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We are the Little Nine Partners Historical Society, sometimes erroneously called the Pine Plains Historical Society. Our charter sets out our domain as the area covered by the 1706 Little Nine Partners patent, i.e. chiefly the Dutchess County towns of Milan, Pine Plains and Northeast.

Little Nine Partners Historical Society

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Lower Columbia, Dutchess and Putnam Counties, NY, showing the early patents and modern township lines. The Little Nine Partners Patent is shaded in yellow. [Courtesy of Dutchess County Historical Society and Lynn Brandvold]

Site Contents

  1. Historic Highlights of Pine Plains and Vicinity Sesquicentennial Edition (1973)
  2. People of Little Nine Partners (2007) Status: Incomplete
  3. Places of Little Nine Partners (2007) These articles supplement the volumes of The Record, which usually document specific L9P localities.
  4. Images of Little Nine Partners (2007) The L9P collection of slides and postcards. Status: Incomplete (new)
  5. Volumes of The Record of the L9PHS:
    The Record is a publication of the L9PHS, usually focused on a particular community, town or hamlet within the bounds of the original patent. Published at irregular intervals, printed copies are available for purchase: See the price list.
    1. Hammertown An Early Settlement in Pine Plains (1968)
    2. Pine Plains: Its Unique Natural Heritage Five Essays (1969)
    3. Pulvers Corners A Hamlet in the Town of Pine Plains (1970)
    4. Pine Plains and the Railroads Bicentennial Publication (1976)
    5. Out of the Wilderness A History of the Hamlet of Bethel in the Town of Pine Plains, New York (1996)
    6. Memories of Mount Ross A Hamlet in the Town of Pine Plains (2003)
  6. Dear Children in Wisconsin Letters from Pine Plains ca 1855 (2003)
  7. Little Nine News Newsletters of The Little Nine Partners Historical Society
  8. Scholarship Winners Beginning this year (2008), we have increased the size of our scholarship prize to $200, and may publish the winning essays here at the discretion of The Society..
  9. Ancillaries Supporting Pages (2002) History of the Society; membership information; price list and order form; miscellaneous documents
  10. Bibliography and Web Guide (2002) Bibliographic information; Web guides (links) to areas of interest including: The Little Nine Partners Patent, The Great Nine Partners Patent, Dutchess County.
  11. Catalog of Holdings (2007) These pages document the holdings of the Little Nine Partners Historical Society, including, but not limited to, such items as papers, photos, postcards, books, etc. Some items will be listed elsewhere on this site, such as the slides, in this set of pages.


A point of confusion

There were two patents in Dutchess County with similar names:

  1. The Great (or Lower) Nine Partners Patent of 1697
  2. The Little (or Upper) Nine Partners Patent of 1706

Although they were adjacent to each other (in the northeastern quadrant of the county, see the map), they were quite distinct, having different "partners".

We are associated with the latter (the Little Nine Partners Patent), and cannot help with queries for information regarding the other Dutchess County patents. To assist those of you who are interested in the Great Nine Partners Patent, we have compiled a page of information relevant to that patent and other related areas of inquiry (see above).

Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster 1) the study of the history of the area known as the 1706 Little Nine Partners patent in Dutchess County, NY, and 2) the conservation of the elements of that history.

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