Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian Church

Town of Salina

Source:  History of Onondaga County, by Prof. W. W. Clayton, D. Mason & Co., Syracuse, NY, 1878, pp. 263-264

Presbyterian Church - Rev. H. C. Hazen, of Manlius, under date of Dec. 17, 1877, furnishes the following data with regard to this Church:  The first services were held in the second story of the building now used as a meat market and grocery by W. F. Lee.  School was held during the week in the two rooms on the first floor.  The building then stood in about the center of Washington Park.  In this building Rev. Phineas Camp preached two years, beginning in the winter of 1828-9.  The Presbyterian Church was organized November 9, 1829, and consisted of nine persons, viz:  John Dickson, Martha Dickson, Martha O. Dickson, Nancy Paddock, Nancy Hicks, Eaton E. Griffin, Lucinda Summington, Rebecca Morehouse and Martha Moschelle.  Mrs. Nancy Hicks is the only surviving member.  The two men were immediately chosen elders.  Mr. Griffin was a very pious young man, not yet twenty-one years of age.  "Deacon Dickson," as he was familiarly called, was a stern man, very tenacious of his opinions, and not the best judge of human nature, but withal a man of such integrity and piety that he was reelected to the same responsible office five times, and served the Church in that capacity 35 years.  In 1830 a precious revival added 21 members to the church.  In 1832 the noted evangelist Merrick (or Myrick,) who made such a stir in Onondaga County, held a protracted meeting at Liverpool, and 16 more were added to the Church.

The first house of worship was built in 1841, at a cost of $3,000.  It was a frame house, built by James Johnson.  Its dimensions were 44 by 64 feet, with a porch of 10 feet projection in front.  The principal financier in the erection of the church, and its most useful and efficient member, about that time and for years afterwards, was Jonathan P. Hicks.  Kind hearted, noble and generous, the church owes him a great debt of gratitude.

During the ministry of Rev. C. W. Hawley, the present church edifice was erected.  It cost $11,500 and was completed and dedicated March 4, 1863.  It is a fine brick edifice.

The present membership is 74.  Total membership from the beginning, 378.  Number of revivals in the history of the church, 11.  Number of ministers who have served the church, 18, viz:

Rev. Phineas Camp, Dec. 31st, 1828; Mr. Fairchilds, 1831; Ezekiel J. Chapman, 1833; Mr. Hyde, 1837; Mr. Worden, a few weeks; A. C. Tuttle, Sept., 1841; Luther Conkins, Dec., 1844; Elisha B. Sherwood, July, 1846; S. S. Harmon, April, 1851; Joseph Myers, June, 25th, 1853; Royal A. Avery, Aug. 12th, 1855; Chester W. Hawley, Jan. 6, 1861; T. E. Davis, Sept., 1864; J. V. Hilton, June 1st, 1865; R. T. Searle, Oct. 1st, 1866; R. W. Spencer, Jan., 1869; H. C. Hazen, March 13th, 1870; James S. Root, April, 1877, present pastor.

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