The Evangelical Church and Association of Manlius Depot


Village of Minoa

Town of Manlius

Submitted by Kathy Crowell

Miscellaneous Records, Onondaga County Courthouse (G,522):

"At a public meeting of the male persons of full age belonging to the Evangelical Church and association of Manlius Depot in the Town of Manlius in the County of Onondaga and State of New York of which Frederick Sharp is at present the Pastor or Minister held at the usual place of public worship of said Church and association near Manlius Depot aforesaid on the Eleventh day of February A. D. 1855 which meeting was called by public notice given at least fifteen days before said meeting & which was publicly read by said pastor or Minister on the two Sabbaths last preceding the day of said meeting at the aforesaid place of worship of said church and association in public meeting at which meeting so called pursuant to the statute in such case made & provided for the Incorporation of Religious Societies, Charles Daniel and John J. Jetter the two acting Deacons & Church wardens of said Church & Society presided (assisted by Augustus Dower their Class Leader &c.) and who thus presiding received the votes cast at said meeting for three persons to serve as Trustees of said Church & association; and the undersigned as such presiding officers hereby certify that at said meeting Frederick Ebling, Frederick Hatch and Jacob Taffner were by a plurality of votes cast at said meeting were duly elected to serve as trustees of said Church and association which Church and association is to be forever hereafter distinguished and known by the Corporate name and style of "The Evangelical Church and Association of Manlius Depot" witness our hands and seals this Eleventh day of February in the year of our Lord One Thousand eight hundred and fifty five Carl Daniel, John J. Jetter in presence of Augustus Dauer, Frederick Ebeling.  Onondaga County.  On this 31 day of July 1855 before me came Charles Daniel & John J. Jetter to me known to be the same persons described in & who executed the above instrument & acknowledged that they executed the same.  D. Pratt, Justice Sup. Court.  Recorded July 31, 1855 at 4 1/2 Oclock P. M.  E. P. Hopkins, Dep. Clk."

Submitted 7 June 1998