Manlius First Baptist Society


Village of Fayetteville

Town of Manlius

Submitted by Kathy Crowell

Miscellaneous Records, Onondaga County Courthouse (D,95):

This Certifies that in pursuance of the 3rd Section of the act entitled an act for the incorporation of Religious Societies passed April the 5th, A.D. 1813, Notice being duly given to a number of the inhabitants of the Town of Manlius Both of Church and Society met agreeable to the above section at the School house in Fayetteville on Tuesday the 2nd day of February Instant at 6 O'Clock P.M. After mature deliberation proceeded to Business; (there being no ordained Elder in the Church, Allen Breed and Preserved Pierce members of the Baptist Church were appointed to preside in said Meeting, received the votes, determine and declare the legality of the voters, then proceeded to the following resolutions.  Resolved first that there be Elected five Trustees to Conduct the Business of said Society, 2nd Elected Sanford B. Palmer, Allen Breed, Jareb Green, Zechariah Kinne and Henry Ward Trustees, 3rd Resolved that said Society be known and distinguished by the name of Manlius First Baptist Society & that the Seal of sd. Society be M.B.S. dated at Manlius February the Second in the Year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and nineteen.  Signed and sealed, Allen Breed, Preserved Pierce, presiding officers.  Onondaga.  On this 12th day of February came before me the within named Allen Breed and Preserved Pierce to me known and acknowledged that they executed the within instrument for the purposes therein mentioned.  James O. Wattles, Com. and allowed to be recorded.  Recorded the 17 day of February 1819 at 2 o'clock P.M. John (?) Dep. Clk.

Submitted 7 June 1998