1917 Canastota, NY Directory
1917 Canastota, NY, Directory

 The following is taken from The Farm Journal Illustrated Rural Directory of Madison County, New York published in 1917 by Wilmer Atkinson Company, Philadelphia.
 Note: reasonable efforts have been taken to ensure this transciption is correct. In some instances spelling errors are evident in the published text - letters are transposed, names spelled incorrectly, "St." and "Ave." are interchanged for the same location, etc. I did not attempt to correct these. If you have a question on a specific entry drop me E-Mail and I'll forward a .JPG file of the original page for you to view. Please be sure to include the number of the page in question...
Mike Hollingsworth

Abbreviations.--a, means acres; bds., boards; B. tel. Bell telephone; 4ch, 4 children; H&L, house & lot; O, owns; R1, Rural Route No. 1; ret., retired; T, tenant; 4h, 4 horses; 2c, 2 cattle.
- 17 -
Abbott, Marion  (Blanch)  tax collector  122 Buck St. 
Acker, James D.  (Carrie)  machinist  T  127 Spencer St. 
Acker, Lawrence D.  student  210 Spencer St. 
Acker, Seymour H.  (Ida)  painter & paper hanger  210 Spencer St. 
Ackley, Mrs. A. H.  ret  129 W Center St. 
Adams, Mrs. E. J.  ret  O  316 N Main St. 
Adams, Mrs. Katie T.  7 ch  T 25 Barlow St. 
Adams, Tony  (Theresa)  4 ch  farmer  O  216 Spencer St. 
Adle, Frank (Lottie)  molder  O  118 Pleasant St. 
Adle, S. E.  (Cora)  laborer  O  205 Delano Ave. 
Albanese, Frank  (Cormelia)  3 ch  laborer  T  119 Chapel St. 
Albanese, James  (Jennie)  1 ch  O  128 E Chapel St. 
Alderman, Sarah  ret  O  113 Catherine St. 
Allen, Mrs. E.  ret  203 S Main St. 
Anderson, A. H.  (Florence)  shoe store  O  217 W Hickory St. 
Anderson, H. A.  (Jessie)  express clerk  122 Chapel St. 
Armstrong, mrs. Charlotte  housekeeper  121 James St. 
Armstrong, R. G.  (Bertha)  2 ch  T  Second St. 
Ash, Mrs. Robert, Jr.  milliner  O  119 Center St. 
Ash, R. H. (Ella)  doctor  O  115 S Main St.  B tel. 
Atkins, Mrs. Albert  ret  O  416 State St.  B tel. 
Atkins, Florence  school teacher  416 State St. 
Austen, E. S.  (Emma)  1 ch  gardener  O  Lamb Ave. 
Austerman, Fred  (Anna)  3 ch  O  113 Stocking St. 
Austerman, Stephen  (Anna)  ret  O  201 N E W Boston St.  B tel. 

Babcock, Rev. Charles E. (Mary) ret O 109 E Hickory St.

- 18 -
Baker, E. E. (Sarah)  ret  O  218 Lewis St. 
Balducci, Ralph  (Arcelia)  6 ch  mason contractor  O  207 S Main St. 
Ballon, George  ret  O  123 Chapel St. 
Barker, Claude  Barkers Steam Laundry  229 W Hickory St. 
Barker, James  (Florence)  laborer  O  229 W Hickory St. 
Barker, Maude  clerk  229 W Hickory St. 
Barnard, Floyd L.  laborer  W Center Ave. 
Barnard, LeRoy D.  (Mary)  3 ch  farmer  T  W Center St. 
Barnes, Mrs. Elizabeth  ret  111 Ball Ave. 
Barnes, Joseph  farmer  111 Ball Ave. 
Barott, Mrs. Florence  1 ch  housekeeper  201 New Boston St. 
Barott, Mrs. Wm.  ret  O 123 Stroud St. 
Barrett, Mrs. Annette  ret  O  315 N Main St. 
Barton, S. T.  1 ch  doctor  T  113 S Main St. B tel. 
Bates, Clarence,  laborer  129 N Peterboro St. 
Bauder, H. L.  (Estella)  1 ch  conductor  O 308 N Main St. 
Beach, William  laborer  O  Nort East Canal St. 
Becker, George  (Christina)  4 ch  glass cutter  T  Tuttle Ave. 
Becker, John  glass cutter  Tuttle Ave. 
Becker, Mary  factory worker  Tuttle Ave. 
Beebe, F. M.  (Mary)  ret  minister  O  Second St. 
Bell, Mrs. John  ret  O  336 N Peterboro St. 
Bellinger, Mrs. Winifred  1 ch  housekeeper  303 New Boston St. 
Bemiss, H. D.  (Olive)  3 ch  farmer  O  407 N Main St. 
Bemiss, R. R.  (Julia)  merchant  O  214 N Main St. 
Bemiss, S. K.  (Martha R.)  merchant  O  214 N Main St. 
Bender, David  ret  O  205 Lewis St. 
Bender, David  ret  farmer  O  Hickory St. 
Bender, F. C.  (Lucy)  laborer  O  310 New Boston St. 
Bender, George  (Clara)  salesman  123 Chapel St. 
Benidict, G. D.  (Charlotte)  1 ch  salesman  T  Hickory St. 
Benjamin, F. T.  (Mary)  flour & feed dealer  O  E Center St. 
Bennett, Walter  (Esther)  2 ch  minister  123 Prospect St. 
Benninger, Charles  (Rose)  2 ch  mechanic  O  High St. 
Best, Frank  (Amelia)  glass blower  O  248 W Hickory St. 
Betsinger, James  (Elnora)  laborer  O  104 Pleasant St. 
Bettsinger, James  (Julia)  laborer  302 State St. 
Bettsinger, Jennie  307 State St. 
Bettsinger, Stillman  (Harriette)  2 ch  teamster  O  307 State St. 
Bill, James  (Francis)  6 ch  laborer  O  123 E Chapel St. 
Bingham, Harriette L.  librarian  324 S Peterboro St. 
Blais, Mrs. Elizabeth  126 Barlow St. 
Blowers, Harold  millwright  225 N Main St. 
Blowers, Morris  (Lizzie)  2 ch  T  James St. 
Blowers, O. O. (Carrie) 2 ch  laborer  225 N Main St. 
Blum, Theodore  (Lizzie A.)  asst. West Shore R. R.  O  112 Pleasant St. 
Bonney, Mrs. Mary Ann  ret  O  249 S Peterboro St. 
Boon, Mrs. Susie  dressmaker  T  104 James St. 
Bortel, Mrs. L.  ret  216 Wilson Ave. 
Bortle, Herbert  bell boy  214 W Center St. 
Bortle, J. P.  (Cora)  1 ch  painter & paper hanger  T  214 W Center St. 
Bouchard, John  (Etta)  1 ch  laborer  West Ave. 
Bowes, Mrs. Lillis  1 ch  music teacher  O  213 S Main St. 
Bowles, A. Stanley  agent  110 Stocking St. 
Bowles, Charles A.  (Emma)  carpenter  O  110 Stocking St. 
Bowles, E. Myrtle  110 Stocking St. 
Bowman, James  student  338 N Peterboro St. 
Bowman, Roscoe  (Nina)  miller  338 N Peterboro St. 
Bradley, C. S.  (Alice)  1 ch  manager of Lennox Co  O  251 S Peterboro St. 
Bradley, Mrs. Flora  1 ch  housekeeper  315 N Main St. 
Bradley, Marjorie  student  315 N Main St. 
Bradley, Ralph  student  251 S Peterboro St. 
Bray, Hannah  school teacher  Hickory St. 
Breuster, F. D.  (Jennie)  2 ch  farmer  W Center St. 
Bridge, Coro  O  157 Center St. 
Briggs, Herbert  (Jenette)  2 ch  laborer  301 Roberts St. 
Briggs, Mazie  301 Roberts St. 
Britt, W. J.   (Mary)  merchant  O  110 N Main St. 
Brock. Nick  chauffer  131 Barlow St.

- 19 -
Bromfield, William H.  clerk in bank  507 S Main St. 
Bromfield, William  (Allen)  1 ch  machinist  O 507 S Main St. 
Bronell, John A.  (Catherine)  machinist  126 Barlow St. 
Brooks, Arthur  (Jennie)  engineer  205 Roberts St. 
Brophy, Mrs. J. C.  housekeeper  110 S Main St. 
Brown, C. F.  (Sophia)  shoe & dry good store  O  115 Prospect St. 
Brown, Earl  (Jennie)  1 ch  superintendent of Watson Wagon Co  O  409 S Peterboro St. 
Brown, Ellen  ret  403 S Peterboro St. 
Brown, Frank  (Florence)  electrician  108 W Hickory St. 
Brown, Frank  1 ch  farmer  200 Wilson St. 
Brown, Harry  laborer  310  S Peterboro St. 
Brown, H.  (Libbie)  ret  James St. 
Brown, Jennie  115 Prospect St. 
Brown, Louise  stenographer  115 Prospect St. 
Brown, Mrs. L.  dressmaker  O  310 S Peterboro St. 
Brown, Mrs. Lyna B.  nurse  O  200 Wilson St. 
Brown, Roy  clerk  N Y C freight office  115 Prospect St. 
Brown, S. E.  (Rosita)  2 ch  manager Sherwood Manufacturing Co  O  407 S Peterboro St. 
Brown, Will  (Irma)  2 ch  blacksmith  E Center St. 
Brownell, A. F.  (Minnie)  1 ch  flagman on L V R R  W Park St. 
Brownell, Harry  W Park St. 
Brownell, James  ret  322 N Main St. 
Brunner, Horace  (Sarah)  ret  O  411 State St. 
Bruno, Angello  4 ch  laborer  O  109 Catherine St. 
Bruno, Paul  (Mary)  laborer  202 Wilson Ave. 
Bulger, James  ret  Hickory St. 
Burchard, F. L.  (Lizzie)  2 ch  mason  O  221 E Hickory St. 
Burchard, Gertrude  stenographer  221 E Hickory St. 
Burdo, William  (Georgia)  4 ch  janitor  O  510 N Main St. 
Burkhardt, Jessie  school teacher  O  104 Elm St. 
Burns, J. E.  (Vita)  1 ch  traveling salesman   O  404 N Main St. 
Burns, Thomas  (Mary L.)  2 ch  foreman  O  126 Chapel St. 
Burrel, Leonard  sales manager Watson Wagon Co  107 New Boston St. 
Burton, Adelbert  (Minnie)  1 ch  laborer  T  108 Mechanic St. 
Burton, Howard G.  post office clerk  108 Mechanic St. 
Burton, Reba  clerk  108 Mechanic St. 
Burton, Ruth  stenographer  218 W Hickory St. 
Burton, William  (Eva)  1 ch  sexton Presbyterian Church  O  218 W Hickory St. 
Bushnell, Mrs. Ada  1 ch  O 115 Stroud St. 
Bushnell, H. Clark  (Gertrude)  miller  O  109 Chapel St. 
Buttino, Michael   7 ch  laborer  109 N Main St. 

