Table of Contents: (Hammertown)
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Vol. 1: Hammertown

An Early Settlement in Pine Plains


Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. History of the Little Nine Partners Historical Society
  3. Hammertown by Charlotte Slingerland Tuttle Kester;
  4. Poems on Hammertown by Charles E. Knickerbocker;
  5. Bibliography

List of Illustrations

  1. Polly Husted
  2. Harris Scythe Works
  3. Harris Scythe Label
  4. Col. Silas Harris
  5. Harris-Husted House in Original Location
  6. The Tannery
  7. Harris-Husted House in New Location


  1. Map showing lot numbers of land owned by nine patentees
  2. Map of Hammertown

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