Chronological Index of Onondaga History in the Documentary History of the State of New York.

Chronological Index of Onondaga History in the Documentary History of the State of New York.

Arranged by Franklin H. Chase

Published in Syracuse Journal, March 2, 1903.


Only the most indefatigable searchers after early local history realize the great mass of important material to be found in the bulky volumes of the "Documents Relating to the Colonial History of New York," edited by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan.  These documents, procured in Holland, England and France by John R. Brodhead, were published by the State from 1855 to 1861.  While the volumes themselves are readily accessible in the reference department of the Central Library in this city, the library of the Onondaga Historical Association, and several private libraries, those interested in local history will have a difficult task to search out that which is especially pertinent to the Onondaga country, its first visitors and the stories of life among the Indians, by reason of its being intermingled with documents relating to other parts of the State.

For the benefit of those interested in the study of Onondaga history prior to the formation of the present county lines, and to glimpse the importance of these volumes as original founts for the local historian, the following index of Onondaga matters in chronological form has been made:-

1656 - Father Dablon and Jacques at Onondaga, IX., 130:  French build a fort at Onondaga, IX., 304, 783.

1665 - Sieur Charles Le Moyne a prisoner among the Iroguois, IX., 37; Death of Father Le Moyne, III., 123; IX., 38; treaty of peace with Governor de Tracy of the French demanded by six Onondaga ambassadors, and the French invited to settle at Onondaga, III., 121.

1667 - Father Etienne de Carheil at Onondaga, IX., 227.

1670 - Rev. Father Raffeix on fishing and hunting at Onondaga, III., 251.

1671 - Father Jean de Lamberville at Onondaga, IX., 171.

1673 - Sieur de La Salle sent to Onondaga, IX., 97, 101, 103.

1677 - Wentworth Greenhalgh's trip to Onondaga, III., 250.  Duplicate of report in Doc. Hist., I., 15.

1679 - Gov. Andros speaks of the Onondagas, III., 277.

1682 - Onondagas march against the Hurons and others, IX., 197; Jean de Lamberville's letter to Count Frontenac from Onondaga, IX., 192, 798; Sieur de Lamarque at Onondaga, IX., 183.

1683 - Sieur Le Moyne at Onondaga, IX., 203.

1684 - Indian name of Jean de Lamberville, IV., 95; letters of Jean de Lamberville from Onondaga, III., 453, 454; IX., 226, 252, 254-260; Sieur Charles Le Moyne at Onondaga, IX., 258; Onondagas as mediators between the French and Senecas, IX., 236 ;Grand council at Onondaga, IX., 255; Onondagas forbidden to enter into a treaty with De la Barre, IX., 242; arms of the Duke of York set up among Onondagas, IX., 243.

1685 - Strength of the Onondagas, IX., 282.

1686 - French deserters stopped by the Indians, IX., 291; English ask the Onondagas to make war on the French, III., 461; one of the Fathers de Lamberville leaves Onondaga, III., 456; Gov. Dongan asks the Jesuits to leave, III., 489; Onondagas on a war expedition, III., 488; letters of Jacques de Lamberville from Onondaga, III., 488, 490.

1687 - Jean de Lamberville at Onondaga, III, 465, 471, 488; IX., 297, 298, 308, 322, 324, 325, 333, 358, 362; fears for Father Lamberville at Onondaga, IX., 325; Onondagas attack Cataraqui, III., 480; eagle an emblem of the Onondagas, III., 481; Senecas fly to the Onondagas, IX., 366; Fathers de Lamberville only missionaries at Onondaga, III., 474,; Jean de Lamberville said to have been eighteen years among Iroquois, IX., 320; Onondagas ask six cannon for their fort to use in the French war, III., 485.

1688 - Onondagas declar themselves neutral, IX., 384; one hundred cabins at Onondaga, IX., 375; Miss d'Alonnes and two other prisoners taken to Onondaga, IX., 389; Onondaga captives in Canada, III., 532.

