The First Methodist Episcopal Church of Liverpool

The First Methodist Episcopal Church of Liverpool

Town of Salina

Source:  History of Onondaga County, by Prof. W. W. Clayton, D. Mason & Co., Syracuse, NY, 1878, pg. 263

The First Methodist Episcopal Church of Liverpool. - In 1820 or 1821, the first services were held in a district school house.  In 1820 the church was organized at Liverpool, consisting of William B. Harris, Calvin Turner, Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Hinckley, Mrs. Bishop, Mrs. Hogan, Mrs. Keith, Seth A. Cary, Peter M. Cameron, Jesse Pease and M. R. Judd.

The first church edifice was built in 1826, and cost about $1,500.

Names of Pastors - Revs. Wright and McCoon, 2 years; Wright and Barnes, 2 years; Ailsworth, 2 years; Seth and John Youngs, 2 years; Tilton, 3 years; Sutton and Lyon, 2 years; Lamb, 2 years; Cooper, 1 year; Lyon, 1 year; Downing, 1 year; L. L. Adkins, 2 years; Austin, 2 years; E. W. R. Allen, 2 years; Fuller, 1 year; Giles, 1 year; D. D. Parker, 1 year; Joseph H. Lamb, 2 years; R. Beadhead, 2 years; P. H. Wiles, 2 years; P. H. Graves, 2 years; Silas Ball, 2 years; L. L. Palmer, 2 years; F. H. Stanton, 3 years; T. J. Bissell, 2 1-2 years; D. W. Rooney, 3 years; J. F. Andrews, present Pastor since October, 1876.

Number of members, 112.  Attendance at Sabbath School, about 130.

Submitted 5 September 1998