Onondaga County

Submitted by Diane Wilson Flynn

Present owner of the Hanifan-Caffray Bible - Diane Wilson Flynn 

[Provenance:  John and Margaret [Caffray] Hanifan --> their daughter, Irene Lillian (Hanifan) Philbrook --> her nephew's wife Theresa (Manley)
Sheridan --> her brother-in-law  Robert F. Sheridan --> his first cousin once removed Diane Wilson Flynn] 

The Holy Bible translated from
the Latin Vulgate: diligently compared with
the Hebrew, Greek, and other Editions
in Various Languages. The Old Testament was first published at the English College at Douay, A.D. 1609;
And the New Testament, by the English College at Rheims, A.D. 1582 Revised with Annotations
By the Right Rev. R. Challoner D.D. Together with References, and an Historical and Chronological Index.
Now Carefully corrected according to the Clementine Edition of the Scriptures.

New York: Thomas Kelly Publisher, 17 Barclay Street, 1874.

William. Hanifan. June. 22nd. 1876. T Clara. C. Hanifan. March. 15th. 1878, F
Jenne. Hanifan. May. 10th. 1880. M John. Hanifan. February 17th 1882
Francis Hanifan. February. 3th. 1884. Dinnis Hanifan February. 27th. 1886.
Bessie Theresa Hanifan. July 19th 1889. James Joseph Hanifan March 1.the 1891.
Irene Lillian Hanifan. March 24the 1893.

Mrs. Elizabeth. Caffray Age. 68 y Died. Aug. 14th. 1881 James. Caffray. in the War May. 3rd. 1863. Frank. Caffray. Wound. From War. June 25th 18.76. John. Caffray. Husband of Eliz. Caffray Feb. 2nd. 1855.
James Joseph Hanifan, died Agust 11th. 1892. 17 months old.
William Caffray. died Jan. 9.the 1890. Age 49.
Margaret Hanifan Died, March. 12,the 1897 Age 40 years 
[printed in a different hand]
Jenne (Jeanette Hanifan (Warner) Jan 10 1967 Age 85 Francis Hanifan July 20 1953 Wm Hanifan Nov 5 1958 Clara (Caffray) Long
July 24 1949 Dennis Hanifan Nov 27 1970 Bessie T. Hanifan (Sheridan) June 30 1970 Clara V Hanifan (Wilcox June 28, 1914
John Hanfan Aug 15 1969 Irene Hanifan Philbrook Aug 5 1968

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23 September 2001