St. Leo's Cemetery


Tully Village

Town of Tully, New York

Submitted by Kathy Crowell

Located in the village of Tully. Copied Aug. 1958 by Leo M. Peters.

Armain, Callernia 1877-1920

Arno, Lewis J. 1911-1954

Aungier, Larkin T. 1901-1948

Aungier, Francis B. 1905-1946

Aungier, Christopher J. 1873-1953

Aungier, Mary E. 1877-1914, his wf.

Aungier, Clara A., his wf.

Aesinz, Marjorie McKinney 1909-1936

Bates, Harry 1873-1933

Bates, Elizabeth C. 1885-19__, his wf.

Batt, Walter J. 1894-___

Batt, Josephine H. 1893-1953, his wf.

Benjamin, Mary A. d. 1939 age___

Benjamin, Isabel V.

Blair, Michael Patrick 1956-1956

Brennan, Mary L. 1880-1931,wf. of John

Brennan, John 1873-1946

Brennan, John Jr. 1939-1939, their son

Brennan, Nannie E. 1954-1954

Brennan, Michael E. 1874-1966  He was 92 at the time of his death.  He was a dairy farmer and owned the Brennan Farm in Tully, NY. (death date & information added by Eugene & Mary Kelly)

Brennan, Mary M. 1874-1930, his wife

Brennan, Thomas 1879-1940

Cahill, Patrick 17 March 1831-9 June 1903

Cahill, Ellen 14 Feb 1842-8 Feb 1907, w/o Patrick

Cahill, William 3 Feb 1873-6 May 1901, their son

Cahill, John 15 Mar 1874-19 Mar 1902

Casey, Neil C. 1883-1952

Cominolli, Emanuele 1876-1949

Cominolli, Regilda 1880-1945, w/o Emanuele

Crook, Josephine Kelly 1893-1933

Curtin, Dennis E. 1871-1944

Curtin, Ellen C. 1870-1936, his wf.

Curtin, Charles 1840-1928

Curtin, Mary 1840-1906, his wf.

Curtin, Edward J. d.15 Mar 1893 age 12y 3m, their son

Curtin, Charles J. 1874-1948

Curtin, Nellie A. 1878-1955, w/o Charles J.

Danern, William J. 1875-19__

Danern, Julia Kelly 1875-19__, wf. of William J.

Danern, Gertrude A. 1904-1949, their dau.

Dempsey, Michael J. 1880-19__

Dempsey, Mary A. 1886-1936, w/o Michael

Dempsey, daughter, their infant dau.

Devaraux, Moses H. 1897-___

Devaraux, Leila F. 1892-___, w/o Moses

Doody, Mary Julia 1914-1914, d/o Stephen & Agnes Doody

Doody, Mary E. 1891-1956

Dwyer, Cornelius 1864-1883

Dwyer, Michael 1859-1930

Dwyer, John 1815-1910

Dwyer, Johanna 1819-1903, w/o John

Dwyer, Mary

Dwyer, Patrick J.1866-1952

Dwyer, Ellen D.1872-1948, w/o Patrick J.

Elliott, Katherine Hayes 1882-1941

Fenlon, John 1868-1941

Fenlon, Julia M. 1880-1942

Fenlon, Edward W. 1905-1926

Fenlon, Timothy 27 Apr 1826-___

Fenlon, Bridget 7 Mar1831-___, w/o Timothy

Fenlon, Timothy Jr. 1 June 1875-22 July 1898, their son

Flanagan, John B. 1857-1935

Flanagan, Ellen J.1859-1934, w/o John B.

Flanagan, Lula A. 1891-19__, their dau.

Flanagan, Helen Grace 1887-1909, their dau.

Flanagan, Laura M. 1886-19__

Flang, Lawrence 1897-1916

Foley, John E. 1939-1952

Foley, Nellie Ryan 1870-1942, w/o Daniel

Foley, Daniel 1863-1949

Foran, Thomas 1869-1945

Foran, Katherine D. 1860-1940, w/o Thomas

Fuller, Mary Curtin 1867-1938

Gantley, John H. 1901-___

Gantley, Grace A. 1902-1948, w/o John H.

Gorman, Josephine d. 28 Nov. 1904 age 5y 1m

Gorman, Gerald. 16 July 1905 age 18 days

Gorman, Daniel A. 1890-1909

Gorman, John W. 1858-1931

Gorman, Johanna McAuliff 1860-1939, wf.of John W.

Gorman, John 26 Jan__- 8 Feb1901, infant son of Charles & Mary

Hanley, John D. 1896-19__

Hanley, Agnes Foley 1903-19__, w/o John D. and dau of Daniel & Nellie R. Foley

Hennessy, Mamie 1874-1893

Hennessy, Mary 1849-1921

Hennessy, Mathew d. 30 Apr 1889 age 44y. Co. G, 3rd N.Y. Art.

Hennessy, John L. 1870-1935

Herlihy, Cathryn Gorman 25 Oct 1884-10 Oct 1918

James, Bina L. d. ___wf. of Andrew L. James

Kane, John 1865-

Kane, Catherine E.1868-1931, wf. of John

Kearns, James W.1859-1924

Kearns, Anna M. 1866-1952, wf. of James W.

