Letter: March, 1856: ( Dear Children in Wisconsin )
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Dear Children in Wisconsin

Letters from Pine Plains ca 1855


§4 Letter: March, 1856

"…We was sorry to heare that your health is so poor…"

Historical context

4 MARCH 1856
The anti-slavery government in Topeka, Kansas, petitions for admission to the Union. Republicans in Congress support them, but Stephen Douglas introduces a bill that would admit Kansas as a state only after a new constitutional convention is held. [The Almanac of American History, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., ed.; Barnes & Noble, 1993]


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 Pine Plains  March 22, 1856
 To John and Sarah Hidorn
We received your letter last night  we
Was sorry to heare that your health is so
Poor but we feel  to rejoiced to hear
That you have met with a change of harth
We hope God will help you to be faithful
And bear your daily cross and not to discouraged
For we have many trials and dificulties to
Overcome   we and hope and pray you will overcome
Them all  we hope the next news we heare
Sarah has found the Blessed saviour
Her best friend  we have had many
sorrowful hours this cold and dreary winter
When we could not heare from you we
Hope you will not put of riting if you
Are sick we wan to heare the worst of it
We rote in our last letter of Plat Grays
health.  He died as he lived  he was crazy
from the time he was taken sick
until he died we see by this that a sickbed
is not the time for repentance  Mary
Chase is very sick with a fever
The rest of the neighbors are well at present
We feel it is our duty to give you our
Advise we think if your and Sarahs
Health is agoing to be so poor  we think
Perhaps it would be better for you to
Come back and see if you cant recover
Your health again  you remember I told
You if the climate did not agree with you
To come back and now I want you and
Sarah to consult together and see



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(865 kB)
what you think of it  it seems
if you both are agoing to be sick
all the time  we don't want you to
stay out there to suffer perhaps
if you would come and stay a few
years you would gain your health
for what is property if your health is
poor  if you make up your mind to
come  you must let the farm to
some good man that will improve it
so much a year for the use of it and
sell of everything you have got except
your beds and beding and get some good
man to see to it  and if you ever want
to gow back then your farm will be
improved  I don't say you must doo
it  I only give you my advise  the reason
I rote the particulars  that you could understand
What I ment  perhaps befoure I rite again
You may have a oppertunity to let the
Farm  now  I want you both to consult
To gether and give us an answer soon
Now I will inform you that we are
As well as ususal  we hope the few
lines will find your health
Improving  if you conclude to too
Come back  sell of everything except
what I have mentioned and pay your
Doctor bill and other dets  if you have
Any  John Case has bought the Van Alstine
Farm,, I wil bring to a close  be faithfull
My Son unto death and God will bless you

  Peter and Catherine Hidorn

Give our best respects to all inquiring friends1



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  1. << Written vertically along left edge.

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