edward Palmer     1679 W. Colvin St.
      Fulmer, Frank O.     730 E. Alton St., Appleton, Wis.
      Furner, Arlington J.     39 Merlin St., Rochester, N. Y.
      Furner, Clifford Allen     Orleans, N. Y.
      Furner, Ida (Mrs. C. A.)     Orleans, N. Y.
5    Furner, Mrs. Violet Campbell     608 Montgomery St.

3    Gabel, Gertrude Young (Mrs. William J.)     214 Scottholm Blvd.
      Gage, Albert     658 Jefferson Ave., Elizabeth, N. J.
      Gage, Carl Chambers     1126 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa.
      Gage, Clarence W.     E. Genesee St., Fayetteville, N. Y.
      Gage, Mrs. C. W.     E. Genesee St., Fayetteville, N. Y.
      Gage, Irving     Jordan, N. Y.
5    Gage, Mrs. Martha     719 Montgomery St.
      Gale, Ethel M. Clark (Mrs. C. A.)    6335 Bonsella Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.
8    Gallagher, Mrs Ella Carr     541 South Ave.
      Gallap, Howard N.     Newfane, N. Y.
9    Gann, Robert     117 Grace St.
4    Gann, Nellie Fitch (Mrs. Robert)     117 Grace St.
9    Gardenier, Gary Clinton     149 Wood Ave.
9    Gardenier, Isabelle Bunn (Mrs. G. C.)     149 Wood Ave.
6    Gardiner, Nellie R. Bush (Mrs. George I.)     818 Madison St.
5    Gardner, L. Grace     145 Linden St.
2    Garnish, Selma K. Dunger (Mrs. Lyle)     2600 James St.
3    Gates, Anna Hallock (Mrs. E. W.)     2125 James St.
      Gaughan, Beatrice Elizabeth     153 S. Lake Ave., Albany, N. Y.
4    Gay, Della Bell (Mrs. Charles F.)      128 Fitch St.
1    Gee, Elizabeth J. McCall (Mrs. John W.)     400 Wilkinson St.
1    Gee, David Robert     400 Wilkinson St.
8    Gee, John A.     118 Bishop Ave.

(page 25)
10   Gee, Martha R.     2211 S. State St.
8    Gee, Thomas M.    335 Glenwood Ave.
5    Geis, Clara Belle (Mrs. Carl)     434 James St.
6    Gerber, Mrs. Adelaide H.     1011 Madison St.
10   Gessman, Jane Merrill (Mrs. Joe B.)     104 Warner Ave.
3    Getman, Jessie M.     194 Clifton Pl.
10   Gilbert, Mildred Singleton (Mrs. Alfred H.)     301 Richfield Ave.
4    Gilbert, Dorothea M.     819 S. West St.
4    Gilbert, George E.     110 Davis St.
4    Gilbert, Lydia Alt (Mrs. G. E.)     110 Davis St.
3    Gilbert, Mrs. Jane Snyder     110 Paul Ave.
      Gilbert, Frances Cornell (Mrs. Orrin)     226 Ward Pl., South Orange, N. J.
1    Gildersleeve, Elvira Sears (Mrs. George C.)     412 Burnet Park Dr.
      Gill, Bessie     Gill House, Henderson Harbor, N. Y.
5    Gills, Cora E.      209 Hawley Ave.
1    Gilmour, Lavern Bennett (Mrs. C. W.)     420 Liberty St.
8    Gilson, Pascal L.     301 Hutchinson Ave.
8    Gilson, Madge Newvine (Mrs. P. L.)     301 Hutchinson Ave.
      Glahn, Frederica Bliss (Mrs. Ralph)     1127 Valley Dr.
8    Glass, Janet     229 Glenwood Ave.
8    Glen, Wilbur C.     140 Chester St.
8    Glen, Frank    140 Chester St.
8    Glen, Marjorie     140 Chester St.
      Gomon, Louis N.      2335 Milton Ave., Solvay
4    Goodell, Flora C.     107 Merriman Ave.
2    Goodfellow, Arthur     420 Griffith St.
      Goodman, Viola Winifred     11 Putman St., Buffalo, N. Y.
10   Goodrich, Lillian E.     152 Wiman Ave.
      Goodspeed, Lee S.     573 Manestiques St., Detroit, Mich.
5    Goodwin, Eugenie Everingham (Mrs. T. G.)     212 Townsend St.
4    Gordon, Fannie M.     708 W. Onondaga St.
      Gorton, Florence M. (Mrs. Charles E.)     67 Union St., Montclair, N. J.
      Gould, E. T.      Fruitland Park, Lake Co., Fla.
      Gould, Mrs. E. T.     Fruitland Park, Lake Co., Fla.
      Gould, James B.     1635 Sixth Ave., Oakland, Calif.
      Gould, Minnie Agnes     1635 Sixth Ave., Oakland, Calif.
      Graham, Fred H.     Martville, N. Y.
10   Granger, Lawrence Edwin     131 Loomis Ave.
      Graves, Helen C.     South Apalachin, N. Y.
4    Graves, Shirley     1210 Bellevue Ave.

(page 26)
4    Graves, Ella Bullen (Mrs. Shirley)     1210 Bellevue Ave.
4    Gravius, Genevieve Couse (Mrs. Frederick)     R. D., Collamer, N. Y.
9    Gray, Frederic B.     129 Baker Ave.
9    Gray, Ida S. (Mrs. F. B.)     125 Baker Ave.
7    Greaves Alsina Reviere (Mrs. Edwin E.)     200 Roosevelt Ave.
9    Green, Charles J.     221 Crescent Ave.
9    Green, Maria Eddy (Mrs. C. J.)     221 Crescent Ave.
9    Green, Earl Justice     221 Cresent Ave.
9    Green, George Eddy     221 Cresent Ave.
9    Green, Laura Imogene     221 Cresent Ave.
9    Green, Ruth Frances     221 Cresent Ave.
4    Green, Edwin N.     110 Malcolm St.
4    Green, Dora B. Morgan (Mrs. E. N.)     110 Malcolm St.
4    Green, Clark     110 Malcom St.
4    Green, Adelphine Case (Mrs. George D.)     328 Kellogg St.
4    Green, Mrs. Minnie R. Sager     177 Lincoln Ave.
      Green, Paul Burdette     4016 Chestnut St., Philadelphia Pa.
4    Greenberger, John E.     415 Montgomery St.
4    Greenburg, Marian Gokey (Mrs. Max)     210 Kellogg St.
6    Greenfield, Charles M.     938 Westcott St.
6    Greenfield, Estella A. Templar (Mrs. C. M.)     938 Westcott St.
      Greenleaf, Clarence     262 W. 4th St., Fulton, N. Y.
8    Greenleaf, Harold H.     241 Palmer Ave.
8    Greenleaf, Lucy Sink (Mrs. H. H.)     241 Palmer Ave.
      Gregory, George G.     Fayetteville Rd., Fayetteville, N. Y.
10   Grey, Raymond E.     315 W. Newell St.
10   Grey, Mrs. Raymond E.     315 W. Newell St.
      Gridley, Clara Mudford (Mrs. Chester Arthur)     Camillus, N. Y.
5    Griffin, Clara Miller (Mrs. Harry E.)     102 Madison St.
8    Griffin, Vail G.     1040 W. Colvin St.
8    Griffin, Frances Sherwood (Mrs. V. G.)     1040 W. Colvin St.
10   Griswold, John     132 Emma St.

5    Haar, Edna B. Eckert (Mrs. Harold)     516 N. State St.
10   Hackett, Clara M.     143 Milburn Rd.
2    Hale, Frank     710 Hillside St.
2    Hale, Esther     710 Hillside St.
      Hall, Delight M.     1751 Las Palmas Ave., Hollywood, Calif.
5    Hall, Mrs. Mary E. Mack     308 James St.
6    Hall, Nina L.     739 Ostrom Ave.
6    Hall, W. Brewster     118 Dorset Rd.
6    Hall, Anna M. Hurd (Mrs. W. B.)      118 Dorset Rd.
6    Hall, Doris L.     118 Dorset Rd.

(page 27)
10   Halls, Mrs. Helen Frances     709 Valley Dr.
9    Halsey, Minnie Ripley (Mrs. George W.)     162 Oakwood Ave.
9    Hamilton, Mrs. Anna B.     204 E. Kennedy St.
9    Hamilton, Irene E.     204 E. Kennedy St.
9    Hamilton, Rose M.    204 E. Kennedy St.
3    Hamilton, Earl A.    143 Peck Ave.
3    Hamilton, Mae McQuade (Mrs. E. A.)     143 Peck Ave.
3    Hamilton, Helen     143 Peck Ave.
3    Hamilton, Marion I.     143 Peck Ave.
      Hamilton, Helen Brown (Mrs. William E.)     350 Quail Ave., Albany, N. Y.
      Hamlin, Katherine Gee (Mrs. Alton Parker)     2 Bronk St., Oneonta, N. Y.
1    Hammond, Harley L.     710 Niagara St.
1    Hammond, Mrs. Harley L.       710 Niagara St.
1    Hammond, Edward W.     710 Niagara St.
      Hannam, Lulu Porter (Mrs. Ernest)     R. D. 1, Jamesville, N. Y.
10   Hannan, Alice Doolittle (Mrs. William H.)     409 W. Ostrander Ave.
      Hanner, Tracy D.     E. State St., Oswego, N. Y.
3    Harding, Reginald     1307 Northcliffe Rd.
3    Harding, Florence M. Zull (Mrs. Reginald)     1307 Northcliffe Rd.
10   Harding, Marion Osgood (Mrs. Paul R.)     112 Kenmore Ave.
6    Haring, Douglas G.     866 Lancaster Ave.
6    Haring, Ann T. (Mrs. D. G.)     866 Lancaster Ave.
10   Harper, Mrs. G. B.     2516 S. State St.
      Harper, Mae Soper (Mrs. Wallace)     Box 431-B, R. D. 1, Palms, Calif.
      Harrington, Mrs. Marion     R. D. 3, Moravia, N. Y.
      Harris, Sadie Leggate (Mrs. Edwin N.)     9468 217th St., Queens Village, L. I.
2    Harris, Nina E. Robinson (Mrs. Irving W.)     1133 Oak St.
2    Harris, Nelson     179 Maplehurst Ave.
2    Harris, Frances Jenkins (Mrs. N. G.)     179 Maplehurst Ave.
8    Harrison, Arlene Ingham (Mrs. Richard F.)     309 Summit Ave.
      Harter, Mrs. Clara A.     R. D. 1, North Syracuse, N. Y.
6    Harvey, Ida May     1125 E. Genesee St.
      Haven, Carrie L.     350 West End Ave., New York City
      Haven, Joseph     848 Bryce Ave., Portland, Ore.
5    Havens, Grace M. (Mrs. Leroy)     662 S. Warren St.
8    Hawkins, Francis J.     118 Coolidge Ave.
8    Hawkins, Rose E. Maxson (Mrs. F. J.)     118 Coolidge Ave.

(page 28)
6    Hay, Ida M.     842 Lancaster Ave.
6    Hay, Gratia A.     842 Lancaster Ave.
      Hay, Mary Louise     State Training School, Hudson, N. Y.
3    Haynes, Emma Lancaster (Mrs. E. S.)     132 Woodbine Ave.
10   Hazard, Marguerite Irene Lindsay (Mrs. Milo E.)     124 Valley View
      Hazer, Mrs. W. H.     Minetto, N. Y.
7    Heath, Annette Plummer (Mrs. A. A.)     2661 E. Genesee St.
2    Heindorf, Elizabeth Williams (Mrs. E. M.)     121 Malverne Dr.
6    Heise, Edward C.     909 Comstock Ave.
7    Heise, Charlotte Howard (Mrs. Elmer V.)     609 Seeley Rd.
7    Heise, Mary Vagele (Mrs. John)     609 Seeley Rd.
      Helk, Marjorie Hinkley (Mrs. Henry J.)     237 S. Massey St., Watertown, N. Y.
9    Heman, Mrs. Belle Parker     120 Kirk Ave.
3    Hemmer, Mrs. Iva Suits     112 Ashdale Ave.
6    Henderson, Prof. Charles W.     504 University Pl.
6    Henderson, Anna Henderson (Mrs. C. W.)     504 University Pl.
6    Henderson, John T.     504 University Pl.
6    Henderson, Mary Jane     504 University Pl.
5    Henty, Elbert J.     1008 S. Townsend St.
5    Henty, Lillian B. Jarvis (Mrs. E. J.)     1008 S. Townsend St.
5    Henty, George Alfred     1008 S. Townsend St.
7    Henward, Katherine Wetting (Mrs. Debanks V.)     221 Crawford Ave.
10   Hepp, Leroy Edward    151 Emma St.
10   Hepp, Margaret Johnson (Mrs. L. E.)     151 Emma St.
      Hermes, Otto E.     44 Lincoln Park, Long Meadow, Mass.
      Hermes, Margaret Shurtleff (Mrs. O. E.)     44 Lincoln Park, Long Meadow, Mass.
      Herns, Benager N.     180 Pilgrim Ave., Detroit, Mich.
3    Herr, Albert     330 Hickok Ave.
3    Herr, Thomas S., Jr.     330 Hickok Ave.
1    Hess, Florence T.     215 N. West St.
      Hess, Evelyn Scoville (Mrs. Glenford S.)     Buckley Rd., Liverpool, N. Y.
1    Hess, Mary E.     714 Otisco St.
3    Hess, Olaf C.     520 Hawley Ave.
3    Hess, Paula Weiby (Mrs. O. C.)     520 Hawley Ave.
3    Hess, Harry W.     520 Hawley Ave.
3    Hess, Marie     520 Hawley Ave.
7    Hettinger, Charles W.     413 Beattie St.
7    Hettinger, Nellie Baird (Mrs. C. W.)     413 Beattie St.
7    Hettinger, Charles B.     413 Beattie St.
7    Hettinger, Edna R.     413 Beattie St.
      Hetzler, Georgianna Burton (Mrs. Frank Joseph)     252 Navarre Rd., Rochester, N. Y.
5    Hewes, Fred M.     571 E. Genesee St.