Kearns, William J. 1902-19__

Kearns, Mary E. Heyne 1904-19__, wf. of William

Kearns, James T. 1945-1945, their son

Kelly, William d.31 Jan 1906 ae 33y

Kelly, Mary A. Dempsey d. ___, wf. of William

Kennedy, Philip J.1879-1956

Kennedy, Ellen M. 1877-19__, wf. of Philip J.

Lane, Mary E. 1883-1949

Lane, Mary Lahon 1853-1938

Lane, Edward J. 1879-1943

Lane, John F. 1877-1915

Laplam, Edward E.1910-1922

Leamy, Michael 16 Nov 1842-29 Sept 1907

Leamy, Mary 21 June 1856-22 Sept 1940, wf. of Michael

Leamy, John F. 24 Feb1874-22 Dec 1904, their son

Lillis, James 1830-1901

Lillis, Bridget 1836-1919, wf. of James

Lines, Alfred N. 1885-19__

Lines, Elizabeth M. 1886-1948, wf. of Alfred N.

Long, Rev. Paul S. 1903-195_ Ordained 1929, Pastor of St. Marys, Mexico, NY

Long, Anna S. 1874-___

Long, Richard J. 1855-1919

Long, Margaret M. 1918-1922

Long, James S. 1869-1925

Long, Kathryn L. 1873-1948, wf. of James S.

Long, Patrick d. 24 Dec 1802/ 1902 (sic) age 58y

Long, Lawrence, 1866-1936

Long, Emma E. 1877-__, wf. of Lawrence

Long, Florence 1900-1900, their dau.

Lundrigan, Martin F. 1877-1953

Lundrigan, Ella M. wf. of Martin F.

Mahon, Patrick 1851-1926

Mahon, Bridget 1856-1931, wf. of Patrick

Mahon, John A. 1890-1950

Mahon, Gertrude A.1895-___, wf. of John A.

Murphy, John 1874-1950

Murphy, Mary A. 1877-1940, wf. of John

Murphy, Thomas 1860-1938

McCormack, Patrick 1865-1904

McCormack, Ellen, wf. of Patrick

McCormack, Mary 1821-1896

McCormack, Mamie 1887-1908

McEvoy, Edward 1852-930

McEvoy, Bridget 1859-1930, w/o Edward

McEvoy, George E. 1893-1956

McEvoy, Helen E. 1896-1940, wf. of George E.

McEvoy, George E. Jr. 1922-1922, their son

Nugent, Lawrence F. 1875-1947

Nugent, MaryL. 1874-1952, wf. of Lawrence F.

Nugent, Sadie K. 1900-1914, their dau.

Precourt, Thomas James 1880-1924

Reagan, John C. 1875-1953

Reagan, Mary Rooney 1880-1941, wf. of John C.

Reagan, Charles J. 1905-1954, their son

Reitano, Frank15 Mar 1875-22 Jan 1925

Reitano, Jenmi Famanlaro 11 Dec 1880-4 Mat (sic)1932, wf. of Frank

Reitano, Catherine C. 1904-1928, their dau.

Reitano, Philip d. 14 Sept 1918 age 11y. their son

Rich, William D. 1915-1944

Riehlman, Anna Rubert 1823-1905

Rooney, James 1855-1930

Rooney, Mary A. 1861-1899, wf. of James

Rooney, John 1847-1929

Rooney, Ellen 1846-1908, wf. of John

Roundy, Frank 1891-19__

Roundy, Elizabeth L. 1894-19__, wf. of Frank

Roundy, Pvt. Paul F. 1919-1942, their son

Ryan, Helen V. Regan 1904-1948, dau of John C. Reagan & Mary Rooney

Ryan, Dennis 1876-1950

Ryan, Julia A. 1876-19__ wf. of Dennis

Ryan, Thomas J. 1919-___ their son

Shanahan, Mary L. wf. of Andrew W.

Shea, Michael 1865-1938

Shea, Margaret Lahon 1866-1953, wf. of Michael

Shea, Anna C. 1900-1930 their dau.

Shea, Timothy d. 2 June 1925 age 62y

Shea, Catherine d. 17 May 1904 age 41y, wf. of Timothy

Sheehan, Sister M. Patricia 1876-1958

Sheehan, Mary E. 1872-1936

Sheehan, David 1833-1914

Sheehan, Ellen 1840-1920 wf. of David

Sheehan, Rev. Williamn F. 1880-1940

Sheridan, Michael 1861-1920

Sheridan, Fannie Matilda 1869-1904, wf. of Michael

Sheridan, Martin E. 1899-1912, their son

Sheridan, Mary E.

Sherman, Elsie E. 1891-___

Sherman, Martha L. 1921-1937

Sherman, Evelyn O. 1915-1928

Sisk, David 1871-1917

Speziale, Angelo 1891-___

Speziale, Joan J. 1903-1951, wf. of Angelo

Spezaly, Anthony d. 25 Sept 1918 age 30y. Died in service at Camp Dix.

Sullivan, James J. 1899-1957

Sullivan, Edith May 1899-1958, wf. of James J.

Tracy, Mathew 1849-1925

Tracy, Bridget Morrissey 1858-___ wf. of Mathew

Tracy, Mathew Daniel 1889-1916, their son

Voorhees, Anna L. 1908-1948

Virginia, Elizabeth 1842-1914

Ward, Paul W. 1908-1947

Submitted 9 June 1998
Updated 21 August 2003