Union Congregational Society


Towns of Manlius and Pompey

Submitted by Kathy Crowell

Miscellaneous Records, Onondaga County Courthouse (B,45):

To all to whom these presents may come Mr. David Olmsted and Peter B. Messenger of the Towns of Manlius & Pompey do hereby Certify that at a meeting of a number of the male inhabitants of the towns of Manlius and Pompey in the County of Onondaga holden at the Meeting House in the town of Manlius (being members of the late) Union Congregation Society, for the purpose of re-incorporating themselves and the said Society in pursuance of the Eleventh section of an act entitled "an act to provide for the Incorporation of religious societies" - passed the 27th March 1801 holden on the fourteenth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and seven due notice having been previously given of said meeting agreeably to the directions of said act we being members of the Church & congregation then assembled (there being no "Elders or Church wardens" present) were duly Elected to hold the said Meeting and be the returning officers of the same - And we do also certify that Benjamin Sanford, Jacobus DePuy, Peter B. Messenger, Benjamin Morehouse, Stephen Hungerford, David Olmsted, David Hibbard, Ebenezer Butler, Junior and George Eager were duly re-elected as trustees by said meeting and were voted to be known as called and distinguished they and their successors forever thereafter by the name, stile and title of the Union Congregational Society.  In Testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands & seals the 14th day of October A.D. 1807.  David Olmsted, Peter B. Messinger.  Sealed & delivered in presence of Wm. Eager, Augustus Tyler.  Onondaga County.  Be it remembered that on the fifteenth day of October One thousand Eight hundred and seven personally came the within named and discribed David Olmsted and Peter Messinger and made solemn oath that what is set forth in the within instrument is the truth they were sworn before me on the day above mentioned.  Asa Danforth one of the Judge of the County of Onondaga.  Recorded the fifteenth day of October Eighteen hundred and seven.  John VanPelt Dep. Clk.

Submitted 7 June 1998