(page 29)
3    Hicks, William Brooks     326 Farmer St.
3    Hicks, Lydia Rhoades (Mrs. W. B.)     326 Farmer St.
3    Heir, Frederick P.     728 James St.
3    Heir, Clara Knapp (Mrs. F. P.)     728 James St.
      Heir, Fred P., Jr.     Mountain Rd., Pleasantville, Westchester Co., N. Y.
7    Heir, Robert K.     116 Victoria Pl.
2    Higgins, Jane E.     1017 Court St.
9    Highmoor, Frances B.     226 Woodland Ave.
7    Highmoor, Margaret A.     150 Didama St.
2    Higley, Elden V.     1313 Grant Blvd.
8    Hildreth, Elmer R.     515 Tallman St.
8    Hildreth, Estelle Springsteen (Mrs. E. R.)     515 Tallman St.
      Hilliker, Arthur L.     336 Elliott Sq. Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y.
      Hilliker, Bessie Burrows (Mrs. A. L.)     Fairmount, N. Y.
5    Hills, Mrs. Emma     333 S. Warren St.
7    Hills, Oliver S.     253 Greenwood Pl.
7    Hills, Ella Finnegan (Mrs. O. S.)      253 Greenwood Pl.
1    Hind, Mary E.     603 W. Genesee St.
10   Hinds, Elmer W.     1942 Valley Dr.
7    Hinkley, Samuel E.     765 Westcott St.
7    Hinkley, Helen Hadden (Mrs. S. E.)     765 Westcott St.
2    Hinman, Roy Clark     506 Kirkpatrick St.
2    Hinman, Eloise Klube (Mrs. R. C.)     506 Kirkpatrick St.
1    Hinton, May Roy (Mrs. Joseph)     108½ Cayuga St.
6    Hirt, Ray R.     964 Ackerman Ave.
6    Hirt, Geneva Anderson (Mrs. R. R.)    964 Ackerman Ave.
4    Hoadley, Dora     413 Elliott St.
4    Hoadley, Nora     413 Elliott St.
      Hoag, Delbert D.     R. D. 3, Station A
      Hoag, Mrs. Delbert D.     R. D. 3, Station A
10   Hoag, Frank L.     134 Boulder Rd., Solvay
10   Hoag, Emma Burr (Mrs. Frank)     134 Boulder Rd., Solvay
10   Hoag, Herbert W.     134 Boulder Rd., Solvay
5    Hobbs, Thomas A.     Y. M. C. A.
9    Hodge, William J.     215 W. Beard Ave.
9    Hodge, Viola E. Foote (Mrs. W. J.)     215 W. Beard Ave.
9    Hodge, Velton F.     402 Garfield Ave.
      Hodgson, Roy     Box 19, Pacific Beach, Calif.
10   Hoffman, Emma J. (Mrs. Henry Clay)     158 W. Corning Ave.

(page 30)
      Hogan, Clara Tubbs (Mrs. D. J.)  3151 California St., San Francisco, Calif.
10   Holcomb, Frank H.      628 W. Newell St.
10   Holcomb, Lina B. (Mrs. F. H.)     628 W. Newell St.
10   Holcomb, Seward F.     628 W. Newell St.
      Holden, Anna Jane     10114 Nanford Rd., Cleveland, Ohio
8    Holden, James     113 Ruskin Ave.
8    Holden, Leona A. Elliott (Mrs. James)     113 Ruskin Ave.
1    Holden, Mabelle McIntyre (Mrs. William H.)     411 Otisco St.
1    Holden, Lily     411 Otisco St.
1    Holden, Emily T.    411 Otisco St.
10   Holihan, Fred W.     140 E. Brighton Ave.
10   Holladay, Mrs. A. C.     726 W. Newell St.
9    Hollister, Mrs. Rosita Dewey     108 Mark Ave.
9    Hollister, Mildred Rosita     108 Mark Ave.
9    Hollister, Don Alonzo     108 Mark Ave.
9    Hollister, Thelma Morse (Mrs. D. A.) 108 Mark Ave.
8    Hooker, Lena L.     116 Palmer Ave.
3    Hookway, Helen F. Marsden (Mrs. Frederick)     103 Homecroft Rd.
10   Hopkins, Albert E.     183 W. Matson Ave.
7    Hopper, Emma     209 Roosevelt Ave.
1    Hopson, Cora Belle Compton (Mrs. George E.)     835 W. Belden Ave.
10   Horle, Frank J.     5730 S. Salina St.
10   Horle, Dora M. Barber (Mrs. F. J.)     5730 S. Salina St.
10   Horle, Edith L.     5730 S. Salina St.
10   Horle, Loretta     5730 S. Salina St.
10   Horrigan, Mrs. Frank     351 W. Newell St.
10   Hovey, Beatrice Yordon (Mrs. Willard B.)     100 Fay St.
7    Howard, Mrs. Florence Stone     609 Seeley Rd.
4    Howe, H. Earle     2 Onondaga Pl.
4    Howe, Margaret Robinson (Mrs. H. E.)     2 Onondaga Pl.
      Howe, Lee Arthur, Jr.     Warners, N. Y.
7    Howes, Arthur L.     205 Harvard Pl.
7    Howes, Amy B. Holmes (Mrs. A. L.)     205 Harvard Pl.
7    Howes, Grace E.     205 Harvard Pl.
7    Howes, Mary Ella     205 Harvard Pl.
      Howes, A. Newell     6802 Ridge Blvd., Brooklyn, N. Y.
      Howes, Flora (Mrs. A. N.)     6802 Ridge Blvd., Brooklyn, N. Y.
6    Howes, Harold B.     1058 Lancaster Ave.
6    Howes, Lillian R. Locklin (Mrs. H. B.)     1058 Lancaster Ave.
4    Howland, Chauncey E.     105 Slocum Ave.
2    Hoyt, Ira F.     112 Rexford Rd.
2    Huber, Gladys Quick (Mrs. Raymond)     1123 Wolf St.
9    Huck, Milford A.     917 Midland Ave.
7    Hudson, Mary C. Hawley (Mrs. Marshall A.)     635 Allen St.

(page 31)
7    Hudson, Marshall E.     117 Bassett St.
7    Hudson, Jessie E. Marsh (Mrs. M. E.)     117 Bassett St.
2    Hughes, Frances     303 Center St.
      Hughes, Helen Margaret     Barneveld, N. Y.
5    Hughes, Walter G.     1008½ S. Townsend St.
3    Hull, George W.     424 Boyden St.
1    Hull, Leona L.     403 S. Lowell Ave.
10   Humphrey, Ardie L.     135 Lynhurst Ave.
10   Humphrey, Mabel Vreeland (Mrs. A. L.)     135 Lynhurst Ave.
10   Humphrey, Mrs. William R.     204 Third St., Liverpool, N. Y.
1    Hunt, Dennis David     206 Herkimer St.
1    Hunt, Louise Maine (Mrs. D. D.)     206 Herkimer St.
5    Hunt, Dennis W.     526 Cedar St.
7    Hunt, Edward A.     2017 E. Genesee St.
7    Hunt, Jennie Burhans (Mrs. E. A.)    2017 E. Genesee St.
7    Hunt, Sarah B.     2017 E. Genesee St.
7    Hunt, Edward A., Jr.     380 Bruce St.
      Hunt, Georgia Clark (Mrs. Frederick A.)     Pompey, N. Y.
6    Huntoon, Charlotte M.     722 Lancaster Ave.
      Hupkes, Dorothy McNaughton (Mrs. Gerrit John)     152 Cicero Rd.
10   Hurd, Clara L.     117 Fage Ave.
7    Hurd, Norris A.     1113 Westcott St.
7    Hurd, Lillian M. Smith (Mrs. N. A.)     1113 Westcott St.
      Huyck, Ashlyn M.     Phelps, N. Y.
10   Huyler, Merle O.     406 E. Colvin St.

3    Ingles, Ruth M.     215 Green St.
6    Inglis, Richard S.     920 Madison St.
6    Inglis, Emma A. Jimmerson (Mrs. R. S.)     920 Madison St.
      Ingraham, Mary Smith (Mrs. Horace)     7½ Winter St., Augusta, Me.
10   Inman, Katherine Bissell (Mrs. Merton E.)     237 W. Newell St.

5    Jackson, Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards     815 E. Fayette St.
1     Jackson, Mabel Farr (Mrs. John)     104 Kane Ave.
5    Jackson, Una C.     429 James St.
      Jacobs, Fred     c/o Postmaster, U. S. S. Chaumont, San Francisco, Calif.

(page 32)
      Jacobs, Lawrence H.     120 Estey St., Ithaca, N. Y.
      Jacobus, Mrs. Ella R.     8 Emerson St., Denver, Colo.
2    Jeffrey, Lillian E.     831 N. Salina St.
10   Jenkins, Alfred D.     159 W. Matson Ave.
10   Jenkins, Harriet (Mrs. A. D.)     159 W. Matson Ave.
10   Jenkins, Josephine E.     134 Lynhurst Ave.
9    Jennings, Marion Louise     244 Leon St.
2    Jennings, Irene Downer (Mrs. Robert Lee)     258 Delmar Place, Lyncourt Lawns
      Jerred, Doris Frasier (Mrs. Henry)     c/o Mrs. A. G. Delmarsh, Old Forge, N. Y.
9    Johnson, Mrs. Alice     113½ E. Castle St.
10   Johnson, Laura Mae Parmalee (Mrs. Asa C.)     225 Richfield Ave.
5    Johnson, Nettie Woolston (Mrs. Charles B.)     817 E. Willow St.
4    Johnson, Donald B.     219 Elliott St.
10   Johnson, Earle R.     334 W. Newell St.
1    Johnson, Betty L. Kittell (Mrs. Harold O.)     818 W. Genesee St.
9    Johnson, Herman E.     232 Tremont St.
9    Johnson, Emma J. Vaugh (Mrs. H. E.)     232 Tremont St.
2    Johnson, Hermione Cartner (Mrs. Lawrence A.)     175 Kuhl Ave.
10   Johnson, Mrs. Martha Lamb     151 Emma St.
9    Johnson, Reginald     113½ E. Castle St.
8    Johnston, Earl     111 Parkside Ave.
8    Johnston, James F.     233 Glenwood Ave.
      Jones, Fayette     246 East “C” St., Colton, Calif.
      Jones, Katherine Smiley (Mrs. Fayette)    246 East “C” St., Colton, Calif.
3    Jones, Frank B.     243 Shotwell Park
3    Jones, Jennie Harter (Mrs. F. B.)     243 Shotwell Park
4    Jones, Ethel Seeley (Mrs. George H.)     1001 S. Geddes St.
9    Jones, Ethel Lloyd (Mrs. Howard T.)     728 Renwick Ave.
5    Jordan, Mrs. Abbie A.     125 Wellington Pl.
8    Jores, Marvin J.     922 Velasko Rd.
8    Jores, Gladys Luce (Mrs. M. J.)     922 Velasko Rd.
8    Judson, Lysle S.     114 Palmer Ave.

4    Kane, Maurice A.     125 Shonnard St.
9    Karker, Lillian M.     201 Kirk Ave.
1    Kasson, Edith L.     1214 W. Genesee St.
      Kasson, Ella Phinecy (Mrs. John L.)     Newark, N. Y.
1    Kastler, Lois E. Hess (Mrs. Albert)     407 Cayuga St.
6    Kaufman, Helen M. Wilson (Mrs. Edward P.)     410 S. Crouse Ave.
6    Keating, Louis A.    916 Maryland Ave.
6    Keating, Blanche A. DeYoung (Mrs. L. A.)     916 Maryland Ave.
5    Keck, Arlene     213 Jackson St.

(page 33)
5    Keck, Robert James     213 Jackson St.
5    Keck, Gertrude     813 Montgomery St.
6    Keeler, Emma L. Fox (Mrs. Clinton R.)     109 College Pl.
6    Keeler, Clinton R., Jr.     109 College Pl.
8    Keller, Gerald     1219 South Ave.
5    Kelley, Frank W.     1001 Lodi St.
      Kelley, Alma B. (Mrs. Roy B.)     35 Elmwood Ave., Lockport, N. Y.
      Kellogg, Florence M. (Mrs. G. H.)    240 Windsor Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.
7    Kellogg, Mina Stilwell (Mrs. William H.)     435 Westmoreland Ave.
3    Kells, Marion L.      302 S. Midler Ave.
1    Kelly, Elizabeth Compton (Mrs. Edward Howard)     835 W. Belden Ave.
10   Kelly, Lois Hannan (Mrs. John J.)     108 Winman Ave.
5    Kempter, Irene     721 S. Salina St.
1    Kennedy, Mabel Robinson (Mrs. W. B.)     447 Wilkinson St.
1    Kenney, Amos J.     600 Thompkins St.
1    Kenney, Anna Patrick (Mrs. A. J.)     600 Thompkins St.
5    Kenney, Sherman E.     120 Cortland Ave.
5    Kenney, Edna Blass (Mrs. S. E.)     120 Cortland Ave.
      Kenyon, Gertrude Rose (Mrs. Herbert S.)     Locke, N. Y.
9    Kesselring, Theda Higley (Mrs. A. R.)     307 E. Raynor Ave.
10   Ketcham, Frank     406 W. Brighton Ave.
8    Keyser, Robert F.     104 Hutchinson Ave.
8    Kidd, Donald M.     508 Robineau Rd.
8    Kidd, Ingeborg G. Larsen (Mrs. D. M.)     508 Robineau Rd.
5    Kiggins, Hilda Silky (Mrs. Raymond)     771 Harrison St.
5    Kiggins, June Vivian     771 Harrison St.
4    Kilbourn, Gertrude M.     204 Seymour St.
      Kilsinger, Martha Campbell (Mrs. Claude Ray)     Pompey, N. Y.
      Kincaid, Lena Terwilliger (Mrs. Elmer)     Sea Breeze, Fla.
7    King, Clarence R.     R. D. 3, Dewitt Drive, Genesee Manor
7    King, Anna (Mrs. Edson H.)     116 Trinity Pl.
5    King, Ernest, F.     410 Butternut St.
5    King, Jessie (Mrs. E. F.)     410 Butternut St.
5    King, Belle Merrill (Mrs. Frank)    417 Oneida St.
2    King, Frank D.     1406 Oak St.

(page 34)
2    King, Chloe Hepp (Mrs. F. D.)     1406 Oak St.
      King, George B.     Odgensburg, N. Y.
      King, Harvey L.     734 Reba Pl., Evanston, Ill.
      King, Bessie (Mrs. H. L. )     735 Reba Pl., Evanston, Ill.
5    King, Ray D.     126 W. Onondaga St.
5    King, Willis John     605 Jackson St.
1    Kingsbury, Albert R.     112 Emerson Ave.
1    Kingsbury, Jane Bartlett (Mrs. A. R.)     112 Emerson Ave.
7    Kingsley, Mrs. Emma H. Garnsey     320 Westcott St.
10   Kingsley, Edith Marsden (Mrs. Frederick G.)     114 Cordova St.
10   Kingsnorth, George F.     832 E. Colvin St.
10   Kingsnorth, Florence Davis (Mrs. G. F.)     832 E. Colvin St.
7    Kirk, Mary Girgan (Mrs. M.)     208 Columbus Ave.
7    Kirk, Emily     208 Columbus Ave.
      Kirkpatrick, Waldo Adams     100 Gibbs St., Rochester, N. Y.
6    Kisor, Frank R.     630 S. Crouse Ave.
6    Kisor, Bertha M. Baldwin (Mrs. F. R.)     630 S. Crouse Ave.
6    Kisor, Ruby Jean     630 S. Crouse Ave.
8    Kittell, Mrs. Lulu Brown     100½ Daisy St.
3    Kittell, Raymond H.     224 Paul Ave.
1    Klasi, Mrs. Elizabeth Miller     424 Park Ave.
1    Klasi, Walstein P.     424 Park Ave.
2    Klensch, Fred G.     607 Helen St.
2    Klensch, Helen Jones (Mrs. F. G.)     607 Helen St.
2    Klensch, Eleanor     607 Helen St.
1    Kline, Evelyn Broga (Mrs. Edward)     957 Emerson Ave.
7    Knapp, Mrs. Sarah J. McElroy     420 Westcott Ave.
7    Knapp, Florence R.     420 Westcott Ave.
1    Knickerbocker, Mamie (Mrs. Herbert)     514½ Tully St.
3    Knight, Burr S.      2512 James St.
3    Knight, Florence Kaiser (Mrs. B. S.)     2512 James St.
9    Knight, Mrs. Ella E. Hartley     129 Beacon St.
6    Knight, Frank W.     737 Ackerman Ave.
6    Knight, Ethel     737 Ackerman Ave.
6    Knight, Janice     737 Ackerman Ave.
      Knight, Ralph J.     1060 Anderson Ave., Bronx, N. Y.
5    Knisley, Mrs. Anna     333 S. Warren St.
2    Knudson, John R.     201 Helen St.
2    Knudson, Effie Melvin (Mrs. J. R.)     201 Helen St.
5    Korwan, Jennie E.     207 James St.
7    Koskela, Lydia A.     445 Westcott St.
9    Kraft, Daisey Rollins (Mrs. Clifford)     143 McLennan Ave.
8    Krechting, Mildred D.     221 Hubbell Ave.
3    Kresge, Ralph A.     319 S. Midland Ave.
3    Kresge, Ellen Smith (Mrs. R. A.)     319 S. Midland Ave.
2    Kurtz, Ophelia     313 Beecher St.

