Table of Contents: (Pine Plains: Its Unique Natural Heritage)
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Vol. 2: Pine Plains: Its Unique Natural Heritage

Five Essays


Table of Contents

  1. Foreword by Richard H. Bliss;
  2. Progress Report
  3. The Felix M. Warburg Memorial Hall of the American Museum of Natural History, New York City by Phyllis S. Bush;
  4. Maplewilde Peony Gardens by Grace Hoysradt;
  5. Flowers For Remembrance by Paul V. D. Hoysradt;
  6. Thompson Pond by Lois R. Palmatier;
  7. Stissing Mountain Revisited by Laurence G. Paul;
  8. About the Authors

List of Illustrations

  1. An October Afternoon Near Stissing Mountain
  2. Exhibit Section, Felix M Warburg Hall
  3. Lyman Henry Hoysradt
  4. Maplewilde Peony Gardens
  5. Thompson Pond
  6. Map of Stissing Mountain Area

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