Nassau Cemetery Rolls

Nassau Cemetery Rolls

Beth David Cemetery - Nassau County, New York

Beth David Cemetery
Elmont, Nassau County, New York

Contributor's Index:

[AW] Allison White
[[email protected]]
[IS] Irving Sontag
[[email protected]]

Feder, Hyman, b. 1879, d. Dec 30, 1955, h/o Yetta, [AW]
Jacobs, Abraham, b. Sep 15, 1904, d. May 27, 1987, h/o Molly, s/o Samual & Esther Jacobs, [AW]
Jacobs, Irving, b. Aug 16, 1909, d. Sep 1979, h/o Ruby, s/o Samual & Esther Jacobs, [AW]
Jacobs, Leah, b. Jun. 16, 1903, d. Feb 12, 1953, w/o Simon Leiberman, d/o Samual & Esther Jacobs, [AW]
Jacobs, Mitchell, b. Aug 12, 1941, d. Sep 7, 1950, s/o Abraham & Molly Jacobs, [AW]
Jacobs, Rose, b. May 20, 1893, d. Mar 21, 1984, w/o David White, d/o Samual & Esther Jacobs, [AW]
Jacobs, Samual, b. Sep 1, 1870, d. Jul 4, 1954, h/o Esther, [AW]
Langsam, Esther, b. Mar 16, 1870, d. Apr 24, 1949, w/o Samual Jacobs, d/o Abraham Langsam, [AW]
Oringel, Abraham, b. 1883, d. Jan 29, 1955, h/o Lena, [AW]
Sontag, Mae, b. 28 Sep 1904, d.31 Jul 1972, wife of Joseph Sontag, dau of Benjamin & Sarah Friedman, [IS]
White, David S., b. Jul 8, 1892, d. Nov 11, 1950, h/o Rose, s/o Louis & Ida White, [AW]
White, Lena, b. Feb 5, 1886, d. Feb 12, 1945, w/o Abraham Oringel, d/o David & Rose White, [AW]
White, Yetta, b. Mar 21, 1891, d. Nov 1967, w/o Hyman Feder, d/o David & Rose White, [AW]

Greenfield Cemetery - Nassau County, New York

Greenfield Cemetery
Hempstead, Uniondale, Nassau County, New York

Contributor's Index:
[AO] Annabelle O'Neill
[[email protected]]
[DC] Diane Cassidy
[mailto:[email protected]]
[DK] Diane A. Kennedy
[[email protected]]
[GB] George J. Beckett
[[email protected]]
[LJ] Linda Jasztal [
[email protected]]
[JN] Janis
[[email protected]]
[LM] Lisa Messana
[[email protected]]
[NW] Nancy Witzgall
[[email protected]]
[SB] Scott L. Benz
[[email protected]]
[SK] Stacey Kerr
[[email protected]]

