Pleasant Valley Road

Town of Onondaga, New York

Summer, 1989

by Florence Coville Brock

Skaneateles, NY

Submitted by John Curtin

The Gilbert Cemetery is a small, neighborhood cemetery on the south side of Pleasant Valley Road in the Town of Onondaga, halfway between Marcellus and Cedarvale. The cemetery was originally on the north side of Pleasant Valley Road, where it intersects with Kasson Road. Because the site was low and wet, however, it was decided to move the bodies which could be moved, to the present location, on land given for the purpose by Ichabod Gilbert and either the Whites or Capt. Terry. Besides some bodies probably remaining on the original site, it is certain that the present cemetery includes many unmarked graves, for it is said to be full. Thus many early burials will never be accounted for. I am indebted to Winifred Gilbert Brown for what information is available on the history of this cemetery, and for bits of her family history included in this historic burial ground.
Last Name First Name Birth DeathKindred Notes Remarks
BarnardEmma Chapin Gilbert 1st marriage to Orlin Gilbert 2nd marriage to George Barnard is buried here, but has no stone
BarnardGeorge N. 18191902 pioneer in photography behind is headstone: Father married son-in-law's mother for 2nd wife
BrownCatherine 1878 wf of James Brown d. 22 Jan 1878 ae 75y 10m 17d
BrownJames 1878 hb of Catherine d. 18 Jan 1878 ae 76y 7m 6d
EgglestonCharles Guy 1894 Private, Co. F., 122d NYV, Civil War d. 22 May 1894 ae 51y / born in England
EglestonDeborah 1876 wf of Winlock Egleston d. 13 Apr 1876 ae 68y 3m 19d
EglestonWinlock hb of Deborah no stone or marker for him not known if buried here
GilbertArabella Wells 18021884 wf of Lewis B. Gilbert d. 8 Oct 1884 b. 3 Aug 1802
GilbertEllen Searles 18431913 3rd wf of Rufus Gilbert
GilbertEmma Jane 18671888 dau of Rufus and Ellen Searles Gilbert
GilbertFrancis 1850 probably son of L. B. and A. Gilbert d. 18 Mar 1850 ae 19y / name supplied by family descendant
GilbertHarriette E. Lownsbury 1854 2nd wf of Rufus Gilbert / dau of E. F. and S. A. Lownsbury d. 29 Apr 1854 ae 27y 3m
GilbertIchabod 1866 hb of Polly Lamson d. 3 Mar 1866 in the 91st year of his age
GilbertJohn 1860 son of Rufus and Margaret M. Quick Gilbert d. 9 Jun 1860 ae 1y 1m 10d / one record says he was killed in riding horseback
GilbertLewis B. 1861 hb of Arabella Wells / son of Rufus and Ellen d. 25 Sep 1861 59y 11m 2d
GilbertMargaret M. Quick 1860 1st wf of Rufus Gilbert d. 5 Jul 1860 ae 26y 2m 21d
GilbertOrlin 1849 d. 9 Aug 1849 ae 32y
GilbertPolly Lamson 1877 wf of Ichabod Gilbert / dau of Benjamin Lamson d. 23 Jun 1877 ae 96y 3m 11d
GilbertRufus 18291901 hb of Ellen Searles
GilbertRufus A. 19011916 2nd son of William S. and Florence C. Armstrong Gilbert drowned in Cedarvale Mill Pond d. 16 Jul 1916 / ae 14y
GilbertSidney L. 19101983
HolcombPhebe 1813 wf of Salmon Halcomb d. 1 Jul 1813 ae 3 . . . years
HolcombSalmon hb of Phebe no stone or marker for him not known if buried here
HullAnnis S. Lownsbury 1874 wf of Nelson Hull d. 15 Jun 1874 ae 35y 4m
HullNelson hb of Annis S. Lownsbury no stone or marker for him not known if buried here
JohnsonCharles J. 1849 son of Harvey B. and Harriet M. Johnson d. 29 Mar 1849 ae 3m
JohnsonHarriet M. wf of Henry (or Harvey) B. Johnson no stone or marker for her not known if buried here
JohnsonHenry (Harvey) B. hb of Harriet M. no stone or marker for him not known if buried here
JohnsonSarah H. 1849 dau of Henry B. and Harriet M. Johnson d. 2 Apr 1849 ae 1y 10m
LamsonBenjamin 1833 Revolutionary War Veteran, but grave is not so marked d. 11 Nov 1833 ae 77y
LamsonMary wf of Benjamin / buried in Hastings, NY
LamsonOlive C. 1870 wf of Sterling Lamson d. 15 Mar 1870 ae 78y 3d
LamsonPolly 18281838 "Our Sister" on gravestone d. 30 Mar 1838 b. 4 May 1828
LamsonSterling 1860 hb of Olive C. / son of Benjamin d. 18 Dec 1860 ae 77y 7m 14d
LownsburyEzra F. 1894 hb of Sara A. d. 19 Apr 1894ae 90y
LownsburyR. Angie 1893 d. 10 Jun 1893 ae 60y
LownsburySarah A. 1874 wf of Ezra F. d. 5 Feb 1874in her 72nd yr
McMannisLina 1811 wf of Philip McMannis d. 30 Dec 1811? (14? 44? 41?) in the 45th yr of her age
McMannisPhilip hb of Lina no stone or marker for him not known if buried here
SlocumFortunatus hb of Ruth no stone or marker for him not known if buried here
SlocumRuth 1860 wf of Fortunatus Slocum d. 9 Oct 1860 ae 90y 6m
WalkerCharles 1840 hb of Harriet d. 1 Dec 1840in his 56th yr
WalkerHarriet 1891 wf of Charles Walker d. 24 May 1891 in her 91st yr
WalkerMary dau of Charles and Harriet Walker
WhiteCyrus 1863 hb of Lois d. 18 Mar 1863ae 76y 6m 21d
WhiteJerry 1893 acc to Marcellus Observer obituary, was buried here funeral - 27 Apr 1893 recorded in M.O. - 13 May 1893
WhiteLois 1854 wf of Cyrus White d. 14 Jul 1854 ae 68y 4m 17d
WhitePervilla 18311898
WhiteSamuel L. 18231906
WhiteWillie W. 19601911

16 November 1997