Mount Sinai / Temple BethEl Cemetery

Mount Sinai / Temple BethEl Cemetery

Syracuse, New York

Submitted by Fran Mosconi

    Mount Sinai Cemetery, (so named on a present-day City of Syracuse map; a.k.a. Temple Beth El Cemetery, according to a sign on the East Colvin-side fence; including the cemetery of the Zedeck Va'emes Society, according to a sign on the Jamesville Road side)

    Located in the City of Syracuse, at the corner of East Colvin Street and Jamesville Road, not far south of Syracuse University

    The preliminary information submitted here was obtained from headstone readings taken at the cemetery by Fran Mosconi beginning in autumn 1998.  Further readings are planned in the future.  I will not be able to reproduce Hebrew inscriptions at this time, as are found on most of the stones.  Surnames are listed alphabetically; individuals are not necessarily alphabetical within families, in order to maintain clarity of tombstonesí notes as to marriage, parenthood and the like.  Individuals of the same surname are often but not always buried near one another.  Maiden names, or persons of differing surnames obviously buried with one another, are cross-referenced when possible.

    A number of the headstones are toppled; my sense is that this is primarily due to a large section of the cemetery's having been built on a very steep hill, with ensuing weakening over time of the stones' foundations, and to the tremendously strong windstorm of September 7, 1998, which brought down a great many old trees onto cemetery monuments in this part of the county.  The newer part of this cemetery is still in use.

mother, Sarah R.      died 7th day Passover?   5678   aged 67 years

BAMBERGER   In memory of our dearly beloved mother Fanny, widow of Samson
Bamberger, born in Kipps, Bavaria Feb. 26, 1824, died Feb. 14, 1896     A
woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.  Many daughters have done
virtously [sic], but thou excellest them all.
Daughter of Samson and Fanny Bamberger died June 30, 1913

BLUMBERG,  Pearl, wife of Eli   1843 - 1904

BROWNFIELD, Anna Finkelstein   1884 - 1948

BROUNSTEIN, Levi L., son of Marcus and Anna   1868 - 1917

mother, Judith  expired Oct. 30, 1896, aged 72 years   May her soul rest in

Solomon  1853 - 1910
Bessie 1861 - 1925

Beloved wife and mother, Hilda  1895 - 1982
Beloved husband and father, Jacob  1890 - 1981

Isaac  1855 - 1934
Emma  1859 - 1951


FRIEDMAN, Eva     Oct. 15, 1863 - Sept. 11, 1925

GOLER, Mendel  died Dec. 9, 1905, aged 34 years

GOODMAN, Walter  1918 - 1969  We miss you and hope you are at peace and happy

HASSEL, David and his wife

KAMINKOWITZ, Rose died March 20, 1935       stone includes photo of Rose

father, Barney   1883 - 1973
mother, Tillie  1886 - 1943

KELSON    our baby, Robert, son of Julius and Sarah Kelson, died April 10,
1912, ae 6 1/2 mos.

KOPELOWICH, Mattie 1893 - 1900

to the memory of our dear departed mother Charlotte, wife of H. B. Lazarus,
who departed this life Feb'y 17, 1872, age 79 years    May her soul rest in

Morris D. 1872 - 1966
Esther T.   1872 - 1948

Herman    Private, Co. A, 149th Reg't  N.Y.V.  died Nov. 8, 1888, aged 62

Sacred to the memory of our beloved mother Babetta Liebman, born in Germany
Nov. 29, 1823, died Aug. 9, 1901  May her soul rest in peace

Abraham, born in Semnits, Hungaria, Sept. 29, 1811, died in Syracuse March 18,
1905, ae 93 years 6 mos.
Minnie, wife of Abraham Light, born in Semnits, Hungaria, 1814, died in
Syracuse 17th of Jan. 1887, aged 72 years 6 mos.  O deeply loved mother, may
thy pure soul now released from its earthly bonds experience heavenly joy and
look on us with love and pity

Dem Andenken meines
Geliebten gatten und
unseres teuren vaters
Herman Müller
ruhe sanft

PASMANICK, Max  1874 - 1926  stone includes photo of Max

ROSS, Nathan

ROUFF   mother, Anna died Jan. 8, 1939, aged 67 years

SCHIEFF, Pearl 1903 - 1940

SCHLOSS, Joseph  died May 2, 1879

SEBELOWITZ, Isaac  died 21 Adar 5694 / March 8, 1934, age 80
mother, Lottie   died Oct. 15, 1908, aged 58 years

SHIMBERG, Isaac, son of Solomon and Sarah, born Feb. 4, 1871, drowned in the
[nearby Erie] Canal May 22, 1878

SLIVE, Ratchel  died the 31 of July 1908

WEINREB, Nette  born in Brody, Austria, March 18, 1868, died March 21, 1907

WEISMAN, Joseph   died Apr. 5, 1880, aged 76 years

Submitted 29 December 1998