Town of Lenox Early Industries
Town of Lenox Early Industries

    Industry             Product(s)         Lifespan                               Notes 
Lenox Iron Co.       furnaces, cutlery     1815-1847     Company invested $20,000 to establish village where comp-      
                     ware, plowcastings                  any was located & employees could live. (Lenox Furnace) 
Woolen Factory       fine cloth            1860-1879     Founded by George B. Cady; new machinery was installed 
                                                         (1867) & thereafter the factory employed about 25. (Lenox 
Patten & Stafford    harrows, field        1866-1909     Based on a patent granted by the senior partner, William Pat- 
                     rollers, wheelbar-                  ten, for a dumping hay rake; the company, with Norman 
                     rows, New York                      Stafford as junior partner,was known nationwide for its 
                     Champion Rakes                      high quality agricultural machinery. (Canastota) 
Canastota Knife Co.  knives, cutlery       1874-1895     Canastota knives sold nationwide, about 600 sytles man- 
                     instruments                         ufactured including cigar cutters & knives for removing 
                                                         stones from horses' hooves. (Canastota) 
Canastota Match Co.  matches               1880s-1890    Located in a lg. one story brick building, with many vents on 
                                                         roof to emit phosphorus. Situated on E. Canal St., late site 
                                                         of Marvin Magnetic & Ideal Cut Glass. Absorbed by Diamond 
                                                         Match in 1890 which is still in existence today. (Canastota) 
Marvin Magnetic      experimental Mag-     c.1890-1900   The magnetic drill was a heavy steel tripod supported by a 
Drill Experi-        nettized rock                       vertical shaft with a piston-like device on top surrounded by 
mental Co.           drills                              2 electrical coils working as magnets. With the development 
                                                         of portable air compressors, the research & idea were  
                                                         abandoned. (Canastota) 
Sherwood Factory     children's toys       1890-1910s    First child's wagon with springs made here. Also a flexible 
                                                         steering mechanism for sleds was devised in addition to 
                                                         roller skates. (Canastota) 
Canastota Glass Co.  window glass          1881-early    A very busy & important co., organized with $40,000 captial 
                                           20th centruy  stock & within the next decade had $120,000 capital stock. 
                                                         Most of its glass was made with sand from Oneida Lake. 
Lindley Boat Co.     pleasure boats,       1906-1920s    D.M. Tuttle created a new & superior gasoline engine for boats 
                     fishing & speed                     in 1896. Ten years later, fellow Canastotan Wm. H. Lindley set 
                     boats                               up a boat manufactory on the banks of the Erie Canal. 
Smith & Ellis        household             1893-early    Large & important factory. Went through ownership & name 
                     furniture             1930s         changes to Ellis, Joyce & Hildreth, later to the Lenox Shops. 
                                                         They maintained showrooms on 44th Street & Lexington Ave., 
                                                         New York City. (Canastota) 
Watson Wagon Works   dumping wagons        1893- c.1930s David S. Watson was granted a patent for a horsedrawn dumping 
                     (horsedrawn); later                 wagon. "First in the field & last to the repair shop," was the 
                     motorized) truck                    co.'s slogan. The U.S. government purchased 15,000 during World 
                     & bus bodies                        War I. After the war the company was reincorporated (1926) as 
                                                         the Rex-Watson Corp.; built truck & bus bodies. Later rein- 
                                                         corportaed as Henny Motors, the firm was taken over by Titan 
                                                         Mobile Homes until the late 1970s. (Canastota) 
American Mutoscope   film projectors;       c.1898-early Founded by Harry Marvin & Herman Casler. They gave a public  
& Biograph Co.       drills                 20th century showing of the earliest films with their Biograph projector at 
                                                         the Bruce Opera House, 4-5 Feb. 1898. Their employee, Harry 
                                                         Weed, perfected & patented the Weed Tire Chain, a chain to 
                                                         attach to car tires for increased traction in winter. (Canastota) 
Ideal Cut Glass Co.  cut glassware          1903-1933    Established in Corning, moved (1905); cut glass from patterns; 
                                                         glass brought in from elsewhere.  (Canastota) 
Conomikes Candy Co.  confectionery          1917         Canastota's major candymaker. 
Diemolding Co.       molded plastics        1920-present Donald Dew & Joseph Holden began the company in rented quraters. 
                     goods, candy                        Present factory now in Canastota with subsidaries in Wampsville & 
                                                         Virginia. (Canastota) 

Note: This information provided (with permission) from the Madison County Historical Society publication Country Roads Revisited. MCHS for information publications & services the Society can provide.
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