Baukney, Grace H, d. Nov 28, 1984, nee Fermelin, aged 91, Gr #2, Sec-27, Lot-26, [SB]
Benz, Esther, d. Dec 1, 1981, nee Fermelin, aged 84, Gr #3, Sec-27, Lot-26, [SB]
Carlson, Bernhard, d. Jan 8, 1916 aged 77, Gr #4-5, Sec-27, Lot-26, [SB]
Carlson, Charles H, d. Aug 30, 1928 aged 48, Gr #1, Sec-27, Lot-26, [SB]
Carlson, Louisa A, d. Jan 22, 1930, nee Berghsen, Sec-27, Lot-26, [SB]
Casparian, Gregory, d. 15 Jul 1942, age 87, Sec-35, Lot-113, [AO]
Casparian, Victoria, d. 29 Dec 1922, age 54, nee Iskiyan, Sec-35, Lot-113, [AO]
Correri, Joan, b. May 3 1929, d. Jan 26 1973, wife of Paul Correri, dau of Peter and Rose Sansone, [LM]
Dion, Herbert, b. Jul 26, 1869, D. November 20, 1957, s/o Pierre Dion and Marie Bastogne, h/o Ida Romer, Sec 40, Lot No 337, Grave 2, Crema, [SK]
Dion, Ida, d. May 28, 1940, w/o Herbert Dion, Sec 40, Lot No. 337, Grave 3, Crema, [SK]
Doty, Charles I., b. ?, d. 6-13-1920, Sec-32 lot-81 gr-5, [NW]
Doty, Stillborn, b. 8-30-1937, d. 8-30-1937, Sec-32 lot-81 gr-2, [NW]
Doughty, Louise [Senti], b. 3-10-1918, d. 3-8-1955, Sec-77 lot-42 gr-6, age 37yr, [NW]
Doughty, Alice A., b. 8-21-1868, d. 2-9-1952, Sec-32 lot-81 gr-1, age 84yr, w/o Alvin Doughty, [NW]
Doughty, Alvin E., b. 2-21-1877, d. 2-4-1960, Sec-32 lot-81 gr-1, age 83yr, h/o Elizabeth Lewis and Alice A.Eastman, [NW]
Doughty, Birdsall Thomas Jr, b. 1924, d. 11-04-1956, Sec-77 lot-43 gr-1, age 32yr, Cpl 1412 SVC COM D UNIT W.W.II, [NW]
Doughty, Birdsall Thomas Sr., b. 4-3-1901, d. 12-10-1969, Sec-77 lot-42 gr-6, age 68yr Husband of Wilhelmine Moran and Louise Senti, [NW]
Doughty, Wilhelmina [Moran], b. 12-26-1901, d. 5-23-1944, Sec-40 lot-43 gr-5 [ashes] bury under head stone of her parents, age 44yr, [NW]
Eigner, Josephine Waas, b. Mar 15, 1881, Austria, d. Jun 6, 1964, wife of Otto J. Eigner, Sec #39, [JN]
Eigner, Otto J., b. Oct 8, 1881, Germany, d. Mar 26, 1927, husband of Josephine Waas Eigner, Sec #39, [JN]
Fermelin, Jennie L., d. Nov 5, 1968 aged 96, Gr #2, Sec-27, Lot-26, [SB]
Hall, Eunice Alethea d. 14 Oct 1945, nee Casparian, age 50, Sec-35, Lot-113, [AO]
Hall, John Warner Jr. d. 8 Mar 1995, (cremains), Sec-35, Lot-113, [AO]
Hall, John Warner Sr, d. 18 Jul 1946, age 52, Sec-35, Lot-113, [AO]
Hinchy, Baby Boy, d. Aug 6, 1940, s/o Edward and Eva Hinchy, Sec. 40, Lot No 337 Grave 1, Crema, [SK]
Hinchy, Dorothy, d. Oct 26, 1945, d/o Edward and Eva Hinchy, Sec. 40, Lot No 337 Grave 4, Crema, [SK]
Hinchy, Edward, d. Apr 18, 1969, h/o Eva Dion, Sec 40, Lot no 337, Grave 5, Crema, [SK]
Hinchy, Eva, b. Jul 27, 1899 d. Oct 16, 1978, d/o Herbert Dion and Ida Romer, w/o Edward Hinchy, Sec 40, Lot No 337 Grave 5, Crema, [SK]
Hinchy, Stillborn, b. Mar 13, 1938 bur. Apr 27, 1938, c/o Edward and Eva Hinchy, Sec. 40, Lot No 337 Grave 1, Crema, [SK]
Hinchy, William, d. May 13, 1944, s/o Edward and Eva Hinchy, Sec. 40, Lot No 337 Grave 4, Crema, [SK]
Kress, Emily (Josephine), bur. 1927, Sec. 28 lot-262 Gr 6?, [GB]
Kress, Michael, bur. 1947, Sec. 28 lot-262 Gr 6?, [GB]
Kress, Michael, no date, (a child) bur. 1930, Sec. 28 lot-262 Gr 6?, [GB]
Krier, Elizabeth 'Lizzie' [Moran], b. 1882, d. 3-24-1959, Sec-49 lot-40 gr-?, age 77yr, [NW]
Logan, Caroll Marie [Doughty], b. 1937, d. 5-24-1963, Sec-77 lot-210 gr-1, age 26yr, [NW]
Moran, Annette [Clotta], b. ?, d. 11-4-1966 wife of J.T.Moran JR. section49 lot-40 gr-6, [NW]
Moran, Alice, b. 1918, d. 7-4-1951, Sec-49 lot-40 gr-1, age 33yr, [NW]
Moran, James Thomas Jr, b. 10-18-1909, d. 1-23-1977 section49 lot-40 gr-6, age 68yr, [NW]
Moran, James Thomas Sr, b. 1873, d. 4-4-1961, Sec-40 lot-43 gr-5, age 88yr, [NW]
Moran, John S., b. 1877, d. 10-21-1925, Sec-49 lot-40 gr- ?, age 48yr, [NW]
Moran, Josephine Sophie, b. 1880, d. 12-15-1939, w/o J.T.Moran sr., Sec-40 lot-43 gr-5, age 41yr, [NW]
Nascimento, John R., b. abt 1897, d. 16 Jul 1937 (age 40); Grave Location: Section 41, Lot 32, Grave 2, six foot deep; Source: Deed -- single grave burial, Greenfield Cemetery, dated 20 Jul 1937 [LJ]
Napalitano, Ralph, no date, Sec. 28 lot-262 Gr 6?, [GB]
Nostrand, Russell Sage, b. Jun 16, 1911, d. Jul 12,1970 Sec 79 L-182, s/o Samuel and Flora (Doughty) Nostrand, [DC]
Plapper, Henry, no date, Sec. 28 lot-262 Gr 6, [GB]
Romare, Hilda May [Doughty], b. 1909, d. 1986, Sec-76 lot-32 gr-1, age 77yr, [NW]
Smith, Elizabeth A., b. ?, d. 6-19-1930, Sec-32 lot-81 gr-4, [NW]
Smith, Harry H., b. ?, d. 6-19-1930, Sec-32 lot-81 gr-2, [NW]
Smith, Pearl Edna [Doty], b. ?, d. 5-31-1977, Sec-32 lot-81 gr-3, [NW]
Townsend, Annie May [Moran], b. 1905, d. 3-21-1925, Sec-49 lot-40 gr-3, age 20yr, [NW]
Waas, George, b. Austria, d. Jan 8, 1952, son of Ludmiller Schmidt Waas and Anton Waas, Sec #39, [JN]
Waas, Ludmiller Schmidt, b. 1849, Austria, d. 1923, wife of Anton Waas, Sec #39, [JN]
Wanser, Arthur Stanley, b. Dec 1913, d. 25 May 1961, s/o Townsend and Lydia J., [DK]
Wanser, Lydia Jeanette, b. 15 Oct 1880, d. 01 Feb 1946, w/o Townsend Wanser, d/o Henry Edgar Rhodes and Jeanette Low Gildersleeve, [DK]
Wanser, Townsend, b. 29 Sep 1883, d. 2 Feb 1963, h/o Lydia Jeanette Gildersleeve, s/o John Henry and Sarah Elizabeth Wanser, [DK]

