Table of Contents: (Memories of Mount Ross)
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Dedicated to the memories of
Betsy Wilmarth and
Jay Wilmarth.

Vol. 6: Memories of Mount Ross

A Hamlet in the Town of Pine Plains


Table of Contents

NYS Education Dept. sign, Location: CO. RD., AT MOUNT ROSS.
  1. Editor's note
  2. Officers and Trustees for 2002-2003
  3. Foreword
  4. The Earlier Years by Helen Netter; (1/2001)
  5. Chains & Links by Betsey Wilmarth; (2/2001)
  6. Country Life by Byrne R.S. Fone; (7/1983)
  7. The Mills at Mt. Ross by B. Wilmarth; (6/2002)
  8. After the Mills by Betsey Wilmarth; (6/2002)
  9. Mount Ross School by Rosemary Lyons; (12/2002)
  10. The Schoolhouse Today by Carl J. Popp, current owner; (12/2002)
  11. The Huckleberry Line by Dick Hermans; (12/2002)
  12. Mt. Ross in the News Local newspapers have provided excellent information about Mt. Ross history. Both excerpts and summaries of articles about Mt. Ross are included in this section.
  13. We Remember Mount Ross (1) by Frank Hedges; (1/2002)
  14. We Remember Mount Ross (2) by Carol Popp; (1965)
  15. We Remember Mount Ross (3) by Florence Rasmussen Hapeman; (1999)
  16. We Remember Mount Ross (4) by Sophia Honey Meriam; (1/2001)
  17. Afterword
  18. Bibliography

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