Cady, C. N. (Minnie) manufacturer O 148 W Center St. Cady, George, Sr. ret 146 W Center St. Cady, George B. (Mary) garage O 210 S Main St. Cady, Louise student 146 Center St. Caldwell, Raymond (Bertha) 4 ch toolmaker O 244 W Hickory St. Calhoun, James (Betta) 3 ch bookkeeper O 203 Roberts St. Callwell, Lynn (Grace) traffic manager 215 Spencer St. Campbell, Albert E. (Laura) 3 ch lawyer O 125 prospect St. Campbell, Harry (Ruth) 1 ch coal dealer O 224 N Main St. Campbell, J. A. blacksmith 108 S Main St. Campbell, Preston (Julia) coal dealer O 307 N Main St. Cannea, Angelo (Theresa) laborer 113 Clark St. Capell, Elmer (Charlotte) contractor O Peterboro St. Capparelli, Beatrice bookeeper 114 Diamond St. Capparelli, Faniel upholsterer 114 N Diamond St. Caparelli, Joseph (Mary) 4 ch laborer O 113 Barlow St.

- 20 -
Caparelli, J. A.  (Mary)  5 ch  contractor  114 N Diamond St. 
Caparelli, Susie  music student  114 N Diamond St. 
Carman, Claud  (Jennie)  1 ch  car repairer  O  N Canal St. 
Carman, Floyd  glass worker  127 E Chapel St. 
Carman, Frank  (Cora)  2 ch  chief of police  O  127 E Chapel St. 
Carpenter, Herman  laborer  307 State St. 
Carr, John  (Hattie)  1 ch  laborer  State St. 
Carroll, Mary  tailoress  E Center St. 
Case, Lorenzo  teamster  408 State St. 
Casler, Herman  2 ch  manufacturer  O  326 N Peterboro St. 
Cass, A. E.  (Lucy)  2 ch  glass cutter  O  119 Stocking St. 
Castle, Mrs. J. H.  ret  125 Center St. 
Caswell, Mrs. Sadie  stenographer  408 S Peterboro St. 
Cathcart, Euric  laborer  O  122 Buck St. 
Cerio, Carmen  (Rosa)  10 ch  farmer  O  111 Stocking St. 
Cerio, James  (Edith)  6 ch  farmer  O  125 Chapel St. 
Cerio, Joe  barber  115 Roberts St. 
Cerio, John  (Angelina)  2 ch  onion farmer  O  107 Roberts St. 
Cerio, Josephine  111 Stocking St. 
Cerio, Marguerite  housework  125 Chapel St. 
Cerio, Tony  (Mary)  6 ch  laborer  O  115 Roberts St. 
Cevesco, D.  (Susie)  ret  O  114 N Diamond St. 
Chadwick, H. D.  (Anna)  farmer  O  313 N Main St. 
Chadwick, Pearl A.  agt Abner Royce Co  304 State St. 
Chaffee, Maggie  ret  119 Prospect St. 
Chapman, Arthur  (Sophia E.)  laborer  O  325 N Peterboro St. 
Chapman, George  (Mary)  farmer  313 Lewis St. 
Chapman, Ira  (Lucy)  shipping clerk  T  112 Peterboro St. 
Chapman, L. C.  (Cora)  3 ch  electrician  T  230 W Hickory St. 
Cheesbro, Clarence  (Clara)  3 ch  freight  James St. 
Childs, Clarence  glass cutter  117 Stocking St. 
Childs, E. G.  (Ella)  insurance agent  O  108 Chapel St. 
Childs, Mrs. Margaret  O  117 Stocking St. 
Childs, Ruth  stenographer  117 Stocking St. 
Chilson, Ralph  (Myrtle)  1 ch  blacksmith  123 Chapel St. 
Chrouch, Fred  ret farmer  O  300 N MainSt. 
Clark, Anna M.  ret  Cor Chapel & N Main Sts. 
Clark, Carlton  clerk  504 S Main St. 
Clark, Clarence  (Minnie)  painter  504 S Main St. 
Clark, Earl  clerk  504 S Main St. 
Clark, E. G.  (Ida N.)  merchant  O Cor N Main & Chapel Sts. 
Clark, Frank  (Florence)  printer  O  504 S Main St. 
Clark, Jackson  (Mary)  2 ch  farmer  O  106 Stocking St. 
Clark, Mrs. J. L.  ret  120 Spencer St. 
Clauss, Jacob  farmer  119 Stocking St. 
Clayton, Richardson  (Rose)  2 ch  farmer  T  N Peterboro St. 
Clement, Vincent  3 ch  tailor  E Center St. 
Cleveland, Henry  2 ch  plumber  O  211 Delano Ave. 
Climenson, Elizabeth  ret  207 E Chapel St. 
Clock, Mrs. Frances  ret  301 S Peterboro St. 
Clock, Fred A.  (Edna)  draftsman  T  203 S Main St. 
Clock, Grace  school teacher  410 S Peterboro St. 
Clock, P.  (Mary)  salesman  O  410 S Peterboro St. 
Clow, Florence  127 Spencer St. 
Clow, Frank  (Retta)  farmer  127 Spencer St. 
Clow, F. C.  ret  O  204 New Boston St. 
Clow, Kate  ret  O  107 N Main St. 
Clow, Mary M.  ret  O  107 N Main St. 
Coe, M. D.  (Helen)  undertaker  118 N Main St. 
Collie, Peter  (Kitty)  3 ch  farmer  110 Elm St. 
Colton, L. G.  (Mary)  lawyer & president of First Natl Bank  O  189 Prospect St.  B tel. 
Compolly, James  (Lucy)  1 ch  laborer  T  218 Spencer St. 
Conard, Peter  (Effie)  truck man  E Center St. 
Congetto, Peno  (Anna)  3 ch  laborer  O  123 Lamb Ave. 
Conley, Mrs. Clara  O  109 Ball Ave. 
Conley, James  (Catherine)  2 ch  boatman  O  114 N Main St. 
Conley, J. J.  (Mary)  laborer  O  121 Chapel St. 
Conomikes, Spero  2 ch  confectionary store  133 W Center St. 
Conrad, Grace  Pleasant St. 
Conrad, Harry  laborer  Pleasant St. 
Coon, Bert  (Leona)  restaraunt  T  106 Mechanic St. 

- 21 -
Coon, Fenton A.  (Ruth)  1 ch  station agt on electric road  110 Spencer St. 
Coon, Frank  (Nellie)  merchant  O  110 Spencer St. 
Cooper, C. H.  (Jennie)  machinist  101 Stroud St. 
Cooper, E. A.  (Cora)  barber  O  211 N Peterboro St. 
Cooper, Ruth  211 N Peterboro St. 
Corson, Vina  housekeeper  207 N Peterboro St. 
Coss, Charles  (Etta)  1 ch  laborer  O  First St. 
Costie, William  (Margaret)  2 ch  baker  307 Lewis St. 
Couden, James  post office clerk  405 S Peterboro St. 
Cowan, Mrs. Ella  ret  O  119 Prospect St. 
Cowan, Fannie  housekeeper  119 Prospect St. 
Cox, Clinton  (Estella)  machinist  209 W Center St. 
Cox, Edith  119 W Park St. 
Cox, Harold  laborer  119 W Park St. 
Cox, T. H.  (Amy)  ret T  196 N Canal St. 
Cox, William  (Maud)  1 ch  glass cutter  O  119 W Park St. 
Craft, Estella  ret  124 Peterboro St. 
Craft, N. J.  milliner  124 Peterboro St. 
Crawford, Leon  (Leda)  2 ch  tool maker  225 N Peterboro St. 
Crichton, Edward  (Alice)  supt York Fruit Co  106 E Hickory St. 
Croman, Mary  boarders & roomers  T  212 W Center St. 
Croman, Samuel  machinist  212 W Center St. 
Cronk, Clifford W.  (Maud)  1 ch  mail carrier  O  344 N Peterboro St. 
Cronk, Mrs. Etta  millinery  O  300 N Main St. 
Cronk, E. A.  (Mary)  ret  O  221 James St. 
Cronk, John  (Elsie)  ret  O  342 N Peterboro St. 
Cronk, Walter  (Ethel)  2 ch  merchant  342 N Peterboro St. 
Cronkite, Mrs. G. S.  225 N Peterboro St. 
Cronsitt, Herman  (Lizzie)  ret  T  301 Roberts St. 
Cunningham, Frank  (Margaret)  glass blower  O  506 S Main St. 
Cunningham, Frank  (Fern)  glass blower  506 S Main St. 
Cunningham, Mrs. Isabelle  O  522 State St. 
Cunningham, W. McKinley  glass blower  506 S Main St. 
Currala, Frank  (Mary)  4 ch laborer  E Chapel St. 
Cushman, Mrs. Emma  nurse  O  404 State St.  

