Ketchum/Hibbard Cemetery


Town of Pompey

Lot 9

Submitted by Kathy Crowell

Source:  "The Fayetteville Recorder," Fayetteville, N.Y., May 7, 1896:

Known as Indian Burying Ground
     The Last Resting Place of Many Pioneer Settlers--Some of the Quaint Inscriptions.

          Far from the noise of the thriving town in the edge of a dense wood lies the little cemetery commonly spoken of  as Indian Burying Ground.  Why this name was given  to the sacred  spot is not definitely known.  The common conjecture is, however, that it
was thus named on account of its close proximity to Indian Hill, being but a few hundred rods remote.

      The plot is on the farm known as the David Hibbard farm, now owned by Mrs. Eva F.  Hibbard of Manlius and occupied by Charles Ferris.  It is about one and one-half miles from the village and some distance from the public highway.
 There are perhaps fifty graves which can be easily found.  Many are marked by plain white slabs, while others have brown stones and still others gray.  Here and there  the  stones have fallen and the rains of many summers and snows of many winters have erased all writing from them.
 Among those still readable we note the following:
Dr. Daniel Weston
died Feb. 26, 1843
Aged 50 years, 7 months
and 5 days.
Camilia L.
youngest daughter of
Daniel and Lucy Weston
Sept. 9, 1845
aged 12 years
"Beloved and mourned."
Lewis Beebee
son of
Ransomb and Susan
died July 29, 1819
aged 7 years, 9 months
and 16 days.
to the memory of
wife of
Nathan Williams III
who died Aug.
31, 1828,
In the 43d year of her age.
Mayo C.
son of
Ransomb and Susan
died Sept. 15, 1841
aged 16 months.
Stephen Isaac
son of
Isaac and Keziah
died March 14, 1845
aged l year, 9 mos. and 22 days.
In memory of
Levi W. Ketchum*
son of David and Patience Ketchum
who died
Aug. 19, 1812
Aged 3 years, 2 months
and 12 days.
In memory of
Consort of
David Ketchum*
who died Nov. l, 1832.
Aged 55 years.
memory of
Isaac Ketchum*
who died Sept. 18,
Aged 58 years.
In memory of
Luke D. Ketchum*
who died Dec. 29,
Aged 22 years.
In memory of Clarissa
Potter, Consort of Henry
H. Potter, who died Nov. 29,
1817.  Aged 23 years.
memory of
Jacob Cleveland
who died Jan. the 13th
In the 77th year
of his age.
No mortal woes
Can reach the peaceful sleeper here
For angels watch his sweet repose.
In memory of
Ansel Cleveland
son of Jacob
and Charity Cleveland
who died Oct. 28, 1808.
In the 19th year of his age.
Ye blooming youth behold me cast
Where death will bring you all at last.
In memory of
wife of Jacob Cleveland
who died
Aug. 26, 1808
In the 52d year of her age,
Jesus guard the sleeping dust
For in thy name she put her trust.
In memory of Mrs.
Eliza Ladd
Consort of Mr.
Dan. Ladd
She died the 20th of March
1808. Aged 31 years.
Henry C.
son of
C.C. and Charlotte
Died Aug.
13th, 1835
Aged l year, 2 months and 9 days.
Erected to
the memory of Charlotte W.
wife of Columbus Midler
who died June 24, 1834
aged 23 years
6 mo. and 22 days
Harriet Cornelia,
daughter of
James L. and
Alma C. Beebee
Died Sept. 3, 1845
Aged 4 mo. and 10 days.
 A more beautiful spot than this could not be found for the last resting place of  the  dear departed.  In the morning the bright sun struggling through the dense foliage on the  east side makes the place truly beautiful.  The tiny stream at the foot of the hill sings merrily as it bends its course to the ocean.  The birds seem to understand and sing their sweetest song and the bright faced daisies lift their heads to greet the rising sun.

           It is evening and the scene is changed.  The last rays of the setting sun cast weird  shadows  here and there among  the  graves.  The tiny stream which sang so merrily  in  the morning has assumed a murmuring air.  The birds take up a plaintive strain and the  daisies which were so bright and gay in the morning now bend their heads reverently in keeping with the scene.

* * *
*Other burials found in this cemetery, according to a 1925 list at the Onondaga Co. Historical Society, include:

Nathan Ketchem d. Jan. 1806, ae 77y
Clarissa Porter d. June 29, 1817, ae. 23y, wf. of Henry H.

According to POMPEY: Our Town in Profile, Vol. 1 (Township of Pompey, Pompey, NY, 1976), the 1924 obituary of Martha Ketchem Armstrong "stated burial in 'The old Ketchem Cemetery, later 'Hibbard,' on the farm now owned by Charles E. Ferris," p. 232.

Submitted 30 April 1998