1689 - Onondaga delegates in a battle, IX., 402; boast that four French prisoners were eaten at Onondaga, IX., 466; Canadian embassy to Onondaga, IX., 464, 465.

1690 - Chevalier Dean made a prisoner, III., 732 daring adventure of Oreaoue in capturing prisoners, IX., 524; great mortality among the Onondagas, IX., 514; Jean de Lamberville's letter to Father Milet, III., 714.

1691 - Council held at Onondaga, III., 780; Indians ask for a smith to mend their guns, III., 775, 844; French designs on Onondaga, III, 782.

1692 - Onondagas threaten Sault St. Louis, IX, 538; description of the fort at Onondaga, IX., 567.

1693 - French invasion said to be but stories, IV., 47, 75; Gov. Fletcher objects to a meeting at Onondaga, IV., 51, Dirck Wessel's embassy to Onondaga, IV., 59; message of the Onondagas to Gov. Fletcher, IV., 76; Maj. Peter Schuyler goes to Onondaga, IV., 78; French and English controversy IX., 78-90; Five Nations send a message to Canade from Onondaga, IV., 79.

1694 - Father Milet asked to Onondaga, IV., 93; Five Nations blamed for receiving English at Onondaga, IV., 85; delegation of Indians at Onondaga, IX., 596; designs upon the Onondagas, IV., 115.

1695 - Reports from Onondaga, IV., 123; reports that the French are to destroy Onondaga, IV., 118, 579; message from the Governor of Canada received at Onondaga, IV., 120; prisoners to be delivered at Onondaga, IV., 122; Count Frontenac sends word to Onondaga that he is coming in the spring, IV., 123.

1696 - Onondaga country to be invaded, IV., 242, 283; Count Frontenac's march to Onondaga, warfare and burning of the village, IX., 640 to 659; IV., 431; Onondagas burn their fort on the approach of the French, IV., 180.

1697 - Propositions to the Onodaga sachems, IV., 279; IX., 670.

1698 - Earl Bellomont's report on Wessel's visit to Onondaga, etc., IV., 236, 370, 372; French prisoners at Onondaga, IV., 374; IX., 685; Onondaga sachems at Albany, IV., 407; Algonkin's attack the Onondagas, IV., 403; strength of the Onondagas, IV., 420.

1699 - Delegates to Onondaga to treat with the Indians, IV., 494, 495, 497, 498; John Baptist van Eps and Arnout Viele to reside at Onondaga, IV., 499; Earl of Bellomont purposes to build a fort at Onondaga, IV., 505, 532, 573, 610, 611, 656, 701; journal of Johannes Glen and Nicholas Bleeker at Onondaga, IV., 558; journal of Arnout Cornelisse Viele's negotiations at Onondaga, IV., 560; report of Schuyler and Bleeker's negotiations, IV., 562; Schuyler's plan to visit Onondaga, IV., 565; message of the Onondagas to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, IV., 597; Onondagas leaning toward the French, IV., 607.

1700 - Advantages of a fort at Onondaga, IV., 609, 783, 784, 796, 832; report of the Lords of Trade on an Onondaga fort, IV., 639, 640; fort refused by the Board of Ordinance, IV., 641; Onondaga said to be sixty miles from Cadaracque, IV., 644; Onondaga conference and wampum belt presentation at Montreal; IX., 708; Robert Livingston's visit to Onondaga, IV., 654; Father Bruyas to be sent to Onondaga, IV., 659; money for a fort at Onondaga, IV., 666, 704, 717, 767, 782, 843, 867; V., 138, 140; Father Bruyas and other Frenchmen at Onondaga, IV., 689, 716, 730, 737, 739, 741, 742, 888, 891, 897; Wagenhaes Indians at Onondaga, IV., 691, 694; differences of opinion as to fort at Onondaga, IV., 716; locality for the fort, IV., 717; act for building for repealed, IV., 723; Protestant minister invited to settle at Onondaga, IV., 730, 732, 731, 734, capacity of a proposed fort at Onondaga, IV., 737; French plant the tree of peace at Onondaga, IV., 742; Indians grow averse to a fort at Onondaga, IV., 783, 801; Earl of Bellomont borrows some of the money intended for the Onondaga fort, IV., 795; Col. Romer's account of his visit to Onondaga, IV., 750, 798; Messrs. Hansen and Van Brugh's visit to Onondaga, IV., 802; Albnay part of traders stop at Ononaga, IV., 800, 806; argument against a fort unless supported, IV., 820; Father Bruyas and Sieurs de Maricourt and de Joncaire at Onondaga, IX., 715.