Dailey, Charles H. (Julia) 4 ch carpenter T 309 Wilson St. Dailey, Harriett housekeeper 105 Park St. Dailey, William Henry laborer T 105 W Park St. Daly, Thomas (Margaret) supt of Oneida Railway 223 N Peterboro St. B tel. Danehy, Cora dressmaker Peterboro St. B tel. Danehy, T. F. Daney, Mrs. Emma housekeeper O State St. Daney, James barber State St. Davis, B. L. (Grace) 1 ch teamster O 205 Delano Ave. Davis, Evan druggist 330 N Peterboro St. Davis, H. C. 201 N Peterboro St. Davis, M. E. (Flora E.) 2 ch real estate dealer O 201 N Peterboro St. De Barr, Fred (Myrtle) inspector T 113 Terrace St. De Boyce, Fred (Ada) laborer E Center St. Debrucque, Alexander farmer 433 New Boston St. Debrucque, Mrs. August O 501 New Boston St. Debrucque, August glass cutter 501 New Boston St. B tel. Debrucque, John B. (Sophie) farmer 433 New Boston St. Debrucque, Phillip laborer 501 New Boston St. Decker, Mrs. Freelove O 508 S Main St. Decker, H. J. (Frances) insurance agt O 111 Stroud St. Decker, Myrtle 508 S. Main St. Defazio, Joe 4 ch laborer O 108 Barlow St. De Forest, C. M. (M. V.) doctor O Cor Main & Center St. B tel. De Fress, H. J. (Gladys) electrician 204 Spencer St. Deitz, Mrs. Hattie insurance agt O 214 Wilson St.

- 22 -
Deitz, Leon  (Rose)  laborer  114 Spencer St. 
De Laney, Doris  109 W Park St. 
De Laney, Dorothy  student  109 W Park St. 
De Laney, Helen  109 W Park St. 
De Laney, Jacob  (Adelia)  2 ch  shipping clerk Watson Wagon Co  O  109 W Park St 
De Lano, James B.  manager Canastota Celery Co  325 S Peterboro St. 
De Lano, K. B.  (May W.)  1 ch  cashier bank  314 N Peterboro St. 
De Lano, Milton  pres of State Bank  325 S Peterboro St. 
De Naro, Lewis  1 ch  laborer  O  S Park St. 
De Naro, Michael  (Margaret)  printer  126 Barlow St. 
Denison, Mrs. Julia  ret  106 Chapel St. 
Dentler, F. Earl  (Mary)  2 ch  laborer  T 318 N Main St. 
Deuel, Charles (Ella)  dentist  O  High & E Hickory Sts. 
Deuel, Jos. H.  (Emma)  fireman  O  241 James St. 
Deuel, W. E.  dentist  127 Center St. 
De Vaul, Ellis  laborer  109 Roberts St. 
De Vaul, Mamie  109 Roberts St. 
De Vaul, Martha  ret  T  109 Roberts St. 
De Vaul, Merritt  machinist  109 Roberts St. 
De Vaul, Walter  laborer  109 Roberts St. 
Dew, A. E.  (Maude)  coal & lumber dealer  O  401 S Peterboro St.  B tel. 
Dew, Fred W.  (Mildred C.)  3 ch  asst cashier of First National Bank  O  305 N Main St. 
Dew, Harry H.  (Ida)  carpenter  O  321 N Main St.  B tel. 
Dew, Kate  ret  314 W Lewis St. 
Dew, Nellie L.  dressmaker  314 Lewis St. 
Dew, Oscar H.  laborer  314 Lewis St. 
Dew, Robert R.  bank clerk  305 N Main St. 
Dew, W. F.  (Jane)  w ch  coal & lumber dealer  O  413 S Peterboro St. 
Diggett, Jack  (Maggie)  laborer  O  120 E Chapel St. 
Dijgert, Henry  glass cutter  North East Canal. 
Dinneen, John  (Julia)  5 ch  section foreman  O  212 Spencer St. 
Dinneen, Josephine  factory work  212 Spencer St. 
Dinneen, Mary  telephone operator  212 Spencer St. 
Disandis, James  (Mary)  6 ch  farmer  O  116 E Chapel St. 
Doane, Madison, Jr.  (Bethiah)  labo0rer  T  303 Wilson Ave. 
Dobson, David S.  architect  211 Spencer St. 
Dobson, Ethel  student  211 Spencer St. 
Dobson, Gladys E.  teacher  211 Spencer St. 
Dobson, William  (Isabella)  manufacturer  O  211 Spencer St.  B tel. 
Dodge, Carrie  maid  402 S Peterboro St. 
Donnelly, Mary  music teacher  210 N Main St. 
Donnelly, T. J.  (Nora)  2 ch  conductor  T  210 N Main St. 
Dorstater, Noran  (Delia)  laborer  203 W Center St. 
Douglas, Charles A.  (Carrie)  manager of York State Co  321 S Peterboro St. 
Dowling, A. M.  asst signal manager N Y C  203 W Hickory St. 
Dowling, Mathew  (Anna)  conductor  O  203 W Hickory St. 
Doyle, John W.  436 New Boston St. 
Doyle, Lawrence  iron worker  436 New Boston St. 
Doyle, Muriel  student  436 New Boston St. 
Drake, Edwina  factory  Tuttle Ave. 
Drake, William  (Emma)  carpenter  O  Tuttle Ave. 
Duignam, John B.  (Ellen A.)  post master  O  131 Chapel St. 
Dunham, Charles  (Ora)  clerk  T  201 N Peterboro St. 
Durkee, George  (Augusta)  laborer  O  106 W Hickory St. 
Durkee, Harry  student  112 E Hickory St. 
Durkee, Will  (Maude)  engineer L V R  O  112 E Hickory St. 
Dutton, A. E.  (Pearl)  1 ch  trainman  O  257 S Peterboro St. 
Dygert, Peter  (Jennie)  laborer  T  305 Roberts St. 
Dygnan, James  (Margaret)  O  110 Catherine St. 

Eccleston, J. J. (Frances J.) gate man T 503 S Main St. Ehle, Harry (Hattie) lawyer O 122 Chapel St. Eisman, A. (Joanna) street commissioner 204 New Boston St. Eisman, J. A. machinist 204 New Boston St. Ellis, A. N. (Mary) 1 ch cashier in City Bank of Syracuse O 307 S Peterboro St. Ellis, Claude (Carol) pres Barret Lumber Co O 311 S Peterboro St.

- 23 -
Ellis, Helen A.  school teacher  307 S Peterboro St. 
Ellis, Laura E.  student  307 S Peterboro St. 
Ellsworth, E. J.  ret  230 W Hickory St. 
Ely, Harry W.  (Clara)  2 ch  laborer  Peterboro St. 
Emmi, John  (Jennie)  4 ch  laborer  127 Lamb Ave. 
England, John  (Minnie)  1 ch  cabinet maker  E Center St. 
Engraham, Mrs. Adelaid  ret  T  213 Lewis St. 
Ennis, Van  (Emma)  fireman  T  109 Barlow St. 
Evans, Florence  clerk  Wilson & Lamb Aves. 
Evans, Harold R.  laborer  Wilson & Lamb Aves. 
Evans, N. L.  (Eva)  clerk  O  Cor Lamb & Wilson Aves. 

Faber, Mrs. Flora C. O 302 New Boston St. Fancher, John H. (Margaret) show repairing O 209 N Main St. Farr, Alford (Josephine) farmer O 300 New Boston St. Farr, Charles E. (Bessie M.) auto dealer O 105 Chapel St. Farr, Clarence (Helena) clerk 107 Chapel St. Farr, Edward (Josephine) merchant O 116 Spencer St. Farr, Frank (Harriette) farmer O 415 New Boston St. Farr, Fred (Viola) ret O 124 Chapel St. Farr, Levi (Susan) hardware merchant O 107 Chapel St. Farrar, A. J. (Frances) 1 ch blacksmith O Tuttle Ave. Farrington, Charles (Mary) 1 ch flag man N Y C O 207 Delano Ave. Farrington, John (Alice) 1 ch shipping clerk for Lenox Co O 207 Delano Ave. Farrington, Mortimer (Jennie) 3 ch toolmaker O N E Canal St. Feeley, Mrs. Elizabeth 1 ch housekeeper 111 Chapel St. Fernald, Mrs. C. F. O 117 Prospect St. Ferrara, Ben (Anna) 11 ch cabinet maker O 202 Wilson Ave. Ferrara, Ralph (Maria) 4 ch cabinet maker O 202 Wilson Ave. Field, Mrs. Judson ret 214 N Peterboro St. Fien, George (Dora) foreman O 204 Lewis St. Fien, Milton (Pearl) glass cutter 206 Lewis St. Fine, Saul (Fannie) 1 ch merchant T 219 Lewis St. Fiore, Frank (Mary) 2 ch tailor O 111 Barlow St. Fischer, A. P. (Inez J.) farmer 204 New Boston St. Fish, F. U. (Elizabeth) artist O 509 S Main St. Fisher, George (Ethel) 2 ch merchant T 312 N Main St. Flynn, Rev. T. S. priest 316 N Peterboro St. Foley, Mrs. Lucy ret 192 N Canal St. Foote, Earl J. (Claudia) 1 ch laborer O 401 N Main St. Ford, George merchant T 114 N Peterboro St. Forester, Robert (Edna) machinist O 322 N Main St. Foster, Chas. (Mary) delivery man 103 Clark St. Foster, Edward L. ret 204 N Main St. Foster, Jennie ret 204 N Main St. Fowler, C. G. (Lena) 2 ch jewler O Cor Lewis & Lamb Aves. France, George laborer S Park St. Franchelli, Frank R. farmer O 148 Canal St. Frank, George I. ret O 106 Prospect St. Fritz, Albert (Elizabeth) 3 ch machinist O N Peterboro St. Fritz, C. C. (Maude) 6 ch telegraph operator O First St. Frost, Fred (Louisa) 2 ch clerk O 109 Stocking St. Fry, C. E. (Cora) minister 102 New Boston St. B tel. Fults, Edwin (Laura) 4 ch laborer T 111 Roberts St.

Gallagher, Edward (Estella) 4 ch mason Pleasant St. Gallivan, Genevieve 213 W Hickory St. Gardinier, M. E. (Pearl) 4 ch foreman Watson Wagon Co O 544 S Main St. Gardinier, Olen farmer 544 S Main St. Garlick, Mrs. John ret O 214 N Peterboro St. Garlock, Charles (Flora) laborer 406 New Boston St.

