Town of Lenox Pictures
Early Town of Lenox Pictures

Canastota: $20 Bank Note - Bank of Canastota - 1800s
Canastota: Canastota High School - 1940
Canastota: Canastota Library c. 1909
Canastota: Celery Fields - 1909
Canastota: Corner of Centre & South Main - residences of Dr. J.W. Knapp and C. N. Cady
Canastota: Chappel Street c. 1910
Canastota: City Hall & Fire Department - 1908
Canastota: Delaney Fire Co. - Unk. STILTS, fireman - mid-late 1890s
Canastota: Father Flynn residence
Canastota: Erie Canal hoist bridge, night scene
Canastota: First Persbyterian Church
Canastota: Forbes residence 1912
Canastota: High School c.1906
Canastota: Lenox Memorial Hospital
Canastota: M. Delano residence
Canastota: Main & Peterboro Sts. *
Canastota: Masonic Temple
Canastota: New York Central & Hartford Rail Road station
Canastota: Offices, Watson Wagon Works c. 1915
Canastota: Peterboro St.
Canastota: Peterboro St. bridge *
Canastota: Peterboro St. - icebound boat *
Canastota: Peterboro Street, looking north
Canastota: Presbyterian Church c.1908
Canastota: Prospect Street 1909
Canastota: Prospect Street c.1910
Canastota: Public Library c.1907
Canastota: Public Library
Canastota: Railroad crossing c.1912
Canastota: Railroad Station
Canastota: Residential street scene
Canastota: Spencer St. school 1908
Canastota: The Terrace
Canastota: The Terrace
Canastota: Union Depot c.1906
Canastota: White Elephant Restaraunt - 1950s
Canastota: Wilson St. bridge
Lenox: Town of Lenox Land Office
Wampsville: Courthouse - laying the cornerstone Jan. 7, 1909
Wampsville: Courthouse ca. 1920
Wampsville: Madison County Jail *
Wampsville: Temporary Post Office *
Note: * Images provided courtesy of D. Porter

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