(page 35)
4    LaComb, Sylvia LaRose (Mrs. Henry)     122 Seymour St.
4    LaComb, Lois     122 Seymour St.
5    Lambert, Lena M. Wagner (Mrs. Lester)     204 W. Adams St.
6    Lamson, Meredith G.     732 Lancaster Ave.
1    Lane, Mrs. Lottie T. Godfrey     622 W. Genesee St.
      Landy, Ethel M. Talmadge (Mrs. Peter Carlyle)     Barker, N. Y.
6    Larkin, Dr. Albert E.     501 S. Crouse Ave.
4    LaRose, Belle Garrott (Mrs. William)     122 Seymour St.
      Larrabee, Ruth G.     Lambert Lake, Me.
      Latta, Hubert I.     Red Creek, N. Y.
      Latta, Madge Morris (Mrs. H. I.)     Red Creek, N. Y.
      Latta, Dr. Jefferson B.     Veterans Hospital, St. Paul, Minn.
2    Laubenheimer, Eva Kaffer (Mrs. Leslie P.)     707 Wolf St.
5    Laumeister, Frank Henry     706 Almond St.
4    Lawrence, Harold James     735 W. Onondaga St.
4    Lawrence, Ermyntrude Arnold (Mrs. H. J.)     735 W. Onondaga St.
1    Lawton, Ellis E.     204 Pharis St.
1    Lawton, Jessie Pease (Mrs. E. E.)     204 Pharis St.
1    Lawton, Dorothy E.     204 Pharis St.
1    Lawton, Ellis E., Jr.     204 Pharis St.
1    Lawton, Norman     204 Pharis St.
1    Layton, John L.     1633 W. Genesee St.
1    Layton, Pearl Charlton (Mrs. J. L.)     1633 W. Genesee St.
1    Layton, Olive Mae     1633 W. Genesee St.
9    Lee, Mrs. Rena R. Marshall     301 Comstock Ave.
5    Leeret, Edith      411 E. Laurel St.
5    Leeret, Florence A.    411 E. Laurel St.
10   Lees, Anna May     300 White Ave.
10   Lees, Florence     300 White Ave.
6    Leggate, Ellen (Mrs. David)     105 Standart St.
6    Leggate, Elizabeth D.     105 Standart St.
6    Leggate, Mary Jane     105 Standart St.
4    Leland, Mrs. Ida     213 Holland St.
4    Leland, Grace     213 Holland St.
2    Lentz, Edna May     Seventh North St.
2    Lentz, Jennie A.     Seventh North St.
10   Leslie, Lucille Doris     325 Webster Ave.
2    Lewis, Anna E.     115 Oxford St.
      Lewis, Margaret     Copenhagen, N. Y.
      Lewis, Mrs. Rebecca K.     R. D. 3, Station A.
      Lewis, Stella VanDerHorst (Mrs. W. D.)     137 W. 4th St., Oswego, N. Y.

(page 36)
4    Lewis, William D.     801 S. West St.
4    Lewis, Mary L. Trowbridge (Mrs. W. D.)     801 S. West St.
8    Liddard, Wilfred W.     1907 S. Geddes St.
1    Lieber, Mildred A.     220 Gifford St.
9    Lienhart, Mrs. E. B.     301 Cortland Ave.
      Lincoln, Elizabeth M. (Mrs. M. S.)     Church St., North Syracuse, N. Y.
5    Lindsay, Idella B. Palmer (Mrs. William G.)     207 N. Townsend St.
5    Lindsey, Mrs. Bertha Watts     102 Steuben St., Utica, N. Y.
9    Lindsey, Carrie E. (Mrs. William G.)     107 W. Raynor Ave.
10   Linn, Delano C.     405 N. Center St., East Syracuse,  N. Y.
3    List, Emily K.     276 N. Edwards Ave.
3    List, Mary J.     276 N. Edwards Ave.
      Lites, Olive Alida (Mrs. Joseph)     Liverpool, N. Y.
      Lites, Philip Alexander      Liverpool, N. Y.
10   Livingston, S. S.     Onondaga County Hospital
1    Loan, F. Roger     110 Coleridge Ave.
5    Locke, Gertrude May     235 W. Adams St.
4    Lodge, Mrs. Mary     323 Hoefler St.
9    Logan, Eugene W.     117 W. Castle St.
2    Lombard, Lucy Stirner (Mrs. Nathan J.)     116 Pleasant View Ave.
3    London, Clive R.      119 Rigi St.
3    London, Esther Shadel (Mrs. C. R.)    119 Rigi St.
3    Longley, Betti     403 Howard St.
9    Loomis, Mae Howard (Mrs. Robert)     401 E. Castle St.
9    Loren, Bernard F.     401 Landon Ave.
      Loucks, W. B.     2285 University Ave., New York City
      Loucks, Mrs. W. B.     2285 University Ave., New York City
      Loudon, Kenneth B.     1817 S. 20th Ave., Maywood, Ill.
      Loudon, Mrs. Kenneth B.     1817 S. 20th Ave., Maywood, Ill.
6    Love, Charles Tower     913 Harrison St.
6    Love, Milward L. Howe (Mrs. C. T.)    913 Harrison St.
6    Lowe, Ardeen V.     1204 Harrison St.
9    Lowe, Ena A.     1336 S. State St.
6    Lowe, William Charles     111 Berkeley Dr.
6    Lowe, Harriet Vogel, (Mrs. W. C.)     111 Berkeley Dr.
9    Luke, Walter E.     442 Cortland Ave.
9    Luke, Regis W.     442 Cortland Ave.
      Lux, Arla Bowers (Mrs. Charles A.)     Waterloo, N. Y.
9    Lyon, Mrs. Carrie A. Conklyn     204 Landon Ave.
9    Lyon, Percy A.     204 Landon Ave.

6    McArdle, Zillah Walling (Mrs. George J.)     301 Waverly Ave.
8    McCann, Dorothea Edna     228 Palmer Ave.
      McCann, Sara     R. D. 1, Elmira, N. Y.

(page 37)
6    MacClain, Rev. Lawrence Livingston     301 Waverly Ave.
6    MacClain, Mary M. Spaford (Mrs. L. L.)     301 Waverly Ave.
10   MacClellan, Maude Bragg (Mrs. Curtis W.)     221 Richfield Ave.
10   McCord, Harvey S.     509 Second St., Liverpool, N. Y.
10   McCord, Mrs. Harvey S.     509 Second St., Liverpool, N. Y.
10   McCord, H. Phillips     509 Second St., Liverpool, N. Y.
5    MacDonald, Mrs. Etta L.     312 S. State St.
      MacDonald, Mrs. Nellie Perry     Salina St., Pulaski, N. Y.
      MacDonald, Linn D.     109 Market Pl., Baltimore, Md.
10   Mac Dowell, Margaret Brown (Mrs. James)     155 Seeley Ave.
10   MacDowell, Elizabeth     155 Seeley Ave.
10   McGuire, Pearl Pearsall (Mrs. E. S.)     6500 S. Salina St.
5    McGuire, Eva Luce (Mrs. James)     306 Irving Ave.
5    McHale, Michael C. H.     311 S. Clinton St.
5    McHale, Raymond J.     311 S. Clinton St.
9    McIntyre, Charles A.     2713 S. Salina St.
9    McIntyre, Maude Gilbert (Mrs. C. A.)     2713 S. Salina St.
9    McIntyre, Dorothy     2713 S. Salina St.
10   McKee, Elva Marlette (Mrs. Harold)     28 Loomis St.
6    MacKinder, Thomas     211 Walnut Ave.
6    MacKinder, Mrs. Thomas     603 Irving Ave.
3    McLeod, James W.     118 S. Midler Ave.
3    McLeod, Martha Lawson (Mrs. J. W.)     118 S. Midler Ave.
3    McLeod, Barbara T.     118 S. Midler Ave.
8    McLeod, Jennie Summerfield (Mrs. Charles)     416 Roberts Ave.
8    McLeod, Donald W.     416 Roberts Ave.
10   MacLyman, Charles     3628 S. Salina St.
6    MacMillian, Hughena Catherine     University Hospital
      MacNabb, Florence Sanders (Mrs. H. K.)     194 Summit Ave., St. Paul, Minn.
      McNabb, Hugh Meeks     81 Euclid Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.
      McNabb, Mrs. H. M.     81 Euclid Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.
2    McNamara, John D.     308 Burdick Ave.
2    McNamara, Lydia Potter (Mrs. J. D.)     308 Burdick Ave.
5    Mace, Mrs. Elizabeth E. Babcock     1206 Almond St.
1    Machin, Dora E.      124 Tennyson Ave.
10   Mack, Catherine G.     2211 S. State St.

(page 38)
5    Mackay, Mrs. Florence A.     The Mizpah
1    Madden, Reuben H.     422 Schuyler St.
9    Magarian, Frances Matthews (Mrs. Henry)     497 Oxford St.
8    Manley, Gerald B.     151 Upland Rd.
10   Manning, Ella B. (Mrs. Mark)     713 W. Brighton Ave.
10   Manning, Mark I., Jr.      713 W. Brighton Ave.
4    Mantell, Mrs. Elizabeth Doxstater     213 Shonnard St.
5    Marcy, Lysle I.     809 Montgomery St.
      Marcy, W. Kenneth     R. D. 1, North Syracuse, N. Y.
5    Markell, Clarence     328 Willow St.
5    Markell, Mrs. Clarence     328 Willow St.
      Markham, Ralph L.     191 N. Lake Ave., Albany, N. Y.
5    Markham, Walter W.     818 E. Fayette St.
10   Markland, Curtis Wesley     120 Amherst Ave.
7    Marks, Charles     1115 Euclid Ave.
7    Marks, Catherine (Mrs. Charles)     1115 Euclid Ave.
7    Marks, Stewart     1115 Euclid Ave.
      Marlette, Lynd C.     355 Penn Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.
      Marlette, Olive Esther (Mrs. L. C.)     355 Penn Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.
6    Marot, William G.     715 Lancaster Ave.
6    Marot, Grace Featherly (Mrs. W. G.)     715 Lancaster Ave.
      Marot, Elizabeth S.     68 Bedford St., New York City
      Marsden, Kenneth L. E.     P. O. Box 562, Mount Vernon, N. Y.
2    Marshall, Charles H.     416 Turtle St.
2    Marshall, Hazel Morley (Mrs. C. H.)     416 Turtle St.
      Martens, Dorothy Atkins (Mrs. Herman W.)    40 Post St., Yonkers, N. Y.
6    Martin, Matie J. All (Mrs. Burton J.)     848 Livingston Ave.
1    Martin, Durward B.     212 Coleridge Ave.
1    Martin, Mrs. Durward B.     212 Coleridge Ave.
1    Martin, Donald     212 Coleridge Ave.
1    Martin, Leland B.     212 Coleridge Ave.
2    Martin, Edgar     720 Lemoyne St.
4    Martin, Helena R.     105 Merriman Ave.
      Martin, Mary Tolman (Mrs. Herbert)     17 Mechanic St., Hudson Falls, N. Y.
5    Martin, Margaret (Mrs. J. B.)    220 Cedar St.
6    Martin, Nathan Francis     124 Redfield Pl.
10   Martindale, Kenneth G.     146 Ruhamah Ave.
4    Martlew, Edward H.     121 Delaware St.
4    Martlew, Mrs. E. H.     121 Delaware St.
1    Martlew, Joseph H.     1021 W. Genesee St.
      Marvin, Sarah Gulliver (Mrs. C. A.)     1365 Phelps Ave., Lakewood, Ohio
      Marvin, Mason H.     106 E. Washington Ave., Bath, N. Y.
      Marvin, Jessie (Mrs. M. H.)     106 E. Washington Ave., Bath, N. Y.
8    Mason E. Merrill Putman     South Ave., near Colvin
4    Mason, Frank L.     1806 Bellevue Ave.
4    Mason, Fred J.     1806 Bellevue Ave.

(page 39)
4    Mason, Genevieve Canfield (Mrs. F. J.)     1806 Bellevue Ave.
10   Mason, Harry     114 Kenmore Ave.
9    Mason, Ruth Denton (Mrs. James H.)     121 E. Castle St.
5    Mason, Ida Roffe (Mrs. Lee M.)     515 E. Fayette St.
      Mason, Mrs. Lulu M.     Ovid, N. Y.
2    Massey, Archibald W.     150 Mayar St.
9    Massey, Kate Richards (Mrs. Robert)     106½ Elizabeth St.
9    Massey, Robert M.     106 Elizabeth St.
4    Mather, Arthur K.     138 Holland St.
4    Mather, Mrs. Arthur K.     138 Holland St.
2    Mather, Myron S.     114 Ardmore Pl.
10   Mathews, Carlotta     146 W. Ostrander Ave.
10   Mathews, Arlyne Streeter, (Mrs. F. B.)     246 W. Lafayette Ave.
2    Mathis, Edna Terwilliger (Mrs. Frederick G.)     107 Dale St.
3    Matthews, Euwart Dole     218 Hillsdale Ave.
3    Matthews, Elizabeth Armour (Mrs. E. D.)     218 Hillsdale Ave.
      Mauro, Charles     Newark Evening Times, Newark, N. J.
1    Mawhinney, Harold L.     306 Hamilton St.
1    Mawhinney, Naomi Maitland (Mrs. H. L.)     306 Hamilton St.
1    Maxon, Marion A.     204 Leavenworth Ave.
7    Maxwell, Harvey H.     112 Clifton Ave.
7    Maxwell, Bertha N. Woodworth (Mrs. H. H.)     112 Clifton Ave.
7    Maynes, Cora E. Horton (Mrs. Bruce A.)     1645 E. Genesee St.
      Meelig, Martha Letitia     North Syracuse, N. Y.
8    Mellor, Dr. Lester Robert     201 Onondaga Ave.
8    Mellor, Lillian Gray (Mrs. L. R.)     201 Onondaga Ave.
8    Mellor, Lester R., Jr.     201 Onondaga Ave.
8    Mellor, Florence G.     201 Onondaga Ave.
3    Melzer, Richard H.     223 S. Midler Ave.
3    Melzer, Almina Folts (Mrs. R. H.)     223 S. Midler Ave.
6    Mendell, Mrs. Belle     870 Ackerman Ave.
6    Mendell, Kent E.       874 Ackerman Ave.
      Mendell, Guy E.     441 Ontario St., Utica, N. Y.
6    Menzies, Dr. P. K.     826 Maryland Ave.
6    Menzies, Olive M. Campbell (Mrs. P. K.)     826 Maryland Ave.
      Merchant, George M.     9729 95th St., Ozone Park, L. I.
9    Merrill, Curtis W.     119 E. Beard Ave.
9    Merrill, Mrs. Mattie Lord     119 E. Beard Ave.
9    Metzger, George H.     210 Furman St.

