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Sarah Hooper Mon Jan 1 21:18:01 2007
I am looking for the burial site for my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather Bell YORK, III. He was born October 11, 1771, son of Bell YORK Jr and Anna BROWN. His wife was Polly PURCHASE. She died sometime around 1854. Bell died April 17, 1852. My grandfather (Howard YORK) searched for many years trying to find their burial place and was unsuccessful. I've tried several sites trying to find an obituary, but can find nothing or the website for some reason won't work. Please email me with any information! Thanks so much. Sarah Hooper


Dick Tue Jan 2 05:29:24 2007
I am looking for members of the the William A. MURPHY family who moved to Eaton, New York in the late 1800 early 1900's. He and is wife Sarah are buried in the Eaton Cemetery, Eaton, Madison county, New York.


Elaine Beckwith Wed Jan 3 10:01:59 2007
I would like information on Samuel H. BECKWITH, "Grants Shadow", Who were his parents etc.
Thank you
Elaine Beckwith


Marisa Baldwin Thu Jan 4 16:13:28 2007
Looking for family of Mary Louise Van SLIKES born June 8,1847 Canastota, Madison co NY
Married AntonKOOB. They lived in Jones co. IA, moved to Anita area of Iowa. Children John A. KOOB, Wm Roscoe KOOB, Cynthia KOOB, Homeer Christoper, Thomas, Lafayette Anton (Lafe)


Pam Sat Jan 6 07:40:03 2007
I am looking for someone to look up a death certificare for me on Peter P. BENN who died August 7, 1879 and is buried in Peterboro Village Cemetery. I am looking to find who his parents were or any siblings. Any information on Peter P. BENN would be appreciated. Thank You, Pam


Pam Sat Jan 6 08:27:14 2007
I am looking for death information on Eliza (BENN) RAYMOND buried in Perryville Cemetery. Eliza was born in 1808 and died in 1887. She is buried with her husband Ichabod RAYMOND. I am looking for Eliza's parents. Any information on Eliza RAYMOND would be greately appreciated.
Thank You,


bonnie Mon Jan 8 15:58:13 2007
Looking for birth record of any kind for John BRIGHAM, son of Jonas BRIGHAM and Susannah (HOWE) BRIGHAM. Born abt. 1815, probably in Eaton. He married Lydia CASE in Hamilton, Eaton NY. Does anyone know how to get such a record?


Nadeen Thu Jan 11 06:23:26 2007
The family I am researching is William H RANDALL (b. about 1839-1841 depending on what record you look at) who married Avis COULTER. Their children were Clarence, Harry, Clayton and Arthur. All were born in NY as were their parents. I gave up my subscripton to for financial reasons. I'm hoping someone will have additional information on this family. Thank you for any help.

1908 Auto Race

Bill Coffin Mon Jan 15 10:58:27 2007
Any history from local diaries or newspapers about the NY to Paris auto race that came thru Madison County Feb 14-15 1908. Cars followed the Erie Canal tow path. 3 stayed in Canastota over night night of Feb 14. Did they follow the towpath thru Chittenango Feb 14 or switch to route 5?


roger holmes Thu Jan 18 08:15:50 2007
Interested in the story/history of Mueller Hill occupants who were in exile from Europe, 1800's or early 1900's. Not sure if Mueller Hill is in Madison or Chenango Counties; is near Georgetown, New York.


Sharon Thu Jan 25 07:56:36 2007
Hello, I'm am trying to find out more information on my family roots. My Grandfather was Leslie G. STERLING and grandmother was Ethel (ARCHER) STERLING.

I'm not sure how, but I know Louisa (KIBBE) STERLING is also part of my family (maybe my Great-Grandmother). I am looking to find out more about my Grandfather's father and family.

I know growing up my dad lived in Canastota, but I don't know when they settled there. I believe my grandpa worked for the postal service. Anyone with information or other free websites where I can find info it would be appreciated.
thank you.


gordon pearson Wed Jan 31 13:48:20 2007
I live in northern Ireland and as a school kid twenty years ago I stayed with the BENEDICT family, ...John, Mary-Ann and their son Craig. Can someone help trace them for me please or know of their where abouts


Peter Fraser Thu Feb 1 10:07:45 2007
Is there any known connection between these two names on military records, or otherwise, to prove they might be brothers?
Septimus B WELLS and Theophilus WELLS. Both received pensions from the military for service in late 1830s-early 1840s.
I am trying to locate birthplace, possibly Virginia. I would like births, marriages and possibly their parents names if available.


Peter Cebeniak Sat Feb 3 12:11:20 2007
I am trying to locate Roy Roger NORTHRUP. The last location I have on him is that he lived in Oneida, New York.


c t masick Sun Feb 4 15:45:47 2007
Searching for any information on Harry CARTWRIGHT (b@ 1902) and living in Madison @ 1920. I believe his parents were William and Carrie. William may have relocated to Richfield Springs,NY after this date.


Judy Hallagan Sun Feb 4 22:47:47 2007
I am responding to the following query:
Silvia Rzhondkovsky Thu Jul 1 02:12:07 2004
?I am looking for relatives of Carl (Charles) BLUM, Frederica BLUM (wife),Theodore BLUM (son)and Anna BLUM (daughter).They were from Prussia and they were living in Lenox, Madison County, New York in 1880. I know that Theodore got married to Lizzie A. and they lived all their lives in Lenox or Canastota. I can not find more information. Theodore's and Anna's real surname was ZEIDLER. Carl BLUM was their stepfather.

My great-grandmother was Anna BLUM (b) 1 November 1862. She lived in Canastota and married Harvey PHILLIPS in Oneida on 2 February 1881. They had at least six children, my grandmother was Ida P. She had a brother Carl PHILLIPS.

Please contact me at the above e-mail address.


Jean Bunch Wed Feb 7 11:13:26 2007
A Pension Affidavit for Edmond CAMPBELL shows he was born in (looks like) Lexington, Madison County, NY in 1839. I cannot find a Lexington. It says that Mrs. MITCHELL and Dr. SPENCE were in attendance at his birth. He was killed, during the Civil War and is buried in Antietam. Can anyone help with any suggestion?


Marsha Bybee Wed Feb 7 14:06:22 2007
I have an ancestor Homer H HULBERT who was born 1803-4 in Madison Co. I have no information about his family - parents and hoping someone out there could help me.


CARLTON B. STRAIL Thu Feb 8 07:46:33 2007
I am looking for the NORTON families in Madison County, especially Theodore B. NORTON, Senior and Junior. Where did they come from? I understand that Senior was buried in DeRuyter Cemetery while Junior was buried at Lyons - Mutton Hill.

CARR - Barn Castle

Pete Pierce Fri Feb 9 09:38:15 2007
HI Robert,
I saw your two queries, one about Barn Castle, and the other about the 1850 census in Madison.

I have several mapping sources, but was unable to find any place in Madison County that had "Barn" as part of the start of the name.

Re: Thomas CARR in the 1850 Madison Co., NY, census - There are 33 Robert CARR's in's index for NY in 1850, and 3 Robert CAR's (one R). If you can give me some approximate ages of your folk, I will try to sort which of them might be your person. I need something that will suggest a birth date to narrow the search. If you want to look at those results on your own, every branch library in Dallas County has free access to Ancestry, and it's free.

Email me privately, if you'd like or, if you want to talk to me, I live in Arlington, TX.


Mike Bellamy Sat Feb 10 00:43:17 2007
I wanted to get some background on the PROSSERs that lived in Madison County NY in the late 1800s. Specifically I wanted to know what ethnicity they were, whether Welsh or German. Thank You


Robert Warren Tue Feb 13 19:59:44 2007
Harrison WARREN born abt 1798, married Charlotte FOSDICK in Cazenovia N.Y. abt 1821. They had a child Harrison L. WARREN in 1822 and in 1824 Charlotte married Joseph BaBCOCK. We have no idea what happened to the elder Harrison WARREN. James LLOYD, who was involved with construction on the Erie Canal, is the father-in-law of the younger Harrison L. WARREN. He married Martha LLOYD in 1846 later in Illinois. Perhaps the elder Harrison worked with Mr. LLOYD and was killed working on the canal. All help wanted.


Donna Whipple Thu Feb 15 09:36:49 2007
Jeremiah WHIPPLE and William WHIPPLE were among the earliest settlers in Cazenovia, Madison County, NY. We have reason to believe that one or both of these gentlemen or their sons are in Indiana in the 1820s. I appreciate any information on Jeremiah and/or William, and am happy to share info on descendants from 1820s to 2007 in Indiana.


Eilene Edwards Sat Feb 24 14:31:17 2007
I'd like to know how to find a birth record for Warren PALMER, born in Brookfield, Madison Co, NY in 1810 to Warren PALMER and Betsey FARGO. Were records kept in Madison that early?


June Tue Feb 27 04:23:17 2007
Looking for information on Bertha P FREDERICK who died Dec 1982 in Leonardsville,NY.


Pam Dailey Tue Feb 27 17:29:06 2007
I am looking for all of the above names They may have come from NY into Pa and some back into NY. Troupsburg and Woodhull, NY . Lydia HEALEY married Wocester (Woster) PAYNE and they are buried in the Troupsburg, NY cemetery, Mt Hope cemetery. The RUSHMOREs and ROBERTS have several connections. Also looking for information on Mary E WILLARD and Asa R DYKE. Any help appreciated. Thank You Pam Dailey


sherry Thu Mar 1 07:47:11 2007
Looking for info on Issac MORSE / (MOSS) family that is in the 1800 Cazenovia census.


Ken McConnell Fri Apr 13 11:27:14 2007
Any info on first mayor of Wampsville, a McCONNELL possibly Roscoe. Thanks


Sharon Welsh Sat Apr 14 20:56:48 2007
I'm researching for any information on my mom's great-grandparents, Alonzo LEWIS b. 2 Feb 1840, Dolgeville, Herkimer Co., but lived most of his live in Madison Co., around Lenox and Oneida. His wife was Hellen SECOR b. abt. 1844 (gleaned from their son's (Charles Floyd LEWIS of Oneida) death certificate. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Btw, Alonzo was the son of Jesse LEWIS and Elizabeth THUM, of Herkimer Co. Thanks!!


