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of Little Nine Partners


Table of Contents

  1. The Little Nine Partners Patent Where was it? Who were they? by R. A. Davis; (2008)
  2. Cemeteries and Burial Grounds Monuments and Cenotaphs
  3. Historic Markers The familiar yellow on blue roadside markers that you never stopped to read!
  4. Registry of Historic Places Registered places within the Little Nine Partners patent
  5. Maps
  6. A History of Thompson Pond Source of the Wappingers Creek by Harold V. Klare; (1980) ((new))
  7. The Graham-Brush Log House Constructed sometime after 1773 by Lewis Graham. by R. A. Davis; (2008)
  8. A Brief History of the Graham-Brush House Pine Plains, New York by Dyan Wapnick; (2011)
  9. Rock City A Hamlet in the Town of Milan by R. A Davis; (2012) (Incomplete)

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