(page 40)
4    Meyer, Elizabeth Baldwin (Mrs. H. C. A.)    219 Congress St.
2    Michael, Ada M.     904 N. Alvord St.
      Michels, Jennie Belle (Mrs. Martin)     Bailey Rd., North Syracuse, N. Y.
      Midlar, Iva Martin (Mrs. James A. G.)      Old Forge, N. Y.
3    Mietz, Mabel Sprout (Mrs. Fred)     804 Hawley Ave.
3    Mietz, Leona     804 Hawley Ave.
3    Mietz, Marion P.     804 Hawley Ave.
3    Mietz, Elverda A.     210 Sedgwick St.
4    Miller, Anna E. Antes (Mrs. Charles P.)     663 W. Onondaga St.
3    Miller, Clarice C.     123 Shotwell Park
4    Miller, Linda Mary     124 Davis St.
      Minckler, Anna Trapani (Mrs. Howard C.)    Mattydale Dr.
5    Mitchell, Charles     204 Forman Ave.
1    Moffett, Agnes Phinecy (Mrs. J. H.)     509 Tennyson Ave.
3    Mohr, Charles A.     215 Dorothy St.
3    Mohr, Paul D.     215 Dorothy St.
8    Monell, Ruth C.     1209 W. Colvin St.
9    Monk, William G.     201 Kirk Ave.
9    Monk, Florence M. Karker (Mrs. W. G.)     210 Kirk Ave.
9    Montague, Mrs. Addie H.     1337 S. Salina St.
4    Montague, Bessie E.     813 S. West St.
10   Montague, Mrs. Grace Pearl Hale    3600 Midland Ave.
7    Moon, Kathryn Hyde (Mrs. Ira C.)     2411 E. Fayette St.
      Moore, Edward Lee     c/o Lockport Cotton Knitting Co., Lockport, N. Y.
      Moore, Mrs. Edward Lee     c/o Lockport Cotton Knitting Co., Lockport, N. Y.
4    Moore, Mrs. Ella Georgia     400 W. Onondaga St.
4    Moore, George E.     109½ Shonnard St.
4    Moore, Helen Warmhout (Mrs. G. E.)     109½ Shonnard St.
7    Moore, Leon     112 Clifton Ave.
7    Moore, Harriet B. Mead (Mrs. Leon)     112 Clifton Ave.
      Moore, Jennie Bowers (Mrs. L. E.)     R. D. 2, Fayetteville, N. Y.
9    Moore, Mary (Mrs. William E.)     122 Beacon St.
9    Moore, Evlyn K.     122 Beacon St.
9    Moore, Willard C.     122 Beacon St.
2    Morel, Charles N.     327 Malvern Dr.
2    Morel, Eleanor Rosekrans (Mrs. C. N.)     327 Malvern Dr.
8    Morel, Napoleon F.     147 Parkside Ave.
8    Morel, Florence Robens (Mrs. N. F.)     147 Parkside Ave.
8    Morel, Hazel M.     147 Parkside Ave.
8    Morel, Marion F.     147 Parkside Ave.
10   Morgan, Miriam K.     309 Hall Ave., Solvay

(page 41)
      Morgan, Violetta B.     Sylvan Beach, N. Y.
      Morris, Blanche I.     Orchard Rd., Skaneateles, N. Y.
      Morris, Mattie E.     Orchard Rd., Skaneateles, N. Y.
3    Morse, Alice     139 Mildred Ave.
3    Morse, Donald      139 Mildred Ave.
3    Morse, Jennie     139 Mildred Ave.
5    Mortis, William H.     628 Madison St.
      Morton, Everett A.     Oswego, N. Y.
      Morton, Mrs. E. A.     Oswego, N. Y.
8    Mosher, Helen Jerrett (Mrs. George)    118 Annetta St.
      Mosher, Nelson Eugene     Best Ice Cream Co., Rome, N. Y.
10   Moss, Arthur E.     114 McAllister Ave.
      Moss, Harriet (Mrs. A. E.)     2020 N. 22nd St., Philadelphia, Pa.
5    Mott, Genevieve (Mrs. Edward S.)     635 E. Willow St.
6    Mott, Emma E. Lamson (Mrs. Walter T.)     835 Sumner Ave.
6    Mott, Bernard L.     835 Sumner Ave.
2    Moyer, Ruth I.     277 Ross Park
      Mudford, Clara H.     Camillus, N. Y.
5    Muir, Elizabeth     318 James St.
      Multer, Mrs. Lucy A.     4636 Hazel Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.
      Multer, Marguerite Lucille     4636 Hazel Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.
7    Murray, Mrs. Cora Bennett     408 Cherry St.
      Murray, Mrs. Hattie S.     17 Church St., Adams, N. Y.
      Murray, James Kenneth     17 Church St., Adams, N. Y.
2    Murray, Frieda Meier (Mrs. William P.)     838 Wadsworth St.
10   Mussen, Edward L.     4623 James St., East Syracuse, N. Y.
      Musson, Mrs. Ruth     Fair Haven, N. Y.
6    Mutschler, Bessie     117 Wellington Pl.
6    Mutschler, Margaret Wilmont     117 Wellington Pl.
6    Mutschler, William     117 Wellington Pl.
3    Myers, Ellis K.     313 Shuart Ave.

7    Nair, Claire Cook (Mrs. John H.)     160 Miles Ave.
5    Nann, Minnie McMillian (Mrs. Benedict A.)     623 Madison St.
      Natino, Methyl V.     Fox Memorial Hospital, Oneonta, N. Y.
8    Needham, Lucy Crosby (Mrs. Leonard)     100 Rockland Ave.
10   Nelson, Mrs. Eva Carmichael     229 W. Newell St.

(page 42)
10   Nelson, Ruth     229 W. Newell St.
5    Nelson, John S.     411 Montgomery St.
9    Newell, Harry E.     592 Roberts Ave.
7    Newell, James E.     312 Westcott St.
7    Newell, Caroline Palmer (Mrs. James E.)     312 Westcott St.
7    Newell, Carolyn A.    312 Westcott St.
7    Newell, James E., Jr.     312 Westcott St.
1    Newman, Violet Elva     906 Myrtle St.
2    Newsholme, Henry G.      268 Roxford Rd.
5    Newton, Mary D.     333 S. Warren St.
10   Nichols, Ernest H.     211 E. Heman St., East Syracuse, N. Y.
3    Nicholson, Frederick A.     206 S. Midler Ave.
3    Nicholson, Mrs. Frederick A.     206 S. Midler Ave.
1    Nicholson, Lillian     806 N. Geddes St.
4    Nickerson, Mrs. Bertha I.     300 W. Onondaga St.
9    Noble, Lizzie Wood (Mrs. George)     116 Blaine St.
4    Nolan, Irene Gray (Mrs. Floyd H.)     610 Tallman St.
4    Nolan, Floyd Gray     610 Tallman St.
4    Nolan, James Edward     610 Tallman St.
3    Norman, Harry H.     237 Forest Hill Dr.
3    Norman, Grace Gardner (Mrs. H. H.)     237 Forest Hill Dr.
7    Northrop, Alice M. Stone (Mrs. Aubrey J.)     457 Westcott St.
7    Norton, Elsie I.     154 Croly St.
9    Nye, Charles V.    116 Kirk Ave.
      Nye, Walter C.     151 W. Mohawk St., Buffalo, N. Y.

      O’Brien, Mrs. Edna     Cazenovia, N. Y.
      O’Brien, Charles      Cazenovia, N. Y.
      O’Brien, Dorothy     Cazenovia, N. Y.
3    Obrist, Frederick     810 Teall Ave.
3    Obrist, Caroline Brown (Mrs. Frederick)     810 Teall Ave.
3    Obrist, Edward     810 Teall Ave.
1    O’Connor, Ethel Kingsbury (Mrs. John A.)     112 Emerson Ave.
      Odell, Edna M.     141 N. Pleasant St., Watertown, N. Y.
6    O’dell, William Robert     327 S. Crouse Ave.
3    Ogden, Iva C.     521 Wendell Ter.
3    Ogden, Selma E.     521 Wendell Ter.
2    Ogsbury, Sadie     226 Malverne Dr.
8    Oliver, Mrs. Charles H.     433 Roberts Ave.
5    Olmsted, Alfred J.     226 Cedar St.
7    Ornam, Gertrude Doman (Mrs. J.)     2800 Block, E. Genesee St.
10   Osborne, Ernest B.     345 W. Ostrander Ave.
10   Osborne, Irene Gillett (Mrs. E. B.)     345 W. Ostrander Ave.
8    Osgood, Sarah Alice     1019 Stolp Ave.
10   Ostrander, Lillian Rockwell (Mrs. Harry C.)     3524 S. Salina St.

(page 43)
8    Otis, Amos E.    131 Cherry St.
3    Ottman, Ellsworth M.     216 Stafford Ave.
5    Overhiser, Claude C.     207 Madison St.
5    Overhiser, Bertha (Mrs. C. C.)     207 Madison St.
5    Overhiser, Charles A., Jr.     207 Madison St.
5    Overhiser, Mrs. Mary E.     207 Madison St.

      Paddock, Evelyn Shelton (Mrs. John Leonard)     116 Durland St., Elmira, N. Y.
2    Page, Orin E.     837 Wadsworth St.
2    Page, Fanny Graves (Mrs. O. E.)     837 Wadsworth St.
2    Page, Robert O.     837 Wadsworth St.
10   Page, Paul Edgar     115 W. Corning Ave.
10   Page, Wilbur Ellsworth     115 W. Corning Ave.
9    Paige, Maude Tupper (Mrs. John B.)     116 E. Kennedy St.
9    Paige, Olive     116 E. Kennedy St.
9    Paige, Ruth Virginia     116 E. Kennedy St.
7    Paisley, James M.     103 Bristol Pl.
7    Paisley, Ethel Pike (Mrs. J. M.)     103 Bristol Pl.
7    Paisley, Mrs. Jane     211 Fellows Ave.
      Palacios, Ester     Yauco, Porto Rico
9    Palmer, Frank Henry     1326 Midland Ave.
9    Palmer, Eulalia H. Losie (Mrs. F. H.)     1326 Midland Ave.
      Palmer, Lloyd J.     4677 Lakewood Ave., Detroit, Mich.
10   Parce, Girard M.     205 E. Seneca Turnpike
10   Parce, Grace Hill (Mrs. G. M.)     205 E. Seneca Turnpike
10   Parce, Marjorie H.     205 E. Seneca Turnpike
3    Park, Donald Roy     109 S. Mildler Ave.
3    Park, Stuart     109 S. Midler Ave.
7    Parker, Dr. Donald     689 Allen St.
7    Parker, Ann Byre (Mrs. Donald)     689 Allen St.
7    Parker, Marjorie L.     689 Allen St.
2    Parker, Edna Huxtable (Mrs. Ernest E.)     1304 N. Salina St.
5    Parks, Martha     187 Renwick Pl.
      Partridge, Jane Hazard (Mrs. Everett Percy)     1440 E. Park Pl., Ann Arbor, Mich.
      Partridge, Caroline Jennings (Mrs. Harry)     19 Woodlawn Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.
8    Partridge, Hiram K.     129 Cheney St.
8    Partridge, Nina G. Johnson (Mrs. H. K.)     129 Cheney St.
6    Pattengill, Kate A.     137 Buckingham Ave.
7    Paul, Henry H.     308 Lexington Ave.

(page 44)
3    Paul, Neva M.     413 Howard St.
10   Pearsall, Mrs. Sarah E. Covert     6500 S. Salina St.
10   Pearsall, Winifred E.     6500 S. Salina St.
10   Pearse, Mrs. Alice Reed     140 Wiman Ave.
2    Peck, Fred R.     525 Oak St.
2    Peck, Margaret Corey (Mrs. F. R.)     525 Oak St.
4    Pederson, Gladys Blanchard (Mrs. Floyd)     117 Malcolm St.
4    Pederson, Eilen L.     117 Malcolm St.
10   Pekofsky, Ruth Hopkins (Mrs. Burt)     113 Glen Ave.
8    Pellegrini, Eva L. Lake (Mrs. Fred R.)     428 Hubbell Ave.
8    Pendill, Mrs. Mary M. Wheeler     615 Stinard Ave.
7    Perry, Mrs. Nellie Burrill     137 Fellows Ave.
7    Perry, Laura Mae     137 Fellows Ave.
8    Perry, Wilfrid George     419 Craddock St.
3    Peters, Edna Stimson (Mrs. Theodore Frederick)     608 Caleb Ave.
3    Peterson, Bertha Mandler (Mrs. Lester W.)     231 Forest Hill Dr.
9    Pettis, Charles L.     117 W. Castle St.
7    Pettman, Frederick     419 Seeley Rd.
6    Pettman, Mildred Turner (Mrs. Frederick) 149 Seeley Rd.
7    Pettman, Howard F.     419 Seeley Rd.
7    Pettman, Louise Marie     419 Seeley Rd.
6    Phillips, Arthur H.     609 E. Raynor Ave.
6    Phillips, Jessie Leggate (Mrs. A. H.)     609 E. Raynor Ave.
6    Phillips, Arlene L.     609 E. Raynor Ave.
6    Phillips, E. Jean     609 E. Raynor Ave.
6    Phillips, Roland D.     609 E. Raynor Ave.
7    Phillips, Crystal     109 Judson St.
3    Phillips, Mrs. Harriet L.     Brewerton, N. Y.
10   Phillips, Ida     210 W. Newell St.
8    Pierce, Clyde L.     328 Wellesley Rd.
      Pierce, Fay N.     Lindenhurst, N. Y.
7    Pierce, Florence W. Snell (Mrs. Harral Otis)     111 Avondale Pl.
10   Pierce, Romaine Connell (Mrs. Walter H.)     2202 Midland Ave.
5    Pinkerton, Mildred E.     Y. W. C. A.
4    Place, Joseph C.     710 Tallman St.
6    Place, Prof. Perley Oakland     1204 E. Adams St.
6    Place, Harriet Stanton (Mrs. P. O.)     1204 E. Adams St.
9    Plaisted, M. A.     100 Woodland Ave.
9    Plaisted, Mrs. M. A.     100 Woodland Ave.
10   Plaisted, Violet George (Mrs. Hiram L.)     101 Loomis Ave.
10   Plaisted, Cathern Wilson (Mrs. Richard D.)     107 Hatch Ave.
      Platz, Sara Kecker (Mrs. Edward H.)     Albany, N. Y.
2    Playford, Henrietta Leonard (Mrs. James W.)     167 Malverne Dr.
2    Playford, Anna E.     167 Malverne Dr.

