1956-7 Morrisville NY Directory
1956-7 Morrisville, NY, Directory

 The following is taken from the Oneida, New York Telephone Directory published in 1956 by the New York Telephone Company.

 Note: reasonable efforts have been taken to ensure this transcription is correct. If you have a question on a specific entry drop me E-Mail and I'll check the entry...
Tim Stowell

Abbott Lucy Mrs,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-148-F2 
Abel Ada, r,  North    Morsvl-35-J4 
Abrams Harold E,  r,    Morsvl-19-F22 
Abrams Henry,  r    Morsvl-60-R 
Allen Fredk Rev, r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-184-F11 
Allen Herman,  r,  RD    Morsvl-209-F3 
Amadon Howard,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-184-F2 
Ames Kenneth,  r,  Main    Morsvl-233 
Anderson Frank,  r,    Morsvl-43-F13 
Anderson Thomas K,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-66-Y11 
Andrews Nellie,  Cedar    Morsvl-59-J 
Babcock, Glen Mrs,  r,  Union    Morsvl-102 
Bach George,  r    Morsvl-208-F13 
Bach, Raymond,  r    Morsvl-171-F4 
Baker O E,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-124-F11 
Baker William,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-19-F2 
Baltusnick Michael,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-80-F3 
Bankowski Andrew,  r,  North    Morsvl-199-L 
Barker Charles,  Camp    Morsvl-143-F13 
Barker Charles,  Funeral Director,  Main    Morsv-18-R 
Bartell Robert,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-137-F12 
Beaumont Taney,  r,  Main    Morsvl-93-J 
Behnk William E,  r,  West Maple av    Morsvl-16-J3 
Benishek Ernest,  r,  RD    Morsvl-141-F22 
Bennett Donald,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-141-F2 
Begner Charles Rev,  r,  RD    Morsvl-180-J5 
Berry Charles,  r, RD    Morsvl-163-Y2 
Berry James,  r,  RD    Morsvl-172-F2 
Blackman Maurice E Store,  Main    Morsvl-100 
Bliss Adelbert Mrs,  r,  Main    Morsvl-33-W 
Bliss James H,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-23-Y2 
Bliss Robert,  r    Morsvl-207-F21 
Bliss Russell,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-137-Y22 
Bliven Bertha,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-188-F22 
Blixt Kurt,  r,  Cedar    Morsvl-108-L 
Blowers Howard,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-74 
Blowers I D,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-74 
Bohnsack Charles H,  r,  Hatch Lake    Morsvl-24-Y5 
Bounds George J,  r,  Buyea rd    Morsvl-168-F11 
Bradley Brook Camp,  West Eaton  Morsvl-181-F11 
Brannan Claude,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-148-F4 
Brewster Claude,  r,  RD    Morsvl-211-F12 
Bridge Louis,  r,  Hatch Lake    Morsvl-24-F12 
Brooks D H T,  r,  Maple    Morsvl-64 
Brooks Fay,  r,  RD    Morsvl-5-Y111 
Brooks LaVern,  r,  RD    Morsvl-81-Y3 
Brooks Lawrence,  r,  RD    Morsvl-209-F12 
Brooks Orrin,  r,  RD    Morsvl-209-F13 
Brooks Walter,  r,  RD    Morsvl-175-F4 
Brooks WilliamD,  r    Morsvl-214 
Brower E G Mrs,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-179-F12 
Brower Royce,  r,  North    Morsvl-230 
Brown David,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-188-F14 
Brown Edwin,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-5-F21 
Brown, John,  r,  Rd    Morsvl-178-F21 
Brown Mark A,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-69-F13 
Brown Raymond,  r,  RD    Morsvl-81-F2 
Brown Silas,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-9-F21 
Browne Marguerite,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-205-J 
Brownell Edw,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-174-F3 
Bryant James,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-173-F3 
Bulkley George,  r, Eaton    Morsvl-182-F11 
Burchfield David,  r,  Main    Morsvl-77-J 
Burchfield David J,  r,  Bradley Brook    Morsvl-24-F2 
Burden House,  Main    Morsvl-2 
Burdick Mose,  r,  Main    Morsvl-53-L 
Burton Fred Mrs,  r,  Main    Morsvl-147-W 
Bury Richard,  r,  RD    Morsvl-210-F2 
Bush Avery,  r,  Cedar    Morsvl-84-J 
Bush Donald,  r,  RFD    Morsvl-178-F3 
Bush Lyman,  r,  Main    Morsvl-116-W 
Bush Nicholas,  r    Morsvl-121-Y12 
Bushnell Walter D,  r,  South    Morsvl-231 
Butler Dorothy,  r,  Mill    Morsvl-16-L 
Butler Wm Dr,  Dentist Office  Cedar    Morsvl-17-L 
Butler Wm DR,  r,  Cedar    Morsvl-17-W 
Campbell HW,  Camp,  Hatch Lake    Morsvl-24-Y2 
Campbell HW,  r,  cedar    Morsvl-95 
Campbell  Harry C,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-173-F14 
Campbell Harry W C,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-9-F22 
Campbell John,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-66-Y3 
Cardner G York,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-124-Y22 
