Shepard Cemetery


Abandoned family cemetery east of Route 11 in Brewerton, NY

Submitted by Ruth Sweeting

Sources:  From the files of Elet Milton at Brewerton Library.  Elet Milton was a great historian for the town of Cicero who tried to preserve much information for the future generations interested in the town's history.  He read the headstones of this cemetery in June 1937.  The entrance had an iron gate with the date 1802 cast in it and the plot was surrounded by a stone wall and low chain fence.  There was a large monument in the center of the plot with smaller headstones around the perimeter.  At that time several stones were broken.  All are now gone.

In the town of Cicero, the Rev. John Shepard was the only veteran of the Revolutionary War to keep and settle on his bounty land, lot #11.  He and his family came about 1800 and two years later he buried his son, Amzi, in the "Shepard Burial Ground."

Rev. Shepard was the minister of the Presbyterian Church in Cicero which was the first church in the village.

Botsford, Elizabeth, 1781-1864, perhaps sister of Elnathan

Botsford, Elnathan d. 20 March 1864, 84y

Botsford, Hannah S. 10 May 1820 - 10 Dec. 1821

Botsford, Sophia d. 5 Feb. 1864, 80y, w/o Elnathan

Hamilton, Lot 1781-1858

Hamilton, Nemia Finn 1789-1835 w/o Lot Hamilton

Orman, Helen L. d. 21 Feb. 1849, 4y d/o Orrice & Nancy Orman

Shepard, John, Rev. 25 May 1757 - 29 Jan. 1822, was a Capt. in the Rev. War

Shepard, Milicent M. (Edsall) d. 12 Nov. 1805, 50y w/o Rev. John.  Their children:
Amzi B. 1793-1802; Daniel R. 1791-1840 m. Lydia Porter; David E. 18 July 1789-16 Oct. 1845 m. M. A. Chapman; Hannah 1796-___; Sarah I. (Sally?) 1786-1859 w/o Myron Stevens; Sophia 1783-1864 w/o Elnathan Botsford; William Finn 1791-1864

Shepard, Margaret A. 8 Apr. 1792 - 27 Feb. 1860 w/o David E.  Children of David E. and Margaret A. Shepard:  Calvin Y. 1834-1891; Caroline 1816-___; Elanor S. 1829-___; Jesse C. 1821-13 March 1822, 7m 13d; Lucy 1813-1845; Luther D. 1832-___; John E. 1815-___; Margaret A. 1819-1853; Milicent M. 1827-___; Sarah E. 1830-___; Sophia L. 1823-___ m. A. A. Cushing; Surdate S. 1825-1852 m. A. A. Cushing

Siver, Hannah S. d. 27 March 1847, 24-7-17, w/o David H. Siver

Smiley, James E. 29 Oct. 1829 - 5 Nov. 1836

Stevens, Cornelia A. d. 7 Apr. 1836, 14y 9 m, d/o Myron & Sally Stevens

Talcott, Lucy Tracy d. 13 July 1857, 98y

Other stones included:  Hamilton, Martha; Hamilton, Rebecca; Loveland, Almira; Lynch, Polly

Submitted 11 January 1998
Resubmitted 13 June 1998