South Onondaga United Methodist Church & The Cole Family

South Onondaga, Onondaga Co., NY

March 21, 1985

On January 17, 1884 an enthusiastic audience met to dedicate the new church -- the South Onondaga Methodist Episcopal Church. Most of the work was done by day employees but on the day of the dedication there was still a $600.00 debt. The question arose, should the church be mortgaged or try to raise the amount. Elder IVES preached and then called for $100.00 subscriptions. No response. Then he called for $50.00 volunteers and several trustees led off. Then lower and lower pledges were called and a hat collection was taken. The necessary amount was raised and the church was dedicated free from debt. The total cost of the church was around $8000.00. (This account was taken from a history written by secretary, trustee, elder or whomever at the time). According to the book entitled "South Onondaga and Vicinity to 1904" by W. W. Newman - Contributors were listed in the Syracuse newspaper with the amount that they contributed. There were more than 150 individuals who gave cash contributions. In this book I found that Elisha and Emily COLE gave $190.00. Also in the list of members I found the names Elisha COLE, Edson COLE, Rosa COLE. There is a beautiful stained glass window in our church with the following inscription: Sterling COLE (1790-1860) and Anna P. COLE (1799-1848) By Elisha COLE and Emily M. ANNABLE COLE These windows were made of Scotch Cathedral Glass manufactured in England, put together by Charles DAVIS and Son of Utica and cost $335.00. After the windows were installed the inscriptions on the windows were offered to families $50 for a single pane and $100.00 for a double pane. The COLE family purchased a double pane. This window in memory of Elisha and Emily COLE is near the pulpit on the west side of the church. Elisha and Emily COLE were members of this church; they were received in the church sometime before 1872 (possibly in 1868) Elisha was A Class Leader in April 1874 to September 1874. He was a Stewart from 1872 to 1874. They both were members of the church until their death. In 1874 a Rev. O. C. COLE was the minister of this church -- I was unable to ascertain whether he was a relation to this COLE family. George COLE became a member in June 16, 1872 but left through transfer in 1877. He had been baptized on June 24, 1871. Edson COLE and Rosa COLE became members on May 11, 1902, transferring from Onondaga Valley. They transferred from our church on March 22, 1934. Edson COLE was a Sunday School Superintendent for many years. Rev. Ernest WILLIAMS was the minister here when they became members. Sterling COLE, Ruth COLE, Gladys COLE (PERRY) all became members on February 26, 1922. They were all single and the minister here at the time was Rev. G. E. CAMPBELL. Sterling transferred from our church on October 24, 1931 to the State Street Methodist Episcopal Church in Fulton. Gladys COLE PERRY died in South Onondaga some time in the 1950's [sic] - a most lovely little laldy - she would walk to work in Syracuse each day (usually someone going in or coming home would pick her up). I remember that she was a lovely person and made the most delicious baked goods. She was bringing up her family all alone as I recall. I found the following data but do not know if it is the same family: Jessie COLE - baptized as an adult by Rev. H. H. HOFFMIRE by sprinkling at the church. Rev. HOFFMIRE was minister 1891-1895. Eddie COLE from Tully was received into membership December 23, 1895, then removed from church rolls. Anna COLE received probation on January 17, 1872, and discontinued by request May 24, 1872. Now I will give you the relationships in the COLE family: Elisha COLE married Emily M. ANNABLE 1) They had a son George who had a son Edson. Edson had three children, Sterling, Ruth, Gladys. 2) They had a son Charles, who had a son Harrison and daughter Rhea. Charles remarried after death of his wife to Nellie NICHOLS who had two children, Beulah and Homer. 3) Harrison married Lucy ENDERS and had a son named Robert (now deceased) - his widow is Lucille COLE STORIER. 4) Rhea married a Harry STEVENS (deceased) and had a son Paul (now deceased) and a daughter Eleanor. Eleanor married Maurice HITCHINGS and they have two children - Jeanine and Duane - both living. 5) Homer NICHOLS is now deceased. 6) Beulah NICHOLS married Winfield TANNER, Sr., and they had two children Dorothy McMASTER and Winfield TANNER, Sr. They are all deceased. Dorothy McMASTER had two children - Bob and Caroline - both are married and have families. Winfield TANNER, Jr., married Jean (Jane) USHERWOOD and had two children - Scott and Melissa. Scott is married to Lori DeORDIO. Melissa is not married. Melissa is a member of the South Onondaga Church today. Both Bob and Caroline McMASTER are married and have children. Sincerely, J__ette

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