- 24 -
Gellet, Bert  (Martha)  machinist  T  James St. 
Germer, H. G.  (Marcia)  1 ch  physician  O  221 N Main St.  B tel. 
Germer, Lester  student  221 N Main St. 
Gibbs, Mrs. Esther  New Boston St. 
Gifford, Mrs. Bertha  dress maker  O  128 Pleasant St. 
Gillerett, Mrs. Ida  O  111 Chapel St. 
Ginney, William  (Ada)  salesman  O  206 S Main St. 
Gleason, Alfred C.  machinist  210 Lewis St. 
Gleason, George L.  (Sarah)  farmer  O  210 Lewis St. 
Gleason, Helen J.  clerk  210 Lewis St. 
Gleason, Howard S.  merchant  210 Lewis St. 
Gokey, G. W.  (Gladys)  2 ch  electrical Engineer  E Center St. 
Golden, Frank  glass cutter  125 W Center St. 
Golden, Joe  student  State St. 
Golden, Orville  3 ch  foreman  State St. 
Green, Mrs. C. L.  nurse  218 Lamb Ave. 
Green, Elizabeth  ret  S Peterboro St. 
Gregory, Homer  farmer  O  106 Clark St. 
Greimer, Estella  factory work  143 W Center St. 
Greimer, Kate  ret  O  143 W Center St. 
Greimer, Ray  student  137 W Center St. 
Greimer, Zoe  housekeeper  137 W Center St. 
Greiner, John A.  (Daisy)  4 ch  machinist  O  124 Pleasant St.  B tel. 
Greiner, Joseph  (Elizabeth)  1 ch  machinist  O  Tuttle Ave. 
Greiner, Mack  (Hattie)  1 ch  electrician  O  105 Ball Ave. 
Greiner, Paul  2 ch  glass cutter  O  137 W Center St. 
Gridley, Mrs. Eliza M.  ret  304 N Peterboro St. 
Groat, Mrs. William R.  ret  O  203 New Boston St. 
Groesbeck, Mrs. Edith  ret  310 S Peterboro St. 
Guest, W. H.  (Vinnie)  grocer  O  136 W Center St. 
Gurney, Mrs. Mary  ret  O  308 W Lewis St. 
Gustin, Fred  (Clarena)  1 ch  laborer  Peterboro St. 
Gustin, Kate  ret  Peterboro St. 
Guy, Burdett (Zera)  monumental work  O  301 N Main St. 
Guy, Paul  (Mae)  monumental work  301 N Main St. 

Hadden, William E. (Edna) 4 ch laborer T 108 Stocking St. Haines, Mrs. E. A. ret O 123 Stroud St. Haines, Robert W. student 123 Stroud St. Hakes, Rosaline nurse 233 James St. Halbert, Emily ret 215 N main St. Hall, A. (Mary) wagon maker O 255 E Hickory St. Hall, Charlott ret T 206 N Peterboro St. Hall, Edward (Nellie) 1 ch laborer O Tuttle Ave. Halligan, Arthur S. (Edith) 3 ch plumbing shop E Center St. Halligan, Irving hardware T Hickory St. Halstead, George (Mabel) 1 ch laborer T 109 Mechanic St. Hamel, H. F. (Myrtle) 2 ch wholesale produce dealer O 303 S Peterboro St. Hamilton, Orla (Helen) 1 ch painter O 220 Lamb Ave. Hamsen, William (Hannah Mae) wood carver Hickory St. Hanna, Clinton (Rose) 1 ch glass cutter T 206 Lewis St. Harrington, Floyd (Blanch) 3 ch laborer T 106 Caroline St. Harrington, Gladis telephone operator 106 Caroline St. Harrington, Lenwood E. (Bessie) 3 ch machinist 201 Taylor St. Harris, John B. (Nellie K.) dist supt of schools O 404 New Boston St. Harris, William H. (Ellen) 2 ch janitor O 209 S Park St. Harrison, E. M. (C.L.) ret O 124 Prospect St. Hart, C. C. laborer O Terrace St. Hart, D. D. (Sarah) farmer O 126 Lamb Ave. Harvey, Fred glass cutter 125 Center St. Hayes, F. W. (Elsie) blacksmit T 105 James St. Hayward, mabel 112 Barlow St. Henry, Brown plumber 108 Ball St. Henry, Edward 3 ch plumber 108 Ball Ave.

- 25 -
Henry, Marie  clerk  108 Ball Ave. 
Henry, R. B.  (Genevieve)  laborer  T  211 Wilson Ave. 
Heslin, James  (Barbara)  ret  O  101 Stroud St.  B tel. 
Heslin, William  farmer  101 Stroud St. 
Hess, A. C.  (Lena)  freight agt  O  E Center St. 
Hess, Claude S.  (Minnie)  wood worker  O  105 Stocking St. 
Hess, Mrs. Emma  ret  105 Stocking St. 
Hicks, Myrle  housekeeper  James St. 
Hicks, Rov  asst post master  309 S Peterboro St. 
Higgins, Charles  drummer  524 S Main St. 
Higgins, George  (Beatrice)  laborer  O  524 S Main St. 
Hill, Mrs. Amelia  dress maker  119 Center St. 
Hill, Frank G. (Mary)  2 ch  machinist  T  111 Roberts St. 
Hill, F. W.  (Phildelia)  R R mail clerk  O  213 N Main St. 
Hill, Mary E.  school teacher  213 N Main St. 
Hill, Wyntja  student  213 N Main St. 
Hinkle, William  (Bertha)  2 ch  O  James St. 
Hoag, William  laborer  307 State St. 
Hoffman, Ann  T  James St. 
Hoffman, C. H.  (Rosa M.)  wholesale produce dealer  O  309 N Main St. 
Holdon, E. C.  (Charlotte)  doctor  O  120 N Main St. 
Hollady, reuben  (Gertrude)  1 ch  fireman  O  120 S Park St. 
Hollinger, Thomas  (Cora C.)  carpenter  O  125 center St. 
Hoose, H. S.  (Kate)  ret  O  Tuttle Ave. 
Hopper, Fred  (Emma)  laborer  107 Barlow St. 
Hopseeker, Varl  (Anna)  painter  O  209  E Hickory St. 
Hopseeker, Curtiss  painter  209 E Hickory St. 
Horsman, A. C.  (Leda)  minister  T  225 W Hickory St. 
Hosley, Mrs. Mary  ret  257 S Peterboro St. 
Houck, Bert  (Genevieve)  towerman  O  125 Caroline St. 
Hough, Mrs. Carrie  bookkeeper  T  107 Mechanic St. 
Hough, I. N.  (Ruth)  1 ch  undertaker  T  107 Mechanic St. 
Houghton, Eliphalet  (Letha)  laborer  E Chapel St. 
House, Chas.  (Maggie)  farmer  O  125 Stroud St. 
House, Deronda  student  125 Stroud St. 
House, James W.  section hand  Hickory St. 
House, Will C.  (Libbie)  pickle factory  211 W Hickory St. 
Howard, R. M.  (Laura)  painter & conrtactor  T  222 Lewis St.  B tel. 
Howe, D. J.  (Mary)  cafe & restaraunt  103 James St. 
Hoyt, Charles  (Dela)  1 ch  office manager Henman Milking Machine  O  200 James St. 
Hudson, F. C.  (Betrice)  billing clerk  Catherine St. 
Hughes, Hugh  (Hattie)  blacksmith  O  105 Caroline St. 
Hull, Harry  (Minta)  secty Marvin Casler Co  O  Cor N Peterboro & Lewis Sts. 
Humphrey, A.  (Leu)  2 ch  supt of Watson Wagon Co  O  101 Hugh St. 
Humphrey, Ralph  (Anna)  5 ch  carpenter  O  Tuttle Ave. 
Hurd, Mrs. Lizzie  1 ch  housekeeper  O  Pleasant St. 
Hurd, Mary  millinery  Pleasant St. 
Hurd, Thomas  railroad man  Pleasant St. 
Hurley, John  (Janette)  laborer  O 511 N Main St. 
Huyck, Ida E.  student  James St. 

- 26 -
Huyck, S. B.  (Minnie)  creamery man  T  James St. 

Ingraham, Elizabeth housekeeper O 316 S Peterboro St. Ingraham, Rebecca Grace merchant O 316 S Peterboro St.

Jackson, Claude D. (Florence) post offrice clerk O) 209 Roberts St. Jackson, Earl (Cerinna) machinist O 211 E Hickory St. Jackson, George foreman T 402 N Main St. Jackson, Grace housekeeper 402 N Main St. Jackson, Mrs. S. ret 1 ch O 211 E Hickory St. James, Fred (Mae L.) finisher at lenox Co O 217 E Hickory St. James, Mrs. Hannah ret 213 Roberts St. James, Karl F. finisher ar Lenox Co 217 E Hickory St. James. Lewis (Mary) 2 ch laborer O Tuttle Ave. Jaquay, H. G. (Fannie) 1 ch life insurance agent O 401 New Boston St. Jaquay, Irma clerk 401 New Boston St. Jaquay, Norris machinist 401 New Boston St. Jennings, Carrie student 252 S Peterboro St. Jennings, Charles (Grace) laborer 112 Prospect St. Jennings, George blacksmith O 252 S Peterboro St. Jennings, Margaret student 252 S Peterboro St. Johnson, Elmer (L.) ret farmer O 132 Chapel St. Johnson, Fred (Maude) merchant 132 Chapel St. Johnson, fred, Jr. merchant 132 Chapel St. Johnson, H. J. (P. A.) grocer O 180 Canal St. Johnson, James (Ida) 4 ch laborer James St. Johnson, James (Pauline) laborer O 529 S Main St. Jones, Mrs. C. A. ret O 411 S Peterboro St. Jones, D. C. (Georganna) 4 ch slide maker T James St. Jones, Ernest E. (Edith M.) horse trainer T 112 Center St. Jones, E. E. (Jennie) machinist O 412 New Boston St. Jones, Jennie clerk 112 Center St. Jones, Leo. (Edna) R F D carrier O 117 Roberts St. Jones, Mary student 412 New Boston St. Jones, William painter 412 New Boston St.