Lori Fogarty Sun Apr 15 13:16:56 2007
My GGGG grandfather Bela HITCHCOCK is said to have died in Cazenovia NY in about 1834. He was married to Lydia WILLIAMS whose father Isaiah WILLIAMS lived in Henderson NY. Their son Joseph my GGG grandfather was born in Cazenovia. I'm trying to find evidence of the marriage of Bela-Lydia, cemetery where Bela is located, etc.


Sally Racine Oosterhuis Sun Apr 29 07:29:28 2007
I have come across a letter written to my aunt, Jeanne (HORRELL / HOREL) WHITTINGTON by Emaline RATHBUN. I'm sorry, the note isn't dated. Emaline RATHBUN and her husband, Paul, were living on Rathbun Rd. and are the 4th generation on the land. My interest in the RATHBUN's is through my maternal granddmother, Carrie Colburn HORRELL (daughter of, Nancy Jane RATHBUN). Any direction would be appreciated; perhaps information about vocations or where the RATHBUNs came from prior to being there.

Thank you very much. Sincerely, Sally Oosterhuis


Miriam Oakes Wed May 2 13:58:14 2007
I am looking for anyone that has information on Chancellor Livingston BIERCE and his heirs. I have some records and can supply a family tree that goes back to the Mayflower.
Contact me at anytime.


Pam Dailey Fri May 4 05:51:29 2007
I am looking for any information on a Dennis ROBERTS who married a Mary Ann HUNT. They were listed in the 1840 census for Ononadaga County but also lived in Madison Co before moving to Pa, Tioga County. Thank You


Theresa Thu May 10 18:04:10 2007
Looking for info on the family of Matthew CHANDLER.
Theresa Trail


Vinnie C. Whitney Mon May 14 15:47:19 2007
Am looking for children of Alvin and Juliette FOSTER. They lived in Stockbridge; Herkimer Co.; and Eaton Twp., Madison Co. His grave site mentions several children with no dates, and later censuses mentions Henry, Alvin Newton, Anna, Burton and Reuben. Are there any more?


A. Kircher Tue May 15 11:25:20 2007
We are currently the owners of Peter HATCH's house on Hatch Lake. Would like any information on Peter or his house.


Gerri B. Palmer Wed May 16 09:07:05 2007
I'm looking for information about Charles G BUCHANAN born about 1821 in NY. He married Bethany Crosby in NY. Bethany also born in NY in 1819. I have found an 1880 census while they were living in Sherburne Quarter, NY. My grandmother Katherine was thier daughter born 1861 in Sherburne, NY. Thanks for any information any one might have.


Joanne Hurst Fri May 18 18:59:40 2007
Looking for information on William NELSON, buried in Stockbridge Cemetery. Grave stone reads REV WAR Soldier


Shelley Augustine Wed May 23 18:12:14 2007
Descendants of (Dr.) Hugh and Abiah (REED) CUNINGHAM, their son Lorenzo Sidney CUNINGHAM (and his wife Sarah (REED) CUNINGHAM): I have found documentation: Hugh's birth record 13 Jul 1780, Town of Rutland, MA; Hugh and Abiah's marriage record 29 Sep 1806, Town of Shutesbury, MA, Lorenzo's birth record, MA 5 Aug 1808, Town of Shutesbury, MA and Lorenzo's death record, Onondaga Co. (Syracuse, NY) Vital Statistics, 4 Dec 1888.

Also have some documentation on Hugh's parents, John (Lt/Capt) CUNINGHAM and his wife, Priscilla TABER: a statement of their marriage (4 Jun 1773) from Town of Rutland, MA. They were married in Tiverton, RI according to the statement (on town clerk letterhead), but Tiverton has no record, you are welcome to visit (call ahead) to view town records yourself (or hire a genealogist to research for you). John was a Patriot, he was a private soldier with Captain Thomas Eustis' Rutland Company of Minute Men who marked on the alarm of the Battle of Lexington, 19 Apr 1775. Helen (CUNNINGHAM) BENSON was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), and I am too, documented back to Capt. John CUNINGHAM. Good luck!


Patty Mon May 28 15:14:02 2007
Looking for a marriage record or birth records of Edward HATCH, who married Margaret ALGER Nov 13, 1813 in Madison County. Possibly Lebanon? Some sources have them as being born in Madison County but as their births were 1788 and 1792 that probably is not likely. Any leads would be helpful. Thanks


David Engel Mon May 28 19:44:00 2007
Want information on WITTER family of Brookfield, believed to be antecedents of prominent Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., family.
Dave Engel
Wisconsin Rapids City Historian


Pam Dailey Tue May 29 05:35:14 2007
This is not a query but maybe will help the man looking for HUBBARDs. There are 3 HUBBARD family members in the Cleveland or Goodall Cemetery on rt 660 toward Covington, Pa. One was in the War of 1812. an Ebenezer HUBBARD 1786-1876. He served under Capt Steers The other is Delos HUBBARD 14/1/1815 to 1894 and a Hattie L HUBBARD of Ostego Co 10/18/1846 to 1874 or 79. It is a small cemetery Hope it helps. Pam Dailey

Eaton cemetery

Stacie Price Thu May 31 19:32:01 2007
I am looking for information about the cemetery next to the Old Gerrit Smith Bldg. in Eaton, NY. The building was at one time a Poorhouse for paupers, the sick, the insane, and some Civil War vets.
I would like to find burial deeds, records, stories, etc. I have some information but not a whole lot. I would deeply appreciate any info that you may know/have.
Please email me at Thank you.


Mark Mon Jun 11 15:38:40 2007
Looking for the parents of Thomas CARR born abt 1768 Ireland and when did he come to America? I have that he married abt 1812 in DeRuyter to Lucinda ATWATER b abt 1775 Connecticut. (Also need her parents info). I have a page from "History of Quaker Basin, Quaker Hill and the eastern part of the township of DeRuyter and Muller Hill--1800-1900" by Henry C. Breed. This page talks about the Thomas CARR farm, 150 acres. States that Thomas had four children; James CARR (who is my ancestor), Deborah CARR who married Orville MAINE the oldest son of Soloman MAINE, Jane CARR who married Amos BROWN. Their oldest daughter Martha married George WARREN. William CARR the youngest son, stayed on the farm long after his parents had passed. His oldest daughter married Richard HAGGERTY. I have most of the descendants of James all the way to me, the descendants of Deborah MAINE to 1860, the descendants of Jane BROWN to 1870, the descendants of William to 1880.

I have the 1850 census of DeRuyter, Madison, New York --
Soloman STEPHENS age 30 New York
Susan STEPHENS age 35 New York
Andrew SORNBERGER age 63 Germany
Thomas CARR age 82 Ireland
Lucinda age 75 Conn.
William's wife Sarah was the daughter of Andrew SORNBERGER. You can contact me at


tom forbes Mon Jun 25 13:25:44 2007
J. T. FORBES born Dec 14, 1817, Madison cty. moved to Canada in 1832. Parents David FORbES & Martha SHERIDAN from Madison cty.


Robert Steingraber Mon Jul 9 21:53:12 2007
Looking for information on my GGG grandparents Evan and Elizabeth DAVIS, born in Wales, came to town of Eaton in mid 1840's.Their oldest child, David N. (my GG grandfather) was born in Eaton in Nov. 1847. David's death cert lists his parents as "Ephram and Elizabeth" but I continually find them in the census listing him as "Evan" or even "Evian" so I'm not sure which was right.

Both Evan and David were blacksmiths as well as a younger son, William. There was also, I believe, a son Griffith.
In 1870 after David married, he is living in Nelson and Evan and Elizabeth are living in Cazenovia and that's the last place I find them. I believe they both may have died before 1880 census.
I have no info on when they died or where they might be buried. Have found possible later census for the other children but am not sure.
David married Eliza Jane BENTLEY who was from Constantia (Canastota?) at the time of their marriage and they moved to Syracuse in about 1878 and David had a blacksmith shop on the Erie Canal at N. West St. They had five children, two lived to adulthood and David died in 1902 and Eliza in 1910.
Any information would be appreciated. I live in Syracuse.


Stephen Best Sat Jul 14 21:07:30 2007
Seeking the burial place of Sarah (CURTIS) BARNES, who died 23 Oct 1899 in Utica and was buried in Madison. Sarah was born 27 July 1829, in Madison or Solsville, daughter of Lewis W. CURTIS (b 12 March 1784, Stratford, CT, d 14 February 1848, Madison, NY, and Alathea STEELE (b 13 April 1790, Madison, NY, d 7 July 1877, Madison, NY). Lewis and Alathea are buried in the Madison Village Cemetery. Sarah was the widow of Horace F. BARNES, who died 22 November 1868 in Springfield, IL, where he is buried.


L Buhrman Mon Jul 16 10:18:14 2007
Looking for information on blacksmith Whitney TURNER b1793 in Yorkshire, England came to NY married Malinda SOPER (b1797 d1849 buried Barnard cemetery). They had several children - Payne b1823 d1862; Lorell David TURNER b1819; Myron W TURNER b1821; George W TURNER b. 1827; Emily TURNER b. 1829.
Payne TURNER married a Harriet L CLARK b. 1826. Most lived in Town of Sullivan, Madison, NY. Any info greatly appreciated.


Ricki Janicek Wed Jul 18 13:12:41 2007
I cannot find the 1964 listing of burials at Oneida Lake Cemetery, aka Messengers Bay Cemetery at the Madison County web site. I am looking for H. Clark BUSHNELL who died 22 Mar 1952 and was buried at Oneida Lake Cemetery according to his obituary. More specifically, I need the info for his wife Gertrude (PETRIE) BUSHNELL, who died between 3 Jan 1950 and 22 Mar 1952. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Lindsay Swab Thu Jul 19 13:26:49 2007
Looking for information on a Ruth Maude BENDER. She was married in Chittenango Station in 1922 to Russell U. FEY and divorced in 1939. We believe her to have died on June 11, 1944 and is possibly buried in a cemetery in Chittenango. Any information is greatly appreciated.