1701 - Lieut. Gov. Nanfan ordered to report on fort at Onondaga, IV., 865; funds for the Onondaga fort misapplied, IV., 873, 921, 1057, 1064, 1097; agents sent from New York to Onondaga, IV., 888; Journal of John Bleeker and David Schuyler's visit to Onondaga, IV., 889.

1702 - Onondagas purpose to move their castle, IV., 983; stone fort promised at Onondaga, IV., 987; Sieur de Maricourt at Onondaga with Father de Lamberville; English efforts, IX., 738; Onondagas divided as to receiving a Catholic or Protestant clergyman, IV., 998, 999; Jacques de Lamberville, a lay brothers, and a smith go to Onondaga, IX., 737.

1703 - Two priests received at Onondaga, IV., 1070.

1704 - Path of peace to Onondaga, IV., 1163; M. de Longueuil at Onondaga, IX., 759; Peter Schuyler at Onondaga, IX., 764.

1708 - Father Jacques de Lamberville and Sieur de Joncaire at Onondaga, IX., 814; Father d'Heu at Onondaga, IX., 815; Kunasore, chief sachem of the Onondagas, V., 64.

1709 - Onondagas declare against the French, IX., 829; Jacques de Lamberville leaves Onondaga, also biographical note, IX., 829, 838.

1710 - French propositions to the Onondagas, V., 218; M. de Longueuil visits Onondaga; V., 225, 228; M. de la Chauvignerie at Ononaga, IX., 850.

1711 - Onondagas visit Canada, IX., 858; Col. Schuyler at Onondaga, V., 237, 245; IX., 864; intrigues at Onondaga, V., 242; French build a house at Onondaga, V., 243; M. de Longueuil's negotiations at Onondaga, V., 246, 247; French blockhouse and chapel at Onondaga destroyed, V., 248, 275, 529; VII., 15; IX., 829; English propose another fort at Onondaga, V., 278, 279, 577; VI., 851, 857; VII., 5; Lords of Trade approve the destruction of the French blockhouse, V., 286; Onondagas that joined the Canadian expedition, V., 270, 272.

1712 - Journal of a mission to Onondaga by Hansen, Bleker and Clasen, V., 372.

1715 - French enter Onondaga country, V., 430, 431; French want to build a house at Onondaga, V., 422; VI., 590; inquiry as to what became of the money for the Onondaga fort, V., 435; failure to build the English fort, V., 468.

1721 - M. de Longueuil adopted by the Onondagas, IX., 902; Sieur de Joncaire visits Onondaga, V., 590, 795, 797.

1722 - Onondaga a place of meeting, V., 671.

1724 - Five Nations desire a fort at the west end of Oneida lake, V., 719; Seneca and Onondaga river in the fur trade, V., 730.

1726 - Bounds of the Onondaga country, V., 800; VII., 488; Onondaga object to rum being kept at Oswego, V., 796; M. de Longueuil at Onondaga, IX., 953; Captain Evert Bancker to visit Onondaga, V., 797.

1728 - Report of M. de la Chauvignerie's visit to Onondaga, IX., 1007.

