Letter: March, 1858: ( Dear Children in Wisconsin )
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Dear Children in Wisconsin

Letters from Pine Plains ca 1855


§9 Letter: March, 1858

"Dear Children in Wisconsin…"

Historical context

23 MARCH 1858
Stephen Douglas does not have enough supporters to outnumber the President on the issue of the [pro-slavery] Lecompton constitution, and the Senate votes to admit Kansas as a slave state under it. [The Almanac of American History, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., ed.; Barnes & Noble, 1993]


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 Pine Plains  March th 12  1858
  Dear children in Wisconsin

We received your letter and we have ritten
You last week  we hope you have gotten that
By this time  we sent you a littel mony in it
We hope you will not delay riting the reason we
Rite this so soon  you rote last fall in one of
Your letters you would like to come and make us
A good long visit and we have planed now
for you to come this spring if you think best
 Henry Vandusen is a going to move out west1 and
I saw him today and he said he would go on your
Place and take good care of every thing and we
Want you to come and stay with us one year and
That wont be any too long  we don't want you
To sell of[f] any of your stock and provishions for
 Henry will take it all  we will send you mony
To come with and when you go back you
Will have all things to go to work again and if you
Intend to come you must rite the next hour after
You get this letter  Henry thinks he may git out
By the middle of April  or by the first of May and
If you come you don't want to bring any thing
But your clothes  we are well and hope these few
Lines will find you in good health  we hope you will
Escape the smallpox



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We have had very cold weather for twos wks
past  If the Spring opens so you can do anything
you keep to work untill he comes out  he said
He would do as well for you as he could  we think
That he will take good care of every thing and you
Perhaps will never have a better time then the present
Don't delay riting for he will want to heare
We want to heare if Lucy is to Edwin2
No more at present  I commenced this 3 0 clock
And the clock just struck 4   P Hidorn



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  1. << Henry Van Dusen in 1850 in Census of North East, Dutchess County with wife Eliza Ann (Near) and children Syrina, age 9, and Edward, age 5. Neighbors were Bockee and Rowe. Edward may have died in 1864. Henry Van Deusen is noted in WI 1860 census as Henry Van Dersen, Farmington, WI. That's where John Hidorn was.
  2. << Edward?

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