Roan Sun Jul 22 18:16:10 2007
Jacob, John, Hieronimus BENDER. Peter BENDER may have immigrated from Smithfield to Manlius around 1806 with his widowed mother and 5 siblings. Any info would help.


Kathleen McCready Fri Jul 27 17:43:51 2007
Looking for information on a Major Ross BURTON, might be BUTTON, BARTON or something..He had 2 sons Norman and Andrew Hosea. Major was born about 1810. He is on the Ancestry 1830 census as Major Ross BUTTON. After 1850 they were all in Michigan however I believe that Majors wife Margaret nee PALMER died sometime around 1850-1858.


Robin Wed Aug 1 05:18:06 2007
Looking for any information about Luther Andrew WING's (my great grandfather) years of ministry in the 7th Day Adventist Church in DeRuyter. . He appears on the DeRuyter 1910 census. 1900 census in Harmony. I am not sure what year he came to DeRuyter or how long he remained. He was married to Ella Eliza WITTER. Any information would be appreciated.


Myron Dennis Austin Thu Aug 2 17:53:23 2007
James Kimball Austin born Connecticut July 1826 came to Madison County New York with his parents as a child. Moved from Madison County N.Y. in 1865. James Kimball Austin died in Iroquois County November, 1908. James Kimball married Helen L. Main in June of 1849 in New York State. Mr. Austin's obituary lists Lewis Austin of Brookfield, N.Y. and a sister Mrs. H. S. Hubbell of Chicago, Illinois as survivors. James Kimball was one of ten children. Helen L. Main or Maine was probably born in New York State. If you have any information please contact me at 1503 North Lakeshore Drive Marion, Indiana 46952 or e-mail me at


Jean Bunch Fri Aug 3 11:16:24 2007
Looking for birth record of Edmund CAMPBELL b 27 December 1839 and all records of Andrew J. CAMPBELL and spouse Mary E., living in Lake. aproximately 1850's


Jean Bunch Fri Aug 3 18:01:00 2007
Edmund CAMPBELL fought in the Civil War. His pension records state he was born in Madison Co. NY. The town is illegible.Could be Leington, Lexington, Seington, etc. He was born on 27 Dec. 1839. Doctor SPENCE and Mrs Benjamin MITCHELL were present at his birth. Could you possibly decipher which town it could be? He fought in Antietam and is buried in the Antietam National Cemetery.


Robert Keeler Thu Aug 9 12:11:40 2007
I am descended from Lewis KEELER and Chloe (OSBORN) KEELER of Cazenovia. Recently found on Ebay copies of "The Rasp" Vol. 1, No. 1 and Vol. 1, No. 2, published in Cazenovia, June 20, 1834 and July 18, 1834. Satirical small newspaper with articles written over humorous psuedonyms. Has anyone else seen this newspaper? Does anyone know who edited and published it? One page has penciled note: "Albany, March 20th. W. H. & R. C. Allen." Another penciled note next to pseudonym "O. B." is "(W. H. A.) alias." Was this little newspaper a Cazenovia Seminary student "project?" Any information most appreciated.

Agricultural Fair - Canastota

Mark Yates Thu Aug 9 18:54:28 2007
I am looking for the location of an ag. fair in Canastota in the early 1880s. I saw a copy of an ad for it. It had hot air balloons, a shooting match etc. Thanks!


Sue Ditmire Sat Aug 11 16:36:21 2007
Leonard KELLOGG (b. 18 Feb 1781, where ?) and Sally FRENCH (b. 19 Nov 1789, New Hartford Oneida NY) were married ??
Any information on Sally or Leonard would be appreciated.
I can verify that they did have two daughters, one named Portia KELLOGG (b. 15 Mar 1813 Manlius, Onondaga, NY)
Leonard was the editor of the paper in Manilus and died at a young age. Sally went and ran the household of a cousin - John GAGE, who Portia later married.


Nancy Wed Aug 15 13:24:18 2007
My great (X3) grandfather, Oliver STONE, died in Nelson, NY in 1877. He was a farmer. I did not see his name on any of the cemeteries listed and was wondering if anyone knew about him or where he might be buried - Thanks, Nancy


Nancy Wed Aug 15 13:41:51 2007
I am looking for any info about 2 Oliver STONEs (father & son) who lived in Nelson, NY from 1786 to 1900. Thanks - Nancy


jeannie salinas Fri Aug 17 10:46:29 2007
I am looking for a marriage record on Albert Cromwell WOOD who married an Ida Mae (?SHERWOOD?). The marriage would have taken place about 1914 give or take a couple of years. Their firstborn was a Howard H. WOOD born February 1916 in Madison county. Albert was born March 31, 1890 in Ontario, Canada to Samuel and Jennie WOOD.


Hugh Morris Fri Aug 17 12:49:17 2007
I am looking for Information about Hamilton PERRY who was born abt 1822 in Fenner, NY or therabouts he married Mary Jane NICHOLS in 1849 and, I think, died in 1879 (Perhaps in Illinois.) I can not find his parents! Help!


Tom Frantz Mon Aug 20 06:16:21 2007
Agust FRANTZ owned a farm on Francis road in Fenner in the early 1900's. Looking for the purchase date.


Barbara Christen Tue Aug 21 07:09:54 2007
I have an unidentified picture taken at "Ranger's, No. 2 Broadway, Hamilton, NY" Can anyone tell me when this photographer was in business in Hamilton? My nearest relatives would appear to be the FELT family living in Earlville and surrounding areas.


Denise Danielson Sun Aug 26 16:56:17 2007
Seeking dates of death, copies of obits or any other details on any of the following WEAVER relatives living in Lenox in 1900 & 1910:

Frank A. WEAVER, b. 1860
Jerusha M. (HURLBURT / HURLBUT) WEAVER), b. 1856
John H. WEAVER, b. 1877
Amy or Emma HURLBUT, b. 1865

John WEAVER, Sr., b. abt 1827, had apparently died by 1900. Frank is John's son by 1st (or 2nd) wife.
Harriet is John's 2nd (or 3rd) wife. Maiden name WELLINGTON, first married to Amos HURLBURT.
Jerusha is Harriet and Amos' daughter, and Frank's wife.
John H. is son of John Sr. and Harriet.
Amy / Emma is Harriet and Amos' daughter.

1900 & 1910 Census put this family, minus John Sr., in Lenox, together in one household. They were living in Otsego Co in 1880.

By 1920, still in Lenox, the household is reduced to:

Frank, 59, wife Jerusha, 62, and 1/2 brother (to both Frank and Jerusha), John H., 42.

In 1930, only "Rusha" 73, and half-brother John H., 52, remain.

I am descended through older brother of Frank's, George Benjamin WEAVER, son of John WEAVER, Sr., and 1st wife Caroline COOK. George B. WEAVER and his family moved to Spokane, WA, between 1881-1884.

Any help appreciated.


sjohndrew Mon Aug 6 22:33:00 2007
What are the names of Captain Samuel and Captain David BECKWITH's parents? The four of them are buried in the middle of the Madison Street Cemetery in Hamilton.


Judy Meagher Mon Aug 27 09:13:58 2007
Looking for info on a Robert PICKETT / PICKET married to Mary ?

Children Albert and Glend according to 1880 census living in Brookfield Madison Co. Any info would be helpful. thank you JUDY


Laura Stokstad Wed Aug 29 12:03:14 2007
I am looking for information about the families of Francis TRUAX and his second wife, Laura (BENNETT) CLEMENCE. Laura's first husband was Henry CLEMENCE, he died in a boiler explosion on the Erie Canal in July 1857, they had one son, Henry A CLEMENCE. Mary HOUSE was the first wife of Francis TRUAX, they had three living daughters, Ada, Kate, and Lillias; Mary died in September 1863. Laura's mother was a daughter of Updike PULLMAN of Herkimer County, nothing is known of her father other than his surname was BENNETT. Henrick (Henry) TRUAX and Louise Maria HOGLE were parents of Francis. Francis and Laura left Madison / Oneida counties for Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin immediately after their marriage in the spring of 1868. Lenox Township, Vernon, and Durhamville are mentioned.


Mary Henderson Mon Sep 3 11:01:51 2007
Looking for any information on John William BARNARD, b. abt. 1817, lived in Hamilton, 1840, his wife Eliza WALLING, b. 14 Mar 1820, and their family or two sons William or John Delance, b. 1840 in Hamilton. John William moved to Iowa (last child born there in 1861). Thanks so much for anything you can provide.


Vic Varis Mon Sep 3 11:37:31 2007
Hi-- We're very interested in tracking down the parents of Moses D. WELCH (b. 2/27/1812 Brookfield(?), Madison Co.; d. 1/22/1889 Geneva, Van Buren Co., MI). I suspect he may be a son of one of the Brookfield WELCHes: Charles, Amos, Job, or Nathan (there may be other possibilities). I notice that Amos WELCH has a son listed on charts as "Mos".

All these WELCHes show sons in the correct age range on the 1820 Census for Brookfield, Madison Co. to be possible fathers of Moses.

Moses D. WELCH in the 1880 Census describes his father's birthplace as Rhode Island. I've noticed my suspected WELCHes birthplaces (children of Charles & Mary TaYLOR) listed as Rhode Island on and also as Connecticut on other people's records. Anyone have any insight or clarification?

We'd really appreciate any information you might have that could be related.
Thanks! Vic

TORKELTON Mon Sep 10 22:08:23 2007
Seeking info on the TORKELTON surname in Madison County.


Peter Lowensteyn Wed Sep 12 17:05:06 2007
I am looking for information on Daniel van EMMERIK, who emigrated in 1900 to the USA and who lived around 1911 in Oneida. That year he sponsored his sister Theodora van EMMERIK. I found out that he had a daughter called Dora van EMMERIK who married a George NORTON. I am specially interested in whom Daniel married. I knew Daniel's sister Theodora van EMMERIK but lost contact with her daughter Gerardine CARD.