Kahn, B. D. school teacher 118 N Main St. Kane, John 3 ch baggage L V R T 224 W Hickory St. Kanter, William (Florence) 1 ch machinist T James St. Keesler, A. A. (Jessie) 2 ch manager & pres of Walton Wagon Co O 317 S Peterboro St. Keesler, F. D. (Jenette) foreman O 207 W Hickory St. Kelsey, R. M. (Lillian) 1 ch postal telegraph clerk O 120 Spencer St. Kennedy, James ret 105 Prospect St. Kenter, John machinist James St. Kenyon, Agnes 114 W Park St. Kenyon, Charles (Emma) laborer T 114 W Park St. Kenyon, Claude chauffer 114 W Park St. Kenyon, Frank brakesman 114 W Park St. Kenyon, Fred chauffer 316 N Peterboro St. Kenyon, Leon tel operator 316 N Peterboro St. Kenyon, Mrs. Margaret housekeeper 316 N Peterboro St. Kenyon, Ruth tel operator 114 W Park St. B tel. Kerl, Alice school teacher 227 James St. Kerl, Chas. (Louise) baggage man at N Y C O 227 James St. Kerr, Constance Peterboro St. Kerr, Felix laborer Peterboro St. Kerr, George laborer Peterboro St. Kiley, Edward A. (Anna M.) 2 ch lawyer O 308 S Peterboro St. Kimball, A. B. (Esther) cabinet maker T Tuttle Ave & Second St. Kimball, Mrs. Clara 2 ch housekeeper E Center St. Kimball, Claude laborer E Center St. Kimball, Claude farm hand James St. Kimball, Fred (Minnie) laborer E Center St. Kimball, Ikie laborer 307 State St. Kimball, John H. carpenter 208 S Park St. Kimball, John T. (Sarah) carpenter O 208 W Park St. Kimball, Lenora factory work 208 W Park St. Kimball, Mrs. Mary housekeeper O 304 State St. Kimble, J. (Flora) 2 ch carpenter James St. King, A. (Cora) laborer O 107 Pleasant St.

- 27 -
King, Fred  laborer  107 Pleasant St. 
King, Mrs. Mary  ret  206 N Peterboro St. 
Kingsnorth, J. E.  (Jennie)  freight handler  O  229 James St.  B tel. 
Kinner, Frank  (Clara)  3 ch  foreman  T  Hickory St. 
Kinner, Mae  student  Hickory St. 
Kinnings, Alden  laborer  237 W Hickory St. 
Kinnings, Gordan  mason  237 Hickory St. 
Kinnings, Otto  student  Hickory St. 
Klock, Neuton  (Margaret)  clerk  321 N Main St. 
Knapp, Mrs. J. W.  ret  Cor Main & Center St. 
Knight, B. F.  (Mary)  engineer  O  409 S Main St. 
Knowlton, H. J.  105 Mechanic St. 
Knowlton, James  (Mary C.)  postman  O  226 Hickory St. 
Kyser, Nathaniel D.  (Carrie)  ret  O  108 Elm St.  B tel. 

Laberdee, Frank (Mary) blacksmith O High St. Lamb, M. G. (Alena B.) teamster O 6h 211 N. Main St. Lament, John (Bessie) 2 ch brakeman 103 High St. Landman, A. (Ray) merchant 112 Peterboro St. Lansing, Mrs. E. F. ret O 118 N Main St. Lascuola, J. (Mary) wholesale merchant O 116 N Peterboro St. Latcher, Henry 2 ch clerk 213 E Hickory St. Latcher, LeRoy student 213 E Hickory St. Lathrope, T. (Mary) freight agent 213 W Hickory St. Laulton, C. M. ret 412 S Peterboro St. La Vancher, Fred (Carrie) 3 ch gateman for N Y C O 106 Barlow St. Lee, Kenneth upholsterer 112 Spencer St. Lee, William glass cutter 112 Spencer St. Lee, W. H. (Hattie) 1 ch truckman 112 Spencer St. Leggett, Mrs. Carrie ret 107 Mechanic St. Lenox, Arthur insurance agent 113 Caroline St. Lenox, Catherine 113 Caroline St. Lenox, Mrs. Catherine T 113 Caroline St. Lenox, Grant (Elda) 1 ch electrician 113 Caroline St. Lenox, Henry machinist 113 Caroline St. Levey, George (Maude) tower man N Y C 218 N Main St. Levy, Max cabinet maker E Center St. Lewis, Mrs. Blanche ret O 207 N Peterboro St. Lewis, Clarence (Anna) agt for American Express O 221 N Peterboro St. Lewis, DeVerne (Flossie) cigar store 112 Peterboro St. B tel. Lewis, Mrs. Edw. 213 Wilson St. Lewis, Fred (Amelia) shipping clerk O 112 Stocking St. Lewis, Guy M. bookkeeper 409 S Main St. Lewis, J. H. (Anna) liveryman O 119 Spencer St. Lewis, Louisa ret 119 Spencer St. Lewis, Marion P. cigar store O 303 New Bpstpn St. Lewis, Mrs. Metta 1 ch housekeeper O James St. Lewis, Myrn (Ella E.) night baggage man at N Y C O 106 James St. Lewis, Samuel Frank chauffeur 108 James St. Lewis, Ted (Hazel) 1 ch gas manager N E Canal St. Liller, Gutz (Elizabeth) glass cutter O 408 State St. Lillie, Mrs. Esther housekeeper O 108 Pleasant St. Lillie, W. H. (Edith) 1 ch florist O 215 Wilson St. Lindley, Anna Mae student 216 W Center St. Lindley, Charles (Eliza) machinist 404 State St. Lindley, Charles, Jr. machinist 404 State St. Lindley, Emma 108 Caroline St. Lindley, Frank manufacturer 216 W Center St. Lindley, H. D. (Cora) boat builder O 108 Caroline St. Lindley, H. D. (Le Vena) 1 ch laborer 114 Caroline St. Lindley, William H. (Nora) 1 ch manufacturer O 216 W Center St. Lisi, Chester (Mary) 2 ch laborer T 125 Barlow St.

- 28 -
Lobdell, Mrs. mary  O  214 Lewis St. 
Locke, E. A.  (Lenna)  mail carrier  O  429 New Boston St. 
Locke, Edwin N.  bookkeeper  429 New Boston St. 
Loester, Carl  (Clara)  3 ch  laborer  T  E Center St. 
Loucks, Dora  bookkeeper  112 Peterbor St. 
Lower, Carlton  student  209 Roberts St. 
Ludlow, W. H.  (Ida B.)  celery dealer  O  250 S Peterboro St. 
Lunn, Thomas  laborer  O  126 Pleasant Ave. 

McCaffery, Catherine ret 106 Stocking St. McCann, mary A. tel operator 126 Chapel St. McConnell, C. F. druggist O 232 W Hickory St. McConnell, Lucille musician 232 W Hickory St. McIntyre, William (Anna) 4 ch polisher in glass works T 115 Stocking St. McLaughlin, George (Nellie) 1 ch commercial traveler O E Hickory St. McMahon, J. H. (Mabel) undetaker O 320 S Peterboro St. McPherson, J. W. (Bertha) mason James St. McPherson, William H. student 223 James St. Mac Candie, B. G. (Hazel) poultry farm 108 Chapel St. Macurio, Lewis (Mary) farmer O 110 Elm St. Mahan, James (Mary) machinist O 203 S Main St. Mahar, Martin ret 522 State St. Maloney, John (Jennie) 2 ch glass cutter T 204 W Hickory St. Mariano, Adam (Mary) 2 ch laborer 112 Diamond St. Marks, Burton (Minnie) 1 ch merchant 411 S Peterboro St. Marsh, Blanch tel operator 120 Peterboro St. Marsh, J. Earl (Agnes) carpenter 316 N Main St. Marsh, Martin (Hattie) 3 ch laborer T 120 Peterboro St. Marsh, Norman barber 120 Peterboro St. Mason, Clarence farmer 209 W Park St. Mason, E. L. (Adella) salesman O 214 W Hickory St. Mason, Elma student 214 W Hickory St. Mason, James (Addie) 1 ch laborer 209 W Park St. Mason, Mary W Park St. Mason, Mrs. Mary ret 303 New Boston St. Mattraw, Elmer (Mabel) 2 ch cabinet maker T 221 Lewis St. Mead, Theodore B. (Alice) 1 ch patrol on third rail T 107 Stocking St. B tel. Menzie, Robert (Mary) farmer O 117 Catherine St. Merithew, Ernest glass cutter 213 Wilson St. Merithew, Eugene (Muritie) 1 ch supt of Warner Celery Co 115 Spencer St. B tel. Merithew, Fred (Fredie) 3 ch laborer T 213 Wilson St. Mervine, Alice bookkeeper & accountant O 112 New Boston St. Micheal, Kate ret Third St. Miles, Mrs. Bertha 3 ch housekeeper O 222 N Main St. Miles, Charles gate man on N Y C 192 N Canal St. Miles, Claude (Leona) 3 ch laborer T 120 Caroline St. Miles, Mrs. Cora O 526 State St. Miles, Earl (Mabel) laborer O 503 N Main St. Miles, Ruby nurse 222 N Main St. Miles, Walker laborer 222 N Main St. Millard, John (A. M.) laborer O 207 Wilson Ave Miller, James J. laborer 112 1/2 New Boston St. Miller, John H. (Jennie) bridge gateman 112 1/2 New Boston St. Mills, Albert (E. S.) painter S Park St. Missildina, A. H. (M. L.) health officer O 216 N Main St. Molinari, Sam (Mary) laborer T N Peterboro St. Montross, John (Retta) 1 ch plumber O 220 N Peterboro St. Montross, Mrs. John ret O 216 N Peterboro St. Montross, Le Grand (Pearl) mason 216 N Peterboro St. Moore, Floyd (Bessie) 2 ch butcher T Tuttle Ave. Moore, Frank (Anna) 2 ch glass cutter O 106 Ball Ave. Moore, Fred (Jessie) 5 ch auto repairer T 215 Lewis St. Moore, Milo (Augusta) mason O 217 Lewis St. Moore, Thomas G. (Nellie) 1 ch upholsterer O 501 S Main St. Moot, T. G. (Emma) ret O Hickory St. Morris, Mrs. Rose 206 Lewis St.

