Miles Cemetery


Lot #21

Town of Fabius

Courtesy of Virginia Cameron, Fabius Village historian

Submitted by Sue Goodfellow, October 8, 1998

Located on W. Town Line Rd. (Sky High Drive, 1995).  Just off Rt. 80 on land known as “Old Aldrich Farm”.  Originally a private burial plot but in later years other burials were made there.

Sources:  Beauchamp, W. H.  “Onondaga County Cemeteries, 1909, OCPL Syracuse, NY 1988, 2N 48 ON6 Bbe.  Additional names probably from stone survey taken by Candace Svendsen  ca. 1988.  Not probed.

Please click here for additional information submitted by William N. Rogers

Beauchamp list
  Carter, Abigail E. w/o Rowland d/Feb. 2, 1819  ae 20-11
  Carter, Wilson s/o Rufus & Ruth d/July 15, 1864 ae 1-0-8
  Carter, Rufus    d/June 21, 1844  ae 80-0-17
  Carter, Ruth (wife)   d/June 9, 1840 ae 70-5-1
  Haswell, Phebe w/o Nathaniel  d/
  Mighell, Nathaniel   d/Sept 6, 1832 ae 50
  Miles, Nathaniel   d/May 29, 1819 ae 82
  Miles, Sally (wife)   d/May 30, 1845 ae 65
  Miles, Smith (?)   d/Mar 19, 1893 ae 85
  Miles, Polly Wilcox w/o Smith d/Apr 18, 1865 ae 55-9-19
  Miles, Theodore J.   d/June 13, 1877  ae 30
  Miles, Almyra    d/Nov 4, 1833  ae 30

Svendsen list
  Baker, Sally M.   d/Nov 5, 1881  ae 45
  Babcock, Mithoumill (?) s/o Hiriam d/Sept  1821  ae 21 days
   & Polly Babcock “Sleep On Fair Babe”
  Carter, Rowland (Roland?)  d/Feb 2, 1819
  Carter, Abigail w/o Rowland  d/Feb 2, 1819  ae 20
  Carter, Adonijah   1801-1832(?)
  Carter, Sophronia, wife  1803-1892
  Carter, Vincent
  Carter, Rufus    d/6-21-1844  ae 80
  Carter, Ruth, wife   d/6-9-1840(?) ae 70
  Carter, Wilson, s/o Rufus & Ruth d/7-15-1864  ae 1
  Carter, Eliza, d/o Rufus & Ruth d/9-3-1807  ae 2
  Miles, Nathaniel   d/1819
  Miles, Theodore   d/1877
  Miles, Polly w/o Smithy Ellis  d/4-18-1865  ae 59
  Payne, William    1825-1911
  Miles, Phebe Haswell w/o Nathaniel no date
  Mighell, Nathaniel   d/9-6-1832 ae 50
  Miles, Nathaniel   d/5-29-1819  ae 82
  Miles, Sally w/o Nathaniel  d/5-30-1846  ae 65
  Miles, Smith    d/3-19-1893  ae 85
  Miles, Polly Wilcox w/o Smith d/4-18-1865  ae 55
  Miles, Theodore Jr.   d/6-13-1877 ae 30
  Miles, Almyra    d/11-4-1833  ae 30
  Miles, Garrit S.   d/7-10-1903  ae 70
  Miles, Orlando, s/o (?)
  Miles, ?   wife of _____mich(?) d/4-18-1863  ae 55
  Miles, Zolp_ana(?) d/o Myron  d/4-10-1842  ae 10
   and Mary Miles
  Miles, Jesse, s/o Henry & Mary d/?
  Payne, Eliza A. Carter  w/o Wm. 1825-1811
  June, Charles    d/Jan 27, 1894  ae 89
  Rogers, Noah or Enoch B.  d/9-21-1892 ***Please see note below from William N. Rogers***

William N. Rogers
Name: Enoch B. Rogers (not Noah)
Birth: June 18,1822
Death: September 21, 1892
Note: His gravestone was buried and I dug it up and had it reset in its original base in 1996 and, after a thorough cleaning, the information shown above is quite legible.

Updated 30 August 1998
Updated 16 July 1999