Letter: December, 1856: ( Dear Children in Wisconsin )
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Dear Children in Wisconsin

Letters from Pine Plains ca 1855


§5 Letter: December, 1856

"…it is something like three months since we have heard from you…"

Historical context

James Buchanan, the Democratic candidate, defeats John Frémont, the Republican candidate, for the presidency in a contest that is fought quite openly along the lines of South vs North, pro-slavery vs anti-slavery.


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  Pine Plains  Dec [1856]

Dear Sarah ……
I will take my pen in hand to answer
Your kind letter we received last night
From you  it found us in as good health as
We comingly are and we hope these few
Lines will find you enjoying good health
We thought that you had forgotten us
But it seems you think of us as yet
It is spmething like three months since we have
Heard from you   we had a letter from Mr.
Baun   he rote he made you a visit and he thought
You had a nice place   Jacob was here last
Week to see if we had heard from you lately
Laura Louks made us a visit this week  she
came from New York last week  she said
your cousin Kate had a daughter
three weeks old  your ucle Jake is
sick  they think he has got the consumption
he is in New York to be doctored  he is some
beter  John Louks is home from the west
Laura thinks of coming out west with
him  Mother is a going to quilt next week
she gives you an infitation to come and
help her quilt  our little citty is enjoying
good health at the present  they have got the
scarlet fever on the Plains  I wish you
would tell me if you know how much
Lewis got for his place and if you
Or Edwin have heard anything from him
And what he is a doing  we don't heare  ]
anything from him   he never came to
See his own brother  we would like to
Heare from him and let us know how
Edwin gets along keeping Bachelors hall



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…..Mother Simmons
… …. ….
You since last March  she did not
Know what the reason was you did not
Rite   She said she was a coming to make
Us a visit  she has not been here as yet
We believe thay are all well  don't
Forget to rite  to your Mother  for she thinks
Of you oftener then you think of her  I must
Tell you that James Carmen is married
To Harriet Flakeler of Pokepsie  Mary
Chaise has got a great boy  Plat
Smith teaches our school this winter
Josephine is at home this winter  she
goes to school  I will mention the death
of Betsy Tanner  she died some six weeks
ago  Kate is as happy as a king with
her 2 sons and Daughter  she said she
would like to stop in and see what you was
up to   tell me what  is become of
Chester and rite all the news  we
Hope you will rite us  as soon as you
Get this  if you will to us we will
Answer your letter immediately
You must excuse my riting and
Speling  if there should be any one
Inquiring after us give our best
Respects to them and keep a share
For yourself
                Peter Hidorn
 Catherine Hidorn
 To Sarah Hidorn
Don't forget to rite for this
Present is for you Sarah Hidorn


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