Some comparisons: (Pine Plains and the Railroads)
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Vol. 4: Pine Plains and the Railroads

Bicentennial Publication

By: Lyndon A. Haight

§8 Some comparisons

A few comparisons may interest some of you. Relative sizes of the Central New England, the Poughkeepsie and Eastern and the Newburgh, Dutchess and Connecticut are indicated below. It is difficult to choose a year but 1905, just two years before the latter two roads were merged into the CNE System, seems to be as representative as any. The data are taken from "The Report of the Railroad Commissioners, 1905."

Comparative statistics
Miles of owned and leased track 234 40 59
Total train mileage 768,103 94,239 157,890
Tons of freight moved 1,055,926 24,930 114,411
Number of rolling stock, owned and leased 359 42 231
Average number of employees 581 79 155
Accidents, including three employees killed and one passenger injured 41 1 1
Profit (or loss) ($86,491) $2,347 $29,412

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