(page 45)
10   Plummer, Elva L.     205 McAllister Ave.
10   Plummer, Nettie Post (Mrs. E. L.)     205 McAllister Ave.
10   Plummer, Lester H.     205 McAllister Ave.
9    Plummer, William Hamilton     124 Blaine St.
9    Plummer, Lulu Outhouse (Mrs. W. H.)     124 Blaine St.
9    Plummer, A. Kendrick     124 Blaine St.
1    Polgreen, Helen Wilridge (Mrs. George)     304 Geddes St.
4    Porter, Delia C. Kemp (Mrs. Charles W.)     208 Holland St.
10   Porter, Earl E.     1125 Cannon St.
10   Porter, Myrtle George (Mrs. E. E.)     1125 Cannon St.
3    Porter, Jessie A.     330 Green St.
10   Porter, Robert B.     111 Ruhamah Ave.
10   Porter, Fannie C. Gill (Mrs. R. B.)      111 Ruhamah Ave.
      Pote, Robert     Plattsburgh, N. Y.
      Pote, Mrs. Robert     Plattsburgh, N. Y.
2    Potter, Arthur D.   204 Hickok Ave.
3    Potter, Irene M. Mundy (Mrs. A. D.)     204 Hickok Ave.
6    Potter, Ethel I.     301 Comstock Ave.
8    Potter, Lulu H.     301 Comstock Ave.
5    Potter, Mildred M.     506 Almond St.
3    Poulsen, Frederick C., Jr.     1611 Burnett Ave.
      Poulsen, Mrs. Frederick C.     3900 Magic Ave., Oakland, Calif.
8    Poune, Mrs. Elizabeth Hunter     524 Rich St.
8    Poune, Ethel Isabel     524 Rich St.
7    Powelson, John A.     211 Clarke St.
7    Powelson, Mary Stephen (Mrs. J. A.)     211 Clarke St.
7    Powelson, Stephen VanNest     211 Clarke St.
9    Powlesland, Esther     845 South Ave.
      Pratt, Ferrand N.     R. D. 1, Oneonta, N. Y.
      Pratt, Corlie Eldred (Mrs. F. N.)     R. D. 1, Oneonta, N. Y.
5    Pratt, Luella M.     417 Catherine St.
      Price, Mrs. Pauline Lola     R. D. 2, Baldwinsville, N. Y.
      Prytherck, Margery Hall (Mrs. Herbert)     317 Warren Ave., Aurora Hills, Alexandria, Va.
7    Pudney, Grace Harper (Mrs. DeForest J.)     804 Salt Springs Rd.
7    Pudney, Beatrice R.     804 Salt Springs Rd.
7    Pudney, Douglas H.     804 Salt Springs Rd.
4    Purington, Warren S.     624 W. Onondaga St.

(page 46)
4    Purington, Florence Lois     624 W. Onondaga St.
      Putnam, Rose Summerleld (Mrs. J. R.)     216 Sherrill Rd., Sherrill, N. Y.

4    Quimby, Mrs. Alice M. Ham     207 Putnam St.
4    Quimby, Arlene     207 Putnam St.
4    Quimby, William G.     207 Putnam St.

3    Raaflaub, George E.     209 Boyden Ave.
3    Raaflaub, Mrs. George     209 Boyden Ave.
3    Raaflaub, Edith E.     209 Boyden Ave.
9    Rabourn, Lenore Bundy (Mrs. O. C.)     815 Midland Ave.
9    Rabourn, William O.     815 Midland Ave.
10   Race, Arthur William     954 W. Lafayette Ave.
10   Race, Louise H. Gorman (Mrs. A. W.)     954 W. Lafayette Ave.
      Radley, Ernestine J. Powlesland (Mrs. Grant Emerson)     209 W. Heman St., East Syracuse, N. Y.
4    Radliff, Nellie M.     7 Onondaga Pl.
10    Rand, Elma Hinds (Mrs. Herbert S.)     1942 Valley Dr.
6    Randall, Ruth Hunie (Mrs. D. P.)     1052 Ackerman Ave.
8    Randall, Kenneth C.     304 Strathmore Dr.
      Randall, Lillian E.     Keuka College, Keuka Park, N. Y.
9    Ranger, Emma Young (Mrs. Charles D.)     237 W. Castle St.
      Rankin, Lena S. (Mrs. Irving)     Lamanda Park, Pasadena, Calif.
8    Ransler, Nicholas     208 Rich St.
8    Ransler, Florence E. MacGraw (Mrs. Nicholas)     208 Rich St.
2    Ransom, Edward     268 Roxford Rd.
2    Ransom, Florence Reynolds (Mrs. Edward)     268 Roxford Rd.
2    Ransom, W. Frederick     268 Roxford Rd.
      Ransom, Webster Joseph     Liverpool, N. Y.
2    Ratter, Seymour C.     515 Lemoyne St.
4    Rauscher, Elizabeth     347 W. Onondaga St.
9    Raymond, Harry C.     420 Cortland Ave.
9    Raymond, Ida F. Birks (Mrs. H. C.)     420 Cortland Ave.
9    Raymond, Chester W.     420 Cortland Ave.
3    Reck, E. Genevieve Cook (Mrs. William M.)     532 Elm St.
9    Reckerd, Farnsworth     201 Woodland Ave.
9    Reckerd, Muriel MacKay (Mrs. Farnsworth)     201 Woodland Ave.
      Rector, H. E. (Mrs. William)     46 Adeline St., Owego, N. Y.
      Redfield, Mildred     173 Sherwood Ave., Rochester, N. Y.

(page 47)
5    Reed, Zella C. Cook (Mrs. Fred A.)     R. D. 3, Station A.
6    Reed, Jane A.     942 Ackerman Ave.
      Reed, Louise E.     W. R. C. Home, Oxford, N. Y.
9    Reese, Ethel Pounce (Mrs. Charles E.)     526 Rich St.
9    Reese, Dorothy Mae     526 Rich St.
6    Reeve, William G.     830 Ostrom Ave.
6    Reeve, Maud Fox (Mrs. W. G.)     830 Ostrom Ave.
9    Reeves, Addie Evans (Mrs. Shirley B.)     516 W. Castle St.
8    Reichard, Luther O.     219 Rich St.
      Reifenstine, Mrs. Ida     4160½ N. Wall St., Los Angeles, Calif.
      Reifenstine, Louis     4160½ N. Wall St., Los Angeles, Calif.
      Reise, Victor Hugo     R. D. 3, Lafayette, N. Y.
      Reise, Louise Lockwood (Mrs. V. H.)     R. D. 3, Lafayette, N. Y.
      Reiss, Ruth E.     3666 Stoer Rd., Shaker Heights, Cleveland, Ohio
8    Reissig, George Edward     186 Parkway Dr.
8    Reissig, Bessie Viele (Mrs. G. E.)     186 Parkway Dr.
10   Relyea, Mrs. Mabel Morse     3220 Midland Ave.
2    Reschke, Evesta I. Beley (Mrs. Andrew A.)     620 Second North St.
5    Revoir, Mrs. Florence Jackson     328 W. Willow St.
3    Revoir, Lester C.     126 Crestline Dr.
3    Revoir, Cora Goodman (Mrs. L. C.)     126 Crestline Dr.
10   Reynolds, Claude B.     Richfield Blvd.
3    Reynolds, Laura Wilbur (Mrs. C. W. P.)     309 Farmer St.
9    Reynolds, Geneva M.     230 Baker Ave.
9    Reynolds, Treva Church (Mrs. Harold A.)     210 E. Castle St.
5    Reynolds, Mary E.     608 Montgomery St.
6    Rhodes, J. Irving     108 Circle Rd.
9    Richards, Charles E.     346 Cortland Ave.
3    Richards, Edith V.     130 Hastings Pl.
3    Richards, Lucy     503 Woodbine Ave.
7    Richardson, Edward W.     847 Westmoreland Ave.
7    Richardson, Golden Lombard (Mrs. E. W.)     847 Westmoreland Ave.
4    Richardson, Oscar     122 Seymour St.
4    Richardson, Ethel M. LaRose (Mrs. Oscar)     122 Seymour St.
      Richardson, Rowena     Weedsport, N. Y.
3    Richardson, Jessie French (Mrs. Will J.)     319 S. Collingwood St.

(page 48)
9    Riddlough, Robert     109 Woodland Ave.
8    Rider, Simeon Monroe     446 South Ave.
8    Rider, Flora E. Shallish (Mrs. S. M.)     446 South Ave.
      Ridley, Clarence E.     225 Parkside Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
      Ridley, Mrs. C. E.     225 Parkside Ave., Brooklyn, N. y.
      Risley, A. H.     Church St., North Syracuse, N. Y.
      Risley, Mrs. A. H.     Church St., North Syracuse, N. Y.
      Risley, Arlene     Church St., North Syracuse, N. Y.
2    Rivenburgh, Paul H.     1300 First North St.
2    Rivenburgh, Lora Semans (Mrs. P. H.)     1300 First North St.
4    Rives, William McDonald     704 Niagara St.
4    Rives, Olive M. Page (Mrs. W. M.)     704 Niagara St.
5    Roach, James     722 E. Adams St.
5    Roach, William     722 E. Adams St.
      Roadhouse, Gladys Elsie     Camp Hillcrest, Fayetteville, N. Y.
3    Robbins, Edward     305 S. Collingwood Ave.
6    Robbins, Charlotte Malcher (Mrs. Horace Edward)     1043 Lancaster St.
      Robens, Ethel J.     Poland, N. Y.
3    Roberts, Margaret Doran, (Mrs. Willis B.)     207 Mooney Ave.
3    Robertson, Christine Wopat (Mrs. R. C.)     1409 Northcliff Rd.
      Robinson, Ethel Young (Mrs. Frederick)     236 Main St., Oneida, N. Y.
10   Robinson, Kenneth W.     Cold Springs Rd., Liverpool, N. Y.
10   Robinson, Eva Hudson (Mrs. K. W.)    Cold Springs Rd., Liverpool, N. Y.
10   Robinson, Grace M.     Cold Springs Rd., Liverpool, N. Y.
10   Robinson, H. Jean     Cold Springs Rd., Liverpool, N. Y.
4    Robinson, L. Kenneth     1216 Bellevue Ave.
4    Robinson, Beatrice Fisher (Mrs. L. K.)     1216 Bellevue Ave.
8    Robinson, Louis B.     419 Stolp Ave.
8    Robinson, Martha     2020 South Ave.
1    Robinson, Richard R.     1723 W. Genesee St.
1    Robinson, Lulu M. Fonda (Mrs. R. R.)     1723 W. Genesee St.
      Robinson, Warren Adolph     203 Rosita St., Solvay
8    Rockwell, Dr. George H.     137 Rockland Ave.
8    Rockland, Theresa Peck (Mrs. G. H.)     137 Rockland Ave.
10   Rollins, Ezer     117 E. Brighton Ave.
10   Rollins, Roxie     117 E. Brighton Ave.
9    Rollins, Ottie Wisner (Mrs. Hugh)     143 McLennan Ave.
9    Rollins, Reo     143 McLennan Ave.

(page 49)
7    Rood, Gladys Burrows (Mrs. F. Merton, Jr.)     161 Harwood Ave.
10   Roosevelt, Theodore     403 W. Newell St.
7    Roscoe, Frances I.     108 Judson St.
7    Roscoe, Hazel I.     108 Judson St.
      Roscoe, Mrs. Kate M.     668 Ely Ave., Pelham Manor, L. I.
      Rose, Jenette Gertrude     Locke, N. Y.
9    Rose, Clara Thiebeau (Mrs. M. D.)     322 E. Kennedy St.
3    Rosekrans, Fred W.     104 Forest Hill Dr.
3    Rosekrans, Martha Rosenberger (Mrs. F. W.)     104 Forest Hill Dr.
3    Rosekrans, William S.     104 Forest Hill Dr.
      Rosekrans, Paul M.     Phoenix, N. Y.
1    Rosenberg, Lewis E.     530 Gifford St.
1    Rosenberg, Mildred Dayton (Mrs. L. E.)     530 Gifford St.
7    Rosenkrans, Carrie Heath (Mrs. J. H.)     2661 E. Genesee St.
10   Ross, Marian Elizabeth     147 Ruhamah Ave.
6    Ross, Vida May     1210 E. Fayette St.
4    Rowley, Norman B.     337 Seymour St.
9    Rulapaugh, Ethel M.     1528 S. State St.
9    Rulapaugh, Florence  V.     1528 S. State St.
1    Rushing, Joseph W.     315 Schuyler St.
8    Russell, Pearl West (Mrs. Earl)     1504 W. Colvin St.
8    Russell, Emerson     1504 W. Colvin St.
8    Russell, Helen E.     1504 W. Colvin St.
3    Russell, Ernest R.     115 S. Glencove St.
3    Russell, Annie Brown (Mrs. E. R.)     115 S. Glencove St.
10   Russell, Lida Barnett (Mrs. Walter)     144 Fage Ave.
      Russell, Wanda     Working Girls’ Home, Richfield Springs, N. Y.
7    Russell, Melissa P. (Mrs. Willard H.)     106 Westcott St.
4    Rusterholtz, Alice M.     400 Arthur St.
7    Ruston, Ella M. Jackson (Mrs. Thomas H.)     216 Westcott St.
6    Ryan, Mildred Hier (Mrs. Lewis C.)     Fayetteville Rd.
4    Ryder, Mrs. Cora     147 Seymour St.

