1917 Canastota, NY Directory
1917 Rural Directory
Madison County, NY

 The following is from The Farm Journal Illustrated Rural Directory of Madison County, New York published in 1917 by Wilmer Atkinson Company, Philadelphia.
 Note: reasonable efforts have been taken to ensure this transciption is correct. In some instances spelling errors are evident in the published text - letters are transposed, names spelled incorrectly, "St." and "Ave." are interchanged for the same location, etc. I did not attempt to correct these. If you have a question on a specific entry drop me E-Mail and I'll forward a .JPG file of the original page for you to view. Please be sure to include the number of the page in question...
Tim Stowell

Abbreviations.--a, means acres;  bds., boards;  B. tel., Bell Telephone;  4 ch., 4 children;  H&L, house and lot;  Ham. 10, Hamilton Township, Road No. 10;  O, owns;  R1, Rural Route No. 1;   ret, retired;  T, tenant;  4h, 4 horses;  2c, 2 cattle.

 The abbreviations used for the Townships of Madison County are as follows:
                 Brookfield, Bkfd.     Hamilton, Ham.     Oneida, Oni.
                 Cazenovia, Caz.       Lebanon, Leb.      Smithfield, Smi.
                 DeRuyter, DeRy.      Lenox, Lnx.          Stockbridge, Sto.
                 Eaton, Eat.               Lincoln, Lin.          Sullivan, Sul.
                 Fenner, Fen.            Madison, Mad.
                 Georgetown, Geo.   Nelson, Nel.

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