SUSAN CARR Thu Sep 13 14:28:20 2007
I am looking for info about my father Joseph E. CARR, born 7/2/02. I know my grandmother's last name was WARHAM when she passed away and they lived in Peterboro most of their lives, but I can't find anything out about them.

Also I am looking for info on my mother's family. Her name was Lucy SEAMAN before she got married. I don't know too much about her family, just that she was from Peterboro.


Yvonne brady Sun Sep 16 10:20:42 2007
Hi Looking for informaiton on William and Sarah (EDSON) DEVINE - they had three daughters Anna, Maggie and Mary (1878 - 1961) (DEVINE) VALLIERE - married to Frank VALLIERE in the Verona area.

William brothers were Elijah, and Joseph - also from Madison County. Sarah family may have included John and Alfred EDSON.

Thank you,
Yvonne Brady


Ida Bowen Fri Sep 21 12:39:11 2007
Wanting information on the marriage of James JOBES (1808) to Sarah Jeanette CANDEE (1810) in Cazenovia, Madison, NY 12 Feb 1830. Please contact me if you have any info.


Shelley Augustine Fri Sep 21 17:27:22 2007
Abiah REED (b c1785, Massachusetts, d 26 Jan 1874 in Cazenovia, Madison Co., NY) was married to (Dr.) Hugh CUNNINGHAM (CUNINGHAM) in 1806 in Shutesbury, Franklin Co., MA (I have their marriage record). She died in New Woodstock, Russ Grills, town of Cazenovia Historian, sent me a listing of her obituary. Abiah belonged to the New Woodstock Baptist Church, I believe she was a member there at the time of her death in 1874. Does anyone have any documents or other information on Abiah (REED) CUNNINGHAM please? Thank you! Shelley (her 4x great granddaughter)


Les Scott Mon Sep 24 06:34:25 2007
Doing research on SCOTT family. Samuel, Cyrus or Andrew. Were farmers in area from approx 1800-1880's.


Ida Bowen Tue Sep 25 21:46:46 2007
Seek info re parentage of James JOBES born 2 May 1806, Madison Cnty. Married Sarah Jeannette CANDEE at Cazenovia, NY on 25 Feb 1830. Any info appreciated.


Dennis Raymond Fri Sep 28 12:26:36 2007
In my search for Charles Warren RAYMOND, his parents, his volunteering to 16th New York Infantry during the Civil War. Charles 1st wife was Helen SYMOND. Their sons were, David Franklin RAYMOND and Charles Stewart RAYMOND. David and his father, Charles moved to Allegan, Mich, Charles Stewart is nowhere to be found. Charles Warren RAYMOND is believed to be the son of Warren RAYMOND of Oneida County, New York. Charles Warren RAYMOND was born (possibly) in 1829 in Yates Co, NY.

Your aid in trying to find Charles Warren RAYMOND is greatly appreciated. Anyone who is trying to reach me, if you find my e'mail address to be anything other then


Lindy Wise Sun Sep 30 12:42:51 2007
Searching for info on gr/uncle Dr. Kenneth HAMLIN who died Nov 6, 1980 and his wife Margaret who died on March 8, 1995 hoping someone will have family information. Thank you


Yvonne Thu Oct 4 10:27:21 2007
Sarah DEVINE married William DEVINE from Sullivan,NY (Chittenango) - William DEVINE died in 1895.
Possible Sarah married Giles WHITMAN - can this be verified and where Sarah is buried.

William and Sarah - had a daughter Mary DEVINE who married Frank VALLIERE from Vernon/Verona NY - Mary is my grandmothers mother.
Mary married after her fathers death - 1899 was the marriage year.

Any information on William and Sarah would be appreciated. YB


Peter A. Hugunin Thu Oct 4 12:27:29 2007
Looking for information on a Rev. Dr. PERKINS at "Church in Wampsville, 17 September 1892". What church is this?


Roger Holmes Fri Oct 5 16:56:12 2007
Seeking parentage/ancestry for Rebecca (PIERCE) BLINN (1804-1869) of Pierceville, NY, married to Elysha BLINN (1801-1889) of Eaton, NY, on 12-28-1825.


Lee Roberts Sat Oct 6 23:25:11 2007
I am researching the family of John H ROBERTS b 1803 wife Mary and their sons William b 1844 and Matthew b 1846. I believe all four immigrated from Wales in 1852. They settled first in DeRuyter (1860 census) and later in Nelson (1870 census). Matthew, wife Ellen, and household also appear in the 1900 Nelson census. John H ROBERTS is buried in the Union Welsh Church Cemetery Nelson NY. I am trying to locate where they lived in Wales prior to 1852. Hopefully there is a reference to that location somewhere in local records. Any information would be helpful.
Thank you for your assistence.


Haig Choolagian Fri Oct 12 20:26:16 2007
I would like to know if anyone has any information on the DUNBAR residence. I believe it is the second house built in the town and the only one still standing from the towns conception. Please feel free to email me anything you have...


Yvonne Brady Sun Oct 14 08:15:20 2007
- List of St. Patrick's cemetery in Chittenango.
- Liar of St James in Cazenovia.
- Looking for grave of William DEVINE and relatives. William died 1895 - his obituary would be nice!
1. Marriage to Jane FAY - Owned farm on New Boston Rd.
2. Marriage to Sarah (BANNER) (BANNON) - Married in St. James, Cazenovia, NY Feb. 25, 1873.

William and Jane (Joanna) had the following children:
Julia (died June 22, 1879 at E. Boston),
William baptized 1854 in St. James, Cazenovia. Listed as sadly sub-condition;
Robert DEVINE - Executive for William DEVINE will.
Margaret, John, Mary J and Julia.

William and Sarah had the following children:
Anna - married William FROMEY - died in 1897
Maggie (Margaret) - married Irving SEEBER - St. Patricks May 10, 1895

Mary - married Frank VALLIERE - (my relatives) - buried in Catholic Cemetery in Durhamville, NY
Sarah -16 when he died

There is a William Devine and Mary Driscoll in St James _ I do not believe these are the same - he died 1904 - she in 1893.

Please help,
Yvonne brady


Roger Holmes Fri Oct 5 16:56:12 2007
Seeking parentage/ancestry for Rebecca (PIERCE) BLINN (1804-1869) of Pierceville, NY, married to Elysha BLINN (1801-1889)of Eaton, NY, on 12-28-1825.


Lee Roberts Sat Oct 6 23:25:11 2007
I am researching the family of John H ROBERTS b 1803 wife Mary and their sons William b 1844 and Matthew b 1846. I believe all four immigrated from Wales in 1852. They settled first in DeRuyter (1860 census) and later in Nelson (1870 census). Matthew, wife Ellen, and household also appear in the 1900 Nelson census. John H ROBERTS is buried in the Union Welsh Church Cemetery Nelson NY. I am trying to locate where they lived in Wales prior to 1852. Hopefully there is a reference to that location somewhere in local records. Any information would be helpful.
Thank you for your assistence.


Haig Choolagian Fri Oct 12 20:26:16 2007
I would like to know if anyone has any information on the DUNBAR residence. I believe it is the second house built in the town and the only one still standing from the towns conception. Please feel free to email me anything you have...


Yvonne Brady Sun Oct 14 08:15:20 2007
- List of St. Patrick's cemetery in Chittenango.
- List of St James in Cazenovia
- Looking for grave of William DEVINE and relatives. William died 1895 - his obituary would be nice!
1. Marriage to Jane FAY - Owned farm on New Boston Rd.
2. Marriage to Sarah (BANNER) (BANNON) - Married in St. James, Cazenovia, NY Feb 25, 1873

William and Jane (Joanna) had the following children:
Julia (died June 22, 1879 at E. Boston), William, baptized 1854 in St. James, Cazenovia - Listed as sadly sub-condition.
Robert DEVINE - Executive for William DEVINE will
Margaret, John, Mary J and Julia.

William and Sarah had the following children:
Anna, married William FROMEY - Died in 1897
Maggie (Margaret) - married Irving SEEBER - St. Patrick's May 10, 1895

Mary married Frank VALLIERE - (my relatives) - buried in Catholic Cemetery in Durhamville, NY. Sarah -16 when he died

There is a William DEVINE and Mary DRISCOLL in St James _ I do not believe these are the same - he died 1904 - she in 1893.

Please help,
Yvonne brady


Bill Quinn Tue Oct 23 06:59:50 2007
Looking for information on Sarah McQUADE. Married Patrick DEVEREAUX in 1849. In 1868 live on a farm which is listed in the 1868-69 Lenox Business Directory as Lot 86 Famer 144. She die in 1883. Want to known if Sarah had any brothers and did any of her brothers fight in the Civil War. Sarah McQUADE is my great grandmother.


Larry Isberg Tue Oct 23 19:37:58 2007
Looking for Randolph STREETER and his wife Eunice (Prudence) PALMER. According to the Palmer genealogy database Eunice PALMER (Randolph's mother-in-law) died in Lenox 8/4/1852. Have been unable to confirm that. Randolph was Baptist minister serving in the area for 40 years. Possible he is buried with his wife and other PALMERs.

I have reviewed all on-line cemetery listings for Madison Co and Onondaga with no luck.


Robert K. Salin Sun Oct 28 17:14:42 2007
Seeking any info on C. Harold KING (bn Jan 1899, NY) and wife Rose F. KING (bn Mar 1893, MN). I last found them in 1930 US Census residing at 4 Utica St, Hamilton. His occupation, teacher, university. Both buried in N. Orville (DeWitt) Cemetery, Onondaga County, without dates.


Clfford Koonce Sun Nov 4 14:17:41 2007
Looking for any info on Abram WADE b. 1787 m. Joanna MUNGER b. 1789. I believe they were married in Fenner, Madison, New York. I have a list of their children, and some on Joanna, but I need ancestors of Abram.


Lois N. Vergo Fullington Sat Nov 10 16:13:23 2007
Frank M. BLACK is listed in the Canastota Obituaries List as dying 2 Sep 1954 at age 71. His wife Jennie Fleming BLACK is also listed as dying 19 Nov 1948, age 68. Where are they buried? Where can I access copies of their obituaries? Jennie is my grandpa's sister.


