Town of Stockbridge NY
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Madison County

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  If you have historical information relating to the Town of Stockbridge, Munnsville or Madison County that you would like to contribute for use on this page, feel free to contact me via E-Mail.
Note: Much of the information formerly presented on these pages is the work of Olive S. Boylan, Historian for the town of Stockbridge. Due to a misunderstanding in use of the material(s) I have pulled the sub-pages. My apologies to Mrs. Boylan and I assure everyone that no misuse was intended on my part. See the following note if you are interested in obtaining the publication I had extracted the information from.
For information on obtaining a copy of the Sesquicentennial Quilt, the source for what was previously presented, click here
[Note: If you purchase the publication advise Mrs. Boylan that your order is a result of having visited these web pages - for each order she tells me is a result of A Bit of the Past I will contribute $0.50 to the Fryer Museum.]
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