Carter Chas,  RFD 2    Morsvl-39-Y5 
Carter Judson,  r,  Main    Morsvl-204-w 
Carter Mabel & Jennie Misses,  r,  West Eaton    Morsvl-6-F14 
Carter Robert,  r,  RD    Morsvl-175-F11 
Cary Ernest,  r    Morsvl-170-F3 
Cary Harold,  r,  Canastota    Morsvl-170-F21 
Cary Ivan,  r,  Canastota    Morsvl-171-F2 
Cary Lawrence,  r,  Canastota    Morsvl-170-F4 
Cary Roy,  r,  Canastota    Morsvl-171-F3 
Chamberlain Louella Mrs,  r,  Eaton    Morsv-189-F12 
Chandler Stewart,  r,  RD    Morsvl-140-Y2 
Chaphe Harold,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-6-Y11 
Chappell C Eugene,  Cottage,  Hatch Lake    Morsvl-143-Y22 
Charlton I M,  r,  RFD 1    Morsvl-32-L 
Charlton Paul,  Diner,  Main    Morsvl-88 
Chase  Alice Mrs,  r,  Main    Morsvl-14 
Chenango & Undadilla Telehone Corp 
   Contracts & Collections    Morsvl-700 
   To Report Phone Out-of-Order Call  Repair Service 
Cherry Valley Inn,  Main    Morsvl-34-L 
Chilson Virginia,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-189-F3 
Choate Coman,  Furniture Store,  Eaton    Morsvl-18-L 
Choate Ray Mrs,  r,  North    Morsvl-200-L 
Christman Mildred,  r,  Main    Morsvl-67-L 
Church Elma S,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-136-F22 
Church Elma S,  Store,  Eaton    Morsvl-136-Y22 
Church Gerald,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-129-F11 
Church Glenn,  r,  Cross    Morsvl-97 
Clark David J,  r,  Morrisville    Morsvl-213-F2 
Clark Douglas,  r,  North    Morsvl-222 
Clark Frank,  r,  RFD 1    Morsvl-162-F121 
Clark George,  r,  RD    Morsvl-81-F11 
Clark Gordon J,  r    Morsvl-178-F22 
Clark Pearl M,  r.  Main    Morsvl-33-R 
Clark Thomas,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-159-F11 
Close Fred,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-136-Y12 
Cobb Irene,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-151-F11 
Coe  Duane H,  r,  Peterboro Siloam rd    Morsvl-121-F13 
Cole Jesse,  r,  Munnsville    Morsvl-19-Y11 
Coleman Mae Mrs,  r,  RD    Morsvl-39-Y21 
Colvin Ernest,  r,  RD    Morsvl-81-Y4 
Colvin Lloyd,  r,  RFD    Morsvl-209-F22 
Cook John L,  r,  North    Mosrvl-107-W 
Cook LaVern,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-159-Y2 
Corpin Francis,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-172-F13 
Cox E Richard,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-131-F22 
Cramer, Deforest,  r,  Cedar    Morsvl-25 
Cramer Flora Mrs,  r,  Main    Morsvl-40-W 
Cramphin Edward,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-159-Y31 
Cramphin Eugene,  r    Morsvl-187-F22 
Cramphin Hubert,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-159-Y21 
Crandall Carroll,  r    Morsvl-216 
Crandall Douglas, r    Morsvl-227 
Crane L R,  r,  RD    Morsvl-180-W 
Crane Wilbur,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-213-F12 
Cring Lee,  r,  RD    Morsvl-191 
Crumb Kenneth,  r,  RD    Morsvl-30-F11 
Cunningham Robert,  r,  South    Morsvl-30 
Cunningham Robert Jr,  r,  Main    Morsvl-232 
Curtis Hannah,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-70-L 
Danehy Dennis,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-172-F4 
Darrow's Beauty & Barber Shop,  Main    Morsvl-68 
Davenport M J,  Store,  Eaton    Morsvl-76-Y3 
Davis Chas,  r,  RD    Morsvl-8-J 
Davis Clayton T,  r,  Morrisville    Morsvl-8-L 
Davis Frank B,  r, South    Morsvl-150-W 
Davis Freemont,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-168-F21 
Davis H T, RFD 2    Morsvl-38-F21 
Davis James,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-150-F31 
Davis Raymond,  r,  RFD 2    Morsvl-38-F23 
Davis Richard,  r,  Pleasnat Valley    Morsvl-38-Y22 
Davis William,  r,  RD    Morsvl-121-Y2 
DeGroat Carl,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-168-12 
DeGraot DeAlton,  r,  Morrisville    Morsvl-168-F4 
DeGroat Edward,  r,  RFD    Morsvl-168-F14 
DeGroat Edwrd N Jr,  r,  Morrisville    Morsvl-137-F2 
DeGroat LaVerne,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-124-F13 
DeLand Charles N,  r,  Main    Morsvl-84-F4 
DeLano Elizabeth Mrs,  r,  Main    Morsvl-89 
Dennison Milton,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-163-F31 
Dennison William,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-124-F12 
Denny, Mervin,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-189-F4 
DePuy C M,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-159-F3 
Deveny John,  r,  Maple    Morsvl-204-J 
Dexter & Co E N,  Store,  Main    Morsvl-79-L 
Dexter Fay,  r,  Union    Morsvl-79-W 
Doane Howard J,  r,  13 Union    Morsvl-36-R 
Dodge Reginald,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-129-F14 
Dorrance Charles,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-80-F21 
