Foreword: ( Dear Children in Wisconsin )
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Dear Children in Wisconsin

Letters from Pine Plains ca 1855


§1 Foreword

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Dyan Wapnick
Bethel, Pine Plains, NY

These transcriptions and notes are the work of Mr Bruce Bruder. I have made minor editing changes and a few corrections, and added a few notes, marked by my initials, [RAD].

Mr. Bruder has paid careful attention to preserving the character of the original manuscripts in the transcriptions, particularly with regard to the orthography, punctuation and capitalization (or lack thereof!), and layout.

I have tried to follow his lead in setting his manuscript in HTML for publication on these web pages.

I have integrated the notes supplied by Mr Bruder into the transcription in the form of footnotes, which seemed more useful, without impinging unduly on the format. Users with capable browsers will find that hovering their mouse pointer over the note number will be rewarded with a popup window containing the text of the note. Try it here.1 Otherwise, clicking on the note number will take the reader to the note at the page bottom, where a special symbol provides a route back to the text.

The images of the original manuscripts supplied by Mr Bruder have been compressed to reduce load times for the reader. This process has generally reduced their size from several megabytes to under 750 KB -- still rather large, but the quality suffers with further reductions.

Rod Davis
L9PHS Webmaster


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