Acknowledgement: (Pine Plains and the Railroads)
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Vol. 4: Pine Plains and the Railroads

Bicentennial Publication

By: Lyndon A. Haight

§17 Acknowledgement

Without the help of many kind friends who shared their stores of accumulated information and their treasured pictures this article could not have been produced. It is not possible to give credit for specific material, but I do wish to acknowledge with thanks the assistance of friends and railfans listed below, some of whom are no longer living.

Robert B. Adams
Thomas B. Annin
Nathan Blodgett
Claude Burch
Edward Colgan
William P. Fahey
Frank J. French
Allyn Fuller
Louis Goodwin
Richard Hanschka
Roger Liller
Perry Lown
Joseph McMahon
William Monypeny
Harold Shook
Dudley Stickels
Stanley Willig
William Wintringham

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