1730 - Lawrence Claese's return from Onondaga, V., 910.

1736 - Lawrence Claese's return from Onondaga, V., 910.

1736 - Strength of the Onondagas, IX., 1056.

1737 - "Ship of State anchored behind a Great Hill" at Onondaga, VI., 106.

1738 - Cadwallader Colden refers to the salt springs, VI., 122.

1740 - Wampum belts kept at Onondaga, VI., 178.

1743 - Party of Onondagas defeated in Carolina, IX., 1098; meeting at Onondaga and Jacobus Bleeker sent there, VI., 232, 233.

1745 - Onondaga at Montreal, X., 19.

1747 - Onondagas at war with the Flatheads, VI., 390.

1748 - Col. William Johnson at Onondaga, VI., 442, 445; neutrality of Onondagas, X., 97; Onondagas send deputies to Canada, X., 111, 186.

1750 - Differences of opinions among Onondagas, VI., 594; three Frenchmen at Onondaga, VI., 706.

1751 - Message of condolence from Governor of Pennsylvania on the death of Canassiego, VI., 708; French prevented from settling at Onondaga lake, VII., 840; Johnson buys two miles of land on each shore of Onondaga lake, VII., 840; Niagara the property of the Onondagas, VI., 720.

1753 - An Indian express from Onondaga, VI., 779; Col. Johnson at Onondaga and a general meeting held, VI., 805, 807, 809, 810; traders searching for ginseng at Onondaga, VI., 808; King Hendrick accompanied Col. Johnson to Onondaga, VI., 867.

1754 - Reasons why Lieut. Gov. DeLancey didn't want to meet at Onondaga, VI., 846; Governor of Virginia sends messages to Onondaga, VI., 873; Onondagas exhorted to live together in a castle, VI., 856; interpreters wanted among the Onondagas, VI., 899.

1755 - An Onondaga at the battle of Lake George, X., 322; death of M. de Longueuil, X., 500; Onondagas attend a conference at Mount Johnson, VI., 964.

1756 - A number of Onondagas move to Oswegatchie, VII., 90; Sir William Johnson recommends a missionary be stationed at Onondaga, VII., 43; largest pipe in America hung at Onondaga, VII., 64; John Van Seice interpreter at Onondaga, VII., 74; conference proposed at Onondaga, VII., 81; deputation of Onondagas report, VII., 83; fort being built at Onondaga, VII., 91; plows to be sent to the Indians, VII., 92; Onondagas want a fort, VII., 42, 70; Onondagas at Montreal, X., 500; Onondagas take provisions at Oswego, VII., 195; Onondagas ask Johnson to come there and his reply, VII., 97, 98; description of the fort at Onondaga, VII., 101; Mohawks disapprove of Johnson going to Onondaga, VII., 105; Delaware refuse to attend meeting at Onondaga, VII., 110; Onondagas accept the hatchet from the English, X., 438; Thomas Brant's report from Onondaga, VII., 113; delegations sent to the Governor of Canada, X., 439; Onondaga the ancient fireplace of the Six Nations, VII., 114, 157, VIII., 229, 233, 315, 519; Johnson advised to visit Onondaga, VII., 115; Johnson's report of the meeting at Onondaga, VII., 118, 121, 127; ceremonies at an Onondaga condolence, Johnson's visit, VII., 133, 134; Bunt, chief sachem of Onondaga, goes to Canada, VII., 234; Col. Geo. Croghan visits Onondaga, VII., 982; Onondagas change their residence, VII., 133; French belts sent to the Onondagas, VII., 137; Onondagas send back the French hatchet, VII., 144; Onondagas hinder English messengers, VII., 190.

1757 - Grand council proposed at Onondaga, VII., 227; Onondagas neglected by the English when attacked by French, VII., 263; Onondagas accompany the French in an expedition against the German flats, X., 672.

