Union Congregational Society


Towns of Manlius and Pompey

Submitted by Kathy Crowell

Miscellaneous Records, Onondaga County Courthouse (A,44):

This may Certafy home it may concern that at a Meeting of the freeholders and Inhabatance of the North part of the town of Pompey and South part of the town of Manlius on the fifth day of July in the Year One thousand eight hundred & three, at the house of Ebenezer Butler jr. Esquire In said town of Manlius agreeable to previous notice given according to Law for the porpus of forming a society and chuseing Trustees and Voteing the name & title of said Society - their being no proper Officer to inspect said Meeting Voted that David Olmsted & Jedediah Cleveland be the parsons to attend said Meeting and be the returning Officers agreeable to Law - Voted that the name & stile of the Society be Union Congregational Society - Voted that Ebenezer Butler junr., Ralph R. Phelps, Daniel Campbell, Joseph Strong, Elijah Rust, Jeremiah Gould, Aaron Woods, Nathaniel Weston and Jacobus DePuy be the Trustees of said Society agreeable to Law.  Given under our hands and seals the day & year above written Jedediah Cleveland, David Olmsted.  Signed, Sealed & Delivered In presence of N.B. the name & stile of the Society wrote on a  tasuer(?) and intelined before signed Ebenr. Butler Jr., Wm. Olmsted.  Be it remembered that on the fifty day of July in the Year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred & three parsonaly appeared before me Ebenezer Butler Jr. one of the Judges of the Courts of Common pleas in and for the County of Onondaga David Olmsted & Jedediah Cleveland the within Signer parsons to me known to be the parsons described in and who have executed the within Surtificet(?) who acknowledged that they signed, sealed and delivered the same as their Valantary Act and Deed for the uses and popuses therein mentioned. I haveing acsamined the same and finding no meteral alteration or interlination more then those noted do alow the same to be recorded.  Ebenr. Butler Jun.  Recorded the seventh day of December Eighteen hundred & three.  Jasper Hopper  Clk.

Submitted 7 June 1998