Dorrance James,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-124-F14 
Dorrance Roger,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-124-F21 
Dorrance William,  r,  RD    Morsvl-121-F2 
Dougherty George,  r,  North    Morsvl-127 
Dougherty's H L Store,  Main    Morsvl-44 
Doxtater Austin,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-141-F21 
Doxtater Hollis A,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-121-F22 
Drake Robert,  r,  North    Morsvl-180-J4 
Dresser A H,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-189-F21 
Duffy Chas,  r,  Union    Morsvl-105-F3 
Dunham Earl Mrs,  r,  Eaton rd    Morsvl-146-Y5 
DuPont George M,  r,  Sanford rd    Morsvl-213-F3 
Dutch Inn,  Main    Morsvl-164 
Dutton R B,  r,  Main    Morsvl-103 
Earl James,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-83-F13 
Eaton Central Grade School,  Eaton    Morsvl-54-F21 
Eaton Fire Department    Morsvl-129-F3 
Eaton Inn,  Eaton    Morsvl-54-F23 
Eiholzer Herman,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-146-Y2 
Eiholzer Herman Jr,  Paint & Paper Store,  Main    Morsvl-155 
Eiholzer Karl,  r    Morsvl-55-F3 
Ellis Donald    Morsvl-66-F2 
Ellis Seymour,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-121-Y22 
Elmer Leo,  r,  Masin    Morsvl-122-W 
Emrich Earl L, r,  12 Mill    Morsvl-206-W 
English Grover,  r,  RFD 2    Morsvl-38-F111 
Evans Frank,  r,  RFD    Morsvl-211-F11 
Evans Harold,  r,  RFD    Morsvl-43-Y3 
Evans John,  r,  RFD    Morsvl-211-F2 
Evans Richard J,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-51-F11 
Everlith Perley W Sr,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-173-F22 
Farmers Production Credut,  Office,  Main    Morsvl-90 
Fearon Dorothy Mrs,  r,  North    Morsvl-199-J 
Fearon Frederick,  r,  Munnsville    Morsvl-19-F21 
Fehlmer Ralph E Gas Station,  West Eaton    Morsvl-6-F12 
Fellows D H Construction Co,  Eaton    Morsvl-109 
Field Charles T,  r,  Main    Morsvl-229 
Field H E & C E,  r,  RD  Morsvl-180-R 
Field W L Mrs,  r,  Eaton st    Morsvl-68-J 
Field Wm E,  r    Morsvl-175-F3 
Findlay Hugh,  Camp,  Hatch Lake    Morsvl-143-F31 
Finen George,  r,  Lebanon    Morsvl-23-F14 
Fire Department Engine House    Morsvl-1 
First National Bank,  Main    Morsvl-31 
Fisher Evelyn Miss,  r,  Main    Morsvl-212-L 
Fisher Roy E,  r,  Vets' Housing   Morsvl-48 
Fitzsimmons Carlton,  r,  Main    Morsvl-52-J 
Fitzsimmons Elas,  r.  Eaton    Morsvl-58-R 
Fitzsimmons George,  Shop,  Main    Morsvl-57 
Foote Charles,  r,  Eaton rd    Morsvl-7-F22 
Foster Earl,  r,  RFD    Morsvl-10-F21 
Foster Mabel Miss, r,  Main    Morsvl-60-L 
Frank Del,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-121-F14 
Franklin Benj,  r,  RD    Morsvl-209-F2 
Franklin Carl,  r,  Main    Morsvl-212-J 
Franklin Kenneth E,  r,  Pine Woods rd    Morsvl-176-F2 
Fraser Donald,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-76-F22 
Fraser Harry,  r,  West Eaton    Morsvl-181-F12 
Fraser Wallace,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-148-F12 
Frink Leland W,  r,  West Main    Morsvl-27 
Fuess Frederick W,  r,  2 Main    Morsvl-40-R 
GL F Servide,  Eaton    Morsvl-138 
Galbreath M B,  r,  North    Morsvl-157 
Gallagher James C,  r,  15 North    Morsvl-107-R 
Gaylord Charles,  r,  North    Morsvl-199-L 
Gerbig Fred,  r,  Peterboro-Cazenovia rd    Morsvl-208-F14 
Gerbig Wm,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-141-F12 
Gill Laura,  r,  Main    Morsvl-52-L 
Ginney Marion,  r,  RFD 2    Morsvl-5-F12 
Ginney Melvin,  r,  RD    Morsvl-5-F2 
Ginney Wilbur,  r,  RFD    Morsvl-177-F14 
Gips Herbert,  r,  RD    Morsvl-39-F22 
Gips Jon,  r,  RD    Morsvl-162-Y3 
Glorie C Farm,  Pleasant Valley    Morsvl-211-F22 
Golas Edward,  r,  North    Morsvl-223 
Golley Howard Jr,  r,  RD    Morsvl-38-F12 
Gough Fred,  Store,  Peterboro    Morsvl-80-Y3 
Gough Fred Mrs,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-80-Y11 
Gourley John,  r,  Cedar    Morsvl-108-R 
Grabow Arthur,  r,  Peterboro-Cazenovia rd    Morsvl-208-F12 
Gray Garth,  r,  North    Morsvl-200-W 
Gray William,  r,  RD    Morsvl-140-Y21 
Green Charles,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-173-F13 
Greenfield Dairy,  Main    Morsvl-229 
   If no answer call    Morsvl-191 
Gregory Elmer,  r,  Main    Morsvl-169 
Griffin Richard,  r    Morsvl-81-Y11 
Griffin Robert,  r    Morsvl-53-R 
Groves Allen,  r,  RFD 2    Morsvl-211-F3 
Groves Fay,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-7-Y4 
Groves Fred, r,  Main    Morsvl-33-L 
Groves George,  RD,  Cazenovia    Morsvl-207-F3 
Hagman Wm,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-136-F11 
Haight Mildred Miss,  r,  Union    Morsvl-4-J 
