City of Syracuse

Submitted by Kathy Crowell

Source:  Dwight H. Bruce (ed.), Onondaga's Centennial.  Boston History Co., 1896, Vol. I, p. 536.

The organization of this church was due mainly to the need of religious accommodations in the Fifth ward.  Meetings were held about 1870-71 in the Cook block, the society grew in numbers and early in 1872 steps were taken towards building a house of worship, and the site was purchased.  Work was begun on the building in August, 1872, and the excavation was completed in September, at which time Rev. John J. Kennedy was appointed pastor of the congregation, and the society was incorporated.  The building was vigorously prosecuted and the corner stone laid June 22, 1873; the basement of the building was first occupied for worship November 1, 1873.  The structure was finished and dedicated December 23, 1875, by Rt. Rev. Francis McNierny.  Rev. Dr. Kennedy succeeded Rev. Dr. Lynch as vicar-general.  He also bears the title of Monsignor.

Submitted 18 July 1998