Old Cemetery


Onondaga Nation Territory

Off Rte. 11A

Read August 26, 1998 by Kathy Crowell.

There about thirty stones remaining in this cemetery, including numerous small stones.

Most are unreadable.

Colt, Capt. M. (unreadable--Cold?)
Farmer, Jacob d. 2/1/1870(?), ae. ___, Chief of the Onondagas
Farmer, Synthey d. 6/10/1886, ae. 87
Isaacs, Samuel G. d. 5/4/1906, Co. D, 132(?) Res., NY C
Lewey(?), Antone d. 11/2/1868, ae. 57.  Pvt. Co. F, 2nd N.Y.
Naday, H. d. May 11(?), 1878
Neddy, Thomas, d. ___, 1872, Co. F, N.Y.V.
Neddy, William d. 11/3/1863, ae. 24 years.  Co. F, N.Y. Hvy. Art.
Smith, William d. 6/24/1873, ae. 20

Submitted 28 August 1998