Hall W A Mrs,  r,  Union    Morsvl-4-R 
Hamilton Edw,  r,  South    Morsvl-49-J5 
Hamilton Leon,  r,  Eaton    Mosrvl-205-L 
Happy Craft Camps,  Eaton Brook    Morsvl-26-Y2 
Hard Alice Mrs,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-188-Y4 
Harris Alfred,  r,  RD    Morsvl-179-F11 
Harris LeRoy,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-55-Y3 
Hart Aaron,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-161-F2 
Hart Percy,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-163-F12 
Harter Eugene,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-136-F2 
Harter Howard,  r    Morsvl-32-W 
Hartshorn Karl,  r,  Pratts Hollow    Morsvl-10-Y4 
Harvey George,  r,  Morrisville sta    Morsvl-176-F2 
Harvey Louis,  r,  RD    Morsvl-140-F22 
Hauck Maynard,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-172-F22 
Hauck Richard A,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-174-F11 
Health Camp    Morsvl-146-F21 
Hearts Desire Beauty Salon,  Main    Morsvl-144-J 
Hedger Hugh,  r    Morsvl-140-F11 
Hemingway Benjamin,  r,  West Eaton    Morsvl-51-F22 
Henderson Albert,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-172-F3 
Henderson Glendon,  r,  RD    Morsvl-207-F2 
Henry Gordon,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-239 
Herboldt August,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-6-F2 
Herer Carlton,  r,  South    Morsvl-220 
Heuveldt Paul,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-159-F21 
Hicks Arthur L,  r,  North    Morsvl-35-L 
Hilts William,  r,  Warren rd    Morsvl-26-F12 
Hinman's Grove Brown Farm,  Sanford rd    Morsvl-213-F13 
Hockridge Edwin T,  r    Morsvl-94 
Hoffman Clarence,  r,  RFD    Morsvl-38-Y21 
Hofstead J,  Cottage,  Hatch Lake    Morsvl-143-Y11 
Holbert Clarence,  r,  Main    Morsvl-77-W 
Holborn Charles,  r,  Morrisville    Morsvl-206-J 
Honsinger Margaret,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-131-F3 
Horan James,  r,  Main    Morsvl-106 
Horan James E,  r,  South    Morsvl-165 
Houghton William,  r,  Main    Morsvl-197-R 
Householder James,  r,  North    Morsvl-225 
Howard Clifford,  r,  RD    Morsvl-5-Y22 
Howard Floyd,  r,  RD    Morsvl-38-F4 
Howe Raymond M Mrs,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-184-F3 
Howell Robert C,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-198-W 
Howlett Grace Mrs,  r,  Cedar    Morsvl-59-R 
Howlett L J,  r,  Main    Morsvl-120 
Huntington Club,  W Eaton    Morsvl-23-Y11 
Huntley Taze,  r,  Cross    Morsvl-116-L 
Ingerson Kasper,  Camp,  Hatch Lake    Morsvl-24-Y11 
Isbell Edmund H,  r,  RD    Morsvl-26-Y21 
Isbell Eli,  r,  West Eaton    Morsv-183-F3 
Isbell Francis,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-83-F3 
Jackson Fern Miss,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-236 
Janovsky John,  r,  Munnsville    Morsvl-19-F111 
Jeffery Sue Mrs,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-80-F2 
Jenkins Floyd,  r,  RFD 1    Morsvl-211-F21 
Jenks Elmore,  r,  Cedar    Morsvl-108-W 
Jenny Claire E,  r,  RD 1    Morsvl-39-Y3 
Jenny Winfield,  r,  Eaton rd    Morsvl-146-Y4 
Johnson Donald,  r,  Sanford rd    Morsvl-213-F4 
Johnson Miles,  r,  Cedar    Morsvl-84-W 
Johnson Stanley,  r,  South    Morsvl-114 
Johnson Virgie,  r,  RD    Morsvl-179-F4 
Johnston Cecil,  r,  Main    Morsvl-199-R 
Johnston Claude,  r,  RD  Morsvl-202 
Johnston Marshall,  r,  Mill    Morsvl-37-L 
Jones Blanche Mrs,  r    Morsvl-215-R 
Jones Claire Stanley,  r,  Knoxboro  Morsvl-176-F22 
Jones Clifford,  r,  South    Morsvl-49-J2 
Jones Durwood,  r,  North    Morsvl-112-L 
Jones Earl R,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-131-F11 
Jones Ellis,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-151-F4 
Jones Ivy N,  r,  Hatch Lake    Morsvl-143-F22 
Jones John,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-189-F14 
Jones John D,  W Eaton    Morsvl-182-F2 
Jones Lee,  r, West Eaton    Morsvl-181-F2 
Jones Llewellyn,  r,  Cross    Morsvl-110-J 
Jones Robert B,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-46-J 
Jones Ruby B Beauty Salon    Morsvl-144-J 
Jones Thomas E,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-20-J2 
Joslin Roland W,  r,  RD  Cazenovia    Morsvl-174-F2 
Joyce Amy Mrs,  r,  Main    Morsvl-60-W 
Judd E M,  r,  RFD 2    Morsvl-207-F14 
Judd James E,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-55-F11 
Judd LaVerne,  r,  Main    Morsvl-12-J4 
Judd Seymour,  r,  Mill    Morsvl-37-R 
Kattau Laurence,  r,  Main    Morsvl-190-J 
Kaveny Robert L,  r    Morsvl-209-Y22 
Kelley Patrick,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-137-Y12 
Kelly George P Jr,  r,  Main    Morsvl-144-L 
Kelly Gerald,  r    Morsvl-221 