      Sabey, Mary E. (Mrs. J. J.)     Ogdensburg, N. Y.
5    Sabin, Robert C.     615 Oneida St.
      Safford, Carl     315 E. 206th St., New York City

(page 50)
6    Safford, Charles     943 Lancaster Ave.
6    Safford, Emma K. Lancaster (Mrs. Charles)     943 Lancaster Ave.
6    Safford, Jessie M.     943 Lancaster Ave.
7    Safford, Elizabeth (Mrs. Peter)     525 Beattie St.
7    Safford, Peter     525 Beattie St.
4    Sager, S. Josephine     175 Lincoln Ave.
5    Sahm, Edith Bronson (Mrs. William H.)     308 James St.
      Sahm, Violet     Brewerton, N. Y.
8    Salem, Elizabeth E.     120 Columbia Ave.
      Salisbury, Helen Gomon (Mrs. Clyde M.)    2214 Alki Ave., Seattle, Wash.
1    Salisbury, James E.     202 Fabius St.
7    Sanderson, Frances H.     112 Scottholm Blvd.
      Sanderson, Harvey D.     Democrat-Chronicle, Rochester, N. Y.
7    Sandford, C. Harry     301 Allen St.
7    Sandford, Amy G. Wahl (Mrs. C. H.)     301 Allen St.
7    Sandford, Isabel M.     301 Allen St.
7    Sandford, Mildred L.     301 Allen St.
6    Sandford, A. Theodosia Holmes (Mrs. C. H.)     1010 E. Adams St.
6    Sandford, May E.     1010 E. Adams St.
9    Sanford, Leman H.    110 E. Beard Ave.
9    Sanford, Mae C. Belding (Mrs. L. H.)     110 E. Beard Ave.
9    Sauer, Harry W.     321 E. Colvin St.
9    Sauer, Nita E. Nelson (Mrs. H. W.)     321 E. Colvin St.
9    Sauer, Harry L.     321 E. Colvin St.
9    Sauer, Laura C.     321 E. Colvin St.
9    Sauer, Lloyd F.     321 E. Colvin St.
10   Saunders, Cass E.     229 W. Pleasant Ave.
10   Saunders, Mrs. Ellen S.     229 W. Pleasant Ave.
10   Saunders, Sherman V.     R. D. 1, Nedrow
10   Saunders, N. Leora Bailey (Mrs. S. V.)     R. D. 1, Nedrow
      Scheel, Ada DeForest (Mrs. Robert)     R. D. 2, Garden City
9    Schenck, Harriet Robinson (Mrs. Adrian A.)     132 W. Castle St.
2    Scheninger, Grace Caughey (Mrs. Charles B.)     1215 Highland St.
2    Scheninger, Lorne A.     1215 Highland St.
      Schilly, Etta Sprague (Mrs. V. R.)     Cicero Plank Rd., North Syracuse, N. Y.
5    Schlict, M. Fannie Gates (Mrs. Lloyd F.)     308 Burt St.
2    Schlosser, Dr. Charles L.     434 Douglas St.
2    Schlosser, Rhoda M. Follett (Mrs. C. L.)     434 Douglas St.
9    Schriebe, Mrs. Louise F.     219 Kirk Ave.
8    Schultz, Mrs. A. F.     114 Bellevue Ave.
9    Schultz, Mrs. Carrie B. Ryan     413 W. Beard Ave.

(page 51)
3    Schutter, Ethelyn Nelke (Mrs. Claude A.)     107 Melrose Ave.
9    Schwaninger, Elmer Leon     1814 S. State St.
9    Schwaninger, Ethel M. Olmstead (Mrs. E. L.)     1814 S. State St.
9    Schwaninger, Charles Frederick     1814 S. State St.
9    Schwaninger, Eleanor Viola     1814 S. State St.
1    Schwartz, Linna Fuller (Mrs. John)     303 N. Lowell Ave.
1    Schwartz, Mary     405 Tully St.
10   Scott, Agnes Coleman (Mrs. Clayton)     128 Hope Ave.
      Seabury, Jay     R. D. 1, Chittenango Sta., N. Y.
      Seabury, Mrs. Jay     R. D. 1, Chittenango Sta., N. Y.
3    Seager, Virginia M.     531 Teall Ave.
5    Searls, Mina     212 N. Townsend St.
7    Sears, Lillie Weston (Mrs. George H.)     1419  E. Genesee St.
10   Sears, Mrs. Rhoda     336 W. Newwll St.
10   Sears, William H.     148 Fernwood Ave.
9    Seaward, Frederick W.     132 Blaine St.
9    Seaward, Loraine J. Henry (Mrs. F. W.)     132 Blaine St.
9    Seaward, Florence A.     132 Blaine St.
9    Seaward, Henry F.     132 Blaine St.
9    Seaward, Kathryn Irene     132 Blaine St.
      Seibel, Edith Lyboult (Mrs. Clarence E.)     Cleveland Rd., Onondaga Hill
      Self, Lewis     W. New York Ave., DeLand, Fla.
      Sentman, Ross S.     212 E. Lemon St., Lancaster, Pa.
6    Severson, Kenneth     Ashworth Pl.
10   Seymour, Omar Conrad     433 Valley Dr.
10   Seymour, Charlotte Diedering (Mrs. O. C.)     433 Valley Dr.
1    Shallenberger, Harry E.     521 Park Ave.
5    Sharkey, Irene M.     207½ N. Salina St.
4    Sharp, William H.     428 Shonnard St.
      Shaul, Theodore Warren     49 Merrimac St., Buffalo, N. Y.
      Shaul, Matie Pierce (Mrs. T. W.)     49 Merrimac St., Buffalo, N. Y.
      Shaul, Lewis Warren     49 Merrimac St., Buffalo, N. Y.
      Shaul, Ronald Pierce     49 Merrimac St., Buffalo, N. Y.
1    Shaw, Charles W.     310 Park Ave.

(page 52)
1    Shaw, Cora Whitmore (Mrs. C. W.)     310 Park Ave.
9    Shaw, Mary A. Whitmore (Mrs. Clarence Eugene)     129 Castle St.
10   Shaw, Gerald E.     225 W. Seneca St.
10   Shaw, Lenodene Suitt (Mrs. G. E.)     225 W. Seneca St.
9    Shays, Mrs. Thersa F. Hawkins      110 W. Borden Ave.
9    Shays, Isabelle E.     110 W. Borden Ave.
      Sheets, Fannie DeForest (Mrs. J. C.)     R. D. 1, Memphis, N. Y.
9    Shell, Charles F.     100 Wood Ave.
9    Shell, May Suits (Mrs. C. F.)     100 Wood Ave.
10   Shelton, Ava Harmond (Mrs. Alfred E.)     181 Emma St.
      Shelton, Private Howard Beach     Battery “E”, Fort McIntosh, Laredo, Texas
      Shepard, Andrew     Purdue University, LaFayette, Ind.
10   Shepard, Irene E.     209 McCool Ave., East Syracuse, N. Y.
4   Shepard, Mrs. Jennie A.     1135 W. Onondaga St.
10   Sherman, Donald B.     110 Bennington Dr.
4    Sherman, Lillian G. Pearson (Mrs. Harvey)     633 Gifford St.
6    Sherman, Jessie Brown (Mrs. J. R.)     762 Euclid Ave.
4    Sherman, Roland D.     824 W. Onondaga St.
8    Shinaman, H. Ray     1100 Stolp Ave.
8    Shinaman, Nellie Slaght (Mrs. H. R.)     1100 Stolp Ave.
1    Shipman, Elmo B.     Thompson Rd., Nedrow
      Shipman, Martha (Mrs. E. B.)     Mount Upton, N. Y.
      Short, Mrs. Jennie Barr     712 Montgomery St., Ogensburg, N. Y.
      Shove, Helen Munro (Mrs. Benjamin E.)     Camillus, N. Y.
      Shults, Cornelia Carp (Mrs. Robert D.)      Fayetteville, N. Y.
      Shurtleff, Mrs. Grace     44 Lincoln Park, Long Meadow, Mass.
      Shute, James W.     Lafayette, N. Y.
      Shute, Blanche (Mrs. J. W.)     Lafayette, N. Y.
4    Sill, Mrs. Dorothy     122 Seymour St.
8    Silliman, Maude Aldridge (Mrs. William H.)     421 Roberts Ave.
8    Silliman, C. Margaret     421 Roberts Ave.
      Simmons, Orrin F.     25 Monroe St., Lockport, N. Y.
      Simmons, Florence (Mrs. O. F.)     25 Monroe St., Lockport, N. Y.
9    Simons, Lena B. Risley (Mrs. F. D.)     1607 S. Salina St.
7    Simpkins, B. Bruce     145 Lexington Ave.
6    Skerritt, Harry Huse     818 Westcott St.
6    Skerritt, Rena S. Barry (Mrs. H. H.)     818 Westcott St.
6    Skerritt, Harry Huse, Jr.     818 Westcott St.
7    Skinner, Mabel C. Stackhouse (Mrs. Hobart C.)     621 Salt Spring Rd.

(page 53)
      Slocum, Mrs. Emma Brown     Marcellus, N. Y.
10   Smiley, Raymond A.     Rockwell Rd., Nedrow
      Smith, Addie     Ogdensburg, N. Y.
2    Smith, Albert H.     175 Malverne Dr.
2    Smith, Frances Reichard (Mrs. A. H.)     175 Malverne Dr.
10   Smith, Alfred A.     5570 S. Salina St.
10   Smith, Julia Stevens (Mrs. A. A.)     5570 S. Salina St.
8    Smith, Arthur F.     1914 Bellevue Ave.
8    Smith, A. L.     114 Bellevue Ave.
8    Smith, Lillian Pote (Mrs. A. L.)     114 Bellevue Ave.
1    Smith, C. Windsor     359 Richmond St.
1    Smith, Julia A. (Mrs. C. W.)     359 Richmond St.
10   Smith, Ella Littleboy (Mrs. Charles)     211 Kirkpatrick St., East Syracuse, N. Y.
4    Smith, Dorothy     402 Seymour St.
7    Smith, Edward G.     1113 Westcott St.
      Smith, Lura M. Beyea (Mrs. Francis)     R. D. 4, Moravia, N. Y.
8    Smith, Frederick R.     127 Atherton Ave.
3    Smith, George C.     201 Oak St.
10   Smith, Harold F.     168 Forest Ave.
2    Smith, Harold L.     404 Second North St.
10   Smith, Blanche Johnson (Mrs. Harry C.)     535 Valley Dr.
10   Smith, Margaret Louise     535 Valley Dr.
4    Smith, Hazel Louise     509 Seymour St.
4    Smith, Irene M.     504 Delaware St.
2    Smith, Jacob     128 Cadillac St.
2    Smith, Mary B. Radcliff (Mrs. Jacob)     128 Cadillac St.
2    Smith, George J.     128 Cadillac St.
      Smith, Nettie Scripture (Mrs. Ray)     Bliss, N. Y.
      Smith, Mrs. R. O.     10 Joy St., Boston, Mass.
9    Smith, Robert     119 Dearborn Pl.
9    Smith, Mary J. Malcolm (Mrs. Robert)     119 Dearborn Pl.
5    Smith, Mrs. Stella M. Leach     102 Madison St.
5    Smith, Grace A.     102 Madison St.
4    Snell, Alvin W.     127 South Ave.
1    Snell, Linda M. Brown (Mrs. A. W.)     212 Magnolia St.
4    Snow, Amy     137 Fitch St.
8    Snow, Elsie     247 Lincoln Ave.
      Snow, Eva Burgess (Mrs. William J.)     Onondaga County Home

(page 54)
      Soderholm, Clara Friend (Mrs. Arthur)     12 Congress Ave., Rochester, N. Y.
7    Sollinger, Robert W.     158 Niven St.
6    Sollinger, Robert     136 Buckingham Ave.
6    Sollinger, Emma Housmann (Mrs. Robert)     136 Buckingham Ave.
       Soper, Scott     149 Kenmore Ave.
3    Sornberger, Elma G.     130 Shotwell Park
9    Soule, Mildred L. Fagan (Mrs. Raymond Charles)     120 Baker Ave.
10   Soules, Mrs. Grace Page     1913 Midland Ave.
9    Southworth, George L.     119 W. Raynor Ave.
9    Southworth, Maye Green (Mrs. G. L.)     119 W. Raynor Ave.
1    Spanks, Mrs. Blanche Moses     712 W. Genesee St.
10   Sparks, Edward N.     317 W. Pleasant Ave.
10   Sparks, Elizabeth Dickerman (Mrs. E. N.)     317 W. Pleasant Ave.
      Sparling, Lydia Casler (Mrs. Waldo A.)     DeRuyter, N. Y.
5    Spaulding, James F.     134 W. Onondaga St.
10   Speers, Isabelle M.     169 Fernwood Ave.
7    Spencer, Charles E.     547 Allen St.
7    Spencer, Florence Trowbridge (Mrs. C. E.)     547 Allen St.
7    Spencer, Charles W.     547 Allen St.
7    Spencer, Jean B.     547 Allen St.
6    Spencer, Viola Grodavent (Mrs. S. D.)     745 Euclid Ave.
6    Spencer, Betsy W.     745 Euclid Ave.
10    Spencer, Marion F. Atkins (Mrs. H. H.)     154 Fage Ave.
9    Spooner, Anna Hadden (Mrs. Van V.)     210 Garfield Ave.
4    Sprague, Jesse O.     342 W. Onondaga St.
7    Spring, Mamie A.     456 Westcott St.
2    Squire, Lillian Scheninger (Mrs. Kenneth W.)     206 Roxford Rd.
5    Sreeves, George G.     633 Madison St.
8    Stanton, Lottie Smith (Mrs. Frederick R.)     114 Bellevue Ave.
8    Stanton, Eleanor B.     114 Bellevue Ave.
8    Stanton, Florence L.    114 Bellevue Ave.
8    Stanton, LeRoy F.     114 Bellevue Ave.
1    Stanton, Howard A.     315 Niagara St.
10   Stanton, Gladys A. Mosher (Mrs. Lee R.)     209 Crippen Ave.
5    Stapelberg, Helen     Y. M. C. A.
3    Stauble, Minnie Howard (Mrs. Frank F.)     2219 James St.
10   Steen, Mrs. Florence A.     238 W. Pleasant Ave.
5    Stephens, Lena M. Ross (Mrs. A. H.)     R. D. 1, North Syracuse, N. Y.
6    Stephens, Ruth I.     873 Ackerman Ave.
5    Stephenson, Lillian M.    304 Forman Ave.