- 29 -
Mortan, Cornelia A.  325 N Peterboro St. 
Mott, Alin  (Catherine)  7 ch  sawyer  T  Tuttle Ave. 
Mott, George  (Hattie)  4 ch  shop hand  O  114 Ball St. 
Mott, Huldah  factory work  Tuttle Ave. 
Mowers, William  laborer  Tuttle Ave. 
Mowry, W. S.  (Amelia B.)  2 ch  mason & contractor  O  400 N Main St. 
Moyer, Frank  (Grace)  2 ch  factory hand  O  Hickory St. 
Moyer, Fred  laborer  126 Barlow St. 
Moyer, James  (Gertrude)  1 ch  contractor  O  Hickory & Main St. 
Moyer, Ralph  chair caning  O  First St. 
Moyer, William  (Bertha)  3 ch  machinist  T  222 N Peterboro St. 
Muchio, Allie  (Amelia)  1 ch  laborer  O  Cor State & Caroline Sts. 
Muchio, Mike  (Angeline)  1 ch  laborer  Cor State & Caroline Sts. 
Mulberger, Catherine  student  406 S Peterboro St. 
Mulberger, William  1 ch  plumber  O  406 S Peterboro St. 
Munderback, Anna  129 W Center St. 
Munger, Mrs. S. D. H.  ret  112 Barlow St. 

Nash, Sarah ret O 126 Pleasant St. Near, Arthur (Evelyn) wholesale produce dealer 215 Roberts St. Near, A. B. (Addie) grocer O 217 Spencer St. B tel. Near, Ethel student 108 Spencer St. Near, Goodwin B. student 217 Spencer St. Near, Lewis (Grace) glass cutter 414 New Boston St. Near, William farmer O 108 Spencer St. Near, Windfred student 108 Spencer St. Neukirk, J. J. (Florence) ret 419 New Boston St. Neuton, Francis (Edna) secty of Watson eagon Co 107 New Boston St. Neuton, James (Mary) glass cutter O 216 Wilson Ave. Neuton, Maude bookkeeper 216 Wilson Ave. New, Mrs. E. J. housekeeper O 204 N Main St. New, Mrs. James ret O 117 Prospect St. New, Mrs. J. ret 408 S Peterboro St. Newell, E. H. (Anna) druggist O 112 Prospect St. Nickols, A. B. whole produce dealer O 108 New Boston St. Nickols, A. J. laundry work T 212 Wilson St. Nickols, George (Genevieve) 1 ch wholesale produce dealer T 121 Stroud St. Nortan, Bert (Anna) molder T 211 West Center St. Nortan, Mrs. Elizabeth 2 ch housekeeper T 211 James St. Northrup, L. D. Norton, Mrs. Josephine housekeeper O 111 Pleasant St. Nourse, George (Iona) laborer 207 W Center St.

Ocker, Mrs. Eliza ret O 112 Ball Ave. Ocker, Nellie 112 Ball Ave O'Hara, James (Carrie) 1 ch cattle buyer O 126 Barlow St. B tel. O'Hara, Thomas (Nettie) laborer T 206 Wilson Ave. Olcott, Charles F. ret 111 E Chapel St. Olcott, Francis 111 E Chapel St. Olcott, M. D. (Harriett) 1 ch doctor O 111 E Chapel St. B tel. Olden, Frank (Esma) farmer 419 New Boston St. Olds, Floyd (Lena) 1 ch restaraunt & bakery 209 Peterboro St. Olds, Mildred student 209 Peterboro St. Ornduff, D. C. 100 Peterboro St. Ostrander, Mrs. Luella factory work Tuttle Ave.

Paduella, Tony (Theresa) 2 ch onion dealer O 112 Diamond St. Page, Julia ret 300 Canal St. Painter, Frank signal man High St. Pantiello, Gahatore (Luclie) 2 ch laborer T 207 S Main St. Pardue, Arthur wagon maker 225 E Hickory St. Parker, C. J. (Ida) commercial traveler O 121 Prospect St. B tel. Parker, Joel lawyer 121 Prospect St. Parkhurst, Mrs. Amelia housekeeper O 106 Prospect St. Parkhurst, C. V. (Maude) wholesale undertaking supplies O 107 Terrace St. Parmeter, Charles W. fireman L V 542 S Main St. Parmeter, William (Carrie) 1 ch car inspector T 542 S Main St.

- 30 -
Parsons, Anna  ret  249 S Peterboro St. 
Parsons, B.  3 ch  laborer  O  201 Delano Ave. 
Parsons, Miss Harriette  music teacher  249 S Peterboro St. 
Parsons, Lila  201 Delano Ave. 
Parsons, Mrs. Nellie  ret  O  246 S Peterboro St. 
Parsons, Violo M.  246 S Peterboro St. 
Patten, William H.  (Louise)  ret  O  S Peterboro St.  B tel. 
Patterelli, Mike  (Felomena)  6 ch  laborer  O  121 Barlow St. 
Payne, Jennie E.  ret  511 S Main St. 
Payne, W. H.  (Elizabeth A.) supt of Canastota Canning Co  T  511 S Main St. 
Peaches, Harold  (Florence)  2 ch  jeweler  T  Hickory St. 
Peckham, Frank M.  (Mabel)  carpenter & contractor  O  314 S Peterboro St. 
Peckham, Helen  school teacher  314 S Peterboro St. 
Peckham, H. B.  (Ida)  carpenter & contractor  O  314 S Peterboro St. 
Pender, Jay  carpenter  Tuttle Ave. 
Percival, Blanch  housekeeper  E Center St. 
Percival, Iva  clerk  E Center St. 
Perkins, Mrs. F. L.  ret  O  111 N Main St. 
Perkins, J. M.  ret  O  112 Center St. 
Perkins, Nina L.  school teacher  111 N Main St. 
Perott, Albert  (Emma)  1 ch  machinist  O  121 1/2 Chapel St. 
Perott, Vera  stenographer  121 1/2 Chapel St. 
Perry, Mrs. Eliza  ret  O  390 S Peterboro St. 
Perry, Mason  (Ida)  insurance agent  O  300 S Peterboro St. 
Perry, mason H., Jr.  clerk  300 S Peterboro St. 
Peters, Mrs. Hildah  ret. 
Petrie, John F.  (Grace)  1 ch  bookkeeper  O  109 Prospect St. 
Pfeifile, Ernest  bookkeeper  202 E Hickory St. 
Phelps, W.  (Addie)  meat cutter  O  123 Spencer St. 
Phillips, Alonzo  machinist  Peterboro St. 
Phillips, Mrs. Anna  2 ch  housekeeper  Peterboro St. 
Phillips, Carl  laborer  Peterboro St. 
Phillips, Floyd W.  laborer  E Center St. 
Phillips, George D.  (Zorah)  N Y C gateman  O  105 High St. 
Phillips, George F.  (Hattie)  N Y C gateman  O  105 High St. 
Phillips, Hazle  housekeeper  113 W Park St. 
Phillips, James  (Eliza)  ret  O  113 W Park St. 
Phillips, J. J.  (Lizzie)  1 ch  machinist  O  211 Roberts St. 
Phillips, Louise  ret  109 Barlow St. 
Phillips, William H.  (S. C.)  glagman  T  E Center St. 
Phillips, W. O.  tailor  Peterboro St. 
Philphs, Mrs. Catherine  housekeeper  O  Tuttle Ave & Second St. 
Philphs, Seymer  (Eva)  laborer  Tuttle Ave. 
Phoenix, Florence  school teacher  413 S Peterboro St. 
Pickard, James  (Livina)  2 ch  laborer  T  148 Pleasant St. 
Pickard, Leslie  laborer  106 Caroline St. 
Pickard, Mabel  student  106 Caroline St. 
Pindar, A. O.  laborer  O  Tuttle Ave. 
Place, Charles W.  (Safronia)  ret  O  110 Pleasant St. 
Plank, Fred  (Lena)  2 ch  coal & lumber dealer  O  317 N Main St. 
Plopper, Elmer  (Carrie)  1 ch  bookkeeper  O  228 W Hickory St. 
Pluff, Albert  (Lolia)  1 ch  laborer  W Park St. 
Pluff, Edward  (Ora)  1 ch  laborer  120 W Park St. 
Poppleton, George W.  (Mary)  1 ch  laborer  T  333 N Peterboro St. 
Powell, Edward A.  machinist  311 New Boston St. 
Powell, James  laborer  311 New Boston St. 
Powell, John W.  (Victoria)  1 ch  foreman  O  311 New Boston St. 
Pratt, Carrie  stenographer  309 S Peterboro St. 
Preston, Leon  (Alice)  1 ch  undertaker  T  331 N Peterboro St. 
Principe, Joe  (Kate)  4 ch  foreman  113 Clark St. 
Proctor, Fred  (Mary)  3 ch  machinist  Cor Spencer & Lewis Sts. 
Proctor, Harold  glass cutter  111 Roberts St. 
Prosser, Mrs. Abbie  2 ch  school teacher  O  213 Roberts St. 

Qua, James C. (Lefa) bookkeeper 314 N Main St. Quackenbush, Delbert laborer 126 Barlow St. Quackenbush, George laborer 126 Barlow St. Quatrociachi, Ike (Victoria) 3 ch laborer 123 Barlow St.

Rainei, John (Anna) 5 ch produce dealer O 124 Caroline St.

