Camillus, Onondaga County, New York

Camillus, Onondaga County, NY

Belle Isle Cemetery
David Munro Family Plot
Fairmount Cemetery
Greenlawn Memorial Park Cemetery
Holy Cross Cemetery
James Geddes Family Plot
Kimberly Family Plot
Lamberson Family Plot
Maplewood Cemetery
Most Holy Rosary Cemetery
Old Cemetery, a/k/a Sherwood Robbins Cemetery
Old Farm Cemetery
Oswego Bitters Cemetery
Polish National Cemetery
Sears Cemetery
Sherwood Robbins, a/k/a Old Cemetery
Vosburgh Family Plot
West Hill Cemetery
Wheeler Cemetery a/k/a Harmon Cemetery
Names Appearing in the 1825 Assessment Roll, alphabetized, from Bruce's Onondaga's Centennial
Names Appearing on the 1874 Sweet Map
Principal Farmers, Manufacturers and Merchants of Onondaga County, 1874

Town of Elbridge, Camillus & Van Buren Early Settlers, from the (Syracuse?) Journal
Names Appearing in the 1800 Census
Names Appearing in the 1810 Census
Names Appearing in the 1830 Census
Names of Soldiers Who Drew Lots in the Military Tract
Revolutionary War Soldiers, from Bruce's Onondaga's Centennial

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