Terri Wed Nov 14 09:48:40 2007
Looking for information on Frank TUCCI and Teresa (PIETRANGELO) TUCCI or Michelina PIETRANGELO who lived on Canal Street in Canastota. Thanks.


Harold DeRycke Thu Nov 15 19:21:52 2007
I'm interested in searching surname BURDICK, Eliza Jane born 1828 in Madison County died in Phoenix N.Y.1878 She married Matthew HORR and they lived in Little Falls 1850 Census. I believe she had a sister or relative named Matilda she was born in 1826 died Nov. 1902 Phoenix N.Y. She married Adam a brother of Matthew HORR. Name sometimes spelled HOAR. In your leading Citizens I noted a Samuel BURDICK and was wondering if they were the two daughters listed under Jared O. BURDICK who was born in Utica in 1807 who had 4 sons and two daughters. Thanks for any help you can give me.


ruth a gleason Mon Dec 3 07:17:26 2007
A Reuben GLEASON born 1777 in New York was living in Cazenovia in 1800. This may be the link that all of the Abijah and Mary (MINOR) GLEASONs have been looking for. Abijah was in Lenox in the 1840 census and so was his brother Clark GLEASON born 1798 in MASS. His son bryan GLEASON was also the bestman and a wittness at his cousin Reuben Abijah GLEASON and Fanny E HUBBARD's wedding in 1865 in Lenox New York.
Anyone know who Clark GLEASON was or if he was brother to Abijah?


Kyle B. Campbell Thu Dec 6 19:10:17 2007
I am seeking the parents of John CAMPBELL b. Feb 19, 1809 Schenectady Co. and died Feb 16 1888 in Peterboro, Smithfield, Madison Co., buried Peterboro Cemetery. He was a grocer and farmer in Smithfield and married Maroa RICH (b. 1815). Also any information regarding his Uncle, Henry CAMPBELL (b.1783 Scotland, d. 1869 Smithfield, Madison Co.) who farmed in Madison Co. Thank you for your time!
Kind regards, Kyle Campbell


Dave Porter Mon Dec 10 16:46:05 2007
A postcard image of an ice wagon (City Lake Ice) has the name of Byron TABER on the wagon and the name of Clinton CONE penciled on the back. I found Clinton CONE's name in a 1931 Madison County directory and both a Byron TABER (farmer) and B. TABER (VP of Canastota Canning Co.) in the 1917-1922 Rural Directory for Madison County. Can't seem to find an connection to the Lake City Ice company - perhaps an ice co. in Oneida? Would appreciate any help.
Thanks, Dave Porter


Sandra Castle Wed Dec 19 17:38:09 2007
Seeking marriage data for Eliza KNAPP and G. Clinton KRESS married about 1842. Eliza KNAPP student in Seminary in 1837.
Sandy Castle


Kathy Wed Dec 26 19:01:00 2007
Looking for a sibling(s) of Jospeh HOSLEY (born 1777) who was married to Sarah NORTHRUP born 1779 (siblings for her too) and lived in Sullivan in the County of Madison. He moved to Michigan in early 1830s from Madison County, N.Y. area settling in Livingston County, Michigan in 1836, he had three sons (William Kendall HOSLEY and Holland C. HOSLEY that were living when they moved, son Miner A. died in 1832 there in Madison County and was buried near their home). Can anyone help find their ancentors? Sarah (NORTHRUP) HOSLEY was the daughter of William NORTHRUP.


Kathy Thu Dec 27 11:18:08 2007
I am looking for ancestors of Joseph HOSLEY born 1777 born in Vermont but moved with his brother to Sullivan, Madison County, New York. Benjamin HOSLEY was born in 1771. They were brothers. Joseph married Sarah NORTHRUP she was born in 1779 in Sullivan, New York and they were married April 6, 1820. They had three sons Miner who died and was buried there, and William Kendall HOSLEY and Holland C. HOSLEY. Sarah's father was William NORTHRUP. Am looking for burial lot of Niner HOSLEY, and the ancestors of Sarah also Jospeh HOSLEY. Thanks for your help if you can. Kathy


Janet Angel Walldroff Fri Dec 28 09:08:45 2007
I am looking for information on Willis Clause ANGELL or Wilmett ANGELL born around 1856 in Lenox, Madison County New York. I would like to find out what cemetary they would have been buried in or any information you could give me about them. I know they had 3 children, Lottie, John and Lillian. John was my grandfather.


Sarah Lechner Fri Dec 28 19:47:11 2007
I am trying to trace my JACKSON ancestors - I have a Ralph JACKSON, born about 1802 in Madison County, went to Orleans County to farm sometime before 1830. I just don't know who his parents were.


Charles Marsh Sun Jan 6 19:36:48 2008
Looking for information on Nathaniel MARSH and his wife, Elizabeth GRINMAN. Nathaniel is reported as a settler in 1799 (Born in Plainfield, CT in 1745)and Elizabeth is reported from Brookfield, Madison, County. They had 8 children: Grace, Mary, Ideon, Joel, Betsy, Sally, Nancy, and Nathaniel, Jr. I believe I am a decendent from Nathaniel, Jr. One key element I am looking for is the birth date of Nathaniel, Jr.


Joanne Albright Mon Jan 7 04:32:19 2008
I am looking for the birthplace and parents'names and family history of Emerson BROWN, born 1780-81 in MA or CT. He married Rebecca SWIFT about 1807 in Adams or Cheshire (Adam Co.) MA. They had four sons b. in Adams Co., Emerson, Jr., Frederick G., Jerome B., and Reuben. In July 1813 they moved to Smithfield, Mad. Co., NY. Children Judson, Elisha, William, Dean and Maria Jannett were born in Smithfield.


Beca Lehr Tue Jan 8 21:34:25 2008
I am trying to find the Cemetery where my 4th Great Grandmother, Susanna (HALL) COVEY is buried. " The Free-Will Baptist Church & Cemetery" in Eaton, Madison County, New York. Below is the information for her. Any help would be a blessing. Thank you.

Susanna HALL was born in 1784 in Albany County, New York, died on October 19, 1851 in Eaton, Madison County, New York at age 67, and was buried in Eaton, Madison County, New York. Another name for Susanna was Susan HESS and Susanna HALE.

Noted events in her life were:
Cemetery. Buried at the Free-Will Baptist Church & Cemetery in Eaton, Madison County, New York.

Susanna married Archibald COVEY Jr., son of Samuel COVEY Sr. and Susanna YEARNS. Marriage status: death of a spouse. Archibald was born in 1784 in Alburg, Grande Isle County, Vermont and died in 1851 in Russelltown, Quebec, Canada at age 67.

Noted events in his life were:
Archibald lived on Lot 2, Concession 3, Russeltown Region, Beauharnois District. That Lot is now on Covey Hill Road, Franklin Township, Huntingdon County, Quebec. I calculate that the Lot was owned by Romeo TREMBLAY during the 1950's & 1960's. He back end of Archibald's & Enos' Lots faced each other with Archie's lot running further on each side of Enos'.

Census. In the 1825 census, Archibald COVEY was shown to have a family of eleven then living at Russelltown, Quebec.

Children from this marriage were:
    i. James COVEY Sr. was born on December 23, 1811 in Stanstead, Stanstead County, Quebec, Canada, died on May 5, 1899 in North Bend, Jackson County, Wisconsin at age 87, and was buried in Farmington, La Crosse Co, Wisconsin.
    ii. Louisa COVEY was born on July 24, 1810 in Caldwell's Manor, Missiquoi County, Quebec and died in Eastnor, Bruce County, Ontario.
    iii. Candace COVEY was born on August 28, 1813 in Noyan, Missiquoi County, Quebec and was christened on June 1, 1821 in Noyan, Missiquoi County, Quebec.
    iv. Paulina Sophia COVEY was born on March 27, 1815 in Noyan, Missiquoi County, Quebec, was christened on June 1, 1821 in Noyan, Missiquoi County, Quebec, and died on January 6, 1897 in Corinth, Orange County, Vermont at age 81.
    v. Gilbert Yearns COVEY Sr. was born on March 29, 1817 in Noyan, Missiquoi County, Quebec, was christened on June 1, 1821 in Caldwell's Manor, Missiquoi County, Quebec, died on May 7, 1887 in Methuen, Essex County, Massachusets at age 70, and was buried in Methuen, Essex County, Massachusets.
    vi. Elizabeth COVEY was born on April 15, 1819 in Noyan, Missiquoi County, Quebec.
    vii. Samuel Hall COVEY was born on May 19, 1821 in Noyan, Missiquoi County, Quebec.
    viii. Archibald COVEY Jr. was born in 1823 in Noyan, Missiquoi County, Quebec.


Diana L. Gill Wed Jan 9 12:44:19 2008
Looking for maiden name, relatives of Betsey E.___; b.26 Oct 1790 prob. Ulster Co., NY d.25 Apr 1870 Sherburne, Chenango Co., NY. Betsey married James CROWELL II prob. in Schoharie Co., NY ca. 1806 and she and her husband lived in Hamilton, Madison Co., NY nearly 50 years. Ten children: (First two born in Sharon, Schoharie Co., NY, remaining 8 born in Hamilton, NY): Phidelia CROWELL b. 1807 m.1.)1832 Samuel WAKELEE m.2.)1840 Philo BASSETT; Alanson CROWELL b.1808 m. Emeline BRONSON; Truman T. CROWELL b.1810 m..Phebe GUSTIN; Madison CROWELL b.1813 m. 1.)Polly CALKINS m.2)Sarah __; Catherine CROWELL b. 1814 m.1.) John May HOWARD m.2.) George B. WELLINGTON; Henry CROWELL b. 1817 m. Marbuary BABCOCK; Mary Ann CROWELL b. 1819 m. William H. BRONSON; Daniel CROWELL b. 1821 m. Perlina COATS; Solomon CROWELL b. 1823 m. Nancy KENYON & James Devillo CROWELL b. 1827 Harriett Angeline HOWARD. Betsey __ Crowell and her husband, James, are buried in Christ Church Cemetery, Sherburne, NY.