- 31 -
Raineri, Bill  farmer  309 New Boston St. 
Raineri, Joe  (Jennie)  5 ch  farmer  O  309 New Boston St. 
Raineri, Sam  laborer  309 New Boston St. 
Rasbach, J. C.  (Belle M.)  cashier of First National Bank  O  318 Peterboro St.  B tel. 
Rauscher, Floyd  (Eva)  1 ch  ticket agent  218 Lamb Ave. 
Rawley, Mary  ret  E Center St. 
Redding, Juddison  (Elizabeth)  2 ch  farmer  O  Maple Ave. 
Reed, Charles  (Minnie)  laborer  T  352 N Peterboro St. 
Reed, Ellis W.  (Jennie)  1 ch  asst post master  T  214 Wilson St. 
Reed, Harry L.  (Jessie)  1 ch  painter  T  214 Spencer St. 
Reine, William  204 E Hickory St. 
Relyea, Eva  303 Roberts St. 
Relyea, L.  (Clara)  1 ch  telephone wireman  O  303 Roberts 
Relyea, May  303 Roberts St. 
Remier, P. J.  (Mary)  harness maker  O  121 Spencer St. 
Reynolds, Agnes  housekeeper  213 Lewis St. 
Reynolds, Arthur  (Grace)  R F D carrier  213 Lewis St. 
Reynolds, Edison  ret  O  213 Lewis St. 
Rice, Edward  glass cutter  126 Chapel St. 
Richardson, Frank  (Cora)  grocer & market  O  W Center St. 
Richardson, Gilbert  (Nellie)  carpenter  T  323 N Main St. 
Rickabaugh, W. H.  (Lillian)  foreman  T  S Main St. 
Rider, Edward  (Mae)  supt school  115 Stroud St. 
Roach, Bessie  school teacher  S Park St. 
Roach, Elmer  brakeman  S Park St. 
Roach, Milton  (Nora)  2 ch  farmer  O  S Park St. 
Roantree, Mrs. Huldah  ret  O  240 W Hickory St. 
Roantree, J. E.  (Ina B.)  flour & feed dealer  O  324 S Peterboro St.  See adv. 
Roberts, Clark  (Maud)  2 ch  merchant  O 207 E Chapel St. 
Roberts, E. B.  (Nellie)  2 ch  village clerk  O  217 N Main St. 
Roberts, Irving J.  insurance agent  O  Center St. 
Roberts, James  rural mail carrier  217 N Main St. 
Roberts, John  (Ella)  3 ch  merchant  O  126 Spencer St. 
Robertson, John  1 ch  lawyer  O  215 N Peterboro St. 
Robertson, Miles Edgar  traveling salesman  200 N Peterboro St. 
Robertson, R. D.  (Frances A.)  farmer  O  200 N Peterboro St. 
Robinson, Alice  clerk  413 S Main St. 
Robinson, Amy  413 S Main St. 
Robinson, G. E.  (Sadie)  4 ch  supt village Water Co  O  413 S Main St. 
Robinson, Hall  (Sarah)  wagon maker  O  102 Pleasant St. 
Robinson, Ruth  clerk  413 S Main St. 
Robotham, George  farmer  308 Wilson Ave. 
Robotham, Geo. E., Sr.  308 Meldon Ave. 
Rockwell, Abraham  (Louise)  baggage man L V R  O  Hickory St. 
Rockwell, John  (Addie)  American Express Co  Hickory St. 
Rommel, J. F.  (Helen)  2 ch  doctor  O  129 W Center St. 
Roof, John A.  (Emily T.)  supt Middle States Creamery  112 Peterboro St. 
Roscher, Fred  tel operator  106 W Hickory St. 
Rose, E. H.  insurance agent  O  314 N Main St. 
Rosen, J. E.  (Anna)  ret  O  209 New Boston St. 
Rotundo, James  (Mary)  farmer  O  131 Barlow St. 
Roundy, Clarence  (Rose)  5 ch  laborer  O  N East Canal. 
Rousseau, L. W.  (Marion)  3 ch  wholesale produce dealer  O  109 W Hickory St. 
Ruff, G. D.  (Minnie)  3 ch  salesman  O  117 Chapel St. 
Russel, Auleen B.  student  328 N Peterboro St. 
Russel, George B.  (Rilla)  1 ch  lawyer  O  328 N Peterboro St. 
Russel, L. E.  (Agnes)  chemist  Tuttle Ave. 
Russel, Zephaniah  (Elnora)  janitor of school  O  Tuttle Ave. 

Saltsman, Mrs. Elizabeth ret 129 N Peterboro St. B tel.

- 32 -
Sartwell, Claude  (Pearl)  laborer  118 Stocking St. 
Sartwell, Richard  (Mary)  ret  O  118 Stocking St. 
Sattler, Emma  factory work  207 Taylor St. 
Sattler, Freid  factory worker  207 Taylor St. 
Sattler Henry  (Emma)  3 ch  blacksmith  O  207 Taylor St. 
Sattler, Matilda  factory  207 Taylor St. 
Sattler, Mrs. Wm.  436 New Boston St. 
Scheuder, Robert  (Minnie)  2 ch  clerk in coal office  O  West Ave. 
Schied, Frank  laborer  129 Barlow St. 
Schied, John B.  (Frances)  2 ch  laborer  O  129 Barlow St. 
Schied, Peter  slide maker  129 Barlow St. 
Sclernitzauer, Mrs. Charles  (Jessie)  1 ch  barber  112 Center St. 
Schuyler, Catherine  103 Pleasant St. 
Schuyler, Mrs. William Henry  ret  103 Pleasant St. 
Seabury, Mrs. Alice  ret  James St. 
Secort, Jack  (Jessie)  4 ch  laborer  Peterboro St. 
Sellers, Earl  laborer  350 N Peterboro St. 
Sellers, George  1 ch  laborer  O  350 N Peterboro St. 
Sellers, John  machinist  350 N Peterboro St. 
Shafer, F.  (Ada)  2 ch  machinist  O  111 Caroline St. 
Shaffer, E. S.  (Nina)  1 ch  merchant  O  127 N Peterboro St. 
Shaffer, Minnie  merchant  O  127 N Peterboro St. 
Sharp, Mrs. A.  clerk  Peterboro St. 
Sharp, Charles  fur dealer  302 State St. 
Shaw, Henry  (Nellie)  machinist  O  308 Wilson Ave. 
Shaw, Thomas  (Esther)  3 ch  plumber  T  208 Lewis St. 
Sheerin, A.  (Jessie)  6 ch  laborer  O  114 Lewis St. 
Sheerin, George  machinist  114 Lewis St. 
Sheerin, Nancy  office work  114 Lewis St. 
Sheerin, Robert  machinist  114 Lewis St. 
Sheets, Joseph  (Jessie M.)  O  511 State St. 
Sheldon, Frances  nurse  State St. 
Sheldon, John  (F.)  mason  O  State St. 
Sherdon, Anna  tel operator  E Center St. 
Sherwood, Florence  housekeeper  Anderson St. 
Sherwood, F. J.  (Ada)  5 ch  foreman  123 N Peterboro St. 
Sherwood, Joe  (Effie)  laborer  O  107 Elm St. 
Sherwood, J. E.  (Olive)  3 ch  manufacturing  O  James St. 
Sherwood, William E.  (Edna)  2 ch  manufactury slides  O  Anderson St. 
Shires, Emory  (Anna)  1 ch  cabinet maker  O  313 Lewis St. 
Shufelt, A. H.  (Sarah)  ret  O  Third St. 
Shultes, Lillian  school teacher  O  Hickory St. 
Siman, J.  confectionary store  104 Mechanic St. 
Simmons, John E. (Clara)  2 ch  milk dealer  354 N Peterboro St. 
Skaden, John C.  (Abbie)  merchant  112 Peterboro St. 
Skaden, Marjorie C.  112 Peterboro St. 
Skelton, Clara  school teacher  208 N Main St. 
Skelton, C. H.  (Almeda)  editor  O  301 S Peterboro St. 
Skelton, Frank J.  (Jennie)  2 ch  supt Lee Chair Co  312 Lewis St. 
Skelton, Leston  (Louise)  bookkeeper  O  208 N Main St. 
Slover, Alton  laborer  E Center St. 
Smith, A. C.  (Cora)  constable  205  N Main St. 
Smith, Harry  laborer  212 W Center St. 
Smith, Mrs. Jessie N.  housekeeper & dressmaker  O  205 N Main St. 
Smith, Mrs. John  ret  O  111 Prospect St. 
Smith, J. Fenn  (Nellie)  3 ch  secty & gen manager Bridge & Souter  O  220 W Hickory St. 
Smith, Mary L.  ret  205 Roberts St. 
Smith, R.C.  (Irene)  cattle buyer  250 W Hickory St. 
Smith, R. M.  (Agnes)  4 ch  baker  O  337 N Peterboro St. 
Smith, Vern  (Fernald)  1 ch  buffer  104 Pleasant St. 
Smith, William  (Maud)  hostler  Peterboro St. 
Snell, Abner  (Ann)  ret  O  223 E Hickory St. 
Snell, Jesse  (Lillie)  2 ch  foreman  O  Third St. 
Spears, John  (Lucy)  3 ch  glass worker  T  309 Lewis St. 
Stafford, Frances  (Mary)  ret  farmer  O  213 James St. 
Stafford, Lewis  114 Stocking St. 
Stafford, Norman  (Jennie)  ret  S Peterboro St. 
Stafford, Smith  2 ch  janitor school  114 Stocking St. 
Stannard, E. L.  (Charlotte)  1 ch  laborer  T  205 Spencer St.

- 33 -
Stannard, Leona  clerk  205 Spencer St. 
Stansbury, Minor  student  128 Pleasant St. 
Stanton, John W.  vice-president of First National Banak  Seneca Ave. B tel. 
Stedding, Emma  S Peterboro St. 
Stedman, George (Elizabeth)  farmer  O  210 Wilson Ave. 
Stedman, G. A.  (Elizabeth)  farmer  O  243 W Hickory St. 
Steel, I. W.  (Grace)  merchant  O  217 N Peterboro St. 
Steele, George  (Elizabeth)  farmer  O  403 N Main St. 
Sterling, Bruce  (Mary)  3 ch  farmer  T  414 New Boston St. 
Sterling, Bruce A.  farmer  414 New Boston St. 
Sterling, Leonard  farmer  414 New Boston St. 
Stewart, E. H.  contractor & carpenter  E Center St. 
Stimson, J. $E.  (Lydia)  liveryman  O  138 W Center St. 
Stokes, Edwin D.  (Nelia)  2 ch  laborer  O  Tuttle Ave. 
Stone, George  (Helen)  brakeman  T  505 S Main St. 
Stoner, Mrs. Elizabeth  O  520 State St. 
Stoner, Herbert  (Delia)  4 ch  plumber  O  115 James St. 
Stratton, F. G.  (Nettie)  3 ch  real estate  O  N Peterboro St. 
Stroud, S. H.  ret  305 S Peterboro St. 
Strough, Mrs. Augusta  ret  O  202 E Hickory St. 
Strough, Fannie  seamstress  O  202 E Hickory St. 
Strutz, Lewis  (Isabell)  3 ch  glass cutter  O  Tuttle Ave. 
Sulzberger, Mrs. A. L.  housekeeper  209 N Main St. 
Suttler, William  (Lula)  2 ch  farmer  O  436 New Boston St. 
Sutton, J.  (Addie)  1 ch  coachman  O  109 James St. 
Sutton, Norman  brakeman on N Y C  109 James St. 
Swan, J. A.  (Martha) patrol man  O  207 Lewis St. 
Swanker, Harry  moving picture house  O  104 Ball Ave. 
Swanker, Kitty  104 Ball Ave. 
Swart, Chas.  carpenter  241 James St. 
Swart, Luther  (Belle)  carpenter  T  206 Wilson St.  B tel. 
Sweatman, John  (Jennie)  2 ch electrician  112 N Peterboro St. 
Sweet, Anna  ret  309 State St. 
Sweet, Mrs. Clarissa J.  ret  O  E Chapel St. 
Sweet, Duane  (Amelia)  tool maker  O  103 Ball Ave. 
Sweet, Edna  stenographer  318 New Boston St. 
Sweet, Joseph  laborer  309 State St. 
Sweet, R. D.  (Louise)  mail carrier  O  318 New Boston St. 
Sweet, Stephen  (Florence)  finisher  O  300 Canal St. 
Sweeting, Mrs. F. L.  ret  207 W Center St. 
Sweeting, Howard  (Grace)  2 ch  machinist  O  109 Elm St. 
Swisher, Fred D.  (Esther)  3 ch  foreman  T  210 W Center St. 
Sykes, Lois  maid  210 Wilson St. 
Sykes, Myron  (Carrie)  1 ch  laborer  O  210 Wilson Ave. 