Kenny Margaret F,  r,  West Eaton    Morsvl-26-F22 
Kenyon S H,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-148-F3 
Kieffer Michel,  r,  Morrisville    Morsvl-210-F11 
Kilby W D,  r,  Maple    Morsvl-29-W 
Kilby William DeVell,  r,  Bradley Brook    Morsvl-24-F11 
King Paul H,  r,  Morrisville    Morsvl-150-R 
Kinesbury Rose Mrs,  r,  Maple    Morsvl-29-J 
Kircher L M,  r,  Hatch Lake    Morsvl-179-F3 
Kmiecik Julius,  r,  Morrisville    Morsvl-43-F22 
Koehler Leonard,  r,  North    Morsvl-87 
Kolar John,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-163-Y21 
Korzeneiwski Leon,  r,  RD    Morsvl-39-Y4 
Kracke F J,  W Eaton    Morsvl-83-Y5 
Kracke Helen T Miss,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-83-Y5 
Kracke T Fredk Mrs,  r, W Eaton    Morsvl-83-F14 
LaBarge Floyd,  r    Morsvl-186-F4 
Laden Frank,  r,  Main    Morsvl-122-L 
Langberg Bessie Mrs,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-80-F12 
Lapp Arthur,  r,  RD    Morsvl-210-F22 
Lapp J E,  r,  South    Morsvl-63-J 
Lawrence Ruth A,  r,  West Eaton    Morsvl-26-F11 
Leach Henry G,  r,  Randallsville rd    Morsvl-136-Y3 
Lee George T,  r,  RD    Morsvl-38-F14 
Lent Grant,  r,  RD    Morsvl-8-J4 
Lewis Frances Mrs,  r,  West Eaton    Morsvl-51-Y2 
Lewis Jack F,  r,  West Eaton    Morsvl-182-F22 
Littlefield L N,  r,  RFD    Morsvl-192-R 
Loder Durwood,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-188-F12 
Logan Lawrence,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-137-F23 
Long Howard,  r,  RD 1    Morsvl-121-F22 
Loucks Melvin E,  r,  Canastota    Morsvl-141-F14 
Love Clara,  r,  Main    Morsvl-3 
Loveless Frank,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-121-F11 
Lowe  Guy,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-148-F13 
Lyndon Harry,  r,  Mill    Morsvl-56 
Lyndon Mary Mrs,  r,  Main    Morsvl-91 
Mackie Robb S Col,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-184-F4 
Madison County Dairy Herd Improvement Coop,  Main    Morsvl-126-J 
Madison County 4H Club,  Main    Morsvl-41-L 
Madison County HighwayDepartment,    Morsvl-78 
Madison County Home,  Eaton    Morsvl-101-L 
Madison Co Public Health Nurse,  Main    Morsvl-135 
Magner Eugene J,  r    Morsvl-115-L 
Maher Edward,  r,  RD    Morsvl-210-F4 
Mantell Lynn C,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-6-F11 
March Raymond,  r,  RD    Morsvl-196 
March Robert,  r,  RD    Morsvl-180-J 
Marino Frank Mrs,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-76-Y2 
Markowski Mathew,  r,  West Eaton    Morsvl-6-Y22 
Marshall  Burroughs,  r,  Pratts Hollow    Morsvl-10-F11 
Marshall C B,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-61 
Marshall Lorenzo,  r,  Pratts Hollow    Morsvl-19-Y4 
Marshall Miles B,  r,  Ins,  Ofc,  Main    Morsvl-11 
Martin Ray,  r,  Maple    Morsvl-160 
Mason Wm,  r,  Main    Morsvl-122-J4 
Matteson Blanche,  r,  Main    Morsvl-144-R 
Matteson Robert,  r,  RD    Morsvl-39-Y22 
Mathias Frank Dr,  Ofc,  Union    Morsvl-105 
Maydole N O,  r,  Main    Morsvl-13 
McCann Henry J,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-198-R 
McCormick Paul Gas Station,  Eaton    Morsvl-55-Y5 
McCormick,  r    Morsvl-176-F4 
McCumber Lewis,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-121-F12 
McKee Delbert A,  r,  26 W Main    Morsvl-212-R 
McNamara James S,  r    Morsvl-207-F4 
McPherson M G,  r,  South    Morsvl-63-L 
Mennig Donald E,  r,  Cazenovia    Morsvl-174-F22 
Mennig John L,  r,  Cazenovia    Morsvl-208-F11 
Mennig Kenneth V,  r,  Morrisville    Morsvl-81-F13 
Mennig Leon,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-136-F13 
Mettler William,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-54-F3 
Metzler George,  r,  North    Morsvl-217 
Meurant Paul,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-58-L 
Mid York Weekly,  Main    Morsvl-15 
Miles Earl,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-151-F12 
Miller George,  r,  RD    Morsvl-177-F13 
Miller George W,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-9-F11 
Montfort E L Dr,  Vet Surgeon    Morsvl-12-L 
Morris Harry, r,  RFD 1    Morsvl-10-F13 
Morris, LaVerne,  r,  Pierceville    Morsvl-23-F21 
Morris Lester,  r,  RD    Morsvl-162-F11 
Morris Richard P,  r,  Morrisville    Morsvl-10-F22 
Morrisville Bowling Alleys,  Main    Morsvl-96 
Morrisville Central School,  Church    Morsvl-36-W 
Morrisville Central School,  Eaton    Morsvl-86-L 
Morrisville Central School,  Cafeteria    Morsvl-86-R 
Morrisville Central School,  Garage    Morsvl-86-J 
Morrisville Central School,  Nurse's Office    Morsvl-86-W 
Morrisville Dry Cleaning & Pressing Service,  Eaton    Morsvl-113 
Morrisville-Eaton Central School 
