The War of 1812 Cemetery

The  War of 1812 Cemetery

Town of Onondaga

By Pamela Priest

Sources:  NY State Marker,  Syracuse Post-Standard Archives

Besides the Arsenal, which is in ruins, the only relic of the War of 1812 remaining in Onondaga County are two graves and a monument at the top of West Seneca Turnpike Hill.  One grave is that of Capt. Benjamin Branch of the U.S. Light Artillery, who died Oct. 14, 1813 in Onondaga Hollow as his company was marching through that village.  Capt. Branch's company was encamped on what is known as Academy Green when he was stricken with a fatal illness.  He was from Virginia.  The other grave is for Capt. Henry Crouch who died in the spring of 1814.

Submitted 2 February 2006