Karen Sat Jan 12 14:44:48 2008
Looking for a death of Royal HAZELTON that died in 1817, in Madison, if anyone could help me find him i would appreciate it.
Karen Hazelton Lashin


John Michael Carey Sat Jan 12 16:27:48 2008
I am the son of Thomas Michael CAREY and Grandson of Michael W. CAREY of Fenner, NY. The family farm was located on Bingley Road. My father, born in 1915 served in the US Navy and died in an auto accident in 1946 a year and one-half after my birth.

Any information, stories, pictures and memories that may exist about my family would be greatly appreciated.


Brian Felt Mon Jan 14 18:49:38 2008
Samuel FELT was early settler in Madison County and supposedly died there in 1803. Spouses: Mehitabel & Mercie. Oldest son, David died 1810 near Lebanon. Interested in locating gravesites.


norm luppino Fri Jan 18 23:53:42 2008
I am looking for information on Amos Stanton JOHNSON and his family who lived in Hamilton from about 1800 to the 1820s. I have several obits of his children, born between 1804 and 1820, that state they were born in Hamilton, Madison County, NY. His wife's name was Hannah (WEST) JOHNSON.


carolyn Thu Jan 24 19:50:17 2008
Looking for the PAUL family around Madison co and Georgetown area. They were Nelson, Mary, Nellie and John H. PAULS. My family of the 1800 to the early 1900s. Any help will be appreciated. They came from Brothertown Indians.


Mary Lou Cook Sat Jan 26 14:24:54 2008
Looking for descendants of Adam Henry COOK and Mariah MOWERS, who were in Lenox, Madison Co. NY in 1850. By 1860, they were in Danville, IL.


Kristen Taylor Drake Wed Jan 30 14:28:50 2008
Looking for info on Gad TAYLOR, his son, Reuben TAYLOR, married Achsah ALDERMAN (daughter of John ALDERMAN) in Georgetown in 1814. Any info on them, especially copies of original source records, would be greatly appreciated. They're my 4th and 5th ggranfathers.
Kristen Taylor Drake


Shelley Augustine Tue Feb 5 12:16:01 2008
Anyone descended from Hugh CUNINGHAM, M.D. (CUNNINGHAM) and his wife Abiah Reed CUNINGHAM are also Mayflower descendants. My application has just been approved by the Mayflower Society, I don't have a number yet. Hugh's mother, Priscilla Taber CUNINGHAM / CUNNINGHAM is listed in Descendants of Francis COOKE (birth of gen 6). Hugh and Abiah had at least three children who lived to adulthood, had children: Lorenzo Sidney CUNNINGHAM (b. 1808 in Shutesbury MA), William Lauriston CUNNINGHAM (b. 1809 in Shutesbury MA) and Laforest CUNNINGHAM (his daughter Helen (CUNNINGHAM) BENSON was a member of the DAR). Please do not hesitate to contact me for line of descent. Shelley


Mary Lewis Tue Feb 12 14:27:57 2008
Hello, I am reseaching my great-greatgrandfather who is shown in the 1850 cenus in the town of Sulivan. He is a blacksmith. I can't find a 1855 cenus that would give me more info on him and the family. He was William H. LEWIS b. 1814 in Mass. I can't find who his parents were, all I know they were from Ct. and his father's first name was William also. At one time before my computer crashed I had found a tax record of his for his blacksmith shop. He is married to a Mary LANCASTER b. in 1812 Canada. Any information would be greatly appreacaited.
Thank you,
Mary Lewis in Austin, Texas


terri hamilton Wed Feb 20 14:04:50 2008
i am looking for my great grandfathers info Frank Samuel BLACK born 1870, Lott D. BLACK was his father, Samuel C. BLACK was his father, John B. BLACK was his father, Joseph C. BLACK was his father, and Captain Joseph C. BLACK..most of them lived in Madison County, NY, but I don't have their wives names, DOB, occupations or anything...very interested in Captain Joseph C. Black...was he a ship's captain, or military would appreciate any help thank you


Andrew G. Prosser Fri Feb 22 16:51:51 2008
Would like to know father of Horace PROSSER born 1850 New York.
Thank you


Terri Wed Feb 27 20:43:15 2008
I am looking for more information of Joseph C. BLACK (1753-1833). I don't know who his spouse is, who his parents were and where they came from or how many children he had. Any help would be appreciated, thank you..Terri


cheryl Tue Mar 4 19:38:36 2008
Looking for information on Samuel L. CRANDALL, married to Ruth Electa BARBER, who lived in Brookfield. Born 1802. Died: ? but was buried near Oneida Lake.


Jacky Hockridge Wed Mar 12 06:06:39 2008
Looking for information on HOCKRIDGE family descendants of William Dessent HOCKRIDGE 1776, location Eaton, Madison, New York.


Richard Lamb Fri Mar 14 19:06:26 2008
Looking for information on John HOWARD family that lived in Smithfield, Madison Co. in 1820. They had five or six children I don't know if they are deceased in 1830 or moved. They would be in there 60's. Also interested in LAMB family as Mary Ann HOWARD married Rensselaer LAMB.


Rich Westfall Tue Mar 18 12:42:23 2008
My great-great-great grandfather was Ogilvia Levi BOOTH. Common sense leads me to believe he is the son of Levi BOOTH, born in Nelson, Madison County either in 1812 or 1815, but I have been unable to prove this. Ogilvia's obit did not list his parents names. I would appreciate any help.


Linda Bryan Wed Mar 19 07:05:02 2008
Am seeking information about Jedediah D. STEVENS and his sister Sabrina STEVENS. He was from Peterboro so I suspect that she was as well. He was born in 1800 at Hamilton, NY. I have no birth or age info about Sabrina. Both were missionaries in the Great Lakes region for the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM).

In early 1820s she was at a Presbyterian mission on the Maumee in Ohio. Then she changed gears and worked at ABCFM's multi-tribe Mackinaw Mission 1828-1830s. Then went into interior and was at two ABCFM Ojibwe missions-- La Pointe and Pokegama Mission until 1846 dismission from Board. I do not believe that she ever married.

J. D. STEVENS is well documented in 1828 to 1839 period in Minn. Hist. Soc. collection. He scouted Ojibwe areas for potential mission sites, worked at Mackinac and Green Bay areas, then created great turmoil in Dakota missions of ABCFM until dismission 1839.

I am especially curious as to why the Board tolerated J. D. STEVENS. Could there be a rich and/or influential backer behind him? Such as Geritt SMITH?

Other Mackinaw Mission names from nearby communities: Frederic Ayer (Augusta, Utica, more) and Chauncy Hall (Augusta). I know that Ayer was involved with regional dev. of Sunday School, an org. for recruiting missionaries for ordination, and the Hastings and Tracy religious publishing house at Utica.


Thomas Welch Thu Mar 20 15:16:38 2008
I am looking for information on a Hannah POTTER, daughter of Jason POTTER. Jason POTTER was the son of Sampson POTTER and had sisters Sally, Katura and Amy. Hannah was born in 1829 in Madison County, New York. Sampson had land on the Brothertown Reservation which was sold about 1832 for the benefit of his heirs. I need any information that would show that Hannah was the daughter of Jason and Carloine (CARLIN) COOK. They went to Wisconsin about 1832-1844. We are also looking for a connection between Hannay and a Mary Ann POTTER. Hannah and Mary Ann may be one and the same? Hannah married a Thomas Welch after 1850.


Dennnis Brown Sun Mar 30 13:47:26 2008
I am wondering why the children of Thomas and Lydia (BROWNELL) BROWN were list as being born in Little Compton, when shortly after their marriage in 1809 they moved to Madison, Madison County, NY. Thomas' parents were Thomas BROWN and Ruth PECKHAM. The first born of Thomas and Lydia was William T BROWN in 1810. Second was Abby in 1811. Third was Isaac in 1812. Fourth was Deborah who died young (no record in Madison of her death). Lydia was born in 1816. Joseph was born in 1819. Ruth was born in 1821. James (my gg grandfather) was born in 1824. Mary was born in 1827. All were born in Madison, Madison, NY.
Lydia BROWNELL died about 1833 but no death record for her. Thomas remarried Cynthia PECKHAM daughter of Isaac PECKHAM and Patience LAWTON. Shortly thereafter they moved to Portage Co, Oh and settled in Geauga Co, OH. Any help on the deaths and places of burial of Lydia and Deborah would be appreciated. Also why were the place of birth of their children listed as Little Compton? Thanks Dennis


Kathy Sat Apr 5 17:58:52 2008
I'm looking for information about Horace and Maria SIMMONS of 1855-1860 East Bloomfield New York.They had a son Harry in 1857. Between 1860-1870 they moved to Calhoun county, Leroy twp. Michigan. I am searching for Horace SIMMONS parents, he was born 1823 New York.


Tim Lake Tue Apr 8 09:57:55 2008
Looking for any information on my grandparents, Viron and Catherine LAKE, who lived in the Earliville area from about 1920 to 1950's. I understood from relatives he owened lumber and dairy farms. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Anne Wagner Fri Apr 11 12:38:12 2008
I'm trying to locate info on Elijah S. HOWARD, born in 1803. He lived in Oneida, NY in 1830. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Al Ballard Sat Apr 12 08:53:48 2008
Searching for more information on the family of William Mulford BABCOCK and Palmyra DENSMORE. I have their children as: Eri Densmore BABCOCK; Mary A. BABCOCK; John W. BABCOCK; and Henry M. BABCOCK. Possibly Marvin BABCOCK. All born in DeRuyter, Madison Co. NY in the 1830s. The family eventually moved to Mexico, NY. If you have info on the family or need what I have, please contact me.


Marty Irons Sat Apr 26 13:46:01 2008
Looking for the parents and siblings of John F IRONS, b. 1811 (possibly Otsego County NY, possibly RI), who died in Cazenovia in 1854. His wife was Mary M CALKINS, whom he married in Hartwick, Otsego, NY in 1834, then he came to Cazenovia, Madison in 1835. Sons Virgil, Daniel, Charles, Thurlow, Allison, John E, Francis. One daughter, Emma.