    Guidance Office,  Eaton    Morsvl-86-J5 
Morrisville Motors,  Main    Morsvl-77-L 
Morrisville Theatre,  Main    Morsvl-158 
Morse, Mildred Mrs,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-166 
Morton Earl,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-187-F4 
Murray Benson,  r,  RFD    Morsvl-194 
Neidhardt N L,  r,  W Main    Morsvl-156 
Neidhardt Nelson,  Law Office,  Main    Morsvl-45 
Nelson Andrew,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-189-F13 
Nelson Morris A,  r,  Morrisville    Morsvl-43-F12 
N Y State Agriculture & Technical Institute 
    Director's Office,  Bailey Hall    Morsvl-82 
    Agricultural Division    Morsvl-134-L 
    Bicknell Hall    Morsvl-41-W 
    Boiler Room,  Gym    Morsvl-167-R 
    Boy's Dormitory,  South    Morsvl-153 
    Boy's Dormitory,  South    Morsvl-154 
    Brooks Hall,  Cafeteria,  Main    Morsvl-50-W 
    Brooks Hall,  Dormitory    Morsvl-50-L 
    Campus Store,  Gym    Morsvl-167-J 
    Farm Superintendent    Morsvl-119-R 
    General Education Office,  Madison Hall    Morsvl-132 
    Girl's Dormitory,  Helyar Hall    Morsvl-65 
    Home Economics    Morsvl-41-J 
    Industrial Office    Morsvl-133-L 
    Infirmary,  Main    Morsvl-67-J 
    Placement Office    Morsvl-142 
    Poultry House    Morsvl-133-W 
    Physical Ed,  Gym    Morsvl-167-W 
New York State Electric & Gas Corp 
    Business Office,  Main,  Waterville 
      Ask Operator for    Enterprise-9571 
        No charge for Enterprise calls 
      If no answer (ask Oper for)    Enterprise-9580 
New York State Highway Dept,  Main    Morsvl-110-W 
      If no answer call    110-L 
New York State Home Economics Office    Morsvl-41-J 
New York State Police,  Substation    Morsvl-130 
Newton Robert L,  r,  North    Morsvl-42 
Nickel Dan,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-118 
Niles Kingsley,  r,  Main    Morsvl-72 
Niles, Robert,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-146-F3 
North Howard I,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-76-F13 
Nurnberger Robt,  r,  Maple    Morsvl-104 
Nye Leon,  r,  Rd  Morsvl-210-F3 
O & W Deport,  Eaton    Morsvl-69-Y2 
Oakley Gordon,  r,  Main   Morsvl-117 
O'Brien Henry,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-161-F13 
Olmstead Glenn,  r,  RD    Morsvl-175-F22 
Olsen Carl,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-24-F13 
Omerso Albie,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-55-Y2 
Orth John,  r,  R D Raton    Morsvl-7-F3 
Ostrom Ward Dr,  Eaton    Morsvl-189-F11 
Oswald Robt,  r,  Main    Morsvl-60-J2 
Owens Leaonard,  r,  Eaton rd    Morsvl-7-F12 
Owens Royce,  r,  Eaton rd    Morsvl-7-Y12 
Palmer Georgre,  r,  Main    Morsvl-219 
Parker E O,  r,  Main    Morsvl-67-J 
Parks Fred,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-58-J5 
Parks Shell Service Station,  r,  Main    Morsvl-122-J 
Pashley Ralph R,  r,  Rt 20    Morsvl-210-F13 
Payne Doris,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-203-J 
Payne Ruggles,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-92 
Payne Shirley,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-131-F12 
Peckham Grant,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-151-F21 
Penoyer Milton,  r,  RD    Morsvl-162-Y22 
Perry Archie,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-69-F21 
Peterboro Fire Department    Morsvl-9-F12 
Peterboro Grade School   Morsvl-66-F11 
Pezalski Herman J,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-181-F3 
Phelps Gaylord W,  r    Morsvl-21 
Pierce Frank Mrs,  r,  Union    Morsvl-4-L 
Piper Madeline J Mrs,  r,  45 Eaton    Morsvl-185-F3 
Pitchford Melvin,  r,  Pierceville    Morsvl-185-F3 
Poole Hyle,  Garage,  Eaton    Morsvl-131-F14 
Powell James E,  r,  West Eaton    Morsvl-51-F2 
Pratt Leon,  r,  North    Morsvl-152 
Pugh Everett,  r,  RD    Morsvl-162-F22 
Pugh Wm,  r,  Union    Morsvl-98 
Purdy H L,  Hatch Lake,  Eaton    Morsvl-143-F11 
Rashford Charles,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-213-F11 
Rausa Antonio,  Treat Shop,  Main    Morsvl-111 
Read Albert H,  r,  Morrisville    Morsvl-126-L 
Ready Francis M,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-187-F11 
Record Charles,  r    Morsvl-207-F13 
Reed John Jr,  r    Morsvl-176-F11 
Reed The Florist, 71 Lebanon,  Hamilton    Hamilton-334 
Reidy Mae,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-20-J5 
Reisig Walter,  r,  RD    Morsvl-140-Y12 
Resnick Ralph,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-80-F11 
Rice Leon,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-205-R 
Rice Mark,  r,  Hatch Lake    Morsvl-179-F21 
Richardson Vernon,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-172-F14 
