Methodist Episcopal Young's Society


Town of Dewitt (then Town of Manlius)

Submitted by Kathy Crowell

Miscellaneous Records, Onondaga County Courthouse (E,80):

We certify that at a meeting of the male members of the late Methodist Episcopal Young's Society held pursuant to notice under the 16th Section of the act entitled an Act to provide for the Incorporation of Religious Societies passed 5th April 1813 for the purpose of reincorporation held at the Methodist Meeting House in the Village of Orville this day it was unanimously resolved that the said Society be incorporated under the old Stile of the Methodist Episcopal Youngs Society it was also resolved that John Young, Jun. & Benjamin Booth two members of the said Church  & Society (no officers of the Church & Society contemplated by the said act being present) be the presiding and returning Officers of the said meeting and we do further certify that at the said meeting the following persons were duly elected Trustees of the said Society and were regularly classed according to Law - to wit, Grandison Wilcox, Peter G. Van Slyke, Benjamin Booth, Aaron Chapin and John Young, Jun.  Witness our hand & seals this 1st day of May 1826.  John Young, Jun.  Benjamin Booth.  Presiding and Returning Officers.  State of New York Onondaga County Ss.  I certify that on the 4th day of May A. D. 1826 personally came before me John Young and Benjamin Booth to me well known the grantors of the within instrument and who acknowledged they executed the within freely for the use & purposes therein mentioned.  Therefore Let the same be recorded.  Thomas Rose  Com.  Recorded May 6, 1826 at 5 O'clock P. M.  R. L. Hess  Clerk

Submitted 7 June 1998