Lin Waters Sat Apr 26 20:12:11 2008
Looking for birthplace and parents of Zenus PHILLIPS (c1817-28 May 1895) lived north of Wampsville, and married Louisa DUNHAM, d of Daniel N. DUNHAM (1804-c1868) and Luanna BEEBE. AKA Geneth PHILLIPS in 1850 and 1860 census, and Sylvannus PHILLIPS in 1855 state census. He may have been born in Montgomery County, NY.


Sharon Seier Sat Apr 26 20:32:28 2008
Great-grandparents, William and Harriet THOMAS, Madison N.Y. He is not found in records after 1860. She lived until after 1900. Daughter Harriet married Robert WENTWORTH and moved to Michigan. Her sister, lorinda, married a BURTON and moved to Brookfield, brother William farmed I think. Would like to find out where and when they died and were they are buried and if anyone has a maiden name for the mother, Harriet.


Rachel Sun Apr 27 09:01:28 2008
I'm looking for Isaiah GAVIT or GAVITT. I am also looking for Martin MURPHY, father in law. The last place that we have is Brooksfield, NY. They died about 1839.


Margret R. Kaul Thu May 1 18:46:50 2008
Looking for married name of Clara MENZIE born ca. 1865 in Madison County, Sullivan Town, the daughter of Robert and Hannah MENZIE. She married sometime between 1892 and 1900. She lived to her 90's. Wrote a column in a local newspaper. Thanks for any info.


Janet Lambe Sun May 4 18:26:37 2008
Marilin BROWN answered my last question but had the email returned to her. Please ask her to resend it. Many people miss the 1 in the address.


Larry Walrath Wed May 7 17:22:38 2008
I am looking for information on George Washington WALRATH who once lived in Fulon, Wisc. I believe he was my great grandfather.


J. Stratton Sun May 11 08:05:51 2008
Looking for any information on Robert GILLESPIE / GLASYPE born circa 1801 and family. Married Sarah (maiden name unknown) born circa 1810. Had twin girls - Melissa and Minerva born 11 Mar 1834. This family moved to Chautauqua County, New York by 1840. Thank you for your help.


Cindy Crimmins Thu May 15 22:42:12 2008
Hi, I'm looking for information about Philip ALDRICH (b. 03/25/1792 in New York) and Phebe CARTER (b. 01/25/1789 in Wallingford, New Haven,Connecticut). I have heard, but seen no particular evidence that they were married in Rome, Oneida, New York by Justice of the Peace Hathaway in March 1813. Anything you can tell me about either of these people - anything at all - would be very helpful. Parents would be a huge break through for my genealogy search. Thank you :)


ruth a gleason Wed May 21 22:24:40 2008
I am looking for Abijah B GLEASON's parents. He was born in New York in 1804. He had a farm in Lenox, Madison New York. About 1827 he married a Conn girl Mary MINOR and had eight children. Looking for any thing.


Becky Tue Jun 3 09:38:27 2008
Looking for info on John J CALHOUN b about 1856, married Anna Belle CRANDALL. Son Frank J CALHOUN b 18 Dec 18 1878 in Brookfield, Madison Co, NY


Charlene Wed Jun 11 17:46:01 2008
Peter Perry PHELPS (1813-Lenox), son of Thomas Woodbridge PHELPS (1777-CT) and Lucina. Looking for information on this family in Lenox. Thank you.


Amy Sholes Sat Jun 14 15:47:52 2008
My great-grandfather Arthur Eugene SHOLES Sr's obit states that his parents were Harvey SHOLES and Mary DRAKE. However, I have found in various census records that his mother is Louisa BROWN. I also have Harvey on a census living with his parents in 1870 and there is a Carrie SHOLES listed as the granddaughter of Harvey's parents. Carrie's mother's name is Mary. I wonder if this is Mary DRAKE possibly? Carrie later married Walter FRENCH and Mary if this is the same one later married Delos ATKYNS who was a well-known lawyer of Chenango County.


Lori Fogarty Sun Jun 15 17:32:44 2008
I am a relative of Joseph William HITCHCOCK born in Cazenovia NY in 1817. Trying to find evidence of the marriage of his father Bela WILLIAMS and his mother Lydia WILLIAMS BARTON HITCHCOCK VanALSTINE.
Lori Fogarty


JoAnna Emerson Wed Jun 18 04:44:05 2008
I am looking for the parents of Joseph Clark MAXON/MAXSON. Joseph was born in Brookfield Township, Madison County, NY about 1808. He married Julia WARD. They moved to Jefferson County, New York. He died May 1890


bryant brown Wed Jun 18 15:55:43 2008
Looking for info on Sarah BROWN born 5-30-1818 in Smithfield, NY died 10-2-1879 in Litchfield, NY. Daughter of Rev. P. P. BROWN married Emerson BROWN 2-10-1841 Three children Theodore, Anna and Arthur.


Lorraine Hawkins Thu Jun 19 17:46:51 2008
Looking for the death or cemetery records for Joseph BROWN b. 1764 d. 1854 and his wife, Freelove (TEFFT) BROWN b. 1766c d. perhaps during the 1830s.
Thank you for your time.


Lorraine Hawkins Thu Jun 19 17:46:51 2008
Looking for the death or cemetery records for Joseph BROWN b. 1764 d. 1854 and his wife, Freelove Tefft BROWN b. 1766c d. perhaps during the 1830s.
Thank you for your time.


francesca premo Sun Jun 22 05:57:20 2008
I am looking for more information on the John BRENNAN (ba 1834 in Ireland) family and its descendants and possibly ancestors. I am a descendant of John BRENNAN's son John Henry BRENNAN. Thanks for any help!


Alice Fri Jun 27 17:35:48 2008
Hello, I am looking for any historical information you might have on these lines. My Great Great Great Grandfather, Samuel Hezekiah LUTHER and his wife Robia (SEAMANS) LUTHER, moved to the Cazenovia / Lebanon / Georgetown / Eaton communities about 1805 or so. My Greatx3 grandfather Samuel H LUTHER, is supposedly buried in Eaton, but had died in Georgetown. I have not been able to locate him in any of the community cemeteries using "" and have only found them on the census pages. Robia SEAMANS parents, John and Sarah moved to Madison county about the same time, and lived in Eaton. I can find no record of them, and nothing in the cemeteries.

I am also trying to find a Daniel PERKINS and wife Elizabeth, who purportedly lived in Lebanon, but have had no luck there either. Their Daughter Caroline, married Samuel H LUTHER in 1825 - in Lebanon NY.
Any help at all would be very much appreciated! Thank you!


Mary Lou Young Thu Jul 3 18:49:36 2008
Trying to locate anyone who knows of a James HOPKINS from the Hamilton, NY area. I bought a book some years ago regarding "Irish Warriors" written by the noted Civil War Colonel McGee.
The handwritten inscription in the front of the book indicates that it was purchased by a James HOPKINS of Hamilton (and I am assuming that it is NY). It is dated December, 1873.


Sue Mon Jul 7 10:45:55 2008
I am looking for more information on John WOODCOCK born abt 1826 in New York and died 5 Sep 1887 in Madison co., New York. He married Diana COE about 1850, she had been married to William Remington GILLETT who died 20 Mar 1846 in Madison co., New York. Was John WOODCOCK married before this marriage and he is listed as being younger in the cemetery records. A daughter of Diana and William GILLETT, Martha Jane GILLETT married a Leonard M. WOODCOCK, is he any relation to John? I am also looking for the parents of John and Leonard WOODCOCK.
Thank You


Dorothy Hagerty Thu Jul 10 11:24:37 2008
I'm looking for William Coggeshall BROWN, b 1792 in Middletown, Newport RI. He was in Cazenovia in the 1830 census. A daughter, Mary Ann, was born 1823 in New Woodstock. Other children were Helen M. and John. I do not know his wife's name, but it appears she died when the children were quite young.
Any help will be appreciated. Dorothy Hagerty


Sue Schroeder Sat Jul 12 13:51:48 2008
Am trying to find where in DeRuyter my husband's ancestors are buried. I'm looking for Ebenezer GAGE 1734-1803 and his wife, Grissel (ELWELL) GAGE 1742-1816. They died in DeRuyter so I'm just assuming they're buried there. Thanks so much for any ideas.
Sue Schroeder


Barbara Girodias Sun Jul 13 18:53:10 2008
I am looking for Gorden BUTTON. I understand that he had a horse training farm called Willow Acres. This was in the 1930's or 1940's. His wife was Janice (SANDS) BUTTON and I think they had a son John.
Any information will be greatly appreaciated.
Thank you.
Barbara J Girodias


Coreen Hallenbeck Mon Jul 21 16:19:55 2008
Am looking for the obituary of Fred L. COATES, died 12 February 1945. His wife was Daisy COATES who probably died between 1951 and 1967.
Any advice or assistance will be appreciated.


Larry Joe Butler Mon Jul 21 18:42:57 2008
My GGGGGrandfather Daniel BUTLER b. 1779 in Nelson, Madison Co. NYand passed abt. 1822 in Nelson, Madison Co. NY. He married Hannah don't know if it is a first name or surname yet.
Does any one have any information?
Larry Joe Butler


Jennifer ROberts Sun Jul 27 19:09:36 2008
I am searching for the information on Jacob H. NELLIS. He was born in 1848 in Peterboro in Madison Co. NY. His parents were: Elijah and Jane (last name unknown) NELLIS. Jacob had a sister named Adelhus TAYLOR of Constasbleville, NY

I am researching on NELLIS family tree for my husband's side.


Dan Sullivan Mon Jul 28 19:33:43 2008
Interested in information on Jeremiah SULLIVAN (1809-1898) who lived in Valley Mills, Madison County, NY. He was born in Ireland and arrived in the US around 1849, settling first in Vernon, Oneida County, NY. His wife was Margaret SULLIVAN (1827-1891). They are buried in St.Patrick's Cemetery in the city of Oneida, NY next to Jeremiah's brother, Dennis SULLIVAN (1831-1908) and wife Ellen SULLIVAN (1829-1918). They had another brother, James SULLIVAN (1827-1896) and wife Margaret FLYNN SULLIVAN (1837-1904; born in New Haven, CT) who are buried in St. Bernard's Cemetery in Waterville, Oneida County, NY. Thank you.