(page 55)
8    Stevens, Edna J.     300 Marguerite Ave.
4    Stevens, Clara Montague (Mrs. John E.)     115 Davis St.
4    Stevens, John M., Jr.     115 Davis St.
      Stevens, Lillian DeForest (Mrs. Clarence A.)     R. F. D., Jordan, N. Y.
10   Stevens, Mary A.     126 Caroline Ave., Solvay
7    Stewart, Blanche D.     551 Columbus Ave.
5    Stewart, Ada Breed (Mrs. Charles)     511 E. Fayette St.
3    Stewart, Lemuel L.     110 Rugby Rd.
3    Stewart, Ada Crowfoot (Mrs. L. L.)     110 Rugby Rd.
5    Stickles, Harry E.     521 Cedar St.
      Stoddard, Clavin     2 Grand Ave., Auburn, N. Y.
      Stoddard, Orina Bourdon (Mrs. Calvin)     2 Grand Ave., Auburn, N. Y.
4    Stoddard, Eleanor Marguerite     1151 W. Onondaga St.
5    Stoddard, Reato Strife (Mrs. John)     814 S. Clinton St.
6    Stone, George Edward      1113 E. Genesee St.
10   Stone, Ida T. Hurd (Mrs. C. Linwood)     350 W. Ostrander Ave.
5    Stone, Mabel E.     Hotel Syracuse
10   Stone, Walter R.     4862 S. Salina St.
10   Stone, Alice M. Palmer (Mrs. W. R.)     4862 S. Salina St.
8    Stoneburgh, Doris M.     206 May Ave.
8    Stoneburgh, Gladys I.     206 May Ave.
3    Story, Vernon C.     800 Canal St.
8    Story, Willard D.     219 Palmer Ave.
8    Story, Mabel Crane (Mrs. W. D.)     219 Palmer Ave.
8    Story, Thomas C.     219 Palmer Ave.
3    Stowell, N. Dwight     215 Forest Hill Dr.
10   Strait, Jessie Elizabeth     207 W. Lafayette Ave.
2    Street, Ella M.     1016 First North St.
10   Streeter, Nelson R.     246 W. Lafayette Ave.
2    Strodel, Nellie Flynn (Mrs. Robert Mathew)     134 Dale St.
1    Suits, Alfred Raymond     110 Prospect Ave.
9    Suits, Mrs. R. Mary Peckham     100 Wood Ave.
      Summerfield, Mrs. Flora     Sherrill, N. Y.
6    Sumner, Ernest T.     750 Ostrom Ave.
6    Sumner, Edith Thayer (Mrs. E. T.)     750 Ostrom Ave.
5    Swaites, Dorothy Crabtree (Mrs. LeRoy)     325 S. Crouse Ave.
5    Swinnerton, Frances     719 E. Genesee St.

(page 56)
      Taber, Frank A.     53 W. Girard Blvd., Kenmore, N. Y.
      Taber, Clara B. Eddy (Mrs. F. A.)     53 W. Girard Blvd., Kenmore, N. Y.
7    Tallmadge, Josiah     103 Trinity Pl.
7    Tallmadge, Florence Lockwood (Mrs. Josiah)     103 Trinity Pl.
7    Tallmadge, Florence J.     103 Trinity, Pl.
7    Tallmadge, Ruth E.     103 Trinity Pl.
9    Tanny, Byrle B.     112 Oxford St.
7    Tapner, Grace     426 Beattie St.
2    Tapper, Joseph R.     1410 Oak St.
2    Tapper, Matilda E. Macomber (Mrs. J. R.)     1410 Oak St.
2    Tapper, Donald R.     1410 Oak St.
3    Tapper, Vernon Arthur    104 Woodbine Ave.
3    Tapper, Varna Jones (Mrs. V. A.)     104 Woodbine Ave.
      Taylor, Austin Calvin     Chestnut St., North Syracuse, N. Y.
      Taylor, Gerald C.     National Sanatorium, No. 4 Barracks, Marion, Ind.
7    Taylor, H. Janet     951 Salt Springs Rd.
8    Taylor, Helena Hunziker (Mrs. Herbert B.)     204 May Ave.
3    Taylor, J. Morgan     223 Woodbind Ave.
3    Taylor, Selma Peterson (Mrs. J. M.)     223 Woodbine Ave.
      Taylor, John Roy     2847 Webb Ave., Apt. 2-E, New York City
      Taylor, Gretchen Bronson (Mrs. J. R.)     2847 Webb Ave., Apt. 2-E, New York City
9    Taylor, Clara E. Canfield (Mrs. Williard L.)     147 W. Kennedy St.
4    Teall, Howard L.     1905 Court St.
4    Teall, Sue H. Terry (Mrs. H. L.)     1905 Court St.
4    Teall, Dorothy C.     1905 Court St.
8    Templar, William R.     333 Hillview Ave.
3    Templeton, Frank Howard     336 S. Collingwood Ave.
3    Templeton, Marion Landers (Mrs. F. H.)     336 S. Collingwood Ave.
3    Templeton, Richard Leslie     336 S. Collingwood Ave.
10   Tennant, Kathryn Fisher (Mrs. Clifford Thomas)     705 Avery Ave.
4    Terry, Helen M. Perkins (Mrs. Edwin L.)     602 Oswego St.
4    Terry, Jessie S.     602 Oswego St.
4    Terwilliger, James E.     208 N. Townsend St.
10   Thayer, Mary Adelaide (Mrs. George E.)     3009 S. Salina St.
      Theurer, Ethel Humphry (Mrs. Harold Shallish)     60 Clinton St., Seneca Falls, N. Y.
      Thomas, Mrs. C. F.     Stop 6, South Bay Rd.
      Thomas, G. M.     R. D. 1, North Syracuse, N. Y.

(page 57)
      Thomas, Mrs. G. M.     R. D. 1, North Syracuse, N. Y.
3    Thiebeau, Mary Andrews (Mrs. Jerry M.)     130 Peck Ave.
3    Thiebeau, James B.     130 Peck Ave.
3    Thiebeau, Jerry A.     130 Peck Ave.
3    Thiebeau, Robert W.     130 Peck Ave.
      Thompson, Ethel M. (Mrs. Ira)     251 Broad St., Montoursville, Pa.
7    Thompson, Thomas     432 Fellows Ave.
3    Thorndill, Frank D.     416 S. Collingwood Ave.
3    Thorndill, Vernie J. Allen (Mrs. F. D.)     416 S. Collingwood Ave.
3    Thorndill, Frank Daniel     416 S. Collingwood Ave.
3    Thorndill, Harriet M.     416 S. Collingwood Ave.
10   Thorne, Bessie C. Kingsnorth (Mrs. G. R.)     4011 S. Salina St.
6    Thorpe, Clara B.     873 Ackerman Ave.
5    Thurlow, Lucinda A. Wilkinson (Mrs. Walter)     149 James St.
      Tibbits, Mrs. Alice     c/o Mrs. W. Avery, Hastings, N. Y.
      Tibbits, Clavert     58 Schuyler St., Oswego, N. Y.
      Tierney, Edna Soule (Mrs. John Joseph)     R. D. 2, Liverpool, N. Y.
      Tiffany, Pauline E.     75 Laurelton Rd., Rochester, N. Y.
      Tifft, Mrs. Eva S.     319 Palmer Ave.
5    Tillotson, Mrs. Minnie S.     102 Madison St.
4    Todd, Fred L.     416 W. Onondaga St.
4    Todd, Margaret (Mrs. F. L.)     416 W. Onondaga St.
1    Todd, Hazel O.     331 Whittier Ave.
      Todd, Samuel J.   812 N. Anderson St., Tacoma, Wash.
      Todd, Florence (Mrs. S. J.)     812 N. Anderson St., Tacoma, Wash.
      Tolman, Mrs. Mary F.     17 Mechanic St., Hudson Falls, N. Y.
      Thompson, Peter     Warners, N. Y.
9    Tooke, Chandler S.     107 Ballard Ave.
9    Tooke, Elnora M. Pattat (Mrs. C. S.)     107 Ballard Ave.
9    Tooke, Helen E.       107 Ballard Ave.
9    Tooke, Martha L.     107 Ballard Ave.
10   Totten, Mrs. Mary     Dutton Ave., Nedrow
10   Trafton, Lena (Mrs. F. B.)     110 McClure Ave.
4    Trombley, Rena J. Green (Mrs. Richard B.)     177 Lincoln Ave.
6    Tupper, Mary Alice Perry (Mrs. Amida J.)     117 Standart St.
6    Tupper, Celia A. P.     117 Standart St.

(page 58)
7    Turner, Mrs. May S. Smith     419 Seeley Rd.
      Turo, Fred     R. D. 3, Camillus, N. Y.
4    Tuttle, Earl     197 Lincoln Ave.
      Tuttle, Eloise Lippitt (Mrs. Harry W.)     Fayetteville, N. Y.
1    Twitchell, Clarence H.     248 Coleridge Ave.
1    Twitchell, Mrs. Clarence H.     248 Coleridge Ave.

5    Unsworth, Mrs. Marie     656 S. Warren St.
5    Unsworth, Florence     656 S. Warren St.
5    Unsworth, Mary E.     656 S. Warren St.

8    VanAmbrugh, Thola D.     315 Hudson St.
3    VanBenschoten, Doris Orcutt (Mrs. Odell)     127 Cook Ave.
7    VanBlarcum, Ellen P. Stone (Mrs. Clarence C.)     219 Cambridge St.
10    VanBuskirk, Harriet M. Mosher (Mrs. R. C.)     128 Richfield Ave.
      VanDeCarr, Doris Bahn (Mrs. Norman)     4 Nunda Blvd., Rochester, N. Y.
9    Vandenburg, Harry     146 Leon St.
10    VanDeusen, Clinton F.     106 Cutler Ave., East Syracuse, N. Y.
8    VanEpps, DeForest     113 Markland Ave.
8    VanEpps, Mrs. DeForest      113 Markland Ave.
5    VanHooser, Bertha A. Hughes (Mrs. Frank)     906 S. Townsend Ave.
2    VanPatten, Nellie     1116½ Park St.
2    VanValkenburg, Frances     1209 Lodi St.
6    VanWagnen, Ada A. (Mrs. John J.)     733 Maryland Ave.
3    VanWie, May Fuller (Mrs. Charles A.)     407 Nichols Ave.
6    Varney, Ella M. Johnson (Mrs. A. L.)     820 Livingston Ave.
4    Vaughan, Mildred A.     133 Holland St.
9    Vedder, Bradford F.     146 W. Kennedy St.
9    Vedder, Ada V. Holley (Mrs. B. F.)     146 W. Kennedy St.
10   Vedder, Mildred Severson (Mrs. Maurice C.)     728 Valley Dr.
      Vermilyea, Mrs. Florence M.       8 Maple Ave., Greenwich, Conn.
2    Vinney, Freda A.     132 Mayar St.
6    Vinney, Gertrude M.       803 University Ave.
      Virgil, Mrs. Jennie      R. D. 1, East Syracuse, N. Y.
2    Virkler, Ezra J.     319 Beecher St.
2    Virkler, Maude L. Brown (Mrs. E. J.)     319 Beecher St.
1    Vischer, Edna Young (Mrs. John F.)     312 Coleridge Ave.

(page 59)
      Volzer, Theodore E.     59 Cottage St., Rocherster, N. Y.
      Volzer, Mrs. Theodore E.     59 Cottage St., Rochester, N. Y.
9    Voorhees, Mary     917 Midland Ave.

      Wade, Ada Safford (Mrs. Harris)     79 Reynolds, N. Y.
2    Wainwright , Charlse S.       809 Cadillac Ave.
2    Wainwright, Lucy Scheninger (Mrs. C. S.)     809 Cadalliac Ave.
6    Waite, Mrs. Alma     107 College Pl.
6    Waite, Craig Wentworth     122 Midland Ave.
4    Waite, Ruth      1148 W. Onondaga St.
9    Wallace, May Editha Massey (Mrs. G. H.)      106 ElizabethSt.
7    Wallace R. N.      180 Fellows Ave.
4    Walrath, Claude B.     210 Fitch St.
8    Walrath, Mrs. Cora B. Rogers     210 Lincoln Ave.
       Walrath, Stella M. (Mrs. F. L.)     316 N. Jefferson St., Albany, Ga.
4    Walti, Carl A.     255 Fitch St.
4    Walti, Ruth Sutherland (Mrs. C. A.)     255 Fitch St.
3    Walton, Harry     206 Woodbine Ave.
10   Walts, Franklin E.     Roswell Ave., Nedrow
10   Wands, Catherine Hagadorn (Mrs. James D.)     205 Orchard Rd., Solvay
      Ward, Mrs. Gertrude Rogers     R. D. 3, East Syracuse, N. Y.
5    Waring, Charles O.     328 E. Genesee St.
2    Warman, Donald D.     110 Williston Ave.
2    Warman, Dora E. Powers (Mrs. D. D.)     110 Williston Ave.
10   Warmhout, Albert H.     620 Cannon St.
10   Warmhout, Hattie Sablin (Mrs. A. H.)     620 Cannon St.
10    Warmhout, Mrs. Clara J. Tuthill     620 Cannon St.
4    Warne, Charles     Cor. Grand Ave and Herriman St.
1    Warner, Edward M.     134 Granger St.
1    Warner, Elmer McN.     134 Granger St.
4    Warner, Mrs. L. L.     145 Linden St.
6    Warner, M. Eva      110 Stadium Pl.
5    Warren, Mae Hilda Weaver (Mrs. George William)     566 Cedar St.
4     Waterhouse, Frederick B.     505 Delaware St.

(page 60)
4    Waterhouse, Retta M. Avery (Mrs. F. B.)     505 Delaware St.
3    Waters, Almeda C.     3008 James St.
4    Watier, Ruth E.     Bellewood Ave., Walgrove Park, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y.
10   Watrous, Watson R.     611 W. Newell St.
10   Watrous, Adeline Ruland (Mrs. W. R.)     611 W. Newell St.
6    Watson, Bertha (Mrs. Arthur E.)     1421 Madison St.
3    Watson, William V.     135 Ashdale Ave.
4    Weaver, Mrs. Sadie    314 Seymour St.
9    Webb, Earl     250 Crescent Ave.
      Weber, Conrad     Vickery Pl., R. D.. Liverpool, N. Y.
      Weber , Emma Mohr (Mrs. Conrad)     Vickery Pl., R. D., Liverpool, N. Y.
      Webster, Mrs. Minnie A.     43 Alsop St., Jamaica, L. I.
2    Weed, Iva Huxtable (Mrs. Dennis)     110 Gilbert St.
2    Weed, Florence S.     110 Gilbert St.
      Weitzel, W. S.       3651 Hins Rd., St. Petersburg, Fla.
      Weitzel, Mrs. W. S.     3651 Hins Rd., St. Petersburg, Fla.
2    Welch, David     805 Park St.
10   Weller, Don Raymond     142 E. Matson Ave.
10   Weller, Laura J. Smith (Mrs. D. R.)     142 E. Matson Ave.
      Wemple, Alice Morgan (Mrs. B. J.)     219 W. Montgomery St., Johnstown, N. Y.
      Wemyss, Althea E. (Mrs. Walter F.)     47 Brevoort Pl. c/o Mrs. Edmunds Brooklyn, N. Y.
10    Wertman, Maude G. (Mrs. Jacob R.)     512 First St., Liverpool, N. Y.
9    West, Orlando C.     1527 S. Salina St.
9    West, Marion Lesley     1527 S. Salina St.
      West, Sarah (Mrs. George)     Sayre Pa.
2    West, Cora Wheeler (Mrs. William)     120 Lemoyne St.
6    Westlake, Edward James     100 Oakland Ave.
6    Westlake, Lucille     100 Oakland Ave.
3    Wheeler, Herman A.     139 Gertrude St.
3    Wheeler, Josie Howard (Mrs. H. A.)     139 Gertrude St.
2    Wheelock, Sybil Webber (Mrs. Joseph H.)     1204 First North St.
4    White, Susie Jennings (Mrs. Addison F., Jr.)     900 Bellevue Ave.
7    White, Edith Greaves (Mrs. Edgar A.)     200 Roosevelt Ave.
7    White, Edgar Greaves     127 Miles Ave.
3    White, Mrs. Eudora S. Mooney     122 Green St.
3    White, James     113 Green St.
3    White, Sarah A. Pepper (Mrs. James)     113 Green St.
      Whitehead, Ethel Kendrick (Mrs. Floyd D.)     100 Hamden Dr., Lyncourt Lawns
10   Whitelam, Jennie Moulter (Mrs. George)     2408 Midland Ave.
9    Whiteside, John Elton     1315 S. Salina St.