Riebesell Fred,  r,  Cedar    Morsvl-108-J 
Riggall Milton L,  r,  West Eaton    Morsvl-181-F13 
Riggall Raymond,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-182-F12 
Roberts Andrew,  r    Morsvl- 170-F11 
Roberts Basil J,  r,  Morrisville    Morsvl-43-F14 
Roberts Frederick N,  MD,  Hatch Lake    Morsvl-24-F3 
Roberts R B,  r,  Morrisville    Morsvl-43-Y22 
Roberts Stanley,  r,  Cedar    Morsvl-123 
Robinson Jarvis,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-119-R 
Rockwell Ella Mrs,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-174-F13 
Rodda Wm,  r,  RD    Morsvl-19-F13 
Roeller A M,  r,  South    Morsvl-63-R 
Roeller Kenneth,  r    Morsvl-210-F14 
Roemar's Inn  Rt 20    Morsvl-210-F12 
Roher Claude,  r    Morsvl-209-F14 
Roher Roy R,  r    Morsvl-209-F4 
Rolling Hills Motel,  Morrisville    Morsvl-43-F12 
Rosbrook Abner,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-24-F22 
Rosenkrans Rex,  r,  Mill    Morsvl-218 
Ruppert Conrad,  r,  Union    Morsvl-36-L 
Russock Frank,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-54-F14 
Sabine Chester,  r,  West Eaton    Morsvl-6-V3 
Sanford Blanche Miss,  r,  Main    Morsvl-144-W 
Saunders Viola,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-129-F22 
Sautter John A,  r,  Main    Morsvl-96 
Sawyer Eva Mrs,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-136-F12 
Sawyer H Woodrow,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-23-F11 
Sawyer Harry,  r    Morsvl-23-F22 
Sawyer Maurice,  r,  RD    Morsvl-146-Y3 
Schapiro Joseph,  Law Office    Morsvl-62 
Scharman Frank,  Seal Test Store,  Eaton    Morsvl-76-F14 
Scheele Iva,  r,  West Eaton    Morsvl-179-F22 
Schelhr George Jr,  r,  South    Morsvl-192-J 
Schelhr George Sr,  r,  South    Morsvl-150-J 
Schroer Leon,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-151-F3 
Schwab Russell,  r,  Hatch Lake    Morsvl-143-F2 
Sears Stephanie,  r,  Pleasant Valley    Morsvl-38-Y11 
Seeley Raymond A,  r,  Pierceville-Lebanon rd    Morsvl-23-F3 
Shaver Donald L,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-171-F13 
Shay Paul,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-80-F22 
Sheffield Plant,  Eaton    Morsvl-69-F3 
Sherburner R G,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-59-F14 
Shoemaker Stuart H,  r,  Rt 20    Morsvl-177-F12 
Shutts, Donald,  r,  Morrisville    Morsvl-147-R 
Signor Marlin W,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-9-F4 
Simmons Ray,  r,  Pierceville    Morsvl-185-F23 
Sipperly Mary Lou,  r    Morsvl-212-W 
Slater Kenneth H Rev,  r,  Main    Morsvl-226 
Smith Arnold,  r,  Eaton rd    Morsvl-7-Y11 
Smith Arthur H,  r,  Elizabeth    Morsvl-66-F13 
Smith Chad L,  r,  West Eaton    Morsvl-51-F12 
Smith Clifford,  r, Eaton    Morsvl-185-F2 
Smith David R C,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-9-F2 
Smith Frank,  r,  Mill    Morsvl-37-W 
Smith Gerald,  r,  Pratts Hollow    Morsvl-19-F3 
Smith H L Mrs,  r,  Main    Morsvl-197-J 
Smith Harold,  r,  Main    Morsvl-195 
Smith Harry,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-83-F12 
Smith Herbert,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-51-Y4 
Smith J Fenn,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-9-F3 
Smith LeRoy,  r,  RFD    Morsvl-211-F13 
Smith Norman,  r    Morsvl-140-F12 
Smith Pauline H Mrs,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-148-F11 
Smith Raymond Rev,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-80-Y4 
Smith Warren,  r,  Eaton rd    Morsvl-146-Y31 
Smithfield Farms,  Peterboro    Morsvl-137-F21 
Sommer George Wm,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-203-W 
Southworth Emma Mrs,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-20-W 
Spader George,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-20-L 
Spaulding Armour,  RD    Morsvl-168-F13 
Spaulding Howard H,  r,  Morrisville    Morsvl-163-Y11 
Sprague Fred,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-187-F3 
Spurling Carl GB,  r,  West Eaton    Morsvl-51-F14 
Square Deal Garage,  Service Station    Morsvl-75 
Starkweather, r,  Eaton    Morsvl-54-F12 
Starkweather Harry,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-54-F12 
State Police,  Substation    Morsvl-130 
Stebbins H L,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-182-F4 
Sterle Dan,  r,  eaton    Morsvl-23-F13 
Sterle Edward,  r    Morsvl-186-F3 
Sterle Paul,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-184-F12 
Sternberg Alton,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-188-F2 
Sternberg Percy,  r,  West Eaton    Morsvl-26-F14 
Stevens Robt,  r,  Main    Morvl-67-R 
Stevens Virginia Mrs,  r,  eaton    Morsvl-119-L 
Stevenson Willard,  r,  North    Morsvl-112-W 
