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Bibliography and Web Guide

By: Roderic A. Davis

§1 Little Nine Partners (NY)

The Little Nine Partners Patent of 1706 was located in Dutchess County, NY, adjacent to the Northern neighbor, Columbia County. (See the map on the site directory.)
The patentees were: 1

  1. Sampson Broughton
  2. Rip Van Dam - whose father was a New York City alderman in 1695
  3. Thomas Wenham
  4. Roger Mompesson
  5. Peter Fauconnier
  6. Augustine Graham2
  7. Richard Sackett - the first white settler in Amenia 3
  8. Robert Lurting
  9. George Clarke

Dr. MacCracken refers to this group as "far more distinguished" than the Nine Partners of the Great patent. The Little Nine Partners Patent was issued 10 Apr 1706.4


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  1. << Huntting, Isaac; History of Little Nine Partners of North East Precinct and Pine Plains, New York, Duchess [sic] County; Amenia, NY: Chas. Walsh & Co. Printers. 1897; pp.11-16
  2. << MacCracken: James Graham
  3. << His father was Claes Ripse Van Dam, who was elected alderman of the second ward beginning in 1689. [Claes Ripse Van Dam; by Stefan Bielinski]
  4. << MacCracken, Dr. Henry Noble, Olde Dutchess Forever, NY 1956; p.52

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