(page 61)
1    Whitford, Emory     211 Tioga St.
1    Whitford, Maude Adams (Mrs. Emory)     211 Tioga St.
1     Whitford, Edward     211 Tioga St.
9    Whitford, Mary     1818 S. State St.
9    Whitford, Noble E.     1818 S. State St.
9    Whitford, Oscar R.     1818 S. State St.
      Whitford, Dr. Warren     Lake Placid Club, Lake Placid, N. Y.
3    Whiting, Mrs. Charles P.     104 Woodbine Ave.
3    Whiting, Robert S.     104 Woodbine Ave.
9    Whitney, Belle E.     1033 Montgomery St.
10   Wiard, Lena (Mrs. W. M.)     1148 Cannon St.
6    Wickes, Lavina Heindorf (Mrs. Henry P.)     830 Livingston Ave.
10   Wicks, Nina B. Weeks (Mrs. Clarence P.)     150 Seeley Ave.
10   Wicks, C. James     150 Seeley Ave.
10   Wicks, Irene May     150 Seeley Ave.
9    Wightman, Mrs. Lois B. Hammond     103 Beacon St.
9    Wightman, Doris L.     103 Beacon St.
9    Wightman, Dorothy E.     103 Beacon St.
8    Wilber, Ethel Harding (Mrs. Ernst M.)     129 E. Bissell St.
10   Wilcox, Alice M. West (Mrs. Elbert Lewis)     3308 S. Salina St.
2    Wilcox, Florence B.     607 Bear St.
2    Wilcox, Karl W.     607 Bear St.
8    Wilcox, Harold E.     131 Cheney St.
8    Wilcox, Grace Otis (Mrs. H. E.)     131 Cheney St.
9    Wilcoxen, Viola E.     208 E. Castle St.
8    Wilkins, Clarence W.     1624 W. Colvin St.
8    Wilkins, Mary I. Orr (Mrs. C. W.)     1624 W. Colvin St.
4    Wilkinson, Crowther L.     332 Hoefler St.
      Williams, Edward James     1838 E. 101st St., Cleveland, Ohio
      Williams, Ernest E.     Fayetteville, N. Y.
3    Williams, Edith Delano (Mrs. James)     135 Green St.
3    Williams, Frederick G.     135 Green St.
10   Williams, Cornie Ford (Mrs. G. B.)     221 Amherst Ave.
5    Williams, Mrs. G. S.     Yates Hotel, Parlor C.
8    Williams, Alice I. (Mrs. Harold C.)     604 Summit Ave.
7    Williams, Harrison E.     151 Harwood Ave.
7    Williams, Annie Buck (Mrs. H. E.)     151 Harwood Ave.
4    Williams, Howard F.     226 Holland St.
6    Williamson, Florence     611 Comstock Ave.
9    Willis, Mrs. Ida B. Lain     1020 Midland Ave.

(page 62)
3    Willis, Thomas E.     111 Green St.
3    Willis, Catherine Waters (Mrs. T. E.)     111 Green St.
3    Willis, William R.     111 Green St.
6    Wilson, Claude L.     117 Standart St.
6    Wilson, Eva L. Tupper (Mrs. C. L.)     117 Standart St.
10    Wilson, Leslie H.     354 W. Ostrander Ave.
1    Wilson, Martha T. Gee (Mrs. L. H.)     400 Wilkinson St.
10   Winnie, Edgar Humphrey     146 W. Newell St.
10   Winnie, Electa (Mrs. E. H.)     146 W. Newell St.
1    Winter, Marion Whitford (Mrs. Neil H.)     310 Tioga St.
2    Witter, Mrs. Hattie J. Zankel     200 Sweeting St.
10   Wolcott, Herbert E.     4502 S. Salina St.
10    Wolcott, Alta Curtis (Mrs. H. E.)     4502 S. Salina St.
5    Wolcott, Mrs. Ida     500 Irving Ave.
5    Wolcott, Helen F.     500 Irving Ave.
3    Wolnstein, Genevieve Richardson (Mrs. Samuel)      708 James St.
2    Wood, Gerald H.     720 Bear St.
2    Wood, Charlotte I. Manning (Mrs. G. H.)      720 Bear St.
      Wood, Harold G.     2739 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, Ky.
      Wood, Mrs. J. A.     Box 503, Baylor College, Belton, Texas
      Wood, Kenneth     Box 503, Baylor College, Belton, Texas
3    Wood, Mona M. Ogden (Mrs. Lawrence Almon)    521 Wendell Ter.
2    Wood, Mary E.     111 Gilbert St.
8    Wood, Ruth Virginia     324 South Ave.
9    Woodford, Ida Petrie (Mrs. E. M.)     2010 S. Salina St.
10   Woodworth, Mrs. Clara Gillette     345 W. Ostrander Ave.
      Woodworth, Mrs. Lorena M.     Main St., North Syracuse, N. Y.
      Wooster, Florence Robinson (Mrs. Charles S.)     Middleville, N. Y.
5    Worlock, Marvel Virginia     240 Tallman St.
2    Worlock, William W.     145 Greenland Dr.
3    Wray, Emily Flanagan (Mrs. Edward Frederick)     308 Woodbine Ave.
8    Wright, Hubert J., Jr.     556 Roberts Ave.

1    Yale, Roy W.     202 Leavenworth Ave.
10    Yorton, Carl Edmund     409 Bishop Ave.
10    Yorton, Edith Marie      409 Bishop Ave.
9    Young, Adam     1203 Midland Ave.
9    Young, Katherine Elizabeth     1203 Midland Ave.
9    Young, Marion Pauline     1203 Midland Ave.
5    Young, Albert H.     409 E. Laurel St.
9    Young, Bert L.     371 Furman St.

(page 63)
9    Young, Bessie A. (Mrs. B. L.)     371 Furman St.
9    Young, Clarence C.     113 Beard Pl.
9    Young, Mary Couse (Mrs. C. C.)     113 Beard Pl.
6    Young, George     1104 E. Genesee St.
6    Young, Ida Lankton (Mrs. George)     1104 E. Genesee St.
2    Young, Helen     141 Lilac St.
9    Young, Margaret Wightman (Mrs. Howard E.)     103 Beacon St.
9    Young, William H.     225 Tremont St.
      Young, William Howard     R. D. 2, Memphis, N. Y.

3    Zuill, Mrs. Minnie     1307 Northcliffe Rd.
1    Zysset, Bertha L.     906 Myrtle St.
1    Zysset, Rose A.     906 Myrtle St.

(page 64 – 66)
Here are some names to which we cannot now attach correct addresses.  If you can help us make our records complete, your attention to the matter will be greatly appreciated.  Read over these names carefully, and help us to discover where these peope are now living.

Blanche Abbott, Paul B. Adams, Mrs. Catherine Denesha Adamsick, Joseph L. Adrian, Margaret Alexander, Helen Kittell Algiers (Mrs. James), Carrie T. Allen (Mrs. James), Ethel MacIntosh Anderson (Mrs. Gustave Arndt), Willamina Henry Armstrong (Mrs. F. L.), Charles N. Arnold, Evestyne Crump Arnold (Mrs. Mason B.), William E. Bach, Mrs. Hattie Elliott Bailey, Clara Louise Boos, Mrs. Gladys Bordner, Paul William Brady, Eugene Louis Bresson, Jr., Muriel Crawford Bresson (Mrs. E. L., Jr.), Gladys Marion Closson Brooksbank (Mrs. H.), Edith Sahm Brown (Mrs. O. G.), Ruth Esther Johnson Brown (Mrs. Richard, Jr.), Flora Klasi Burchard (Mrs. William), Helen Ruth Miller Burke (Mrs. Richard E.), Mary Van Pelt Burns (Mrs. John L.), Edythe Radley Burtch (Mrs. Herbert), Frank Capen, Melville L. Cable, Tracy E. Card, Leon L. Carpenter, Frances J. Cartwright, Reginald Case, Sarah Stott Chandler (Mrs. Arlington), Mrs. Beulah B. Brown Chew, Leonard J. Church, Grace Martin Clark (Mrs. George), George L. Clook, Ivah Ann Closson, Cornelia Corbin, Rowland Robert Cottet, Earl T. Cowles.

Kenneth J. Darrow, Raymond E. Dealing, Mrs. Erma E. Dearth, Maynard Seymour Dearth, Mrs. Olive Peake Delaney, Augusta Emma Denmark, Flora Hopkins Monahan Derby (Mrs. J. O.), A. Hugh Dial, Paul B. Dibble, Raymond F. Donnell, Mrs. Matilda M. Harger Doyle, Dorothy Meyers Dwyer (Mrs. Raymond H.), Rose Elded, Arlena Erickson, Georgia Eva Moss Essig (Mrs. Henry William), Kenneth Fellows, Carrie Ferguson, John Edward Ferguson, Cora M. Amidon Files (Mrs. William W.), Frederick Arthur Freeman, Russell Worthington Freeman, Edward Benjamin French, Dr. Harold Galbraith, Olga Gale, Mrs. Marcia Gates, Charlotte Hauser Geller (Mrs. Frank), Doris Brown Gifford (Mrs. Bert), Madge Washburn Gonyea (Mrs. Ernest), Jessie B. Grant, Lousia Green (Mrs. George R.), Loretta May Gunther.

A. Eugene Hall, Mrs. A. Eugene Hall, Melda B. Plummer Hallenback (Mrs. Richard), William Arthur Harden, Ethel G. Bull Hardin (Mrs. Jerome C.), Joseph H. Hardy, Augusta Harrington (Mrs. Chauncey), J. Howard Hinkley, Ethel Hopkins Hinman(Mrs., Velton L.), Minnie VanAuken Howard (Mrs. William I.), Edward Henry Hunt, Charles Browning Huntington, Lyman H. Huntley, Robert J. Hyatt, Henry Irving Jacobs, Ernest Jones, Mary E. Jones (Mrs. J. B.), Helen Evelyn Joyce, Chester F. Juredini, Gordon M. Juredini, Grace Odell Keefer, Mrs. William Kendrick, Frank B. Knapp, Mrs. Elizabeth LaPlain, Mrs. Walter E. Larson, Arthur J. Laurin, Robert Amos Lawyer, Helen M. Jeffrey Lewis (Mrs. M.), Mrs. Emma Lincoln, Irene Lind, Allena Dwight Little (Mrs. William), Grace Wildridge Lunn (Mrs. Percy), Albert Lous Lyboult, Herbert R. Lyon.

Louis F. McCann, Benjamin H. McClurg, Agnes C. McClurg (Mrs. Benjamin H.), Mrs. Ella H. Dean McDermott, George MacKown, Russell B. Malcolm, George Marshall Maloney, Joseph Byron Mason, John S. Meyer, Carlton R. Miller, Cranston Loraine Miller, Ellamae Yordon Miller (Mrs. C. L.), Jessie Miller (Mrs. F. W.), Harold R. Miller, Karl H. Misner, E. N. Mitchell, Mrs. E. N. Mitchell, J. H. Moffett, Fred F. Monk, Frank E. Mosner, George Solomon Mullett, Etta Maud Mullet (Mrs. Geoge S.), Albertos Leroy Mullet, Clarence Mullet, George William Mullet, Louisa M. Hamel Munger (Mrs. Fred F.), Arvilla Esther Murdock, Edward S. Murray, Mrs. Fannie M. Stephens Myers, Fred Myers, Mrs. Minnie Nichols, Mrs. Louise Obie, Jane Hawley Parker (Mrs. H. Keppel, Jr.), Helen L. Beakbane Perry (Mrs. Harvey C.), James M. Phillips, Jessie Mitchell Player, Kenneth Sheldon Porter, Florence Marie Powlesland, Florence Hazel Hook Putnam (Mrs. Earl), Myrtle M. Farley Putterick (Mrs. Frank).

Donald Austin Race, Dorothy Evelyn Radley, Mable Eleanor Radley, Mattie Darou Randall (Mrs. George), Mary Healey Ranger (Mrs. William), Kenneth Ranney, Mildred Louise Ransom, Merton E. Ransom, Mrs. Minnie Richardson, Leo Warren Rickard, John Kenneth Robertson, Esther E. Alexander Robertson (Mrs. Robert B.), Catherine Vincent Robinson (Mr. Clarence), Wesley J. Ross, Ruth E. Saunders, Rhoda E. Merrill Scharoun (Mrs. Robert),  Mrs. Katherine G. Schuyler, Betha Breed Sears (Mrs. S. Edgar), Mrs. Edna Farr Sebring, Charles Seidel, Benjamin H. Selleck, Maud Sharp (Mrs. William H.), Minnie Lamphere Shepard (Mrs. William), E. Duane Sherwood, Henry F. Sherwood, Mrs. J. L. Sherwood, Dewitt F. Smith, Mrs. Maria Smith, Madelin Rowbotham Snell (Mrs. Gerald Austin), Laverne A. Soule, George S. Spase, Irene M. Springer, Minnie Haney Springsteen (Mrs. Richard D.), Jessie Beasanson Stahler (Mrs. Charles K.), Harold Glenn Stafford, Helen Russell Stebbins (Mrs. Charles), Mamie Stebbins, Lulu Shaw Rosenthal Stewart (Mrs. Frank), Aleta Belle Streeter, Frederic Holley Streeter, Theda Bara Elizabeth Streeter, Wilbur Bernard Stroup.

Myrtle Carlson Tanner (Mrs. William), Sylvia Briggs Tasker (Mrs. Joshua Wilder), Mrs. Ida M. Taylor, Charles F. Teller, Lillian Blair Terwilliger (Mrs. J. E.), Richard Thompson, Marion Bentley Townes (Mrs. Harry G.), Irene Abbey Townsend (Mrs. Sylvester), Luella May Towsley, Dorrance Oliver Tyler, Martin Elmer Vought, Smith Vreeland, Ruth Howard Vreeland (Mrs. Smith), Margaret Doertzbach Waite (Mrs. Albert), Vernon James Webb, Mills O. Webber, Etta Webber (Mrs. Mills O.), Carrie Terwilliger Weber (Mrs. Edward J.), Lawrence Weeks, Anna Wente (Mrs. Herman J.), Mary Louise Wormuth, George West, Oliva Ethelyn West, William Weston, Ellen Manion Wilkin (Mrs. Arthur), Arthur H. Williams, Pearl Williams (Mrs. A. H.), Edward Andrew Wilson, Ida W. Wolfarth (Mrs. Charles), Rosamond Tibbetts Wood (Mrs. Charles Fred), John Wood, Fannie Wopat, Anita I. Wright, Maud Wheelock Wright (Mrs. Howard), Dr. Tyree C. Wyatt, Dudley Yakely, John Jacob Yoran, Lyman Young.