Nassau Knolls Cemetery & Memorial Park - Nassau County, New York

Nassau Knolls Cemetery & Memorial Park
Port Washington, Nassau County, New York

500 Port Washington Blvd.
Port Washington, NY 11050-4295Lat: 4049.21N

Contributor's Index:
[BH] Barb
[[email protected]]
[CC] Carolyn Toole Carney
[[email protected]]
[CP] Cynthia Pfister
[[email protected]]
[WR] Wendy M Reed
[[email protected]]

Bunniss, Dorothy Gunzel, b. 1914, d. 1997, Mother Cynthia Pfister
Mitchell, George H., b. 27 May 1893, d. 7 Jun 1966, h/o Cecil Elizabeth Smith, [BH]
Schlottmann, Helena, b. 11 Oct 1873, d. 25 Jul 1947, w/o Christian Schlottmann, nee: Trunk, [CC]
Smith, Arthur Winfield, Jr., b. 30 Aug 1898, d. 26 Jan, 1968, [BH]
Smith, Cecil Elizabeth, b. 19 Nov, 1895, d. 6 Feb, 1978, [BH]
Toole, Gerald Crandall, b. 3 Nov 1895, d. 15 Mar 1961, h/o Jeannette Dorothy Schlottmann, [CC]
Toole, Jeannette Dorothy S., b. Jan 28, 1900, d: Mar 10, 1998, nee: Schlottmann, w/o Gerald Crandall Toole, [CC]
Wheeler, Frances Mary, b. 1895, d. 1 Jun 1957, w/o Arthur Winfield Smith, Jr., [BH]
Wicks, Ruth, b. May 1885, d. 10 Jan 1965, wife of William Wicks, dau. of Roger and Sara Conklin, [WR]
Wicks, William, b. 1885, d. 25 Apr 1965, son of John and Annie Wicks, [WR]


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