Taber, Byron (Lucy) farmer O 114 Center St. Taber, B. H. (Minnie R.) vice pres Canastota Canning Co O 223 N Main St. Taber, F. S. (Lucy) pres Canastota Canning Co O 407 S Main St. Taber, Mrs. Mary ret O 102 Mechanic St. Tally, Edward (Geneva) 1 ch lumber dealer 428 New Boston St. Taylor, C. Luther carpenter 407 New Boston St. Taylor, Fred (Katie) florist O 330 N Peterboro St. Taylor, George glass cutter 106 Pleasant St. Taylor, Marguerite H. supt of drawing 402 S Peterboro St. Taylor, Thomas (Anna) 5 ch plumber O 106 Pleasant St. Taylor, William (Sarah) physician O 402 S Peterboro St. Taylor, William B. E. farmer 402 S Peterboro St. Taylor, W. O. (Alice) cement worker O 407 New Boston St. Teachout, Edith 408 State St. Tehan, Daniel butcher James St. Teller, Charles farmer New Boston St.

- 34 -
Teller, Frank  laborer  206 N Peterboro St. 
Teller, Grace  dressmaker  410 State St. 
Teller, Mrs. Helen  ret  O  410 State St. 
Teller, James  (Sarah)  2 ch  varnisher in Ellis Furniture Co  State St. 
Terpenny, Mrs. Hannah  ret  224 N Main St. 
Thayer, Mrs. Mary A.  ret  O  219 N Peterboro St. 
Thayer, William A.  painter  219 N Peterboro St. 
Thomas, Frank  (Cl;ara)  1 ch  machinist  T  318 N Main St. 
Thomas, Harry  (Sussie)  1 ch  night watchman  West Ave. 
Thompson, Mrs. Cora E.  ret  O  241 W Hickory St. 
Tiete, John  (Maryann)  1 ch  laborer  O  519 S Main St. 
Tondeur, C. L.  (Mary)  ret  O  108 Prospect St. 
Tondeur, Felix C.  (Lena)  1 ch  bookkeeper  O  7104 Prospect St. 
Trant, mary  tailoress  207 Roberts St. 
Trant, Mrs. Patrick  ret  O  207 Roberts St. 
Trant, Thomas  nioght watch  207 Roberts St. 
Travis, H. O.  (Agnes)  insurance agent  O  108 Lewis St. 
Tubbs, Bell  110 Prospect St. 
Tubbs, Bertha E.  music teacher  110 Prospect St. 
Tubbs, Charles R.  (Bertha)  3 ch  New York State supt  O  110 Prospect St. 
Tubbs, Robert B.  farmer  110 Prospect St. 
Tufts, Ernest M.  (Nellie)  gen supt Canastota Canning Co  T  213 N Peterboro St. 
Tuttle, Charles L.  (Vina)  2 ch  farmer  341 N Peterboro St. 
Tuttle, D. M.  (Stella)  ret  O  227 N Peterboro St. 
Tuttle, S. A.  (Mary)  ret farmer  O  341 N Peterboro St. 
Tuttle, S. M., Jr.  fireman  341 N Peterboro St. 
Tuttle, W. S.  (Clarabelle)  garage  O  412 S Peterboro St. 
Tuttle, Z. J.  (Cornelia W.)  carpenter  O  218 N Main St. 
Twogood, Clinton  student  107 Ball Ave. 
Twogood, Mrs. Fred  housekeeper  107 Ball Ave  B tel. 
Twogood, Mrs. Ida  ret  128 W Center St. 

Van Dyke, D. J. (Mattie) 2 ch barber E Center St. Van Valkenburgh, Mrs. Emma ret O 144 Center St. Vanwie, J. B. (Agnes) laborer O 106 Elm St. Vereeland, George traveling salesman W Park St. Vibbert, Frank (Clara) engineer O 109 Pleasant St. Vincent, George A. (Mary Etta) carpenter O 128 Lamb Ave. Vincent, J. A. (Harriette) salesman O 304 N Main St. Vincent, Le Vern carpenter 106 Caroline St. Vincent, M. C. (Evelyn) carpenter E Center St. Vreeland, Elmer (Hattie) laborer O 408 S Peterboro St. Vreeland, George W. (Emma) merchant O 106 Chapel St.

Waggner, Hrman gardner 115 Spencer St. Wakefield, William (May) 3 ch laborer T 116 Roberts St. Waldo, Antonia (Evelyn) attorney Hickory St. Wallace, David attorney O 307 Roberts St. Wallace, Lucy housekeeper 307 Roberts St. Wallace, Mary ret 307 Roberts St. Wallace, William laborer O 307 Roberts St. Wallis, ,William T. (Arillia) express office 128 Lamb Ave. Walter, Elizabeth student 408 N Main St. Walter, L. (Mary) night watchman O 408 N Main St. Walters, William, Jr. (Lottie) 1 ch laborer 521 S Main St. Walters, William, Sr. freight agent O 521 S Main St. Warner, Mrs. A. J. ret O 307 S Peterboro St. Warner, Mrs. J. R. 1 ch housekeeper 325 S Peterboro St. Warren, Mrs. Emma housekeeper O 302 State St. Warrick, J. C. ret 112 Center St. Wason, Alice 115 S Main St.

- 35 -
Weasemore, William  laborer  E Center St. 
Weaver, Frank  carpenter  O  110 W Hickory St. 
Weaver, Jack  machinist  Hickory St. 
Weaver, P. T.  (Ella)  merchant  O  215 E Hickory St. 
Webber, Flan  (Mary)  2 ch  laborer  O  S Park St. 
Webber, William  laborer  S Park St. 
Weeks, Anna  bookkeeper  129 N Peterboro St. 
Wheater, Lauson  (Pheobe)  foreman  304 N Main St. 
Whipple, Mrs. Lillie  laundry work  O  S Park St. 
White, Marguerite  clerk  Chapel St. 
Whitmeyer, George  laborer  508 S Main St. 
Whlig, H. H.  (Pauline)  auto repairer  T  107 N Main St. 
Wilber, Harry  (Daisy)  3 ch  teamster  T  2h  N Main St. 
Wilder, Mrs. Flora  housekeeper  O  110 S Main St. 
Williams, Ella  housekeeper  O E Center St. 
Williams, Harry  (Lillian)  machinist  O  13 Ball Ave. 
Williams, Harry H.  (Genevieve)  1 ch  hostler for L V R R  T  214 Lewis St. 
Williams, H. B.  (Anna)  2 ch  photographer  O  109 New Boston St. 
Williams, Lester  (Anna)  toolmaker  133 E Center St. 
Williams, Margaret  ret  401 N Main St. 
Williams, Mrs. Mary J.  ret  313 N Main St. 
Williams, R. K.  (Mabel)  2 ch  glasscutter  O  109 Delano Ave. 
Williez, Pearl  1 ch  factory worker  O  405 State St. 
Willis, Etta  nurse  206 E Hickory St. 
Willis, Mrs. Nellie  librarian  316 S Peterboro St. 
Willit, Mrs. L. B.  ret  O  Hickory St. 
Wilsey, Joel  laborer  180 Canal St. 
Wilsey, Peter  laborer  180 Canal St. 
Wilson, Clark W.  502 N Main St. 
Wilson, Duane  ret  Hickory St. 
Wilson, George  teamster  O  N E Canal St. 
Wilson, H. M.  (Gertrude)  1 ch  druggist  108 New Boston St. 
Wilson, J. H.  (Julia)  farmer  O  502 N Main St. 
Wilson, J. W.  (Ada T.)  druggist  O  314 N Peterboro St. 
Wilson,Kennith  machinst  Hickory St. 
Wilson, Laura  407 New Boston St. 
Wilson, Winnie  cook  112 N Peterboro St. 
Wing, Esther  210 N Peterboro St. 
Wing, Mrs. S. M.  ret  O  210 N Peterboro St. 
Wolf, Chas.  (Florence)  creamery man  O  Hickory St. 
Wolf, Finetta  ret  Hickory St. 
Wood, E. O.  (Ruth)  1 ch  barber  O  105 Prospect St. 
Wood, Jessie  stenographer  106 W Hickory St. 
Wood, S. K.  (Myra)  freight agent N Y C  O  100 Prospect St. 
Woodcock, Mrs. Evelyn  housekeeper  O  403 S Peterboro St. 
Woodworth, Ross L.  (Mabel)  painter  T  106 James St. 
Woolsey, R. D.  (Angeline)  2 ch  lawyer  O  107 Stroud St. 
Woolson, Joe  hotel keeper  T  112 N Peterboro St. 
Worden, E. A.  (Nellie)  farmer  O  112 Barlow St. 
Worden, H. H.  (Ella)  farmer  O  Terrace St. 
Worden, William H.  ret  112 Barlow St. 
Wright, C. W.  (Maud)  section foreman  Hickory St. 
Wuilliez, Edward  (Maggie)  farmer  O  432 New Boston St. 
Wuilliez, Edward  432 New Boston St. 

Yale, Mrs. F. J. ret O 323 N Main St. Yarnell, L. V. (Elva) 2 ch towerman O 122 E Hickory St.

Zapf, George (Edith) plumber O 205 Roberts St.

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