Brady Thu Aug 14 06:28:59 2008
Looking for information on Alfred and Emeline (Emily) VALLIERE - children.
I know the history for Frank VALLIERE - wondering what happened to his brothers and sister.
Tom, Regina, John and George (Dick)
Thank you!


Kathy Reeve Sun Aug 17 22:16:02 2008
Looking for David BALDWIN believed to have died in Madison county NY in 1818. Children buried in Munger Cemetery


Heather Harrington Fri Aug 29 05:03:19 2008
To whom it concerns I am looking for any information on Henry William DYE (or William Henry DYE) born between 1813 and 1818. He was a physician in Dayton, Franklinville and Salamanca, Cattaraugus county NY, said to be born in Madison Co. NY. (My great, great, great grandfather) He married Catherine, Their son George DYE is my ancestor.
Any help or a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
Heather Harrington


AAlvena Dont Sat Aug 30 17:21:06 2008
Looking for the names of Joseph COLWELL's children. He was the first owner of a store in Hamilton in the early 1800's, so he must have lived either in Hamilton or the surrounding area.


Cliff Koonce Sun Sep 7 14:44:14 2008
Looking for any info on Lewis K. WADE b. abt 1829 in Smithfield. I have his children but not sure of his parents. He married Betsy WHITING in PA, then moved to WI and re-married Mary F. GRIDLER. Possible brothers would be Loron, Stephen, Ora that where born in NY.


Debbie Sweat Mon Sep 8 19:41:40 2008
John HALL b 1775 m 1) Sophia KELLOGG b 1780 d. March 1815. m2) Lucretia SAYLES.

I would be very interested in the ancestors of John HALL and would appreciate any clues regarding the identity of Lucretia SAYLES.

G D DUNN Photography

Kathleen Fehrman Mon Sep 8 19:50:27 2008
I am trying to find out when G. D. DUNN was in business in Canastota as a photographer. I am trying to date some cabinet cards that were done by him in an effort to put names to them. I have searched the census and cannot find a reference to him at all, which leads me to believe that he may have only been in business for a short time (between censuses) Thanks for any information you can give me.


Fred Bergin Sat Sep 13 15:44:05 2008
Trying to find marriage date of Ludowick (Ludwig) STANTON and Harriet (BABCOCK) DENISON GLASPIE sometime between 1847 and 1851.
Mrs. Babcock was from New Woodstock originally , and moved to Oxford, Michigan and when Mr. GLASPIE died in 1846, we believe that Mr. STANTON and Mrs. GLASPIE (BABCOCK) came to New York to be married with family and friends.
Mr. STANTON was from Vermont.
Thanking You sincerely,
Fred Bergin


Susan Perry Tue Sep 16 21:41:10 2008
Looking for information on David PERRY b. 1810 in Georgetown, DeRuyter, Madison Co. He was the son of David PERRY and Content Moore HAMILTON and brother of Lucretia Content PERRY. David m. Philura HOWARD in 1836 and they had the following children: Hiram, Zell, Jane, William, George, Seymour, Julie, James, Francelia, Dudley and Olen. Thank you for any help


BONNIE MURPHY Thu Sep 18 14:40:35 2008
Searching for any of these surnames. They resided in Sullivan, Madison County, NY from the late 1600s to present.


Kevin Anderson Sun Sep 21 17:27:42 2008
Looking for information regarding Daniel BUTLER of Nelson, Madison Co, my greatX4 grandfather. He was married to a Hannah (either BUCK or MUNGER / MANGER as maiden name). They had 4 children, 1 girl died late teens early 20s; three boys Otis ,Harvey and Daniel Jr. According to records born about 1779 in Madison Co and died about 1820-1822 after falling on a pitchfork.

Hannah is one of those names that could have been derived from or know as something else like Anna, etc.
Aware of children being assigned guardians upon Hanna's death ~ 1822. Just wondering if there are any hints to Daniel's parents.


Joanne Albright Tue Sep 23 08:55:01 2008
I am looking for the birthplace, parents' names and family history for Emerson BROWN, b. 1780-2 in CT or MA. He married Rebecca SWIFT about 1807 in Adams Co., MA. They had four sons in Adams Co. - Emerson Jr., Frederick G. Jerome B. and Reuben. In July 1813 they moved to Smithfield, Madison Co., NY. Children born Elisha, Marie Jannette, Dean, William and Judson. Emerson d. 1847, Rebecca d. 1850. Both are buried in the Peterboro Village Cemetery.


Alvena Dont Fri Sep 26 15:43:16 2008
Looking for the names of the children of Joseph COLWELL and Laura SMITH. Joseph had the first store in Hamilton according to the History of Madison county and he and his wife are buried in the Madison Street Cemetery.


Robert K. Salin Fri Sep 26 23:02:49 2008
Seeking family of C. Harold KING (1899-___). He resided with mother Jane and step-father Forbes M. DODGE, Stockbridge after WWI. Married Rose FORTIER abt 1927. May have been associated with Colgate University, 1920s-1930s, while residing Hamilton. Thank you for any help.


Linda Fowlston Sat Sep 27 11:31:42 2008
Looking for information about Ruth Ann SOULES, b 10 Oct 1827, to Nathan and Ruth (TYLER) SOULES. Beleived to have resided in Smithfield, Madison County. Hoping to find parents of Nathan SOULES or Ruth TYLER.


Lois kogut Tue Sep 30 09:00:14 2008
Seek any info re: John M TRUMBULL born 1856 Oneida Co., wife Vina born 1858, living Lenox 1880. John's mother-in-law, Jeanette BURCHARD, 42, also in his household. John's parents were William TRUMBULL and Mary MOULTER. John's occupation - painter.
Thank you for suggestions.


Francesca Thu Oct 2 13:14:39 2008
In 1860 my relative, John BLANNAN (in the census) was married to Bridget and had children Robert, John, and William, probably a brother Patrick was living with them as well. John, Bridget, and Patrick were all born in Ireland.
In 1870 in Sullivan, John was widowed living with children, Cory, John, Willie, Eddie, Martin, Joseph, and Mary E.
In 1880 John had married Kate DURKIN and had the new editions of James, and Mary (it seems that the first Mary must have passed) and Anna DURKIN, Kate's child from her first marriage.

My relative John BRENNAN married Lavina HARRINGTON (she had a brother named Edward that was about 10 years younger than she). I am looking for any information on ANY of the above named people, or possibilities on where I could find information on them...Thank you.


linda douglass Thu Oct 23 18:11:45 2008
Am looking for any info on Marcus and Hannah COON; lived in Lenox, Madison County in 1840, and Sullivan, Madison County in 1850 and 1860. Any information would be appreciated - am trying to determine if they are the parents of William COON, my ggg grandfather, b.1817, died Tully, Onondaga Co. 1856.


Karen Wente Sat Nov 8 00:27:57 2008
I am looking for information on Aaron LINDSLEY (1754-1809) (who moved to Nelson, NY before 1800; his son Arunah (1785-1850); or any other of their family members. They lived in Nelson, Madison Co., New York. Arunah and his family moved to Fawn River, St Joseph Co., Michigan by 1845.

Feel free to e-mail me anytime. -


Kathy Wed Nov 12 21:12:24 2008
I am looking for information on Sarah (NORTHRUP) HOSLEY born 1799 in NY and died 1850. She is the daughter of William and Pamelia NORTHRUP. Pamelia NORTHRUP is the daughter of Polly ADAMS. Sarah and her husband Joseph HOSLEY had three sons William Kendall, Holland C, and Miner A. HOSLEY. Two sons came to Michigan with their parents (J. & S. HOSLEY) and grandparents Pamelia and William NORTHRUP. Miner died and was buried there in New York (Sullivan, Madison County, New York). Did Sarah have any siblings? Did Pamelia (ADAMS) NORTHRUP have any siblings? What was her father's first name? Appreciate any information.


sarah stage Thu Nov 13 10:20:27 2008
Do you have any info on Mariah BUTIN, daughter of Jannis BUTIN?


Lois Kogut Fri Nov 14 07:47:23 2008
What became of John TRUMBULL, age 24, his wife Vina, age 22, his mother-in-law Jeannette BURCHARD, 42 a widow, in 1880 census of Lenox (Wampsville)?
John's occupation-painter. All born NY.
In 1860, Wampsville:
William TRUMBULL, 38
Arilla TRUMBULL, 6
By 1880, his family were in Fulton Co. NY. Where was John?


carolyn ludwig Sat Nov 15 07:05:52 2008
John Henry PAUL born 1860 in Plainfield Center. Father was Rudolphus PAUL He was buried in Georgetown, NY area. Brother was Parker.
Any info would be helpful. Thank you.


lpeters Tue Nov 18 07:51:06 2008
Looking for information on Amos CORNELIUS and Mrs Amos CORNELIUS of Glenwood Ave in 1903. They lived in Oneida, N.Y. He was of an Old Indian Family.
Thank You for any information you can provide.


Sharon Gifford Thu Nov 20 14:08:13 2008
I am seeking information about Seneca GIFFORD, b 1805 Little Compton, RI, d 1868 Madison, NY, son of Canaan and Eliphal (MANCHESTER) GIFFORD, m Ethalinda LANGWORTHY.


Ruth A Gleason Tue Nov 25 15:20:40 2008
I'm looking for the maiden name of Margaret E. (married name HUBBARD) born New York. In the 1850 census Lenox, born 1822. Had a daughter named Frances E who married a Reuben GLEASON from Lenox born 1842. They were my father's grandparents. Reuben's parents Mary MINOR and Abijah B GLEASON also lived in Lenox from at least 1830 to the son, Edwin GLEASON who died on his father Abijah's farm in 1916 or so. His son-in-law Whipple GRANT got my ggrandpas farm.
Mary MINOR, I can't find her maiden name.
Please Help!!!!

If you have resources for Madison County or would like to volunteer to help with look-ups, please e-mail me at Tim Stowell / Chattanooga, TN
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