1759 - English purpose to build a fort at both ends of Oneida lake, VII., 385; Onondagas thefathers of the Oneidas, VII., 382; Onondagas give a roast ox barbecue, VII., 387.

1762 - Lieutenant Guy Johnson's conference at Onondaga, VII., 510, 511, 515; Myndert Wemp resident smith at Onondaga and William Printup interpreter, VII., 512.

1763 - Distance of Onondaga village from the lake, six miles, VII., 582; Onondagas attached to the English, VII., 527, 532; Johnson meets the Onondagas, VII., 553; Oswego Falls in the Onondaga country, VII., 577; Onondagas an elder branch of the confederacy, VII., 582; VIII., 45.

1764 - Onondagas a northern tribe, VII., 641.

1765 - Johnson sent to conciliate the Indians at Onondaga, VII., 715; Onondagas attend a conference with the Delawares, VII., 719.

1767 - Johnson's visit to Onondaga, VII., 952, 985.

1768 - Onondaga chiefs at treaty of Fort Stanwix, VIII., 113; Tennessee Indians make peace with the Onondagas, VIII., 42.

1769 - Johnson goes to Onondaga, VIII., 183.

1770 - Delegates from the Cherokees at Onondaga, VIII., 203; Onondagas at German Flats congress, VIII., 229.

1773 - Johnson's speech to the Onondagas, VIII., 365.

1774 - General Indian congress held at Onondaga, VIII., 494, 515, 516, 524; Onondaga chiefs in 1774, VIII., 506.

1775 - Dependents of the Six Nations only to hold meetings at Onondaga, VIII., 539.


Index of Important Onondaga Articles Found in That State Publication.

Besides the great mass of Onondaga history to be found in the Colonial history of the State of New York, the four volumes of the Documentary history of the State are also distinctly important to searchers after early history.  Copies are in the public library and the library of the Onondaga Historical Association.  For the benefit of those interested in the early discoveries and settlement of Onondaga, the following index of volume and page of important Onondaga articles is made: -

1615 - Champlain's visit to Onondaga, III., 8; Champlain's attack on Onondaga fort, III., 9.

1654 - First French settlement among Onondagas, I., 27; Father Le Moine's mission, I., 29; first adult baptism at Onondaga, I., 31; French invited to settle here, I., 33; discovery of salt springs, I., 34.

1655 - Jesuit missionaries at Onondaga, I., 35.

1657 - Onondaga conspiracy against the French, I., 35.

1658 - French leave Onondaga, I., 40.

1664 - Numerical strength Onondagas, I., 44.

1665 - Death of Father Le Moyne, I., 46.

1677 - Strength of Onondagas, I., 15.

1684 - Onondaga council assets its freedom, I., 76; Father de Lamberville's negotiations, I., 86, 88; Onondagas pursuade Senecas to accept their mediation, I., 87; Onondagas declien Gov. Dongan's belt, I., 88; Sieur Le Moine sent to Onondaga, I., 75.

1689 - Albany magistrates' answer to Onondagas, II., 49.

1690 - Indian meeting at Onondaga and proposals of Albany convention to, II., 80; French emissaries to Onondaga, II., 144; Leisler appoints agents at Onondaga, II., 177.

1696 - Papers of Count Frontenac's expedition agaisnt Onondagas, I., 205.

1698 - Numerical strength of Onondagas, I., 468.

1736 - Number of Onondagas, I., 21.

1753 - Col. Johnson sent to Onondga, II., 367; proceedings at Onondaga meeting, II., 368, 423; popular belief regarding continuance of council fire at Onondaga, II, 369.

1756 - Fort building at Onondaga, II., 422.

1763 - Strength of Onondagas, I., 24.

1769 - Johnson's trip to Onondaga, II., 549.

1770 - Number of Onondagas, IV., 268.

1771 - Onondagas call themselves People of the Great Mountain, IV., 271.

1792 - Description of Onondaga, II., 643.

1804 - Military lands, II., 690.

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