Abandonment: (Pine Plains and the Railroads)
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Vol. 4: Pine Plains and the Railroads

Bicentennial Publication

By: Lyndon A. Haight

§15 Abandonment

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Bridge gang working on CNE bridge at Millbrook. Left to Right: Bert Burger, Henry Smith (almost hidden), Harry Bryan, Frank Smith, Jim Thorpe, Paul Fredenburg, Henry Myers, Floyd Burger (seated), Bill Vallandore, Charles Reuffer. Seated foreground, Robert Wheeler. (V04-48.GIF)

The abandonment of the Central New England Railway was a gradual process. Even before the CNE was formed the Clove Valley Railroad was closed in 1898. In 1910, that part of the original Poughkeepsie and Connecticut between Salt Point and Pine Plains was torn up. Some of the removed rails were used in rebuilding part of the former Poughkeepsie and Eastern tracks east of Ancram Lead Mines. Beginning in the 1920's the process accelerated.

The abandonment sequence follows:
1921Feeding Hills and Agawam Junction
1925 Shekomeko and Millerton
Ancram Lead Mines and Boston Corners
1932Copake and State Line
1935Pine Plains and Shekomeko
1937High Street and Tariffville
1938East Canaan and New Hartford
Hartford and Feeding Hills
Silvernails and Rhinecliff
Silvernails and Copake
Silvernails and Pine Plains
Pine Plains and Poughkeepsie Junction
Pine Plains and Hopewell Junction
Pine Plains and Ancram Lead Mines
Salt Point and Poughkeepsie Junction
Millerton and Lakeville
1940Canaan and East Canaan
1965Lakeville and Canaan
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Taking up the rails at S. Main St. crossing, Pine Plains. (V04-49.GIF)

A section was still in use from Maybrook to Hopewell Junction in 1974, when a fire damaged part of the Poughkeepsie Bridge. This still awaits repair in spring, 1975.

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