Stewart James B,  r,  Main    Morsvl-224 
Stewart John,  r,  Main    Morsvl-175-F21 
Stewart Wm,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-137-F22 
Stoker Lester,  r,  Peterboro  Morsvl-66-Y5 
Stone Ernest,  r,  Main    Morsvl-32-R 
Storrer Herman,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-146-F14 
Storrer K W,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-151-F2 
Stratton Joseph,  r,  Eaton    Morsv-188-F11 
Stratton Paul,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-54-F4 
Streeter Harold,  r,  Mill    Morsvl-139 
Strong Edward H,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-66-F12 
Suits Earl,  r,  Main    Morsvl-99 
Suits Jerome,  r,  Maple    Morsvl-16-R 
Sullivan John F,  r,  Cazenovia    Morsvl-174-F12 
Tainter Eldred, Meat Market, Main    Morsvl-85 
Tainter Fred,  r,  10 West Main    Morsvl-28 
Tainter Grant,  r,  South    Morsvl-201-R 
Taylor Lynn R,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-173-F2 
Tayntor Carlos L,  r,  West Eaton    Morsvl-6-F21 
Tayntor Foster,  r,  Munnsville    Morsvl-168-F3 
Tayntor Robert F,  r,  Cazenovia    Morsvl-208-F2 
Tayntor Sterling,  r, RD    Morsvl-7-F2 
Tessier Arthur,  r,  Canastota    Morsvl-170-F2 
Thaiz Julius,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-124-F3 
Thayer Leon,  r,  Maple    Morsvl-29-R 
Thayer William E,  r,  Morrisville    Morsvl-10-Y11 
Thomas Lois Miss,  r,  Main    Morsvl-235 
Todd Mildred Miss,  r,  Main    Morsvl-147-W 
Tollerup Harold,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-181-F4 
Tomlinson John H,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-213-F14 
Tousely Harry,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-161-F11 
Town of Eaton Garage,  Cedar    Morsvl-234 
Trask Horace,  r,  eaton    Morsvl-46-J5 
Troopers State of N Y,  Sibstation    Morsvl-130 
Tucker Emerson,  r,  Main    Morsvl-40-J 
Tucker Mary Miss,  r,  Main    Morsvl-116-J 
Tucker Walter,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-66-F22 
Tyler Arthur    Morsvl-29-L 
U S Soil Conservation,  Main    Morsvl-71 
Upton William,  r,  South    Morsvl-193 
Valerio Albert,  r,  RD    Morsvl-177-F21 
Vancor Galph R,  r,  Morrisville    Morsvl-43-F2 
Van Wyk John,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-131-F2 
Vaughan John A,  r,  Cedar    Morsvl-84-L 
Vaughn William H,  r,  22 Eaton    Morsvl-18-W 
Veterans Housing Unit    Morsvl-119-W 
Victory Chain Store,  Main    Morsvl-73 
Village of Morrisville    Morsvl-1 
Vrolyk Theodore,  r,  eaton    Morsvl-55-Y31 
Wallace Frank,  r.  RFD    Morsvl-180-J6 
Wallace Hotel,  West Eaton    Morsvl-183-F11 
Walker Guy,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-148-F22 
Walker Maurice,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-151-F14 
Warner Howard,  RD    Morsvl-10-Y21 
Warren Ruth M,  r,  Morrisville    Morsvl-213-F22 
Way Donald C,  r    Morsvl-32-J 
Wayand Leon,  r,  eaton    Morsvl-46-R 
Webb Wilford,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-188-F21 
Webber Travis,  r,  Bradley Brook Lake    Morsvl-23-Y31 
Weed Adrian,  r    Morsvl-228 
Weimer Martha Mrs,  r,  Main    Morsvl-37-J4 
Weinig Cathryn N,  r,  Eaton Brook    Morsvl-26-F23 
Weinig William Mrs,  r,  Morrisville    Morsvl-150-L 
Weir John,  r,  Main    Morsvl-52-W 
Wells C C,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-83-F22 
Wescott Walter,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-24-Y21 
West Charles,  r,  RD    Morsvl-7-F13 
West Eaton Fire Department,  West Eaton    Morsvl-183-F2 
Whipple Clarence,  r.  Eaton rd    Morsvl-146-F3 
Whipple R W,  r,  RFD    Morsvl-175-F2 
White Alfred,  r,  eaton    Morsvl-187-F2 
White Morris,  r,  RFD    Morsvl-10-F2 
Whitney Irving,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-129-F12 
Wickens Arthur,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-24-Y4 
Wightman B J,  r    Morsvl-186-F11 
Wilcox Clifford,  r,  W Eaton    Morsvl-23-Y4 
Wilkinson Earl,  r,  RFD    Morsvl-209-F11 
Williams Arthur,  r,  Peterboro    Morsvl-173-F12 
Williams Louis,  r    Morsvl-200-J 
Williams Raymond,  r    Morsvl-128 
Wilt Harry Mrs,  r,  North    Morsvl-35-W 
Wilt Rose Mrs,  r,  Main    Morsvl-53-J5 
Winant Stephen Mrs,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-187-F12 
Woodcock Austin,  r,  eaton    Morsvl-136-F14 
Woodcock John,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-136-F14 
Worzel Herman,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-187-F13 
Yale E M,  r,  Eaton    Morsvl-131-F4 
Yearly William,  r,  North    Morsvl-107-J 
York Wm,  r,  South    Morsvl-93-W 
Young George,  Gas Station,  Eaton    Morsvl-129-Y5 

Date: Tuesday, March 26, 2002

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