City of Syracuse

Submitted by Kathy Crowell

Source:  Dwight H. Bruce (ed.), Onondaga's Centennial.  Boston History Co., 1896, Vol. I, p. 520.

The society of this name is also known as the Covenanter church, its membership having been largely constituted of members of that church in Scotland and Ireland who came to this country in 1840.  After engaging preaching by supplies for some years, the congregation was formally organized into a church in 1849, with about forty five members and the following officers:  Elders, John Service, John McChesney, James McChesney; deacons, William Faulkner, John Scott, Joseph McClure.  John Newell was ordained and installed pastor May 6, 1851, and remained two years.  Rev. J. M. Johnson was installed in 1859, and remained about six years; in 1867 Rev. J. M. Armour was installed, and was succeeded December 8, 1874, by Rev. S. R. Wallace.

Submitted 12 July 1998